Knowing what you want is easy, the hard part is to go out and get it………..

” The road of this journey is not always paved and not as green as you may think


Those of this new generation of today, life wasn’t all full of a rose pedal path and as easy as simply jumping into a car and pressing a button to start it. Cell phones…………. These gadgets didn’t exist back in a time where, people didn’t even know you existed, unless you made the long journey into town, either by horseback or you walked which took most of the day to get to your destination, then you had to stay over night in the local boarding house and continue back home in the morning, all just to pick up a few needed supplies for where you lived.

Work you ask? You probably just stayed home to work your farming land so you can have a great crop to pick, as this was like gold to you, because it’s the crop that put the food on your table, with the extra used to barter for more supplies you may need. Barter you ask? This was a way to exchange things with others, with no money passing hands, but in order to barter, you had to have something of value for the person that had something of value for you. It was a whole different World back then, one that the new generation of today and especially when the schools of today do not even teach classes that will teach them of the times where you worked hard, before you even thought about playing hard, or even taking a vacation.

The Technology of today in a lot of ways has made us all weak and lazy. Like right now with the Christmas season upon us, We are all full of anxiety and stress because we get ourselves so worked up, because we can’t find what we want at the store, or when we find that something we literally fight with another as they to grab for that same something? Only we ourselves have to blame for letting the World of today, get as ugly and full of hatred as it has come to. Life way back when it may of seemed to be hard to us today, only because we have let technology control of who we are today. Those who walked this journey back in that time were actually smarter than we are today, they built their homes to stand strong through the test of time and what ever Mother Nature had to throw at it, they built their tools to last for many years, instead of breaking forcing you to go buy more tools, Today in this technology world, it’s all about the money, so the Techy companies can get richer with you and I becoming poorer and poorer.

Power and control is where this journey of life has moved into, with we the people the reason for this power and control. All the corporate companies are not the problem, simply because it takes a team of director’s to rule the company, for the CEO to run the day to day portion of the company, but the bottom line is, the company is a fictitious thing, that is run by people that make the decisions to run the company. Back within the time of yesteryear and the time that you worked hard even before you had your morning breakfast, just may seem too hard for those of today, only because they have let the technology control them, life back then was hard yes, but it was more of a simpler time, with less red tape and hoops to jump through.

The era of yesteryear is gone and is now replaced by the technology era, which makes for us the people to be able to accept and adapt, so we can move forward in a simple life, like those of yesteryear did. To be able to accept and adapt properly you first need to be better and understand what is around you, so your decisions are much more informed, instead of guessing, then making your decision become cloudy with no meaning. We have become so consumed within the corporate world, we have totally forgotten of what the simple life is all about. We all want to be better and advance higher as we move forward in our lives, but if we do not truly understand of what was, then how can we make the what is to become, better for us all moving forward? We the people all have our own brains and mind, to keep them well oiled and working properly, we must forever keep learning and not let the technology do this for us, I get that we want the latest and greatest piece of technology, but at what cost to us and the journey we walk, do we really want the latest and greatest in our hands? With the way technology is going, then pretty soon we the people will be the Dinosaurs of the world and the technology will take over, leaving us all as just the tumbleweeds of the desert, to blow in the wind along the floor of the desert, within this journey through life.

” Technology is good when you adapt and accept, to better understand moving forward”

” From generation to generation we are suppose to be better, not step back without moving forward”

” We all want the power and control, but at what cost will we go to get it?”

” The era of yesteryear is gone, making it more important to move forward properly, to be better and stronger”

The Facebook Chronicle…….

