The 2015 Boston Bruins

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA          The Boston Bruins are a hockey team within the National Hockey League (NHL), they are also my favorite sports team and always have been throughout my life. Win, lose or draw, I will always bleed the black and gold, the greatest hockey talent ever to lace up the skates played for these Bruins and brought two Stanley cups to the city of Boston, his name is Bobby Orr and I idolized him as I played the game growing up. I have been fortunate enough to witness these Bruins going to five Stanley cup final, winning three and losing two. This team has always been competitive each season, with only a few seasons falling short of expectations, the thing most about this team is, throughout the years they have made the playoffs with lesser named players than other teams, could the Ownership maybe change their philosophy of this team a bit and actually spend for the bigger named talent of the league, possibly? But throughout my time as a true Boston Bruins fan, it surely looks like they are more about putting the profits in their pockets, instead of rewarding the true fans with some great talent, for more chances of bringing Lord Stanley back to Boston, where it belongs.

With that said……. My thoughts of Claude Julien is, he is a great coach with a great system of play, with his system he needs all the players on the roster to buy into the the system and execute the system perfectly and in 2011 they all bought in with the result being, they brought Lord Stanley back to the city of Boston where it truly belongs. After winning the Stanley cup (which is hardest trophy to win in all sports), the team got into salary cap issues and had to let go some of the key players that brought the identity to the team, with the result since has been a team in need of an identity. Identity in hockey goes way beyond the talent of the players and has everything to do with, group of players bonding together as one, taking their Individual talents, putting them together and making the entire team stronger, which makes them a difficult team to play against, for any team that they may face. When the entire roster of players bond together and play for each other, the result then becomes they win more than they lose, in 1970, 1972 and 2011 these Bruins showed just what bonding together means and what being a team family really means, these players from these Championship teams were a family on and off the ice, which they had each others backs and played hard for each other each and every game. In 2011 and with the system of Claude in place, then with all the players bonding together as a family and buying into the system, is the biggest reason why they brought Lord Stanley back to the city of Boston and why each and every game of that season they where a hard win for any team that they had faced. The Identity of the team in 2011 was that of, making the other team work that much harder to beat you, while the team/family of the Boston Bruins executed the system of Claude perfectly and piling up win after win. This team of 2015 definitely needs all these young players to buy into the system of Claude and bond together as one, so they to can create this Identity that the past teams of the Bruins have had, as well as the success they have had also, I will always bleed the black and gold of the Boston Bruins and do hope these Bruins can bond together as one, bringing Lord Stanley back to the city of Boston, where the true home of this most prestigious trophy truly is.

” The Identity of any team, starts with all the players of that team bonding together and bringing all their Individual talents together, making them a hard team for any other team to play against”

” when a sports team bonds together they become a family on and off the field/ice”

” Championships don’t always have to be won with the best of talent, they can also be won with a team who has the strongest Identity and who bonds together stronger than the opponent”

Is the glass half empty or is it really half full…………….

robin           Robin Williams was a brilliant, caring and loving man. A man that to most, was looked at as being funny with all the comedies he has acted in.  As Robin Williams made us all laugh for as long as he did, he was hiding a huge part of himself deep within his sole and that part was eating him from the inside out. Depression…… A word we don’t truly understand fully, as this word affects us in many different ways. Most people think that when you are depressed, your supposed to be all alone, your crying a lot,  always sad and almost never smile at anything. The true fact of depression is, you can function and externally carry on like nothing is wrong when you are around others, but when you are in the safe zone of your house Depression will then hit you very hard, you will have many thoughts roam within your head, but none more than the thought of, I don’t want to walk this path of this journey of life anymore.

