The Journey of life, with it’s many evolutions and transitions.

Desert Landscape ” Everything within this planet Earth has gone through many transitions and evolutions, including us throughout Mankind”.

This Desert landscape in this picture, is pretty much how this planet once was, filled with solitude and a beauty that is taken for granted in this Society today. You may not see any life within this picture, but there is plenty life if you look closely at what you see. There are many species that call this there home and walk there journey’s along their path of life. The plant life there are also living and breathing the Desert air, as the sky brings the sun and rain, to keep the ground clean and full of nutrition for all the plant life.

Before God created Mankind this was pretty much how this planet looked, then through evolution and transition, you have a planet with much more on the planet floor. We today within this Society have taken so much for granted, that we have totally forgotten just how this planet used to be, through all the Greed within this Society, we have also lost sight of truly living within this God created planet. God worked very hard in building a great planet, for all Mankind to walk their journey’s through life, but we all have a hand in just how screwed up this planet has become. Greed, Hatred, Egotism, these are all factors of just how we have screwed up the creation of God, there are many more more factors, but these are the main ones that are front and center.

“Through Greed you get control and all that have the greed, want to control everything around them”.

Greed is something that will bring down any Society of any time, We are all vulnerable to this greed and will get sucked into whatever comes with it, we all want enough money to live comfortable, but just how much money is enough to fulfill all our dreams? Then we all have this notion that with the money, we should have all the control and be the most powerful of all that is around us. All the Corporate Companies and their Executives, fit this greed, power and control to perfection right now, as they think that they should have total control of everything around them, to which they also think they are the most powerful as well, Also through greed everything gets built up around the planet, so now you lose all the serenity and solitude it once had, not too mention losing the true beauty of this God created planet.

Through the greed and with our Ego’s running wild throughout, breeds another aspect that is killing our Society right before our eyes, this happens to be Hatred and with all the hate around each and every one of us, totally explains all the fighting and destruction going on around us today. God didn’t create Mankind to fight with each other or show hatred of one another, he did so for us to love one another and create a loving planet, for all to walk their journey through life in peace and help make this planet better and stronger, from one Society to another.

We all want to become successful, but this word successful has many meanings to each and everyone, who walks their path throughout this journey of life. To be truly successful, is when each of us go through life with as little of issues as we can, walk our paths with as much peace and serenity as we can, so we don’t have to have conflict and develop a hatred of anything, this hatred gives us all a black eye and a frown, as true success will make us walk our paths with a smile, all day everyday of our existence.

The Journey of life back in the day of the creation of Mankind, was a simple lifestyle, it had none of the technology we have today, which was suppose to make our lives easier? But it has gone the other way and made our lives more complicated and brought much more hatred to all our lives. We can get back to this, but we need to take stock in our lives, really look deeply within to see what true happiness is, instead of walking our paths away from each other, we need to walk with each other, so we can help our selves help each other to be stronger and better, throughout this journey of life.

” Greed is something that will bring down any Society, it’s the hatred from the greed that will kill all throughout Mankind”

” there are many factors involved that help Mankind coexist with each other, there are many more factors that will be the down fall of all throughout Mankind”

The power of control mixed with adrenaline rush and ego……

We in this Society have become so hungry for the power to have all the control of everything, then mix that with the adrenaline rush and ego’s we all have within us, you have a recipe for disaster and the complete destruction of our Society as we all know it.

With all this terrible publicity that has engulfed Ferguson Missouri and New York city, from the actions of a couple Police Officers, shows just how messed up we all are, because of our power of control, with an adrenaline rush and ego, not to mention our justice system that has become overwhelmed with Judges, that have their own personal agendas they want to achieve, over and above the right thing to do, Then you have Grand Jury’s put together that all of a sudden, they are in a position to have power over another s life? You see the real story here? This is nothing to do with “Race”, as the word Race only exists in the form of a competitive foot race or sprint car track, we are all equal in the eyes of God. We may look different cause of color of skin,  but the reality is we are all equal, just that we are all unique to each other, until we see who we really are, there will always be conflict and hatred throughout our Society.

