Change is everywhere along the journey of life

“Change is everywhere around you and nothing ever stays the same, you just have to adjust to it in order to have change go as smooth as possible?.

We as Humans go through many changes from the time of our first breathe here on Earth to our last breathe, some change comes real easy and smooth, while some change comes with much resistance and more pain then we know how too handle it. Our bodies go through much change like, we grow taller, or maybe a bit more plump or skinny, our hair goes from our natural color, to a grey or silver color as we get older and some may lose their hair all together. Our blood may get thinner as we grow old, not too mention the other internal changes of our bodies, our voices will change also as we grow older, then there is the natural changes to our appearance, or the changes we do to our appearance as we go to the gym and bulk up with larger muscle mass, As we change throughout our lives along this journey of life, so does everything else around us as well.

The Tree’s in this picture go through many changes also like we do as Human Beings, They start out as a little seedling and grow quite big, depending on the kind of tree. The green leaves on the branches of the tree’s change colors depending on the kind of tree, or even which season we are in, during the fall months these tree’s exhale, which turns the leaves a bright vibrant color, til the leaves fall to the ground as the tree gets ready for the winter months. then in the winter the tree becomes bare during the cold dark days of winter, as the spring months come, these same tree’s inhale and grow more buds on their branches, which grows more green leaves for the warmer months to come. Tree’s come in all shapes and sizes, the leaves change colors depending on the seasons we enter, With the different shapes and sizes of the tree’s and the colors of their leaves, shows us the change they go through throughout our journey’s along our paths we walk.

The deep blue color of the sky in this picture, shows us, just how beautiful all is beneath the sky. It brings out the color of the green tree’s, not too mention the rays of sunlight beaming down upon us, The sky also comes with different colors depending if the sky is angry or happy? When the sky is angry it gets filled with clouds and turns the color to dark grey, depending just how angry it is? The clouds themselves also come in different shapes, sizes, or colors, as these clouds become filled with moisture, then drop raindrops upon our heads. When the sky is full of clouds and dropping raindrops upon us, now you have we as Humans becoming gloomy or depressed, which is another change we go through with all the other changes we go through.

With all these changes to ourselves and all that is around us, it is very easy to overlook change and become lost along our paths of our journey through life. We need to better understand these changes, so we can adjust to and except these changes as they come to us along our paths. Now sometimes these changes will come to us unexpectedly and from another along our journey through life, but when we have faith in and are confident in ourselves, understand better of the change that is happening, then change won’t be so hard for us as we walk our paths. Just as the change in the seasons happen smoothly year after year for all the tree’s around us, then real change can go smoothly for us as well, as we walk our paths along our journey through life.

” the four seasons change the Tree’s around us smoothly and with beauty So can change to us as Humans go smoothly, with no resistance, as we adapt moving forward along our journey through life”

” Change happens in many ways whether internal or external, change does not have to be hard as we except and adjust to all the changes that may come to us

” the sky is blue and the tree’s are green, showing us true happiness throughout the different changes, when the sky is grey and soaking the tree”s with water, makes for difficult change through anger, as all sways in the wind with chaos and disarray”

Trekking through the Wilderness and exploring what we normally don’t see

          Throughout our Society of today and as we walk our paths through this journey of life, we all get caught up in the everyday living, the going to work to earn money needed, in order to provide for ourselves and our families, we also get caught into our comfort zones to try to stay safe, without any unnecessary harm coming to us. When we are in these comfort zones we don’t look at what is all around us, as we only see what we want to see, without exploring and learning more so we can be better and stronger along this journey through life.

Trekking through the Wilderness will get us outdoors to explore and see what is around us within places we normally wouldn’t go, We totally see that there is a beautiful side to our journey through life, instead of the grind of work to make ends meet, we also find it relaxing to get outside and see the true beauty of the Wilderness and all the different kinds of animal life, as well as all the different varieties of plant life, that we don’t see within the thickly settled civilization in which we live. The great outdoors is also a way for us to take a deep breathe of the clean fresh air, without all the smog of the city life in our everyday lives,

We throughout Mankind are explorers and exploring is what we have done through many years from the start of our existence, without the exploring than our lives become dull and ordinary, we don’t learn and understand new things, so we can become better and stronger along our paths of our journey through life. We don’t have to go hike up any big mountains, just a simple nature trek along some little trail that we would never of even known it was there, unless we go explore it. When we trek through the Wilderness not only does it relax and let us breathe in clean fresh air, it also gets us in touch with our other senses that we forget we have, living within our comfort zones of our everyday living. Some may not like the idea of doing something new and different but this is how we grow in our lives, this is how we better understand everything around us and this is how we learn of everything around us.

A trail like this one in the picture you can see has a dense amount of plant life, some of these plants we never see in our everyday lives, which makes it fun to learn of them so we can have fun along this trail, this trail will also hold something different at every turn along our way through it, just as our path we take through this journey of life. While we walk along this trail the other sense we take for granted, is our keen sense of hearing, as the quietness of the trail, has us hear everything that is around us, like the beautiful sound of the Birds chirping and singing through their lives, as they to walk or fly their paths along their journey through life. There are many paths through the journey of life and for us the fun part is exploring them, so we can learn to be better and stronger, while we step outside our comfort zones, to truly be who we really are and that is an explorer, like the many before us throughout mankind.

