To Connect isn’t just about answering the phone

To connect with something/somebody, isn’t just picking up the phone and connecting to chat, nor is it a man or woman connecting together as one.
When we are born into this World and grow up into adulthood, there will be many life events that will happen, some minor with no real effect, some drastic that will change who we become, when we go through these changes, we lose sight of who we really are and become lost within ourselves, which forces us to lose connection with everything around us.
This true connection is deep within all of us, it is how we walk our path on our Journey of life, it is also how we show true Empathy of each other, that gives us the strength to support each other, no matter what might cross our paths.
To some life may seem short, or it may be long? No matter how you view, it is still a Journey on a path with many twists and turns, a true connection is not seen by anybody, it is felt deep within the heart, sometimes a drastic life event will take this feeling from us, it is always there, but it is us that don’t acknowledge it, in order to protect ourselves from any further harm.
The Human body is a very complex, living thing and even the greatest minds can’t truely figure it out? Our Ego is what stops us from truely understanding ourselves, or making a connection to the connection, sometimes we just wander aimlessly just to move forward, cause we keep our minds in the clouds and don’t want to figure it out, as the pain may over whelm us? Sometimes we need this pain to be real, so we can connect to our true feelings, deep within our hearts, the true feelings of Empathy, that keeps us connected with our true self’s and everybody around us.
This connection of Empathy within us all, is always there, it is a feeling we all have deep within our hearts, to some and to what life event you have suffered, hide this feeling cause we don’t want to look weak? In this Society you are looked at as wierd, cause you actually love yourself and those around you, this is where we find the strength to keep this feeling and acknowledge it always, cause when we do there is nothing that will cross our paths, that will bring us down and keep us from being who we really are, not only will this keep us true to ourselves, it will also help society grow with the same strength, so we all can be stronger and better, as we walk our paths along our Journey of life.

“A true connection goes deeper then connecting with someone over the telephone”

“A true connection is something never seen, only felt deep within the heart and soul”

A troubled Society for which we live

A Society is supposed to work for us as Individuals, A Society flourishes and prospers as the people within the Society flourishes in strength and happiness, When the people are troubled and in need of fixing, it is this that is brought to a Society.
With all the problems of our Society right now, is a direct link to all the troubled people that are bringing these troubles to it, with all the distraught Individuals out there and what they are bringing to our Society, like the innocent killings and harm, is a direct connection to all the fear that is out there.
We are all so afraid to simply walk our paths, along our Journey’s of life, that we do not know who we can trust anymore, even something as simple as finding a good job, is harder than it has ever been, unless you know somebody there is a good chance you will not get the job, as companies today will only talk to you if they know you? Well how do you get to know them, if you can’t get the oppurntunity to chat with them? Our Society is so full of distrust, it can’t function as it once did.
Trust is a huge component of a strong Society, just like working a job, helps us all feel productive and happy, not just on the outside, but deep within ourselves as well, when we are truely happy on the inside it shows even more on the outside, plus as we feel good on the inside, our confidence grows with ourselves as well as with others around us, when we are troubled with ourselves, it shows on the outside with our actions, our sadness and our bitterness, with everything we do or whoever we are around.
A Society is only as strong as the Individuals inside it, when the Individuals become weak or troubled, is a sign from God that we need to fix ourselves, so we can become strong once again, so the Society can grow and become strong as well, trust within Society is a major part, trust within ourselves is a strong feeling in each of us, when this trust is gone it is hard to get back and takes alot of hard work on our part, but when we all work together in unity, it makes it easier and well worth the work, as not only us as Individuals become stronger and happier, our Society also becomes stronger and happier, as we all walk our paths within our Journey of life, while being productive and free to do what we want when we want, with no fear of anything bad happening to us or around us.

” Trust is a strong feeling within all of us, it also affects all of us as we walk our paths, along our Journey of life”

” We all work our jobs to be productive and feel happy, when we don’t have that, we become bitter and sad, as we lose trust in all around us”