Depression is the real true silent Killer, it will eat you alive from the inside out, depression will strip us from having true feelings and rob us from our true emotions. A lot of times Depression is triggered by a tragic event that may happen to us, we get lost within the clouds of our thoughts and as we are lost, we then move forward without showing to others around us, that we are troubled and don’t want to show weakness, as we think others will think of us as  lesser. When Deep Depression hits we will do and try anything, to not let it show to others around us, even though our feelings and emotions are not truly protecting us like they would when we are truly healthy. Through deep Depression we don’t truly acknowledge what is happening to us, we bury deep within our souls our true feelings and emotions, so we can function and move forward, as normal as we think normal is.

Shame is a big word right next to the word Depression. when we are full of shame we then become someone we truly are not, when we are shamed we lose our true feelings and emotions, we lose a huge piece of who we are and we hide within ourselves, to try to protect ourselves from further pain and shame. Depression and shame are like faith and hope, You need to have faith so you can have any hope, as you are shamed first which brings out the Depression. But!!! when you are shamed and depressed, you have no idea how to have faith, which leaves no hope in your future.

When we are depressed we don’t want anything to do with anybody, we want to be alone with no one around, basically we want to curl up in a ball and roll away from everybody around us. Then when we do go out and about within Society, we will with a fake self, as our true self is hidden deep within our core, to further protect ourselves from further harm, shame, pain and hurt. Depression will have us question ourselves and why do I feel this way? We won’t even see the glass as half empty or full, as it is only a glass in which to drink whatever is in the glass.

Robin Williams was a very funny Man and could also play the serious role just as good as the comedy role, he wanted to make us all laugh because, he was hurting very deeply inside with Depression and he hid it well from all of us, for which he made laugh everyday, this was his way of not acknowledging this sickness of Depression, hiding his pain so he can try to move forward as normal as he thought normal was. There are a lot of other People out there like Robin Williams, we don’t hear from them much, cause they are not only hiding from us, they are also hiding from themselves as well. In order to be able to help ourselves and those around us, we need to be able to better understand Depression and the many ways it can affect us, so we all can walk our paths along this journey of life, as healthy and happy as we possibly can.

” Depression is a sneaky little Illness that will take you over before you least expect it”

” Robin Williams the funny man……but deep within his core he was more troubled than he was funny”

” Shame…Depression…Faith…Hope, these are all words….but these words are more powerful than we really give them credit for, cause we don’t truly understand them”

A hardened exterior covers a softer, brittle interior.

         Each path through the journey of life, may be similar in where they bring us, but they are very different in what each holds for us, as we walk through along this journey of life. Each path has it’s struggles and has us at times taking the round about way, instead of the direct and quicker route, they also have us twisting and turning as well, with the many hurdles and life events that come before us on these paths, it is the life events that come to us and most of them are brought on by others, that have us forming this hardened exterior, which then has us forgetting about the softer and more brittle interior.

When the events come to us, they also bring us great pain and forces us to do anything in order to rid ourselves of this pain. we try to move forward but the pain becomes so great, that we forget our true selves, bury deep within who we truly are, form this hardened shell around us, which hides our true identity and protects us from further harm that may bring more pain. We may not look like this rock in the picture, but this rock is exactly what we would look like, if the hardened shell we put up around us, was visible to each of us as we walk our paths of this journey through life.

There are some who will come to us along our paths and shame us in many ways, without showing any empathy or remorse for who they are shaming and when they are finished shaming one, they than move on to the next victim in which to shame. We all in one way or another have been shamed and victimized at some point throughout this journey, It’s when the victim is of a young child, now you may be looking at a whole lifetime of heart-ache and pain, for which the hardened shell, really hides the softer more brittle side that is deep within each of us. Sometimes that young child gets taken from us, as they then are not aware of any kind of shell or anything around them. Just like Martin Richards, who was 8 years old and taken from us way too early, by two sick Individuals that wanted nothing but create fear all around us, at a happy celebration of the Boston Marathon. Then there is little Bella Bond, taken from us by her very own Mom and her Boyfriend? First she was beaten, tortured and ridiculed, before her demise and dropped in the ocean by her mom and boyfriend.  From the acts of these Deranged Individuals you now have two young victims, stripped of their lives and the chance to grow in their lives like you and me throughout Society, The sad thing is, the fact there are many more children like them and a whole lot more living with the pain from the abuse they are receiving which has a huge part of Society with a hardened exterior, without being in touch with their softer more brittle side. Unfortunately these victims suffer through their lives, cause they don’t reach out in their time of need, but the shame of the event makes it harder to reach out, for which they never are relieved of the pain, which forms the hardened exterior, that covers up the true person within us all.

