Many varieties of everything along this Journey through life

Waterfall           Within this picture you can clearly see all the many varieties of plant life, along side this cascade of water, that carves it’s path on it’s journey. Plants are living and breathing, just as we throughout Mankind do as we exist on this journey through life. The Plant world also comes with many varieties, just as we as Humans do, throughout Mankind.

Like the cascade of water in this picture, we throughout Mankind either carve our own paths, or follow a path throughout our journey of life, as their are many varieties of everything all around us. As the water flows and does it’s thing, it coincides with and helps the plants grow, by providing it some fresh source of nutrition, so they can be vibrant throughout their journey through life. Everything within life, just as we throughout Society serve a purpose along this Journey of life, just that we have to find that purpose, so we can thrive throughout our paths along this journey of life.

With the way Society is going today, in this fast paced I want it now atmosphere we have created, it is very hard for anybody/anything to find any purpose, let alone be able to coincide with each other along this journey through life. We have to be better at the little things, which we think don’t matter for anything. It’s the little things that bring great things to us along our path of our journey. We also have to do a better job at understanding these Life events that happen to us, yes we all have some kind of event that happens to us and they bring us great pain as well, if we don’t understand better, or fix the issues when they happen, so we can truly move forward, to be better and stronger along our paths of our journey through life.

This Journey through life can be either a short one, or a long one, nobody knows except our Lord God who is the creator of all Mankind. This is the reason why we need to do it right the first time, cause their is no second time, once the journey comes to an end and yes it will end, we just don’t know the when, where or why. We all have to be better at understanding these issues of the events that happen, so we can be better and truly find our purpose along this journey of life. Some may be lucky enough to find their purpose early along their path, while others don’t find it til later along their journey? It is all up to the Individual and how much confidence and belief you have in yourself, as well as in Jesus Christ, the only son of our Father the Lord God. Jesus came to us to walk his journey through his life, showing and teaching us the true way to the path of righteousness, we throughout this Society have become lost, to the true teachings of our Savior Jesus Christ.

These events can bring great pain to us, as well as cloud our judgements and the ability to make good decisions, which we then become lost throughout this journey and never find our true purpose of our existence while we walk our paths along this journey through life. To truly find your purpose, we need to be confident and totally believe in ourselves, as well as believe in Jesus Christ, with this belief then comes the faith and when we have faith, then there is always hope, to which we then can accomplish anything we set our minds to and the ability to achieve great things along this journey of life. So as these events come to us, it is important we control and fix these issues, before they control who we really are and become someone we are not. This journey through life may have many varieties of everything within it, but when we walk our paths correctly, we all can coincide better throughout this journey and be better for whatever that may cross our paths.

” Life events can control who we are if we let them, which is why we have to fix our issues as they happen, to be able to be confident with belief and faith in all we do”

” Our paths are either created from our own actions, or we may follow an existing path? Either way we have to be better at fixing our issues so we can be better moving forward along this path of the journey through life”

The many Cultures throughout this World

“We all as Human Beings are part of each Culture, whether we want to acknowledge it or not”.

We all walk our own paths along this journey called life, depending on which path you take and where you set your roots to live within this Society, you are part of a culture, a culture that views the World differently than all other Cultures. There is no Culture greater than another, it is all part of all of us being diverse and respectful of each other.

This diversity and respect within each culture, is what is missing within our Society today. Today every Culture is moving forward with a notion that, their culture is the only way to go through life and when you think you are above everything around you, this is where the problems within our Society lies. When God created everything around us, including we throughout Mankind, he did so for us to coincide with each other, he created us equal but unique to each other, which is the same for all the different Cultures around the World. What we lack in this Society today is, diversity and respect of each other and the different Cultures around the globe, this is the biggest reason why we are a broken Society today.

