Say what you want, say what you mean, but never speak for or of another……….


This is one of the best quotes of my life so far. The late Stuart Scott said this as he was being honored at one of the Espy awards shows before Cancer took him from us. You can take the word Cancer out of this quote, replace it with the word Life, now you have a totally different meaning, which is why this quote is so good, it is very versatile in that way. Life is definitely of what you make of it, if you make it hard, it will be hard in return, if you walk this journey correctly and with respect always, now life will be easier, throughout that path you have chosen.

It is perfectly okay to say what you want, and say what you mean, but when you speak Ill of another, or even worse speak for another, now you are doing nothing but create a lot of unwanted drama around the rest of us. When you speak for another and especially without consulting with them, then how do you know they truly mean what you have said? This is not just what is wrong within this society, this is totally what is wrong within the walls of all the media publications out there as well. These Individuals within the media spend big money, to go to the best schools, so they can say they have a degree in Journalism, but what good is the degree, when you work for a publication that only wants you to keep to an agenda? Right now this agenda of the media is all about, speaking Ill of some, while they spread lies and untruths of others. If you do not agree with their twisted philosophies, then you become one of the ones for which they speak Ill of, this is totally what is wrong with this society, this is what we all need to fix, as we move forward throughout this journey of life.

Then there is this thing called Political Correction which you can not say anything of anybody without offending someone, I say you know what you can do with this Political Correction…..? This has totally made this society weak and made us all fear everything that we may say, even if what we say may be correct, or even better, maybe what we need to fix this society, to be better and stronger moving forward. Yes, you do need to hear the truth, even if that truth hurts you and brings great pain, but if you deal with the pain and hurt correctly, it will only make you that much stronger moving forward.

The spoken word is just that, they are words we speak out of our mouths, they are also our opinions of what may be going on around us, now some may not research properly before they speak their words, which then becomes an even bigger issue that will affect us all, then there are some, like the ones who create these agendas, that will force their workers to use the spoken word in the wrong way, especially if the agenda creator did not properly do his/her research? With all the bad research out there, no wonder why the spoken word has become so…. screwed up and off point.

Ever since Eve told Adam to eat that forbidden fruit, this is what started all the societies within this journey of life, to walk on eggshells, as the spoken words have become like a bullet out of a gun, simply because, and some may disagree, which is fine, but words do cause great pain and hurt, but the right words can heal and bring us all to peace. Jesus showed us all when he walked this journey here with us, that words that come from the heart with love, will help us heal and be at peace, while words that are fake, that only get spoken out of hate, will totally hurt as the pain becomes great, we shouldn’t have to watch what we say all the time, only because, when we speak correctly and from the heart, then these words not only can heal us, but they will help us all become better and stronger, as we walk our paths, through this journey of life.

” There are many quotes out there and many we may remember, but a great quote will forever stand the test of time”

” The spoken word can be the best thing we will ever say, but they can also bring great pain and hurt”

The Journey of life we all walk, with many different sufferings that come to each of us.

            ” He summoned the crowd with his Disciples and said to them, ” Who ever wishes to come after me must deny himself, take up his cross and follow me, for who ever wishes to save his life will lose it, but who ever loses his life for my sake and that of the Gospel will save it”.

*** Mk 8:34-35

This quote from the Scriptures and the Gospel, which is the word of our Savior Jesus Christ, basically describes how Jesus came out and announced to we the people, that he is the son of God, to which the process of suffering and the carrying of the cross, was all part of him showing us he was being truthful with us all and that through this journey of life, we all go through some kind of suffering, then carry a cross along our paths, so we to can find that path of righteousness and see the light of peace and serenity as Jesus found.

There are many things that come across our paths of this journey of life, we are not alone with any of the sufferings within life. Cancer…… We all have known someone among us that has suffered this dreadful disease, or even we ourselves who have suffered? Earthquakes, Tornadoes, vicious attacks to name a few, these are all kinds of sufferings that come to each of us, in one way or another. We all have had some kind of suffering within our journey of life and as much as we may think we are alone, You are not alone, just that each of us are afraid to communicate with each other of our short falls and sufferings.

As much as we don’t want to communicate of our sufferings, we need to communicate better of these sufferings, so we all can properly fix what is wrong and move forward, along our journey of life with peace and serenity for all. When we don’t communicate properly of these sufferings, you can clearly see with all the crap within our Society, that each one of us suffer greatly, with all the hatred and killings of innocent people, not too mention all the less fortunate people, that struggle daily just for one meal a day, or even put a roof over their heads. Life for some may not be fair, only because others take things for granted and stop at nothing to steal everything away from others, so they can live their plush lifestyles.

We all walk a path along this journey of life, we all start out the same way on this journey, we all may not end this journey the same way, but this journey will end for all of us, whether we want it to or not. When you walk this journey properly and take care of the sufferings that come to you, is when peace and serenity will come to you, which helps you carry the cross as Jesus did, to be able to accept everything that comes to you, then see the light of the path of righteousness, which leads to the peace and serenity of a well traveled journey, along your paths of your journey through life.