” A hardened exterior is not just seen and felt on the rock, it is also seen and felt on each of us, at different times along our journey”

” We may not look like a rock, but we put forth the same hardened exterior at one point or another, within our lives along our journey of life”

we can not see through the crowded bushes clearly, when we let hatred control us.

           With all this hatred that is running throughout this Society, none of us can see clearly what is in front of us, on our paths of our journey through life. This hatred doesn’t come from who we are as Humans within Mankind, this hatred comes from laziness and the fact that some just simply want to create big drama, in order to get the rest of us to fall to their level.

Hatred doesn’t seem as big, like when it runs through the sports world, only because we get way too consumed with our favorite teams. When sports is played in the right way and for the right reasons, it is what makes us all stronger and better throughout our journey of life. Sports teaches us to be competitive, and when we practice at something, we can become great at what ever we practice, it also teaches us to work together as a team, so we can become a champion at whatever we want to be a champion of? When you have a team of Individuals and they play together and for each other, they then put their strengths together and overcome any team they face, no matter how talented that team may be? The 2004 Boston Red Sox is a perfect example of this pulling together as a team, they were not the favorite or the most talented team in the playoffs that year, but what they did have was, a group of Individuals that bonded together, put together all their own strengths, in order to become one strong team, then they won the Championship that year. When we throughout this Society pull together as one, walk our paths through this journey of life, we to can become a great Society and be a champion, of which future Societies will look to follow, so they to can be a great Society and through all this, hatred will not even enter into our lives.

Unfortunately in today’s world of sports, it is being played for all the wrong reasons and in the wrong way, as today the players are all about ” show me the money”, instead of ” i want to win and be a champion”,  Whenever there are some dominant teams out there and there have been a few throughout all the sports, you will always have this hatred for those teams, because the fans and the other teams that keep losing to them, then form this hatred of them so strong, that they then can not see clearly through the forest moving forward of their journey of life. With all the teams that have been hated on throughout the history of sports, these New England Patriots have become the most hated team of them all. Why? Simply because they win more than they lose and have won more Championships than all of the most recent teams. The last fifteen years this team has dominated the world of football, but what I say to all the haters out there is, ” you want to be a champion, than step up to the plate and beat a Champion”. When you hate on a certain team only shows that, you have given up and become too lazy, which makes it that much harder in order to win at anything, let alone be a champion of anything. I remember the times before this fifteen year run these Patriots are on, these were times of hardship and feelings of low confidence, as they have only made it to the Superbowl twice before this last fifteen years and have been blown out both times. The team went through many changes and the fans didn’t become filled with great hatred, as we truly believed that one day the team and it’s fans would become the champion of the football world.

When we give in to this laziness it will keep us from stepping up to the plate and defeating a champion, so we can also become a champion, which will then have us hating on everything and anything that may come before us, as we walk our paths of our journey through life. It is this hatred that has us move forward through the forest, without truly seeing what is clearly in front of us, so we than can practice and be ready for whatever that may cross our paths.

” hatred is only something we as Individuals make up, when we become lazy and create big drama around us”

” sports when played for the right reasons and in the right way, is what helps us become stronger and better along our paths of our journey through life”

” sports should never be about the money for any player, as you will never receive any money if you first don’t practice to become great, at whatever sport you play”

Whats up with the Boston Bruins?

The Boston Bruins, a hockey team I grew up watching, a player named Bobby Orr who I idolized, with another handful of players I enjoyed very much to watch, like Ray Bourque, Cam Neely, Gilles Gilbert, Rick Middleton to name a few, these Boston Bruins have had it’s share of great player’s and to witness three Stanley cup championships in my lifetime is a great honor, from my favorite team.