” To step outside our comfort zone may be hard for some to do, but when we do it we find that there is a lot more beauty around us, than we thought there ever was”

” In the beginning of Mankind we were all explorers, we still are just that we have gotten away from it and stopped  learning of whats around us, so we can truly be who we are”

” Comfort zones keep us from any harm that may come to us, but we do need to step outside them to be better and stronger as we walk our paths of this journey through life and truly be who we are”

What’s in a Birthday?

Celebrating a Birthday is a joyous time for all of us. It is a time for each of us to be thankful for the life we have been given.

To some a Birthday is just another day that they try to forget, only cause it brings much pain to themselves, the pain goes so deep within their core, that they don’t know how to escape it?

To some this special day of a Birthday only brings back bad memories of a childhood gone wrong for one reason or another, most of the time these memories have been caused by situations that was out of their control, but they still try to forget this special day, to hide and bury the pain deeper within themselves.

We all have these Birthdays, as it celebrates the day we were given life into this World, these Birthdays should always be special to each of us, for if it weren’t for the Birthday, we wouldn’t be here to celebrate them. Jesus the son of the Lord God, has a special Birthday we all celebrate together and that is Christmas day, Christmas is all about joy and happiness, celebrating with our Families together and celebrating a life or our life as we walk our paths along our journey of life.

Sometimes in our lives we have these life events that happen to us, these events can be big or small, they can bring great pain to us as well, they will make us wonder why me? or why was I born if I am going to suffer this great pain? Hence why we try to dismiss any part of the word Birthday, then we suppress this pain deep within our core, so we don’t have to deal with it.

When we suppress any pain deep within us, what we don’t realize at the time is, this pain never goes away as much as we think it does, it only seems to go away cause we don’t acknowledge it, but if we acknowledged it and fixed what we needed to fix, we could move forward along our paths of our journey, really being able have great joy each and every year, of this special day of our lives, known as our Birthday.

Our Birthday is that day when we first took our breathe in the World we live, it was filled with joy back then, so why can’t it still be filled with much joy, each and every day of our lives, throughout our journey through life. These events will always happen no matter who you are? We just have to deal with them better, so we as Individuals can be better and stronger, so we as Individuals can have great joy each and every year when our day comes upon us, when we feel and show this joy, then we all can be at peace as we walk our paths along our journey of life.

” Birthdays are real and they bring great joy to us, Birthdays are not suppose to bring or give us any kind of pain”

” the words Happy Birthday means just that, Happy or Joy will come to us on our special day and beyond”

” Happy and joy will always bring a smile to your face, without these two words then we frown and become bitter of everything around us”

To be in control, unlike to be controlling of all that is around us

The journey of life has many twists and turns, it throws us a curve when we are ready for the slider, it will bury you with thoughts and thoughts that you don’t understand, sometimes as we walk our paths we get lost at the difference of being in control and trying to control everything around us.

When we think of control we tend to forget that, if something happens beyond our control, just walk away as whatever it is that, is trying to control us, really has no bearing on who we are and us being in control of ourselves. Your driving your car and out of the blue your tire blows, it was nothing of what you did, it could be something in the road, maybe a bad valve stem? Whatever has made the the tire blow, was nothing you could of done to control, it just happened at that particular time, yes now maybe your late for an appointment or work, but you know what, it is out of your control so breathe deeply in and out and think what do I do now? When you stress of things that happen out of your control, you make yourself sick in ways you may not see at first, when you step back and breathe so you can see the big picture, now you start thinking in ways of a solution, like calling a road side assistance person to help, call your work or whoever your appointment was with, letting them know of your misfortune, so they can adjust to you being late and your self as well as others can be back in control of yourself.

We all in this Society are guilty of trying to control everything, even if that something wasn’t meant to be controlled. If we were all truly in control of ourselves, than everything else will simply fall into place, nobody would worry or stress of things out of their control and becoming sick in ways we can’t explain, to be totally in control of anything, always starts with us controlling ourselves first, walking away when something happens out of our control, so we don’t become sick to the point, we become something we are not, we walk our paths along a journey of life, with all the twists and turns already there, we don’t need any more to complicate things even more for us.

When we are in control of ourselves, there is no better feeling from within our hearts and souls, that keeps us healthy, with strength to be better no matter how long or short our journey may be, even our journey we can’t control, without first we control of ourselves, once we learn to truly control ourselves and make the necessary changes we need to make, then not only will our journey be better and stronger, but the journey of all of us within Society will be better and stronger, so we all can live in peace and love, instead of what we see now, with all the hate and destruction that is around us.

” to control isn’t that we control everything/anything around us, it is that we first control ourselves so everything else will fall into place”

” to be controlling of others before ourselves, is the recipe for disaster no matter how you try to rationalize away being in control”