Get to the “Heart” of the judgment


” You have heard that it was said to your Ancestors, you shall not kill and whoever kills will be liable to judgment. But I say to you, whoever is angry with his brother will be liable to judgment”

Mt 5:21-22a


With this quote from scripture and as we truly decipher the words, you can clearly see that each one of us are guilty of sin, so I think we all need to enter into the house of God, so we can ask for his forgiveness, so we can move forward within this journey through life, without looking back and dwelling in the troubles of our pasts, keeping us within the walls of purgatory within this life.

God created us all as equals true there are some differences, but these differences are what makes us unique to each other, now in this society, we simply do not look deep enough to see any uniqueness, we judge way to quickly and when it comes to getting to truly know one another……….. Let’s just say it may be easier to walk along the shore of the beach and watch the waves slap the shoreline alone with our own thoughts. This journey through life was meant for us all to coincide, not to be divided or bicker at each other with each turn.

The heart is front and center as the most vital of our organs, the heart can become overcome real easily, but if we treat it correctly it can also bring us much comfort and joy with feelings of warmth. The heart will see everything as all our other organs send it the signals of life, the love of Jesus is also within our hearts which brings us the warmth of life, so we can move forward with strength.

Today we take for granted so much that we do not even think about what is most important until it becomes too late, we will get caught up with neglecting what is good, only to try to fit in with what we think is normal? then we think that if we do not actually pull the trigger of the gun, then we did not commit the sin of the murder, but what we do not want to think about is, once that even has become a thought, now the signal has gone within our hearts, to which the sin has already been committed long before the trigger has been pulled and now we need to walk into the house of the Lord, so we can have God forgive us and then we can forgive ourselves and others.

“Bless me, Lord, for I have sinned”, you do not hear these words all too much anymore simply because, with a few that do not have the faith let alone believe, they will cry and say that they have been offended until another will make an amendment that will prohibit anyone from saying those words, are you kidding me? Have we stooped to this level today? I think we all should go back to the basics, go back to the beginning of Mankind, go back to a time that we couldn’t even communicate with anything around us and we had to figure it out, or we simply became just another statistic as we walked through this journey of life.

This journey may seem hard to some, but it is really quite simple and all you need to figure it out is simple Common Sense. Now other societies of the past left us with good and a lot of prosperity, but within this society and our actions, we will not leave the newest generation with the same prosperity that we received, instead, we will leave them on their own to figure out, with no base to start from and use as a guide, for their actions to take them into a journey of peace, instead of a journey full of great pain and hurt. The guide for us here in America is the Constitution, which is why we all have to read it in its entirety, each country has its own guidelines, but this is another way of us showing our uniqueness, now I get that we will want to interpret these guidelines very different, but if we do not follow our heart, then our judgments along this journey will be within the clouds throughout this journey, then the pain and the hurt, not to mention the walking of the journey with no common sense, will have us all be within the division and bickering back and forth without truly listening to anything that is around us.


” Don’t skip any beat as the heart is the life of all throughout this journey of life”



” The killing takes place in the mind’s eye before any action has been taken”



” The sin is made when you simply think of the action, not when you actually take the action”




The Community within a Society that grows with togetherness and strength

        From the beginning of Mankind, when God created all living things that walk and breathe upon this planet Earth, God’s vision was for all to coincide with each other in harmony, live and walk this planet in peace while showing love for all that is around.

        We are all born into this World by two loving Individuals, showing their love of one another, as they raise their children with this same love, their children grow in a Community, then enter a Society of many Communities, it is when we enter this Society we become overwhelmed and become lost, we forget the foundation to which led us to this Society, no matter how you enter this Society of many Communities, you will have many conflicts that eventually shapes us into something we ourselves may not like? God may have created us and all that is around us, but he also gave us our own mind, soul and brain, with hopes that we will use them to make his creation even better, as each of the Societies come and pass through the years of time.

        When we are born onto this planet Earth, we have a Mother, Father, Brothers and Sisters, but in God’s eyes we are all Brother’s and Sister’s within his creation, even within our own families we have conflicts, but in most cases we solve these conflicts together and become stronger and better for it, when we have conflicts in our Communities and our Societies, we then become bitter and move forward with this bitterness, which does nothing but giving in to the temptation of Satan and brings unwanted hate into our Societies of many Communities. 

        It is easier to love others in our Society of many Communities than it is to hate others, this hate only comes from the temptation of Satan which takes up more of our energy, that keeps us from walking our paths along our Journey’s of life in peace, life is not perfect as God didn’t want it to be that way, he wanted us to use our brains, minds and souls he gave us, so we as Humans can make this World a better place, for all Societies that come to walk their Journey’s, God created us similar but very unique in our own way, so we could learn from each other, work together and coincide with each other along our paths of our Journey.

      Over the years throughout the history of Mankind, we all have lost the way away from God, we think he does not exist? On the contrary he does exist and he is within the hearts of all of us as Humans, all we need to do is let go of this temptation of Satan and feel God’s warmth within our hearts and souls, he gave us the power to change ourselves and all we encounter on our paths, this power comes from our brains and our minds, but when we let the temptation of Satan into our lives, this power becomes lost within ourselves, as temptation is now controlling and consuming our bodies, when this temptation controls us, we let this feeling of hate use up our energy, which drains us from walking our paths in peace, it also brings more conflicts to our lives, to which we don’t have the energy to fight it, so we give in and become something/someone we are not, when this temptation of Satan comes to us, if we just stay true to ourselves, have complete faith and believe in God, just like his son Jesus showed us when Satan confronted him, we will find this temptation will disappear for us also, through love, peace, faith in God and belief in God, we all can walk our paths along our Journey of life in peace, while showing each other, that with less energy we can love one another, making our paths a little easier along our Journey’s of life.

” Society is made up of many Communities, these Communities bring togetherness from one family to many”

” We as Humans use less energy to love one another, its the temptation of Satan that brings this hate to us, to drain us of this energy”

” It is easier to love than to hate, so common sense says, lets show more love of one another, so we all can walk our paths in peace, along our Journey’s of life”