The Peaceful beach really exists


We have all dreamt of waking up on that secluded sandy beach, but as we walk our paths through this journey of life and get so caught up within this society, especially a society full of ugliness, hate and tragedy’s, the secluded beach gets lost within the clouds of our judgements, which then disappears from our minds, leaving us with no where to turn, to escape the crap within the society.

Oh!!! that secluded beach is very inviting, but what really lurks deep within the forest behind such a beautiful beach? You tie off your vessel to secure it, as you find that magical space, to which set up your area of secludeness, as you sit there and look out into the water and clear your mind with relaxing thoughts, there is that one thought that keeps rearing it’s ugly head, as you keep turning and checking the forest behind and seeing if something is sneaking up from those woods behind you?

The woods of the forest so dense and thick with natural growth, makes it hard to get a good look at what might creep up from behind you? So you than get up, go to the vessel and grab the oar or whatever you have as a weapon, you go for a  little jaunt within the woods to explore and look at what is around you. The one thing you certainly find is that, the woods has it’s own kind of beauty, that compliments the beauty of the secluded beach perfectly, okay maybe you didn’t find anything terrorizing, or something vicious that would want to bring you harm this time, that don’t mean it is not there and reason why we should never let our guard down, but at the same time, never let it affect us to the point, that we never find the secluded beach and enjoy totally all of it’s true beauty.

Looking at this picture helps me remmember the television show Gilligan’s Island, makes me day dream of what it might be like being stranded on an uncharted Island with a very secluded beach, building a hut as a make shift house to hang my hat, be intrigued for what I may find, or even live as primitive as the Caveman, back in the history of Mankind. Creating and making your own inventions and tools, living within a world for which has only been within your head, to that point. Just think of it for a minuate…….. No chaos, no corruption, no ugliness or hatred, the only thing around is you and what ever lurks within the forest of that sandy beach, who knows there just might be Heaven on Earth and not just within our heads.

We all walk a path through this journey of life, it is we the people with our thoughts and actions, that bring this corruption, chaos and hate to this society, so the best way to end all this crap is, for each of us to escape the claws of denial and get back to living as Jesus taught us, get back to walking this journey with positive thoughts, as we stop all the negative chit chat and let our true actions do all the speaking we need, to move forward and not backwards, as we walk our paths throughout this journey of life.



” The peaceful sandy beach is so inviting, let’s never just see the peace and look truly into everything around it”

” The difference between a dream and reality is, a dream is fake news and reality we all live  together with our actions”

” To be secluded on a private sandy beach may seam like a dream, but that is really not what reality is”

” We escape reality to enter into our little dream worlds even for a short time, we can never do the opposite because it does not exist and not of who we truly are”





Walking along the shoreline of the beach

We walk the shorline of the beach,
not just for our excersise but for its beauty,
the sand beneath your feet so soft,
the ocean so deep and blue with tranquility’
the birds flocking for their daily meal,
as you walk with a feeling of serenity,
the beach we take for granted full of beauty,
the beach is flat unlike the mountains in aloft,
the beauty of the ocean has so much to teach,
the horizon seems so far but yet never ends throughout,
the sand beneath the feet is a different feel,
what a great way to spend the day along the shoreline of the beach.

To some the beach may be relief from the hot of the summer,
to others being in the sun makes them sick with pain,
we all take for granted the real beauty of the beach,
the real beauty are the living creatures around the beach,
they like us are on their Journey of the Earth,
we can’t see that cause we are blinded by ourselves,
look onto the ocean we see beauty from the sun’s reflection,
but the true beauty of the ocean lies within and deep into the sea,
the waves of the ocean are created somehow,
we just think its part of the ocean and surf them,
the beach and the ocean has its own tail, we have to look deep within and we can hear what they say.

In the heat of a summer day

The heat of a summer day brings with it crackling thunder,
the beauty of a summer’s day brings happiness to all,
with the crackling of thunder brings the lightening show,
the beauty of the summer has us enjoying the great outdoors,
the heat of the summer for some brings headaches and a fall,
with the summer’s heat we get over heated in need of a tow,
the sun brings this heat from high above as we are on the earths floor,
the heat of the summer will burn us and keep us in wonder.

The heat of the summer or should I say dog days of summer,
the heat of summer makes us all lazy trying to stay cool,
the summers sun is hot that burns our unprotective skin,
the summers heat may be hot which is why we like the fall,
the heat of the summer is hot so bring on the pool,
when on the beach in the summer watch for the sharks fin,
with the summers heat it keeps us from going outside to play ball,
the heat of the summer makes us sweat and forces us to slumber.

” when the summers heat has you overheated, it’s important to keep hydrated with plenty of water”

” when the summers heat has you burnt, stay cool inside with a movie or a book”