Some will go through their journey only thinking that they are the only ones walking a path through this journey of life and that everybody else is in their way, keeping them from what they think is the result of this journey? This is the thinking that does nothing but breed all the hatred around us, also breeds the ugliness and crap we see around us as well, we all walk a path through this journey of life, it is up to each of us to accept the sufferings that come to us, fix the issues of these sufferings, so we all can find peace and serenity within this journey of life, as we find this peace and serenity, is when we all will coincide better with each other and we all can have peace and serenity moving forward along our paths, as we help each other carry the cross as Jesus did, knowing of a journey well traveled.

” Communication is key to help us all through all of the sufferings within this journey through life”

” There are many things that come across our paths of this journey of life, we are not alone with any of the sufferings within life”

” We need to communicate better of these sufferings, so we all can properly fix what is wrong and move forward along this journey of life”

” We all suffer in our own way, it is how we accept and fix our sufferings that have us move forward and find our peace and serenity along our journey of life”

The power of faith is within us all


The power of faith is deep within the core of our being, when God created all Mankind, he gave us this faith to over come anything that may cross our paths along this journey we are all on, the journey of life and all we do as we walk this journey.

This picture of Stuart Scott, who was a very popular sports analyst for the sports show sportscenter on Espn, battled for many years with Cancer, it was his Faith in himself and God that helped him survive for as long as he did. “Faith is within the core of each and every one of us, we just have to acknowledge it to unleash its true power”. Faith is never seen, but it’s feeling will never leave us, for as long as we walk our paths along this journey of life.

Just as the Farmer plants his seeds for the coming crops, God also planted his seeds within us all. One of those seeds God planted within us, is the power to have faith for everything we do, even when things around us have us so overwhelmed, that we start to believe there is no way out? It is then that we need to dig deep within our core, acknowledge the faith within us, so we than can unleash it’s power and once again have hope to over come what is in front of us. When the Farmer plants his seeds, he has hope that his faith in the seeds, will bring him many crops to cultivate and care for, just as God hoped that his seed of faith he planted in each one of us, would help us overcome anything/everything that may come across our paths along this journey of life.

“Faith and Hope work together and you can’t have one without the other”. When we hope the faith will help us in our time of need, is the acknowledgement and the feeling of the faith, is the power that helps us overcome whatever that has come before us. Hope and faith will always be two peas in a pod, as we like the Farmer who cultivates his crop, will cultivate the hope and the faith that is within us, so as the Farmer is over come with joy for his crop year after year, we will be over come with joy for all the happiness and peace that will come to us, on our paths of our journey of life.

Sometimes in life along our journey, we get so overwhelmed that we don’t let any hope bring us the faith, so we can over come what ever that has come before us, we get lost within ourselves and move forward in a cloud of doubt, this doubt when we let it, will control and take over who we really are, as this doubt has us in it’s clutches, we lose all confidence in ourselves, our self esteem is non existent and we then walk this journey, with no true direction of who or where we are going. God the creator of mankind, always has hope for the seed of faith he has planted inside each one of us, the Farmer has the same hope for the seeds he plants and with his faith, his crop will bloom into much beauty, we are God’s hope and faith and that we will bloom into the same beauty as the crop of the Farmer. As we all walk our paths along this journey of life, let us never lose the hope, so we can always have the faith to over come anything that may cross our paths.

” hope and faith are two peas in a pod, you can’t have one without the other”

” faith is the seed of God that he planted in each of us, the hope is the acknowledgement of this seed, so we can unleash it’s true power”

Cancer is a disease that affects us all………

We all as Humans within this Society, have in some way or another, been affected by this dreadful disease of Cancer, we have known someone or we ourselves have had this disease.

With all this technology of today, it seems like this dreadful disease has stricken even more than throughout the history of Mankind, this Cancer can strike us in many ways and it’s not limited to any certain way of affecting us, you would think with all the great minds out there working on this dreadful disease, just maybe they would have a cure for it? Maybe this disease isn’t meant to be cured? Maybe this disease is only meant for us to better understand it? Showing us that we are not perfect and this journey called life, will throw anything at us around each corner we turn.

With the recent passing of Stuart Scott, who was an Anchor for ESPN, on the sports news show of Sports Center and his recent award for the perseverance person of the year at the Espy awards, just might show others that it’s not about the Cancer, but the way you live while you have been stricken by this dreadful disease, attitude through anything that may come across our paths of our journey of life, is and always will be the key  for all of us and Stuart Scott showed us that, through his battle from this dreadful disease.

Cancer of any kind is not pretty and the loss of my Uncle from Colon Cancer, showed me just that, he was my Mentor and taught me how to be successful at Ten pin bowling, as he was very successful himself and a very good Bowler, I still think of him as I truly miss his lessons, as we would spend a whole day in the alley’s when he would come visit.

Cancer is not pretty, it also affects each of us, whether you have it or not, we can either let the Cancer win, by not battling it and living our lives in a way of feeling sorry for ourselves, or we can take the Stuart Scott approach and beat this disease with a great attitude, not stopping and truly living our lives showing the respect and dignity of ourselves, towards all that is around us so others can live with that same respect and dignity, which will spread throughout Society and create a stronger and better Society, for all of us to walk our paths along our journey of life.

