The “Bruin” Chronicles.

The struggles of this 2015 team the Boston Bruins, goes a lot deeper than the CEO Charlie Jacobs coming out and saying their play is unacceptable, yes it is part of this team turning it around as of late, some may say the players are nervous of losing their jobs? The actual fact and answer to this turn around goes to Claude the Coach, as he still has his finger on the pulse of this team, but the biggest reason of the turn around is, the actual pride of each player Individually, go right down the roster and their are all members of this team you will find responsible for this dip in their play.

Sometimes you don’t understand pride until it comes and slaps you in the face and that is what it did, when Charlie Jacobs said what he said. It all started when this team lost to Montreal in the playoffs last season, they were the best team in the league, won the President’s trophy and thought they had the Cup in the bag? I will give them a couple key injuries early in the season, but the main reason of their lack of play is, the fact of pride and not being confident in themselves to overcome adversity, you would think that Claude would fix this issue? He is not God and you may lead the horse to water, but ultimately it is the player that needs to drink that water and run with it, not just are these Bruins drinking the water, but their confidence is better, they realize what each of their strengths are, which is what the coach brings together, so the whole team can be better and stronger moving on through the season and hopefully into the playoffs.

In a full hockey season the ultimate goal is to make the playoffs, then the goal becomes to win the Stanley cup, which is the most prestigious and hardest trophy to win in all sports. The end of a Stanley cup run will have the player feel emotionally as well as physically drained, then as they turn the corner into the next season, you can’t help but still feel the affects of the season previous, its not just the job of the coach to motivate the players, but each player has to motivate themselves as well as their teammates, sometimes this motivation takes way longer then it really has to, now during this time you hear a lot of crap from the so called sports media and the fair weather fan, simply because they don’t truly understand the game of hockey, true hockey players get paid a good amount of money and the so called sports media would have you think money motivates, but hockey players get no where nears the amount of money as a baseball player and a hockey player works 10 times harder, this motivation comes from within each of the players, with a small percent coming from other areas, in order for the player to motivate himself, he has to want it and sometimes this want takes a little time to build up, a little encouragement in the right places will help greatly, but it is the Individual player that fully motivates himself, then he motivates his teammates with the same encouragement he had received.

This Bruins team and the core of this team are still a great bunch of guys on and off the ice, they still have some to give, just that they need to put the past behind them, look at the now and what is in front of them, so they can have success and get into the playoffs, then as they become better and stronger, bring that into the playoffs and have fun winning another Stanley cup, then we start another season a new, with that issue of motivation once again you get the picture, playing the game of hockey for a player, is the same of each of us walking our paths along our journey of life.

” hockey players are a lot like you and I living our lives, just that we are playing the game of our lives”

” motivation comes from within, sometimes it has to be lifted out of us”

” to motivate ourselves is sometimes the hardest thing for all of us to do, like accepting real change to our lives”

The Facebook Chronicle…….

When we all first signed onto Facebook, we thought it was a great thing? Posting to your wall and sharing with friends and family that we don’t see on a regular basis, we didn’t look deep enough at what Facebook could be, only that it was a good tool to connect in a different way.
Facebook like everything thing before it is a company, they can only operate if they make money, regardless of the free sign on mumbo jumbo, they need to make money to survive, or go belly up and become like dust in the wind.
Facebook employs alot of people, how do they pay these Individuals with a free sign on? the sales department of facebook has to pitch to other companies, to get them to advertise on the site, for all of us to see, there are many different ways for them to pitch their product of facebook to other companies, but the one sure fire method is to do so, on the emotions of us the subscriber, also what we click on and when we click on, gives a clear indication to facebook, what ads to put on each of our walls.
Facebook is a company like all the other companies out there, interested in one thing only and that is the bottom line. You think they really care of who’s feelings they hurt? Or even who we are as an Individual? We all take to Facebook without thinking of any of this, then we proceed to complain, when we find out of things they do with all our posts on our walls, we think that what we put on our walls is private, even when we set our settings? Remember facebook holds all the controls to all the wall”s of facebook, this is how they sell their advertising to other companies and determine which ads to put on what wall’s.
We can change this by either watching what we put on our walls, or just simply taking down our facebook account, now in this society we don’t think of these things, cause it’s all about our status and what other’s think of us? We only show things that makes us strong, to hide our weaknesses, we show things that we think our friends of facebook will only see and we forget that all of the facebook company is watching everything we do, not to mention our Government also taps into as well, to see where they can take advantage of us once again, the way the World Wide Web is set up, once your info is out there, it’s out there for good and those who are computer hackers, will find ways to retrieve it.
Facebook is like all the other companies out there, they are more concerned with the bottom line, than with any of us as Individuals, we the people can change this and take back control of our lives if we want to, but we are more concerned with our status and who we are around other’s, that we have forgotten who we really are as Individuals, if you took a poll of the people on facebook, asked how many of their friends on facebook are true friends? I bet you I would be richer then Mark Zuckerberg (owner of facebook), cause I am betting the percentage is very high, that true friends are few and far between, cause we all want our status greater than it really is. Until we get off our high horse sort of speak, come back to reality and truly be who we are, we will always be controled by the companies and our governments, which will make our Journey of life a lonely one and full of regret, which will cause us to complain more, instead of taking action and doing something about it.

” Facebook is a company that cares of making money, they don’t care of who they hurt to achieve this”

” We are human, complaining is something we learn from others, when we try to be like them instead of being ourselves”