Oh Christmas Tree how fine art though………..

The Christmas tree has been a symbol of a lot of Christmas’s throughout the history of Mankind, because of a few that say the word Christmas offends them, the rest of us have to change what we call the Christmas tree, to Holiday tree?

We in this Society and how we perceive everything around us, is totally what is wrong with our Society today, because something offends us we want everybody else to suffer, so we can be better? Like some don’t believe in God and his son Jesus, the rest of us are suppose to change our views and beliefs to make it all good? We are all Humans here on this great planet of Earth, we are also very equal to each other as well, we may have a different skin color, or we might think differently with our minds, but that is what makes us all unique to each other, we all chose to walk a path in our lives, might not be the same path, but it is still a path, along a journey of life we all walk.

The Christmas tree has been a symbol throughout Mankind, it has and will be always known as the Christmas tree, because not only are we celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, who came to us, walked a journey and suffered for us, to show us that when we walk our journey’s on the path of righteousness, then all our journeys will be happy and peaceful, the other thing we celebrate is our family, waking up on Christmas day and seeing the Christmas tree so vibrant with lights and full of gifts under our tree, watching each of our siblings and our parents react with smiles and happiness, while we as a family share our love of one another, it is this same love that we are suppose to share with each other as we walk our journeys, we call it the Christmas tree cause it is a symbol of Christ’s love for each and every one of us throughout Mankind.

The Christmas tree to some may look like an ordinary tree, but when you truly believe in God and his son Jesus Christ, you can actually feel the love flowing out of the tree and filling each and every one of us, because of the non believers that have never felt that love, the rest of us are suppose to live with something called the Holiday tree? Instead of trying to change something that so many believe, why don’t you let the Christmas tree fill you with the love of God, let the magic of the tree do what it does best, bring a smile to your face, like it does to the rest of Mankind throughout this planet Earth.

We all walk a path along our journey of life, there will always be things we don’t like, there will always be things we don’t believe and others who totally believe, this is what makes us all unique to each other, instead of getting offended and try to take something away from so many, just respect those who do believe, cause you never know, those others just might show you the same respect back, the Christmas tree is a symbol that is full of God’s love for each of us, from this love brings happiness and smiles to many on The birth of our savior Jesus Christ that is Christmas day, so lets work together on all our paths along this journey of life, so we all can have a smile, be happy and live our lives in peace, like Jesus showed us on his journey with us.

” Oh Christmas tree that shines so bright over so many throughout Mankind, showing us how to love each other”

” the Christmas tree is a symbol that gives us all hope, that one day God’s love will flood us all and all the hatred will cease to exist”

To truly understand anything, is not to pretend you know everything…

Within this Society of today, it is very easy to go with the flow and follow what we think is the normal, as we walk our paths along our journey of life, from the beginning to where ever we may be at right now, we all have these life events happen to us, whether small or life changing? we also go through many changes as we grow, sometimes some of us may endear a life altering medical issue, that may force us to change our lifestyle? Maybe you lived through a major tragedy  that has literally taken a piece of you and forced you to go through a major life change? No matter what the situation, we have all lived through something, gone through many changes, but we must never let these situations control who we really are and always simply be true to who we are, so we all can walk our paths on our journey of life in happiness, while being strong enough to handle any other situation that may come across our paths.

Life’s journey for some may end sooner than they like, while others walk a very long journey, there is nobody that can truly say they totally understand the reason why for this, but what we all must do is, live for the moment, take everything on our journey in moderation and be happy for who we are, without becoming something we are not, when something comes across our paths we don’t understand, just simply stay true to yourself while you better understand the situation, so you can stay in control of yourself, without the situation controlling who you are, staying true to yourself is really not hard at all, it is only we as Humans that put the pressure on our selves to try to be like everybody else, we think that the other person lives better than me? Does he really live better or are they putting up a front and simply being someone they are not? We don’t know for sure, but we do know for sure is, the fact if we are true to ourselves, then we can control better our lives and how we walk our paths along our journey of life.

We all have our beliefs, but the one constant belief that has stood the test of time on all the journeys of all Mankind is, God our Father, has created this planet and all Mankind, the vision he had for us is not what we in this Society are doing now, with all the hate, destruction and greed, it was for all of us to coincide with each other, show our love of selves more, while we show more love toward one another, be happy in all we do, without becoming someone we are not, coexist and work together, instead of butting heads and being bitter of one another, it is really not that hard, just that we as Humans make it hard by our actions and becoming someone we truly are not, when we stay true to ourselves, keep alive God’s true vision for his creation, we all can walk our paths along our journeys of life being happy, while sharing our love with each other.

” To truly understand is not to pretend you know everything about everything”

” to stay true to yourself is the key to being strong and happy throughout all you do”

“God created all Mankind for all to coincide with each other, not to be bitter and hate each other”