The Baptism of Faith



Throughout this journey of life, when we have total faith in ourselves and Jesus Christ, we will always acknowledge and know what the word Baptize truly means. Those of us who actually go to church, what is the first thing you do when you walk in the door of the Church? You dip your fingers into a ceramic bowl with Holy water, now I wonder if anybody knows what to do next? You make the sign of the cross on yourself then continue to go to your Pew, so you can kneel before God and Jesus and ask for them to forgive us of our sins.

This is what we all do each and every Sunday as we enter into the house of God. Within this Society of Political Correction and All about me, we have become lost within the clouds of our judgements and seem to have lost the true faith of ourselves let alone our Savior Jesus Christ.  To some this Faith is so far gone that, they don’t even believe in God, the creator of all Mankind. When we let go of this Faith, then all heck breaks loose and we not only doubt each other, but we doubt ourselves and who we truly are. We are a Society in Turmoil right now and it will take each and every one of us, to regain this faith and show our love of ourselves with each other, instead of giving in to the Temptation of Evil and getting sucked in to the Drama of Hate.

We all come to this Earth in the same way, as a little precious Child that needs affection and care everyday. We get taught how to live within Society. We get Baptized in the house of God at a young age, when we are Baptized is when the belief of Faith begins and the journey along a path we walk starts. This Baptism is what lets us look deeply into what we see, it also helps us to see who we truly are before we become lost within the clouds of our judgements. In Today”s Society some do not get Baptized, simply because others don’t truly have an idea what the true faith is, then they stop another from truly having Faith and from looking deeply into what they see.

These paths we all walk through this journey of life and yes there are many of them, to which the paths may be different, but the journey is all the same. These paths have twists and turns, bumps and bruises and they will test us as we walk them, but these tests as much as we might think, will never fail us, but they will make us better and stronger throughout this entire journey we are on in our lives. The way we become better and stronger is the acknowledgment of God and the Faith in him as well as in ourselves and as we walk into the house of God every Sunday and kneel before him, so we then can ask for his forgiveness, plus with the faith in him and ourselves, will always have us looking deeply into what we see, so we then can see that when we are Baptized from a young age, this Baptism continues when we enter the house of God each and every week, dip our finger into the basin of Holy water and give ourselves the sign of the cross.


” Baptism is a special time in all our lives, its the Faith that keeps it special everyday along our paths of this journey through life”

” Sometimes we dip our finger into the Holy water in the house of God, cause we simply think we are suppose to do it like the others”

” To truly acknowledge the Baptism into the Faith of God, we will always look deeply into what we see and know truly who we are”



The Pentecost brings the HOLY Spirit

This weekend we celebrate Memorial day and we all have an extra day to relax and reflect, for our fallen Hero’s and those that serve today, so we can be free and feel safe along our paths of our journey of life.

Today we celebrate through the church of Jesus Christ the Pentecost, which is the Holy Spirit, the power of God, our Creator of all Mankind. At a time after Jesus had risen and his Disciples were in limbo as to which direction to go? The Disciples all gathered under one roof, that today is known as the church we visit on Sundays, while the Disciples were gathered, a dark cloud with strong winds surrounded the building in which they were, this was the Holy Spirit coming to empower them, fill their hearts and souls with the love of God, so they can go out and spread this love throughout the Society and continue the journey, that Jesus had embarked them on. This was what we call the Pentecost and to what we celebrate today, the power of the Holy Spirit, for all of us to feel deep within our souls, so we to can spread the love of God, the Creator of all Mankind.

Some of us today may not believe in God, or a person who created all Mankind, only because they don’t let themselves feel this Holy Spirit within them, in today’s Society we think it revolves around “me” and that everything around me, is created by me? The power of the Holy Spirit comes to us from within and we have to acknowledge it, to unleash it’s full potential.

The power of the Holy Spirit when we acknowledge it, fills our hearts with the warmth of God’s love, brings joy to our lives, gives us the wisdom to move forward along our paths of our journey, so we all can be better and stronger in our lives and when we are better and stronger, than all of Society benefits from this, as we spread with each other, the true power of the Holy Spirit.

The day of the Pentecost was when the power of the Holy Spirit came to the Disciples, so they can go out and spread the love of God, continue the journey of Jesus Christ and creating what we know now, being the church or the house of God.

There may be many different kinds of churches and even many different faiths under the roofs of the church, but just like God does not discriminate, the Holy Spirit does not discriminate and is open to all, who acknowledge the true power of the Holy Spirit, so we all can feel this warmth of the love of God within us all. With this love that fills our hearts and as we spread it with each other, then we all can walk our paths along our journey of life in peace, just as God envisioned when he created all of Mankind.

” The day of the Pentecost is when the Holy Spirit came to the Disciples and empowered them to go out and spread the love of God with all of us and continue the journey of Jesus Christ”

” The love of God is within us all, it is the acknowledgement of the Holy Spirit by all of us, that helps us spread this love with each other”

” The Society of today is in major chaos, cause we don’t acknowledge the power of the Holy Spirit, which keeps us from feeling and spreading the love of God with each other”