The fire that burns within the New England Patriots Organization

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA          The New England Patriots are a Football team that plays within the National Football League, from a fan who remembers the not so glory days and the days which they had some good talent, just not enough to make the playoffs each and every year. I also realize that this stretch of the last 10+ years they are on, won’t last forever, but I am not like the casual fair weather fan that are only a fan because of all their winning. Since a guy named Bill Belichek took over as head coach and a quarterback named Tom Brady took over the reigns as the starter on the team, this team has never looked back and take one game at a time. Their success over the last decade plus, has been just simply awesome to watch and when all is said and done with their careers ( yes all good things will end eventually), these two Individuals will go down in the history of the NFL, as the best quarterback/head coach tandem ever in the NFL.

These New England Patriots have won a lot more than they lose with that said, it also breeds a lot of hater’s as well simply because we in this Society are too lazy to step up to the plate to beat them fair and square. Teams in the past that have also gone through this like the New York Yankees and have won more than they lose, also shows how the Haters just give up and talk trash of the winners, plus they also become insanely jealous of their success. What I say to all the Haters out their is, ” Step up to the plate…put in the required work needed…so you can beat these winners and become a Champion yourself”.

These Patriots and especially Tom Brady through the off season of this year, has gone through more crap than any Professional Sports Player really needs to go through. The talks and rumors of “deflate gate” only strengths and shows just how these Haters operate, with the Commissioner of the NFL becoming a Hater as well, simply because he won’t let this go even with a Federal judge telling him he has no solid evidence or even a case to continue with. A Football in the cold weather is just like the tires on your car, it will lose PSI (which is pounds per square inch) of air within it, anybody with a  basics in chemistry can determine this, not too mention every time you get out of your car in the winter at a gas station, just to fill the air within your tires. Now with all that said it is also possible that maybe there were some gray areas explored not just of the Footballs, but the making of some plays and different formations for the team to line up with? If you guessed yes then your probably correct, but if you say that any other team does not explore the grey areas within the rules, to gain a competitive advantage, then I will call you out as a liar and a Hater also. Every team within all the sports and all the Individuals of the Individual sports all explore the grey areas, so they can gain a competitive advantage, it is just that some do it better than others and those that don’t do it well become Haters and are jealous of the ones that do it well. This is Human nature because nobody wants to lose and also, nobody ever remembers a loser.

We all walk a path within this journey of life, some play sports, some have no clue of any sport or how it is played. When you determine within your mind of something that you have no clue of, the only one that looks bad in this process is, quite simply you yourself. Tom Brady is proving this within this season of 2015, he is winning all his games this year, not just because he has a great team and coaching staff around him, but because he is just that good at what he does. Tom was drafted so far down in the draft, that he wasn’t even on the radar of other teams and his work on the practice field, together with his studying of the game of football and reviewing of the videos of what other teams do, is the reason why Tom Brady is so good on the field during game day each and every week of the Football season.

” Football is a game of strategy and which ever team has the best strategy wins the game that week, the talent of each player on the team is second to the strategy of the game”

” Tom Brady is the most competitive player in the game of football today, it is his hard work on and off the field that has made him this way”

” Haters will always hate because they are too lazy to step up to the plate…..put in the work, so they too can become a winner at what ever they want”

The Dark clouds that circle over this Society………….

           We the People throughout this Society and throughout all of Mankind, are the biggest problem of what this Society is turning into. All the drama and troubles that come before us at the cross roads, along our paths of this journey through life are first and for most, the fault and responsibility of each and every one of us.

” The dark clouds that loom over head, can disappear when we all acknowledge our faults and take responsibility of our actions”

We all dream and want that perfect wedding, we want this so bad that we enter a chapter into our lives, without really knowing of the one we enter it with? This is exactly why the Divorce rate is so high and the days of “til death do you part”, are gone from all our lives. We the People dream of that fairy tale wedding so much, we then become clouded by the dark clouds within our judgements. True that when we meet someone and date each other to learn of each other and as we  get involved in that person, then we think that this is the one? But do we really know the true person deep inside, or is this the fake front they perceive on the exterior? Then instead of basing our judgement of each other on becoming friends first to build a solid foundation in a Friendship, we first base it on is this person good enough in bed to satisfy my needs? A good solid foundation of a relationship, starts first with solid foundation of a friendship, a man and a Woman having a clear judgement, so they can become one with each other, not living with each other so they can look good to those around them, or a feeling they get when they spend the night in the bed with each other. Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert entered this chapter of the fairy tale wedding, everybody around them thought they were meant to be? But now as we hear of their Divorce, we learn that one cheated on the other, just for that cheap and brief feeling we get from from the bed that really doesn’t last all that long. We are driven by this short lived feeling within this Society, instead of being driven by our true feelings, that will last for as long as we walk our paths along this journey through life.