Police Officer’s do serve a purpose for all of us within this Society, there are plenty of great Officers out there, just that they are being over shadowed by a few, that have become clouded in their judgment, through the power of control, with a mix of adrenaline rush and ego, not to mention a lot mentally deranged Individuals and regular Civilians, that also have the same power of control with a mix of adrenaline rush and ego, then a corrupt justice system, now you have a recipe for disaster and a Society that is crumbling right before our eyes.

The power of control is only something we as Humans have made up, to give ourselves a feeling of success, the adrenaline rush and ego are within all of us and when used for the right reasons, is what makes us better and stronger, on our paths of our journey of life, when we misuse them, they are like everything else we misuse and do nothing but create a lot of chaos, headache and hatred throughout our Society.

We as Humans who walk a journey on this planet Earth, need to be smarter with our actions, we all go through changes and life events as we walk our journeys, it is how we deal with them, along with our actions that turn us into something we are not, if we let our ego and adrenaline rush have power and control over ourselves, then we become something we are not, when we stay true to ourselves, then we ourselves have all the power and control over our own ego and adrenaline rush, the problems of today all lies within each and every one of us as Humans in  this Society, we all walk a path along a journey of life, we can either do it right and make all our lives peaceful and happy, or we can do it wrong, which will do nothing but make all our journey’s full of, corruption and hate, which will bring down any Society throughout Mankind, this power and control isn’t about each of us over each other, it is about we ourselves having the power and control over ourselves, not just to make ourselves better and stronger, but to help each other be better and stronger, as we walk our paths along our journey’s of life.

” power and control is only made up from Humans to give us a feeling of success”

” true success is only felt deep within ourselves, not seen by anybody throughout Mankind”

” our ego and adrenaline rush within us and this made up power and control mixed together, will make any Society go sour”

The Ego of the times…..

The Human Ego is a powerful tool we all have within ourselves, the power of the Ego is such that, we don’t even know how it totally works.
God has created all of as humans and all that surrounds us, when he created us his vision for us, was to work together and not just building up what is around us, but to build up ourselves with strength and the confidence to achieve anything that comes across our path.
We have let our Ego get in the way of us moving forward with strength and confidence, our Ego is supposed to work in a way for us to be better, instead we have used our Ego to seperate ourselves from each other.
An Ego is a tool inside us and like if your fixing a car, you can’t properly fix it, if you do not have the proper tools? In order for us to truely fix ourselves, we need to understand the Human Ego, learn how it totally works, so we than can be stronger and better moving forward, instead of letting our Ego’s get in the way of us walking our paths in peace and harmony, so our Journey’s can be in true happiness.
An Ego is a powerful tool within all of us, when used correctly it can be the best thing that helps us be better and stronger, when we use it to seperate ourselves from each other, it leads to chaos and a disfunctional Society on all our Journey’s in life, which leads us to walking our paths in a way of hate and destruction, our Society shows this today, nobody wants to take responsibility for anything, cause our Ego’s tells us we are perfect and there is nothing wrong with us? We think that we ourselves are better then the other? We also think that there is nothing wrong with me, as the problem is the other guy? If the problem keeps being the other guy, than nobody will stand up, take the blame, so we all in Society can fix each other, instead of pointing the finger all the time, it’s our Ego’s that keeps getting in the way, instead of each one of us totally understanding how it works, so we than can fix ourselves, which will fix Society, so we all can walk our paths in peace and harmony, while our Journey’s through life can be better and stronger, not just for ourselves, but for each one of us throughout Society.

“An Ego is a powerful tool within all of us, we need to learn to use it correctly, so we can be better and stronger moving forward”

“The Human body has many components, in order for it to function in unity, we need to first understand it totally, so we than can fix ourselves to be better and stronger”