I would be lying if I said that I wouldn’t want them to win another one, we all want to win and see our favorite players bask in the joy of victory, we the true Bruins fan have seen our share of losing years, like 39 years til they won again in 2011, which is what makes it sweet when they actually do win it all. What the Bruins do have is a competitive Management team in place and it all starts with Cam Neely, Cam was a player that the Bruins traded Barry Peterson for, sent Barry to Vancouver and Cam here to Boston, the rest is history. Cam with his toughness and good puck sense, had changed what the term power forward was and is looked at today. Cam since retiring and becoming the Bruins President, has taken this competitiveness and toughness from the ice, into his office in the way he leads this organization, the year they won the cup in 2011, had Cam’s finger prints all over this team and to this day in a few of the Bruin players today.

In 2011 when the Bruins hoisted the Lord Stanley cup high throughout the city of Boston and shared it proudly with all the fans, they were a very difficult team to play against, they didn’t have that big name goal scorer, what they did have was a whole team that could score, all four lines producing at a high level each and every game. The one thing that breeds this is Team chemistry. Even though there are still some core players left from the championship team, there are a few players missing that brought this chemistry, chemistry never shows up on the nightly game stats, it only shows up within all the players of the team and is what makes them very difficult to play against, team chemistry is a bond between the players, that makes them a family on and off the ice and having each others backs, no matter what situation that may cross their paths.

These Boston Bruins of today and with the core of players they still have since 2011, can they get back that “team chemistry”? You bet they can, but it also takes a big commitment from the Management and the coaching staff, so they can bring in the right players, who will form this bond that will ultimately give them the chemistry, to be once again a very tough team to play against from any team in which they face. You don’t necessarily need the best goal scorers, just a few that bond together and with each of their strengths, plus the strengths of the team, become a great hockey team once again. The Boston Bruins are just a few chess pieces away from regaining their championship team, forget about the drama from the Boston sports Media, as these guys really no nothing of any sport and if they don’t create the drama, then they would be out of a job. Just simply trust in Cam Neely and his team, to once again build a championship Boston Bruins hockey team, for us true Bruins fan to enjoy once again.

” Boston Bruins hockey is about being tough and competitive to play against, not the flashy give me the puck for “my” goal”

” Team chemistry comes from a bunch of players coming together and forming a bond, to play for each other and have each others backs, no matter what that may come before you”

My Journey of creating words with my blogging……

I have started this Journey half way through the year 2012, it’s been a fun and learning journey as I share my creativity of words not just with myself, but with others from all walks of life, when I first started this blog and when blogging was just a thought in my mind, I didn’t know how to do this, I wasn’t even sure I could put sentences together that would even make sense? Now here I am two years later, with over 400 blogs in my archives.

This journey of writing I have walked for the last couple years, not only have I been blessed with the many followers I have received here on WordPress, but it has also been a learning experience of myself along this new path of my journey of life, my original path of my journey may have started out as a chef and being a chef, I have learned to be creative with many different foods, of which I have created many dishes on that journey, but what I have learned most is, taking that same creativity and turning it into a creativity of a different kind, which has been the creativity of words.

I have also taught myself how to be very tech savvy and how to self promote myself through social media, so I can reach a greater audience for my creativity of words, even set up my settings on my dashboard, so my words can be found from any search engine anywhere throughout the world, whenever I look at my stats and see them jump higher from day to day, it gives me a huge feeling of accomplishment, which helps my creativity grow even higher within me, throughout these last couple years as you can see from my archives and at the point of my beginning, my creativity and style of writing has grown and has gotten much better from blog to blog.