This dark cloud that looms over our heads is simply the clouded judgements we make, because we don’t truly understand how do deal with all the issues we face everyday of our journey through life, life will always throw us a curve ball and we will always have these life events that try to throw us off our game, when we don’t handle these events correctly and truly understand why these events have happened? We will never hit the curve ball out of the park, so we than can be on top of our game, nor will these dark clouds of our judgements disappear from above our heads. A lot of times through the darkness of the clouds, we get caught up in the feelings of loneliness, that further our true feelings deeper inside us, then forming these fake feelings so others will think we are okay? When we get too close to others around us, or what we may think as that special person for us? We then enter into a chapter of our lives, that we end up getting out of at a later time in our lives, because we learn later that we have entered the wrong chapter at the wrong time.

We all have our issues, we all suffer through these life events that come to us even when we don’t want them to, but what we don’t do is, fix these events before the black clouds of our judgements, circle over our heads and trap us into becoming someone we truly are not. Then as we enter into a new chapter in our lives with someone who we think is right for us, or anything we may set out to do? We can make better judgements with our true feelings, instead of the fake feelings we portray so we can try to live a happy and healthy life. Marriage between a Man and a Woman is the most beautiful thing we will ever do as we walk our paths of our journey through life. when we enter into this chapter not only will we feel feelings like no other, but we will also live as one “til death do us part”,  then we all can walk our paths of our journey through life in peace and the darkness of the clouds will turn to brightness and happiness.

” The dark cloud that circles above us, will always disappear when we all fix our issues correctly and walk our journey through life being happy and true to ourselves and those around us”

” Dark clouds are not only in the sky above us, they also consume our judgements when we don’t fix our issues correctly and bury our true feelings deep within”

When all around us seems to make us look so small

                                             “We throughout Mankind seem so small to all that is around us”

As we walk our paths of our journey of life, there are many things that come before us on our paths, life throws us many curve balls, to which we swing and miss, til we get it right then actually make contact on the ball of life. There are many life events that come to us, some being small, others being large and force us to become someone we are truly not, these events can and will control who we are and were we are going if we let them, these events when faced head on and attacked with no fear, will never bring long term pain and suffering, true there may be some pain, but the pain won’t be as great when we attack these events head on, like they come to us.

These events when we let control us, will have our judgements so far in the clouds, that we may seem to never see any way out? Although when we stay true to who we are and stay true to the faith in Jesus Christ, the way out of the clouds is closer than we actually see, being true to ourselves is having true faith in our ability to overcome anything that may cross our paths. Just as these tree tops in the picture may seem a long way up, they actually are not very tall, as we only think with our clouded judgement that they are far away, but when we have faith in our ability, we can figure out the way to achieve these tree tops.

We throughout Mankind are creatures like all the other creatures on this God created Planet. We are also the smartest of the creatures just that, when these live events come to us and control every fiber of our being, we quickly become the dumbest of all the creatures. Sometimes these events bring so much pain to us, we want nothing more than rid ourselves of this pain, so we try to move forward as quickly as we can, meanwhile all we do is bury the pain deep inside us and put forth this fake self on the exterior, so nobody will see at first sight our pain. When we bury the pain it never leaves us, as it only grows further deep inside us, til one day we explode and become someone we truly are not, than nobody not even us ourselves recognize who or what we have become.

Life is full of experiences and events, ” it is how we deal with the events, that give us a great experience through life”. The only problem with life’s events is, we don’t know at the time that if we handle them correctly, they will always make us better and stronger throughout our paths of our journey of life.

” The tree tops are not as high as we may think, they only look unreachable through our clouded judgements”

” life events happen to all of us for a reason, we have to look deep within in order to see past the event”

Throw the curve ball………

Just as in Baseball when the Pitcher throws a curve ball to get the Batter to swing and miss, Life also throws a curve ball at us from time to time. This curve ball comes to us at every cross road we come to at our paths of our journey of life.

When we come to these cross roads and we have these life events happening to us, we become clouded in our judgements and can’t see the movement of the ball as it gets closer to us, we become out of focus and can’t seem to regain it, so we can swing and make contact with the ball, when the life events are in control then we are in control and can see every rotation of the curve ball.

In the game of Baseball when a player is in a slump, usually means there is something wrong with his approach to the game, or the way he is swinging at the baseball, then the player tries to do too much in order to get out of the slump, than all he is really doing is hurting his game more so, because he is not focusing on the things he needs to focus on, like watching and seeing the rotation of the curve ball, that is about to get into range for a good swing and good contact on the ball, so he can give his team a chance to win the game.

Life for all of us as we walk our paths of our journey, is kind of similar to a Ball Player, only that to a ball player it is a game, to us it is reality and who we become along our journey through life. The concept is similar, just that one has a huge effect on us as a person. These life events are what gets us out of focus, so when the curve ball of life comes to us, we can’t see the spin or the rotation of the ball as it approaches us, which makes us swing and miss all the time.

