The Journey through the Advent season.

The Advent is for all Christians to ready themselves for the coming of Jesus Christ, it is a season that lasts four weeks, with the fifth week being Christ (Christmas day).

There are a lot of others who have different faiths and that is totally okay, cause God don’t discriminate as they take different paths of their journeys of life, we are all on a journey in our lives, the paths we take may be different, but the journey is the same, God looks at all of us as equals and never judges who you are, this is only done by we the people of God’s creation.

The season of Advent is a four week journey, with the fifth week being Christmas day and the birth of Jesus Christ, the first week or station on the Advent Wreath is Hope, without Hope all things seem lost, Hope is what gives us the drive to walk our paths of our journey of life, when we have hope then anything that comes to us on our paths is possible.

The second week or station on the Advent wreath is Faith, hope and faith go hand in hand as they both feed off of each other, you can’t have hope without faith, as you can’t have faith without hope, Faith is the belief with all your heart that anything is possible, just as you have faith in yourself, you can also have faith in your favorite sports team, this same faith is also our faith in God and Jesus, with the belief they are real and guide us to the path of righteousness, for all of us to be happy with peace along our Journeys.

The third week or station on the Advent wreath is Rejoice, this is a time of fasting and a time to repent, so we can ask forgiveness of the Lord, then we can heal and move forward on our paths of our journey of life, in order to be able to achieve this week, we have to have complete faith and hope in the Lord God and for him to be able to forgive us, we must first forgive ourselves, we all sin and to forgive is the hardest thing we will ever do, with complete faith and hope in the Lord God, we then can unload our sins, have forgiveness of ourselves as well as others, then as Jesus comes to us on Christmas day, we can rejoice and be filled with happiness.

The fourth week or the station on the Advent wreath is Love, this week is so crucial to all of us, walking our paths along our journey of life with happiness and in peace. When we have complete hope and faith in the Lord God and rejoice all our sins, so we can forgive ourselves as well as others, then God will always forgive us and when God forgives us all, that warm feeling within your heart, that is the feeling of love warming your soul from God himself, we all can share this love with each other, but first we have to love ourselves, so we than can spread this love to each other, on our paths along our journey of life.

The fifth week or station on the Advent wreath is Christ, this station is in the center of the wreath, because now we are ready to see the Jesus birth and to accept him in our lives, when Christ is at the center of all our lives, then anything is possible for all of us, as we walk our paths along our journey of life.

The season of Advent may be for the Christian faith, as all the other faiths have their way of accepting Christ in their lives, God never discriminates as well as judge anybody, no matter how you accept Christ within you, the message of Hope, Faith, rejoice, Love and Christ is all the same, with each Faith having their own way of accepting Christ is fine with God, as we all have that warm feeling within us, which is Christ’s love filling our hearts, so we than can share this love with each other, when we love ourselves and share this love with others, all our paths along this journey of life, will be in happiness and peace always.

” Hope, Faith, rejoice love and Christ are all within us, we just have to accept and share with all throughout our journey”

” God always forgives no matter who you are, we as Humans only struggle with forgiveness because we lack the hope, faith, rejoice and love”

The true Christmas Spirit we share………

Jesus Christ our Savior who came to us on Christmas day,

Jesus the only son of our father the Lord God himself,

that same God who created all Mankind and the planet Earth,

Jesus was a humble man, with just the clothes on his back,

he to walked a journey like all of us throughout Mankind,

Jesus chose the path of righteousness to spread his love,

his love was strong, with nothing able to penetrate it,

when Jesus was born all came to see while bearing gifts,

this was the birth of Jesus Christ and Christmas day we know,

Jesus love and the Christmas spirit is here to stay,

Jesus came to us with love, with nothing on his shelf,

the Christmas spirit will never die, with each and every birth,

Jesus was born in a stable and had not even a shack,

Jesus along his journey would heal the sick and make sight for the blind,

Jesus showed us the path of righteousness, complete with a white dove,

Jesus was love, he was strong and kind, he was also legit,

Jesus journey is there still for all, he would never lead us to the cliffs,

we can all still follow in the path of Jesus, with anybody in tow,

the journey is all love and peace when we do it right without Frey,

the Christmas spirit is the belief in Jesus, within us all without hack,

Jesus Christ we may not see, but he never leaves us a stray and the true Christmas spirit is our belief in him, while we show our love of one another, not just on Christmas day, but throughout all our paths along our journey of life.

” Christmas spirit is within us all, we just have to acknowledge it and share the love that is the message of the spirit”

Jesus walked a journey here on Earth with us, the journey he walked is still available for all of us to follow, we just have to truly want it and follow with our hearts”

Let this Christmas season bring more love to all of us around this Planet……

Christmas is not just the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, it is for us to let our love of one another shine brighter than any gift we give, or even the brightest star that guided the three kings, to the stables of Jesus birth. When we do this for the spirit of Christmas, there is no reason we can’t do this everyday of the year.

Where ever you look throughout this planet Earth, there is a lot of anger, innocent killings of our fellow man, people taking to the streets to make their voice heard and causing unwanted destruction of everything in their way, leaders of the countries thinking their agendas, are the most important agendas throughout this planet? We the people of this society are all to blame for this chaos we see everyday around us, cause none of us are showing our true love of each other, instead we do nothing but become bitter and angry of each other, for the reason that we don’t want others to think we are weak.

To show our true love of one another, does not show how weak we are, it only shows how strong we really are, cause it takes a lot more work to show this true love, than to show our bitterness and anger towards one another, when we show this anger and bitterness, all we are doing is taking the lazy way to walking our path along our journey of life.

When Jesus came to us and walked his journey, Christmas day is for us to remember his journey, seeing the true love he shared with everybody along his path, while showing all of us that, when we show this true love ourselves, we to can walk our paths of our journey, in happiness while we become stronger and share our love with each other, instead of all the death and destruction that is around us.

When Jesus walked his journey, he did so with only the clothes on his back, showing that when we show our true love of each other, we don’t need all of life’s extras to be happy and that these extras along with greed, is what breeds all this death and destruction around us, when we show this true love of ourselves to each other, there is no room for any hate, bitterness or destruction on all our paths of our journey of life.

The true meaning of the Christmas spirit, is always inside each of us, in the form of the Holy Spirit, this Holy Spirit only shines the brightest, when we love ourselves and take this same love and share it with each other, no matter who you are on this planet, this Holy Spirit is inside you, just that we have to acknowledge it, so we can let it shine throughout all our paths along our journey’s of life.

Now as we celebrate Jesus birthday this Christmas season, let us all acknowledge this Holy Spirit and let it shine the brightest it has ever shined, as we share our love of ourselves, to each other, so all our paths along our journey of life, will have happiness out weigh all the hatred and bitterness that surrounds us now, Merry Christmas to all, as we all love each other and as we love ourselves, on our paths of our journey of life.

” the true Christmas season lets our love of one another, out shine any gift we may buy for each other”

” to celebrate Jesus birth on Christmas, is to also celebrate our true love of selves and each other”

” the Christmas season shouldn’t just be one time of year, it should last every day of the year, every year of our existence, on our journey of life”