The road to the future, for what does it truly hold?

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA         You know your getting old when you remember a movie from twenty six years ago as if it was yesterday. The movie was called Back to the future and one of it’s stars was Micheal J Fox, who played the role of Marty McFly. I was twenty five when this movie came out, I remember the date that was put into the famous car and time machine, but if I may be honest, never really thought deeply into this date of 10/21/2015 until today and all the hype being made of this.

As we walk our paths along this journey through life, it’s what we do in the present that determines all our futures, it’s okay to reflect back in time to see what we did wrong, what we did right, so we can make the necessary changes, so we all can make our futures bright and be stronger and better as we move forward. We all have our flaws that we want to forget, as some of these flaws brought great pain whether physical or mentally, also with these flaws we suppress all the pain in order to relieve ourselves from the hurt, we then become someone of which we truly are not. When we have become that stranger to even ourselves, we then look into the mirror one day and say to self, who are you and where did you come from? Yes we all have certain flaws we have suppressed deep within our souls, but what the future truly holds for us then is the fact that, our brains and minds never forget and eventually all comes to a head within the future of all our journeys within our lives.

The movie Back to the Future was a great movie, as I can remember it twenty six years later. it kind of had most of us daydreaming of what does the future truly hold for us and can we really go back in time to change who or what we are now? Now that I am older I can see clearly that the past is the past and the present is what determines my future moving forward.

We all have things in the past we want to change, these things are gone and should not affect us right now in the present, what we should be focusing on is, being truly who we are and not something we truly are not because of some flaw, or a life event that made us into this fake self. When we stay true to who we are, feel the love of God within our hearts and souls, we will then love ourselves more, which will then help us love all those who are around us. With this love of self and those around us, we will then show more empathy and actually care more for each other and all the hate we see everyday, will simply disappear from all our paths along this journey through life. So Happy Back to the Future day and may this day help us all move forward along our journey, while we stay true to who we are, show our love and empathy from within us toward each other, so we all can walk our paths along this journey of life peacefully, as we live in the present to determine our own futures, of being better and stronger moving forward.

” The past does not determine our future, it is what we do in the present that truly determines who, or what we become in the future”

” It’s okay to reflect back on the past to see what went wrong and what went right, so we then can make the necessary changes in the present, as we all have a bright future”

” There are movies and there are movies that we never forget, this is what makes the movie great, or just simply only as good as we remember”

Change happens everywhere and to anyone


Throughout the history of the planet Earth, change happens whether we except it or ignore it.

Now that we embark into the season of fall, it is a time for all the plant life to exhale, while their leaves change to a beautiful bright color and get ready to drop their leaves, for the bitter cold of the winter, this is a change that happens every year of the history of the planet Earth, unlike some change that happens all around us, this change will happen whether we except it or not, some may say they don’t like it cause it brings the cold of the winter, some may like the colors and enjoy this time of year, while most become bitter and complain of the cold nights, as they go into their shell of hibernation into their own little world of reality.

Just as the plant life changes from season to season, we to as Humans change in our own way, some change may be drastic as other kinds of change are minimal, change is good when done for the right reasons, but when you resist and fight the change, is when it becomes hard and difficult, small change like buying a new car, or eating a new dish, are easily excepted and come with no resistance, but bigger change like a new lifestyle, or maybe selling and buying a new house in a different area, is the type of change we resist the most, only because we are entering an area of unknown and when enter into the unknown, we are scared which breeds negativity to everything around us, Life events happen to all of us throughout our lives, when these events happen and brings a change to our lifestyle, is when we resist change the most, we fight it to the point of exhaustion, then we build a wall around ourselves to protect ourselves from anything that may come to us, even if what comes will help us greatly in excepting the change.

Change will come to us in many ways whether we except it or not, the best way is to except it so we move forward in a positive way, instead of being negative of everything/anything that is around us, negativity brings a whole other element to change that makes us feel more pain than we really need to feel, the way this Society is with all the hate in this world today, only shows just how negative we really are, how we are letting the bad changes take precedence over the good changes in our lives, how we all are living in our own little shells of our own realities, along our paths of our journey’s of life, the more we stay in our own shells and try to keep from further harm, the more the harm will stay with us and bring us further pain, whether we want it or not, God didn’t create us to live in our own shells, he created us to be free to do what ever we wanted, as we walk our paths of our journey’s of life in peace and love of one another, to coincide with each other, so we all can be better and stronger along our journey, God brought this change to us, in order to help us stay stronger and be better along our journey, so we can live with love and peace, instead of hate and destruction that consumes all our lives at this moment, it is not to late to break our shells and except whatever change that comes to us, we only have to except it, so we all can walk our paths along our journey of life, within peace and love for everything/ anything that is around us.

” Change happens everywhere and anywhere, all we have to do is, except it to move forward along our journey of life, with peace and love for all that is around us”

” The four seasons of the calender year involves many changes, just like many changes comes to all our lives throughout the year as well”