With these life events and us not handling them correctly, makes for very rough paths along our journey of life. These events will always be there, it is us that have to deal with them properly, when we do deal with them properly, not only will our paths along our journey be smoother, but we will always see the spin and the rotation of the curve ball, to which we will always swing and hit the curve ball, out of this park called life.

” A curve ball before it reaches the plate, will have a spin and a rotation to it, you have to focus on the ball in order to hit the ball for a great length”

” Life’s curve ball is a bit different, but the concept of to focus on whats in front of you, is very much the same, as we all walk this journey through life”

We all walk this journey through life, know matter who you are…

There are no guarantees on any of our journeys through life, as we walk our paths we are like the explorer’s before us, for we don’t know what to expect along our paths of our journey of life. No matter how careful you are at each turn or cross road on your path, there is always something or someone trying to throw us a curve ball.

Life is full of the unknowns, the only thing we truly know is what is right in front of us, or we truly know who we are, sometimes these curve balls will take this from us, the knowing of ourselves, only cause these curve balls hurt and bring much pain to us and our lives. When these curve balls strike us, we get shamed of ourselves for letting them strike us, we are shamed of what others will think of us, so instead we move forward while we bury an important part of ourselves deep within, so we can hide the pain and become someone we truly are not.

We all start out this journey very much the same, as a little boy/girl that is innocent and like a sponge soaking in everything around us, but as we grow and learn to walk on our own along our path of our journey, we to get hit with these curve balls as others before us, this is where we become divided from each other as some shake them off, while others let the shame and pain affect them deeply, this shame will turn us into something we truly are not, with this shame we lose all confidence in ourselves, self esteem becomes non  existent and from this, we try anything to be able to just fit in with everybody else.

When our confidence is shot and our self esteem is non existent, we have buried the most important part of ourselves, the feelings and emotions part, which gives us not only the empathy of ourselves, but the empathy of others around us. We have also numbed ourselves from anymore pain that may come to us long our paths, as we become someone we truly are not, we will try anything just to fit in with anybody that will notice our fake self. We follow groups or other Individuals that might offer us what we lack, yes they are Human like all of us, but each one of them has been pained so bad in their earlier lives, that this is what they have become. So we follow to hide our shame deeper within us, what I am truly saying is, we are all Humans that walk our paths along a journey of life, yes these curve balls hurt greatly when they strike, but when we stay true to who we are, have complete faith in ourselves as well as in God and Jesus, we will never lose confidence in ourselves and with our self esteems intact, all of us within Mankind, can walk our paths along our journeys in peace, while we become better and stronger throughout our journey as well.

” Curve balls of life may hurt and bring much pain, shame will hurt with pain even greater, when we stay true to ourselves this pain will never last”

” We all have this little boy/girl inside us, it is when we are shamed that we don’t let this little boy/girl grow to their full potential”

To be in control, unlike to be controlling of all that is around us

The journey of life has many twists and turns, it throws us a curve when we are ready for the slider, it will bury you with thoughts and thoughts that you don’t understand, sometimes as we walk our paths we get lost at the difference of being in control and trying to control everything around us.

When we think of control we tend to forget that, if something happens beyond our control, just walk away as whatever it is that, is trying to control us, really has no bearing on who we are and us being in control of ourselves. Your driving your car and out of the blue your tire blows, it was nothing of what you did, it could be something in the road, maybe a bad valve stem? Whatever has made the the tire blow, was nothing you could of done to control, it just happened at that particular time, yes now maybe your late for an appointment or work, but you know what, it is out of your control so breathe deeply in and out and think what do I do now? When you stress of things that happen out of your control, you make yourself sick in ways you may not see at first, when you step back and breathe so you can see the big picture, now you start thinking in ways of a solution, like calling a road side assistance person to help, call your work or whoever your appointment was with, letting them know of your misfortune, so they can adjust to you being late and your self as well as others can be back in control of yourself.

We all in this Society are guilty of trying to control everything, even if that something wasn’t meant to be controlled. If we were all truly in control of ourselves, than everything else will simply fall into place, nobody would worry or stress of things out of their control and becoming sick in ways we can’t explain, to be totally in control of anything, always starts with us controlling ourselves first, walking away when something happens out of our control, so we don’t become sick to the point, we become something we are not, we walk our paths along a journey of life, with all the twists and turns already there, we don’t need any more to complicate things even more for us.

When we are in control of ourselves, there is no better feeling from within our hearts and souls, that keeps us healthy, with strength to be better no matter how long or short our journey may be, even our journey we can’t control, without first we control of ourselves, once we learn to truly control ourselves and make the necessary changes we need to make, then not only will our journey be better and stronger, but the journey of all of us within Society will be better and stronger, so we all can live in peace and love, instead of what we see now, with all the hate and destruction that is around us.

” to control isn’t that we control everything/anything around us, it is that we first control ourselves so everything else will fall into place”

” to be controlling of others before ourselves, is the recipe for disaster no matter how you try to rationalize away being in control”