Coming together in Unity should happen everyday on our journey of life


Unity is one of those words we take for granted, in this ” all about me” Society for which we live, we may come to together and show unity for short times and at different times along our journey’s, but at the end of the day within an ” All about me” Society, it is about me and for me always within our journey, when you put together a society of “all about me”  and combine it with a service oriented society, that is dependent on customer service, now you are stirring the pot with ingredients that do nothing but make the dish very sour.

To look deep within the word ” Unity”, you will see a bigger word of ” Unified” and you will also see that it has nothing to do with ” all about me”, when we are unified there is nothing that will stand in our way, as it is true there is power in numbers, when we become ” all about me” we become very lonely deep within ourselves.

As we walk our paths along our journey of life, there will be many changes that will come to us on our paths we chose, as these changes happen we then reject them cause they don’t revolve around us? Which then furthers our loneliness as we move further on our paths, when we unify with each other is when we accept these changes, so we all can move forward stronger and better along our journey’s of life.

To be Unified with each other in a Society, means we become stronger and better in everything we do, cause now we have many that help each other, instead of each of one of us butting heads in order to get ahead of one another, there are certain sports teams that have showed us this throughout all our journey’s, but three teams in my lifetime come to mind, these three teams also showed us that sports can be a great influence in all our lives, both these teams were not the best talented teams in their leagues, but they played with a strong heart, a will to win and for each one of their fellow teammates, the first team which holds a special place in my heart is the 2011 Boston Bruins, when you say “team”, this was a team that did everything on and off the ice for each other, they unified as one and won Lord Stanley s cup for all their hard work they did for one another, the other team that holds a special place in my heart, are the 2004 Boston Red Sox, forget about the not winning for 86 years, this was a team that unified as one to win the championship that year, they were not the most talented team or the most favorite to win, but they unified as one, brought the strength of each other together, for one common goal and that goal was to win it all, another team that has a special place in my heart, were the 2013 Boston Red Sox, this team not only won the championship for each other, they did it for an entire City, that was hurting from the Boston Marathon bombing, this team unified as one, with the goal of unifying an entire city and making it strong once again (#bostonstrong), these three teams showed us that, when we unify together, instead of being all about me, no matter what kind of change comes to us on or path of our journey of life, we will all be successful at everything we do, being unified shows strength, being all about me shows weakness, so coming together in unity will always be the strongest and best way, to walk our paths along our journey of life.

” to show unity is to bring many together, as all about me only shows we are weak and think we are stronger than everybody else”

” when change happens it is better to unify, than being all about me, as being unified makes us stronger and better, which will help us accept the change to be better”

There will always be tragedies in life we should never forget……


When a tragedy comes upon us it forces us to grieve earlier than we would have like to,  a lot of times a tragedy comes to us from a mentally deranged person/persons, these Individuals that do these tragedies are sick and have taken all their feelings of empathy and remorse to all times lows, so low that they are deep within their core, so they can operate in a cold way, they never acknowledge their true feelings, so they can keep moving forward, without ever taking responsibility for their actions.

This picture is of a little boy named Martin Richard, he walked his journey here on Earth for eight short years, before he was prematurely taken from us, by a senseless  tragedy that left his family and a city in tears, the tragedy was the Boston Marathon Bombing  which is a tragedy we should never forget, so we can take actions necessary that will make us stronger and better moving forward, like the Boston tragedy New York had a tragedy also, in what we know as 9/11, both these tragedies have affected many throughout this Nation and we should never forget, so we all can move forward stronger and better then ever on our journey through life,

Martin Richards was taken from us to soon, this sign he made that he holds here, ” no more hurting people….peace….” is a very strong message from a little eight year old boy and a message Martin never had a chance to put into action himself as he grew into Adulthood, cause two cowardly Individuals showed no empathy and remorse for anybody  around them, Martin Richard was a young boy with a bright future and could of gone on to do great things, not for this senseless tragedy, he was an innocent young boy, that was only cheering on all the runner’s that were crossing the finish line of the Boston Marathon.

There is a little Martin Richard inside all of us in the form of, we all have this inner child within us, we may have started as a little child, but this child never leaves the comfort of our inner soul, we ourselves don’t give our child of within a chance to grow with us, as we go through some life events even at a young age, when we experience these events we get lost within ourselves as this child doesn’t know which way to grow, we blame ourselves for things that happen at a young age, even though these events were never our fault to begin with, then as we grow into an adult we still are lost, cause we never have forgiven ourselves and that little child within us.

Martin Richard has perished on that tragic day of the Boston Marathon, but at no fault of his family, nor anybody around them, as the only two that knew what was about to happen, were the two cowardly Individuals, that had no empathy or remorse and then cowered away without taking any responsibility for their actions, because of the actions of a few sick Individuals out there, does not have to mean the rest of us have to suffer in ways we can’t explain, we just have to learn to forgive in the right way, so we all can be better and stronger, as we all move forward on our paths of our journey’s of life.

“No more hurting people……Peace…(Martin Richards)”

” to forgive is to tell yourself, its not your fault, then move forward stronger and better”

” 9/11 and the Boston Marathon are tragic events that should never be forgotten, so we can move forward stronger and better while showing love of one another”