The journey of life has many similarities, as we carve our paths differently.

Forest           Just as we walk our Journey’s Jesus also came and walked his journey with us. There are no set paths, only paths carved by others, or paths that we may carve ourselves. We learn many things and make many choices along the paths we walk, when Jesus came and walk his path, we today are still learning of his teachings. During the journey of Jesus Christ, he gathered many followers, but none more important than the twelve followers known as the Disciples.

Jesus then said to the chosen twelve:

” Do you also want to leave?” Simon Peter answered him , Master to whom should we go? You have the words of eternal life. We have come to believe and are convinced that you are the Holy one of God”.

**JN 6:67-69

These words of the Scriptures over the history of Mankind, have been dissected and ignored many times, but they remain within the good book of the Bible and brings us much inspiration at times within our lives when we most are in need. The journey of life with all that happens within it, can  become overwhelming at times and have us become clouded, within the clouds of our judgements, if we don’t truly understand what is going on around us.

Egotism to some may be just a word, of which they don’t know the true meaning of. This word Egotism is a feeling within each one of us, that only has us looking at ourselves, without any true empathy or remorse of anyone else around us. This word Egotism has brought down many Societies before the one in which we walk and it is bringing down the current one as well, this feeling of Ego we all carry within us, will only have us look at ourselves as the only thing that matters, without truly looking at everything around us.

To see just what this word of Egotism is doing to our Society, just stop and look around, not just at what is close by you, but what is happening throughout the entire planet Earth. You have many people struggling just to put food on the table and to put a roof over their heads. All the while their are others that will stop at nothing, just to satisfy their Ego and take everything they can, from the ones who need it most. When you are too busy just feeding your Ego, than you lose what is truly the most important part of yourself, which is the true feelings of empathy and remorse.

If we all throughout this Society would be more in touch with our true feelings of empathy and remorse, that is deep within the core of each of us, this Society would show more love of one another and stop all the hate we see daily today. Egotism is something that has been happening throughout Mankind from the beginning of Mankind and we still haven’t been able to control it, or control ourselves towards it. Egotism is another way for us to be selfish of each other, so we won’t open ourselves up to any hurt that may come to us, while we show this Egotism all we are really doing is, deflecting our true issues away from ourselves and thinking we are better than all that is around us.

Jesus didn’t come to us and walk his journey, so we could all go our own way with our big Ego’s in tact, he taught us to love one another, by being more in tune with our feelings of empathy and remorse. Egotism is just an excuse and a way for us to try to move forward, without truly fixing our issues and not acknowledging the pain that may come to us. Egotism is just a way for us to hide deep within who we truly are, then portray a fake self so others will view us as strong. I understand when things happen to us that bring great pain, we want nothing more than to rid this pain from us, but when we bury this pain without truly taking care of it correctly, this pain will forever be within us, to which we then put forth this Egotism, so we can at least move forward and try to be as normal as we can be. Jesus came to us and walked his journey with us, while teaching us just how to love one another, we just have to drop this Egotism, so we can actually feel the empathy and remorse within us, then we all can walk our paths of our journey through life peacefully and become stronger and better throughout our Society.

” The journey of life has many attributes within it, but when we are full of this Egotism, we cannot see truly the good throughout this journey of life”

” The scriptures are within the Bible, just as the true feelings of empathy and remorse are within each one of us”

” Egotism is just a word, but it is a word that we let control who we truly are”

The Pentecost brings the HOLY Spirit

This weekend we celebrate Memorial day and we all have an extra day to relax and reflect, for our fallen Hero’s and those that serve today, so we can be free and feel safe along our paths of our journey of life.

Today we celebrate through the church of Jesus Christ the Pentecost, which is the Holy Spirit, the power of God, our Creator of all Mankind. At a time after Jesus had risen and his Disciples were in limbo as to which direction to go? The Disciples all gathered under one roof, that today is known as the church we visit on Sundays, while the Disciples were gathered, a dark cloud with strong winds surrounded the building in which they were, this was the Holy Spirit coming to empower them, fill their hearts and souls with the love of God, so they can go out and spread this love throughout the Society and continue the journey, that Jesus had embarked them on. This was what we call the Pentecost and to what we celebrate today, the power of the Holy Spirit, for all of us to feel deep within our souls, so we to can spread the love of God, the Creator of all Mankind.

Some of us today may not believe in God, or a person who created all Mankind, only because they don’t let themselves feel this Holy Spirit within them, in today’s Society we think it revolves around “me” and that everything around me, is created by me? The power of the Holy Spirit comes to us from within and we have to acknowledge it, to unleash it’s full potential.

The power of the Holy Spirit when we acknowledge it, fills our hearts with the warmth of God’s love, brings joy to our lives, gives us the wisdom to move forward along our paths of our journey, so we all can be better and stronger in our lives and when we are better and stronger, than all of Society benefits from this, as we spread with each other, the true power of the Holy Spirit.

The day of the Pentecost was when the power of the Holy Spirit came to the Disciples, so they can go out and spread the love of God, continue the journey of Jesus Christ and creating what we know now, being the church or the house of God.

There may be many different kinds of churches and even many different faiths under the roofs of the church, but just like God does not discriminate, the Holy Spirit does not discriminate and is open to all, who acknowledge the true power of the Holy Spirit, so we all can feel this warmth of the love of God within us all. With this love that fills our hearts and as we spread it with each other, then we all can walk our paths along our journey of life in peace, just as God envisioned when he created all of Mankind.

” The day of the Pentecost is when the Holy Spirit came to the Disciples and empowered them to go out and spread the love of God with all of us and continue the journey of Jesus Christ”

” The love of God is within us all, it is the acknowledgement of the Holy Spirit by all of us, that helps us spread this love with each other”

” The Society of today is in major chaos, cause we don’t acknowledge the power of the Holy Spirit, which keeps us from feeling and spreading the love of God with each other”