You see everyday around you, people using the word “RACISM” as an excuse to throw more hate at each other? I have news for you there is no such thing as Racism and it is only a word made up by us the people, in order to deflect anything away from ourselves, so we don’t have to take responsibility of anything. We all have our issues, we all have our problems, it’s when we don’t acknowledge them, that we then try to point blame at everything around us, instead of owning up to them, so we can fix what is wrong and move forward better and stronger on our journey of life.

Cultures are a way of life for where ever you may be around the globe, instead of looking at these cultures and laughing or making fun of them, lets show more respect and learn of them, so we can be more diversified and open to everything around us. I understand there may be groups that try to over whelm us with their clouded views and try to lure us into something that is purely evil, this shows that Satan is alive and well, just like when he tempted Jesus on his journey, but when we stay true to ourselves and who we are, than God will always warm our hearts with his love and when we acknowledge this warmth within us, than the love spreads throughout all the Cultures.

” Love throughout the cultures brings much joy and happiness, without any disrespect or hatred as we all walk our paths along our journey of life”

” there are many cultures within this world, when we stay open and respectful of them, then we all can coincide together in diversity and strength moving forward”

Human Spirit isn’t made to be Isolated with no Social skills

         We as Human Beings were created by God not to be alone, but to coincide with other Humans as we walk our paths along our Journey of life. 

          When the Human Being is left alone with no interaction with others around them, they begin to pull back from what is around them and distort everything that they may come across, with no social skills they have no idea on how to react around others, so then they are looked at different and ridiculed by all others around them, even back in the caveman days they couldn’t speak, but they knew how to act around others, in order to survive in their world and help each other with whatever they needed help with, which led to them becoming better as their Society grew stronger with great courage. 

         In today’s Society we have gone backwards instead of forward with all the technology around us, with social media everybody hides behind their computers and not learning the face to face contact we need, in order to survive with the power of social skills, these social skills are important for us as Humans, to coincide with each other, so we can grow as a better Human Being, when we are better and stronger, then our Society is better and stronger and we all have the courage to over come anything that comes across our path, as we walk our Journey of life.

        We as Human Beings are the smartest of God’s creation, but with our actions and isolation, we have become the dumbest within this society, when we hide within ourselves and within social media, our thinking becomes distorted, as we think we are better and smarter than everybody around us, we than proceed to shut out others around us and not listen to anything that is said to us, as others look at us as different and mock or make fun of us, we then distort our thoughts further, with anger and revenge thoughts, then stop at nothing to take our pain of isolation and turn it on those around us, with isolation we become something/someone we are truly not, then with our thinking being distorted and as we act in ways we usually would not, we start to enter denial and not accepting responsibility of our actions, through all this we then suppress our true feelings and show no Empathy towards anything/anybody around us.

        With all the crap going on around the World and all the Terrorist Groups inflicting fear in all of us, is proof that this social isolation and the lack of true face to face confrontation, is hurting all of us in ways we can’t explain, cause we don’t truly understand what Social media is doing to us, sometimes in life when you don’t understand something, you take a step back to move forward stronger and better, the Human Being is the most complexed of all the creatures of God’s creation, there are so many elements that make up the Human body, that we get so overwhelmed we don’t want to truly understand it, when we are made out as different and made fun of by others around us, instead of hiding within ourselves, we need to communicate better to truly understand what is happening, show more true feelings and empathy towards each other, so we as Humans can fix ourselves to be better and stronger on our path along our Journey of life, when we fix ourselves and show more empathy of each other, then our Society will then become better and stronger and we all can walk our paths along our Journey’s of life in peace, just as God envisioned when he created us and all that is around us.

” to truly understand what you don’t understand, you need to not hide within yourself and communicate better, so we all can understand and be at peace along our Journey of life”

” Social Media is not Social interaction whether you think so or not, so you need to come out from behind the computer and interact with others, so we all can walk our Journeys in peace”

” Life is hard enough for all of us, without true face to face interaction, life becomes much harder then it really needs to be”