” Cancer is a dreadful disease that affects us all, we don’t have to let it beat us by putting ourselves in a sour attitude”

” having a great attitude along our journey of life, will always make our journey well worth the trip”

” We can either get busy living, or we can get busy dieing, the choice is for us all along our journey of life”

The Sports world lost a great guy today.


” Life may not be a sport, as sports isn’t like real life”

Stuart Scott had a way about him, that never put himself above sports, when he interviewed some of the Worlds biggest sports stars, he did so while treating them with the up most respect and dignity, when he sat at the big desk of Sports center, he had this way about him that made it interesting to listen, even if you didn’t like the sport he was talking about.

While watching this last Espy award show and when ESPN honored Stuart with this award, listening to his speech and this Quote which will become one of the best quotes in sports, there wasn’t a dry eye in the audience, as well as viewers at home, Stuart showed us in this speech that sports is just a game, but it’s a game that can inspire anyone’s life if done the right way, we all walk a journey through life, there are tough times within life that could get us down and out if we let it, when we are down and out, we look to anything for inspiration, to help us get back up and move forward better and stronger, we all have our favorite sport, we also have our favorite player/players of that sport, of which we usually turn to sports to help pick us up, when a player plays the sport they love and does it the right way, without the greed and crap getting in the way, they help us see sports in a different light, a light that inspires instead of creating hate and when our team and players win, we then get inspired by that and this helps us overcome the odds in our lives, to move forward with strength, to be better than we are now.

There were many of us sports fans watching this Espy award show, to which we all saw Stuart Scott inspire us all with his words, even the sports players in the audience were tearing up with his words, everybody came together for a moment, to show support for Stuart and all who suffer this terrible disease of Cancer, which makes me think why we cant keep coming together and inspire each other to be better and stronger, as we walk our journeys of life everyday of our lives, sports can do this when played correctly, there have been many sports stars in the history of sports that have inspired, but none better than Stuart Scott did, on the night of the Espy awards.

Right here in the area of Boston, Massachusetts we had a guy named Bobby Orr, who not only changed the game of hockey and the position of Defense man, but also inspired a lot of young children to play the game of hockey, to which many Arena’s were built to handle the growth of Hockey in the area, this gave hope to a lot of children to better themselves and try to get into the NHL, like their Idol and favorite player that was Bobby Orr, this is what sports can do when played the right way.

Stuart Scott may you rest in peace, thoughts and prayers go out to your loving family, you showed us that no matter what happens to us in life, when we have the right attitude and do it correctly, then not only will we treat others with respect and dignity, we will also have respect and dignity of ourselves, which is the key to walking our journey of life, to be better and stronger everyday and this will also help us help each other throughout their journeys as well

” sports will inspire when played correctly and done in the right way”

” lets not look at sports for the wins all the time, as when you lose with dignity you will always be a winner in life”

John Lester to the Cubs……..

John Lester is one of those type of pitchers, you always wish him well, no matter what team he plays for.

John Lester came up through the Boston Red Sox organization, made the big club and never looked back, he had a major hick-up when he was diagnosed with cancer, but the Red Sox who teams up with the Jimmy Fund, was a great organization to be a part of, as John received the best of care and treatment, since his diagnoses he never looked back when he was in remission for the cancer, he also pitched a perfect game as a Red Sox and has had a great career to this point.

The hard work John has done to get into remission and move his career to where it is, deserves all the praise by all, with him signing with the Chicago Cubs for 6 years and 155 million, true there may be some in red sox nation that may not like the signing, some may say it is too much money for anybody just to play the game of baseball? In the case of John Lester, it is money well spent on a great guy and someone who has played the game the right way.

John Lester going to the Chicago Cubs was a no brainer for those who really know him, the General Manager of the Cubs is Theo Epstein, he was the one that put together the 2004 Red Sox and helped stop the 86 year drought of not winning a championship, now Theo is trying to end the drought of 105 years for the Cubs and it’s a great start bringing in John Lester, Theo and John have always been good friends and both respect each other, showing that this signing was bound to happen.

John Lester is arguably the best left handed pitcher in baseball and can be an Ace starter on any team, John’s journey through the majors has had its share of hurdles and some bumps in the road, but with his hard work he has earned all our respect and we all should wish him the best on his new journey, there should be no bitter words of John Lester, as anybody that does talk bitterly of him, does not really know what they are talking about.

John Lester…….. Good luck on your new journey, may you and Theo make good on your goal, of ending the Cubs drought of not winning a championship, even though I may be a Red Sox fan, my heart will always be with you for all the good years you gave us here in Boston, if chance should have it that the Cubs face the Red Sox in a World series, I may be torn between who do I route for? Even if the Cubs win and end the drought, for me there will be no loser and a goal achieved for both teams.

” Sports players that play the game right, deserve nothing but respect by everybody that watches that sport”

” When you work hard and do it right, whether in sports or life, you deserve all the praise and respect that comes your way”