Leaders or children?

  This picture really needs no words as the expressions on their faces says it all. These Gentleman or should I say these children, are suppose to be the leaders within the walls of Washington DC? If they can’t even sit shoulder to shoulder and face each other like a man, then how the heck

NCIS…….Naval Criminal Intelligence Service,

NCIS is the best television show on TV today. The Writer’s who come up with the ideas and write the show, are the most creative crew and know how to keep their viewers in suspense from week to week or season to season. Mark Harmon, a.k.a. Leroy Jethro Gibbs has the lead role in this

To walk many journeys inside one big journey called life.

We all throughout Mankind walk many journeys, with the biggest journey being the one we all walk from the time we are born, til the time we take our last breathe here on Earth. Everyday is a journey for each of us, we wake up every morning just to make the journey to work, so

Father’s Day

Fathers day is a celebration of a Father’s love, We all overlook this love and take it for granted, A Father is many things in his children’s life, A Father provides for his family and children, A Father works very hard in his life without being taunted, A Father’s children is a product of his

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