Now as we enter a new year of 2015, I think it is time to grow my creativity even higher than it has grown to this point, change is good for the soul when you do it for the right reasons and do it correctly, I am not saying I will change my style of writing, just tweak it a bit so I can be better and take my creativity of words to the next level, I may even dabble a bit in the art of songwriting? Only cause music that is done from the warmth of your heart, touches all of us in so many different ways, the power of music starts with the power of words and taking my creativity of words into the next level, just might make good sense in dabbling in the art of songwriting, I know nothing of the art of songwriting, just as I knew nothing of the world of blogging, but as you can see from the last couple years of my blogging and how I have taught myself so many things, not to mention of myself, I can teach myself this very special art of songwriting and bring my blogging into the next level.

Songwriting is what makes the music special and what warms our hearts into feeling things we usually would never feel, or even get in touch with our softer side, we in this Society are afraid to show this softer side, cause we simply don’t want others to see us in a weaker state, on the contrary music and words put together in a special way only show how strong we really are, it brings out feelings within the core of our being, that we would never let ourselves feel so we can be better and stronger along the paths of our journey, there is so much ugliness out there, that we are afraid to get in touch with our softer side, for fear of being hurt from this ugliness, we go with the flow and what we think is suppose to be the normal? Just to try to Coexist within this Society, so we then build this fake image of ourselves on the outside, which does nothing but bring more unwanted harm to ourselves, if we only stay true to ourselves and who we are, this feeling that we all have within us, that brings warmth to our hearts and our souls, will not only make us as Individuals better and stronger, but it will also spread throughout Society making it better and stronger as well, words and music put together in a special way, not only form a bond with each other, they also form a bond with all of us in Society, as they warm our hearts and souls making us all stronger and better, along our paths of our journey of life.

” Creativity of words put together with music, will always warm your heart and soul in ways you have never felt before”

” There is so much ugliness in our Society, that it has stopped us from truly being who we are”

” With all the ugliness out there, when we stay true to ourselves we will always feel the true warmth of our hearts and souls”

The true meaning of Marriage…….

Marriage of today has changed and not what it truly is, or what God has showed us what it is supposed to be, Marriage is the joining of a Man and a Woman that love each other and also have become one, from this marriage you have two loving Individuals that show their love of one another, by giving birth to children as a product of their love, now as the Man and Woman become Mother and Father, they raise their children with the same love of one another and do it every year of their marriage.

A true marriage never ends, these two loving Individuals become one and their love of each other never ends, just like on our paths along our journey of life, true marriage will have its bumps and hurdles in the road, but what makes true marriage work, is the two Individuals work together to make it work and make the road smooth along their path together.

When a Man and a Woman become one in marriage, every year of their marriage is an anniversary and a celebration of their love of one another, the first year for some may be important, but what we take for granted in this Society, is the fact that when a man and a woman have been together for over 50 years, shows just how special that marriage really is.

A wedding Anniversary isn’t just about celebrating a marriage between a man and a woman, it is celebrating the coming together of two Individuals, showing their love of one another and forming a true bond in life, when you form this true bond, you are building this foundation that nothing will penetrate, there is nothing on our paths along our journey of life, that will match the strength of this special bond in marriage between a man and a woman, which is why we have anniversaries to celebrate the coming together two Individuals as one.

Whether a wedding anniversary is 1 year or 100 years, you are celebrating the coming together of a man and a woman who love each other, who have also built this strong bond between them, which has made their foundation together so strong, that nothing will penetrate it, communication is a main ingredient of this marriage lasting over time, especially of 50+ years, within today’s society you may never see a marriage of 50+ years, because the definition of marriage has changed and the true meaning of marriage has changed also, you don’t have this true bond being formed and each member of the marriage only wants what they as an Individual want, instead of two Individuals coming together as one, so when you know of a special couple celebrating 50+ years of marriage, take the time to acknowledge them and wish them many more years, along their journey of life together.

