America the Beautiful


Through all the ugliness the beauty still shines very brightly,

The beauty is all around us you simply have to get up and look,

Never let the drama overwhelm you or you will never see the beauty,

The power of denial will keep you from seeing all the beauty,

The bias media will rob you of your money to feed you all the drama,

The little water pools nestled within the mountains bring peace,

The cool clear water within these pools helps you relax from the ugliness,

Look around in the pool as you just might see the source a beautiful cascade of water,

As you look up in the sky you can see the birds soar by with no worries from anything,

Sit in the water and listen to what’s around……. Oh, wait…….. peace and serenity,

It is so relaxing you fall asleep as life’s problems are released from your body,

Some water pools within the mountains are hot pools that are heated naturally,

No electricity needed as the Earth warms your body and soul,

The rocks look so hard around the outside of the pool,

but in the right position, they offer a nice resting place,

No radio needed as the Earth offers all the sounds free of charge,

Can you truly see it? The beauty that is all around,

You don’t have to be within nature to see the beauty,

There is plenty of beauty even as you walk out your door,

Just that we let all the drama from the bias media overwhelm us,

We get so consumed with living the dream that we forget to actually live,

There is so much more to this journey of life,

We just have to walk our paths correctly to truly enjoy the beauty,

Life may seem very difficult at times with no end in sight,

Only because we don’t let ourselves live and get consumed by ugliness and drama,

A lot of the beauty you can not see, but truly feel it within your heart and soul,

The beauty of whatever you are looking at goes deeper than the surface,

Let yourself live to see all the beauty you can even through all the ugliness,

So we all can walk our paths of this journey in true peace and serenity.


” Beauty is always deeper then what we portray it to be, only because we skim the surface of everything we see”


” Go outside and enjoy the pools within the mountains, let yourself go as you get away from the consumption of all the ugliness”




Change happens everywhere and to anyone


Throughout the history of the planet Earth, change happens whether we except it or ignore it.

Now that we embark into the season of fall, it is a time for all the plant life to exhale, while their leaves change to a beautiful bright color and get ready to drop their leaves, for the bitter cold of the winter, this is a change that happens every year of the history of the planet Earth, unlike some change that happens all around us, this change will happen whether we except it or not, some may say they don’t like it cause it brings the cold of the winter, some may like the colors and enjoy this time of year, while most become bitter and complain of the cold nights, as they go into their shell of hibernation into their own little world of reality.

Just as the plant life changes from season to season, we to as Humans change in our own way, some change may be drastic as other kinds of change are minimal, change is good when done for the right reasons, but when you resist and fight the change, is when it becomes hard and difficult, small change like buying a new car, or eating a new dish, are easily excepted and come with no resistance, but bigger change like a new lifestyle, or maybe selling and buying a new house in a different area, is the type of change we resist the most, only because we are entering an area of unknown and when enter into the unknown, we are scared which breeds negativity to everything around us, Life events happen to all of us throughout our lives, when these events happen and brings a change to our lifestyle, is when we resist change the most, we fight it to the point of exhaustion, then we build a wall around ourselves to protect ourselves from anything that may come to us, even if what comes will help us greatly in excepting the change.

Change will come to us in many ways whether we except it or not, the best way is to except it so we move forward in a positive way, instead of being negative of everything/anything that is around us, negativity brings a whole other element to change that makes us feel more pain than we really need to feel, the way this Society is with all the hate in this world today, only shows just how negative we really are, how we are letting the bad changes take precedence over the good changes in our lives, how we all are living in our own little shells of our own realities, along our paths of our journey’s of life, the more we stay in our own shells and try to keep from further harm, the more the harm will stay with us and bring us further pain, whether we want it or not, God didn’t create us to live in our own shells, he created us to be free to do what ever we wanted, as we walk our paths of our journey’s of life in peace and love of one another, to coincide with each other, so we all can be better and stronger along our journey, God brought this change to us, in order to help us stay stronger and be better along our journey, so we can live with love and peace, instead of hate and destruction that consumes all our lives at this moment, it is not to late to break our shells and except whatever change that comes to us, we only have to except it, so we all can walk our paths along our journey of life, within peace and love for everything/ anything that is around us.

” Change happens everywhere and anywhere, all we have to do is, except it to move forward along our journey of life, with peace and love for all that is around us”

” The four seasons of the calender year involves many changes, just like many changes comes to all our lives throughout the year as well”