When we all first signed onto Facebook, we thought it was a great thing? Posting to your wall and sharing with friends and family that we don’t see on a regular basis, we didn’t look deep enough at what Facebook could be, only that it was a good tool to connect in a different way.
Facebook like everything thing before it is a company, they can only operate if they make money, regardless of the free sign on mumbo jumbo, they need to make money to survive, or go belly up and become like dust in the wind.
Facebook employs alot of people, how do they pay these Individuals with a free sign on? the sales department of facebook has to pitch to other companies, to get them to advertise on the site, for all of us to see, there are many different ways for them to pitch their product of facebook to other companies, but the one sure fire method is to do so, on the emotions of us the subscriber, also what we click on and when we click on, gives a clear indication to facebook, what ads to put on each of our walls.
Facebook is a company like all the other companies out there, interested in one thing only and that is the bottom line. You think they really care of who’s feelings they hurt? Or even who we are as an Individual? We all take to Facebook without thinking of any of this, then we proceed to complain, when we find out of things they do with all our posts on our walls, we think that what we put on our walls is private, even when we set our settings? Remember facebook holds all the controls to all the wall”s of facebook, this is how they sell their advertising to other companies and determine which ads to put on what wall’s.
We can change this by either watching what we put on our walls, or just simply taking down our facebook account, now in this society we don’t think of these things, cause it’s all about our status and what other’s think of us? We only show things that makes us strong, to hide our weaknesses, we show things that we think our friends of facebook will only see and we forget that all of the facebook company is watching everything we do, not to mention our Government also taps into as well, to see where they can take advantage of us once again, the way the World Wide Web is set up, once your info is out there, it’s out there for good and those who are computer hackers, will find ways to retrieve it.
Facebook is like all the other companies out there, they are more concerned with the bottom line, than with any of us as Individuals, we the people can change this and take back control of our lives if we want to, but we are more concerned with our status and who we are around other’s, that we have forgotten who we really are as Individuals, if you took a poll of the people on facebook, asked how many of their friends on facebook are true friends? I bet you I would be richer then Mark Zuckerberg (owner of facebook), cause I am betting the percentage is very high, that true friends are few and far between, cause we all want our status greater than it really is. Until we get off our high horse sort of speak, come back to reality and truly be who we are, we will always be controled by the companies and our governments, which will make our Journey of life a lonely one and full of regret, which will cause us to complain more, instead of taking action and doing something about it.

” Facebook is a company that cares of making money, they don’t care of who they hurt to achieve this”

” We are human, complaining is something we learn from others, when we try to be like them instead of being ourselves”

Job market in this Corporate World

The Society of which we live today, isn’t just that of “all about me”, is is also a Corporate driven Society, with each of the Corporations wanting us to jump through rings of fire and even then, your not a guarantee for the job.
We all do what we have to in order to get hired by a corporate company today, but the Companies do nothing to try to get us employed, you send a resume, you follow up and still you get no replies fair? This is the Corporate world and right now, they are in the driver’s seat.
The old days of the small businesses are gone, the days where you walked in the door, they gave you a chance to prove yourself and through your actions, you got hired, now with the companies you fill out an online application, a series of questions(which most times takes 45 min.), then you get an e-mail saying your not the right person they want? Most of these e-mails can not be replied to.
I am not a Therepist, or a Psych Doctor, but how can anybody know if you are not right for the job, or their company, without meeting face to face? Anybody can make themselves out to someone they are not in words and build themselves up, but when you meet face to face and really see who the person is, body language speaks alot louder than words.
Yet the Corporate companies keep doing this practice, cause we simply keep letting them, we let them have all this control and power, cause no one can match the amount of money they have set aside to keep this practice going, they pay off our elected officials, so they will push through certain things within the legislation, to help them keep this power and control, but in the long run who really gets hurt, it’s us the litte guy, cause we don’t have the resources to fight them.
Granted, yes there are some Companies out there, that do it correctly, but these companies are few and far between and the companies that operate only for greed, are kind of like the old days of the Mafia, except it’s more of a legalized Mafia, cause they pay off our elected officials to keep it that way.
Finding a good career job now a days, you have to be alot more creative, you need to think outside the box, while trying to network with someone, that already is employed by that company, who you know is huge in this Corporate World we are in today, if they don’t know you, you are not getting that job, now the ones that are working for these companies, have become “Corportized”, meaning now they live their lives whether work or personal, in the corporate way of life.
The job market of today is far from fair, the ball is definitly in the court of the Corporations, they all may say ” equal oppurntunity employer”, but they come up with any excuse they can, to not hire you and by operating with less employee’s, now you have more money going into the pockets of the Executives and the Company itself, so they can keep all this control and power.

” Corporate World is all about power, control and greed”

” Greed is what’s killing our Humanity and our Planet”