” true marriage is a bond of two Individuals that have come together as one and formed a foundation that nothing can penetrate”

” Wedding Anniversary is a celebration of a man and a woman that have come together as one, til death do them part”

The close tight knit feelings of Family

Families are our foundation in our lives, as we walk our paths on our Journey’s of life.
Those of us growing up today, do not remember the TV show the Walton’s, or even know who the Walton’s were? This is everything that is wrong with our Society of today.
The Walton’s were everything a Family should be, they created a bond with each other so strong, nothing on this Planet would of broken it, everyday they woke up they ate breakfast together, talked about what the day was to hold for them, they worked their family business together with no excuses, no calling in sick or playing hookey, they each had their daily chores around the house and running errands around town, while picking up their supplies, every meal was together as they chatted of their daily troubles, to help each other overcome what was in front of them, before each meal they said grace and thanked God for everything that was brought to them, even before the last light was turned out in their house, they said good night and sweet dreams to each other, as they went to sleep to rejuvinate for the next days chores.
The Walton’s showed us that, when we and our Families stick together, form a strong bond with each other, have open communication with each other, with no fear of being made fun of, or made out as an outcast, our foundation to life will never crumble, it may develop leaks over time, but with our strong family bond, our foundation will be fixed to be stronger than ever.
Back in the days of yesteryear, families everywhere were like the Walton’s, every meal was presented at the table with all family members present and accounted for, there was never a missing spot as families were excited to be together and talk about their days, so they all together could help each other, overcome what was in front of them on their path of life.
In today’s Society of fast paced and broken homes, we have lost this special bond and the building of a strong family foundation, with each meal we eat it is done in lonliness as we stuff our face, then get up and go to another job, or simply come up with any excuse just to be removed from the table, this is a huge problem for our Society and why we have become a troubled Society, with nothing but pain and anguish throughout this Planet and not to mention all the hatred, or the all about me world in which we live.
In this Corporate world in which we live, we have put the Corporations ahead of our own Families and it shows with all the broken foundations wandering within our Society, with a strong foundation we walk our paths on our journey of life with confidence and strength, with a broken foundation we can’t walk, cause we are wandering with no purpose, our minds are clouded with crap cause we can’t focus on what is truely important, we become lost in a journey that is moving quickly by us, the foundation and bond of a Family is the key to each one of us, walking with confidence and strength, our path in life along our Journey through life.

” A Families bond and a Families foundation, is the key to true happiness along our path of our Journey through life”

” True communication in our lives, starts with the family being all together at the dinner table, helping each other overcome all of life’s obstacles”

A Family’s bond equals a solid foundation

As we live and survive within today’s Society, there is one important factor we all are guilty of taking for granted and that factor is quite simple, the fact that we all take advantage of our own families.
Each one of us are born into a family, it is here we learn the fundamentals of life while we help build a foundation, that will never crack throughout the test of time.
The problem lies within ourselves, as when we grow in our lives and transition into the World around us, depending on how we are brought up, whether it’s a broken home, solid home life, or how ever we have been raised, it is how we interperet our lessons, as to how or what kind of life events have happened to us throughout the beginining of our Journey.
When bad things happen, we then try to hide whatever harmed us to avoid further harm and to protect ourselves, it then clouds our judgements, which leads us to make bad choices in the future and as all these bad choices start to compound, we don’t realize alot of times until it’s too late, that we are hurting ourselves even further.
A Family is a small group of Individuals within a Society, that creates a bond and a solid foundation out of love for one another, when that bond and foundation are created correctly, there is nothing throughout the test of time that will crack or break it, which helps us as Individuals get through anything that may come across our path, so we can be better and stronger moving forward, but unfortunately we as individuals misinterpret and take for granted our own families when life events happen, not only leading to a broken self image, but leaks into a Society as well, causing a Society to become broken.
A Family is the most important part of all our lives, it is important to get it right and form that solid foundation, create a bond so strong that together with the foundation, will help us grow and prosper within a Society, which will help a Society become stronger and better, never under estimate the power of a good family, cause this power will help you overcome anything/everything that may come across your path, on your Journey of life you walk.

” power of family is so strong, nothing will ever defeat it”

” foundation of family will never crack, when the individuals inside it believe in it’s strength”