Sometimes the best precaution is…………..” common sense”

I guess you can say that I am with Mark Levin on this one, Mark is a V-Jay on the Blaze with Glen Beck, saying that he would rather take the advice of a healthcare official and not from Pelosi or Schumer. It is pretty sad when our so called leaders have to politicize even

Drama versus Common Sense

” With Drama a society will look in chaos like these washed up tree’s, with Common Sense a society will be as beautiful as this sunset” ***BowlingChef*** Drama is not of who we truly are, drama is brought on by a few who do nothing but stir the pot, to make the rest of our

Strangers in the World……….

  ” I urge you, as Aliens and strangers in the World, to abstain from sinful desires” ***Peter 2:11 ntv***   The road is bare, the road is desolate, just like we of this society, as we have no clue of who each other is anymore. We are so wrapped up within our own worlds,

The dark of the light, with the light of the dark

  Seriously think about this!!! We of this Society have wandered away from any kind of thinking about anything, we say we think about things whatever those things are? But because of the no more thinking part, we have lost all sense of any of the true common sense that is within all of us.

The Clouds of constant Change…….

  ” Just as the clouds in the sky change, so do we change, things around us change, circumstances change, fashions change, but through change done correctly, change can make us all better and stronger moving forward” *** Bowlingchef***   With each passing storm, to the clear blue sky, the clouds will change into many

Change a few words, for a new spin…….

    ” You walk this journey of life, by how you live, why you live and in the manner in which you live” *** BowlingChef/Stuart Scott***     This quote by the late Stuart Scott is such a great quote, as you can change a few words, to have it spin a whole new

True Communication/ knowing the red flags

  We within this Society and with all the ugliness around us today, we have totally lost the simple task of, looking each other in the eyes and truly communicating, using our mouths as they were supposed to be used. We would rather argue and bicker at one another, than to have an intelligent conversation,

We are ” Destroying” ourselves throughout this Journey

” The ship is sailing to take us to our destination, not to dictate of where others think we should go” *** BowlingChef***   We of this Society have witnessed way too much ugliness, even more than Societies of the past, true other Societies have seen some ugliness, but the ugliness around us today, has

Politics/Political Correction are one in the same

Today as we all walk our path through this journey of life and within this Society of many, there is nothing or anywhere we can go or do, that Politics or Political Correction are front and center, blocking us from walking in true peace. You walk down the street and no matter where you turn,

Take a knee…… make that two and pray for forgiveness

  ” The crown of Jesus Christ is everywhere, we just have to look more deeply into what we see, to truly see it” ***Bowlingchef***   Let’s think about this for a minute, time to end all the crap, end all the unnecessary drama, stop this epidemic within the NFL of taking a knee, especially

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