Happy Birthday………Hmmmm!!!!!!!



We all Celebrate every year the day we were born into this World, truly a special day for each of us, on this day everyone wishes you a Happy Birthday, but here is just a thought, why do we say Happy Birthday only on this day, when we should be truly happy and say it with more meaning and conviction to each other, every day we walk our paths throughout this journey of life.

I understand we all go through our own struggles, some may even knock us down for a time, which brings sadness and pain to our lives, but if we truly smile, pick each other up when needed, go that extra step to help each other more often, just maybe we all can be truly happy, everyday we walk our paths through this journey.

I am not saying we shouldn’t celebrate the day we were born into this World, to walk our paths, a good celebration helps us become stronger and better moving forward, not too mention truly feeling the love from others as they wish us a happy birthday, but………… Was just thinking maybe we can carry this happiness and love with us, everyday of our lives throughout this journey.

With all the ugliness out there in this Society, some crazed Individuals that want nothing but to bring much harm to each of us, I think it’s time we all unite by bringing the love and happiness from our special day, with us throughout our paths of this journey through life and just maybe all the ugliness will go away, as those who bring the ugliness will find they can’t affect us anymore, then we all can walk this journey in peace everyday.

Truly a birthday is the most precious thing for each of us, as it shows nothing but love of ourselves, to all that are around us. What makes a birthday happy and special, are the ones that truly wish you a ” Happy ” Birthday, without these special people in our lives, we would be alone with feelings of, loneliness and boredom,  we would have no idea what true love is and means too us, without love there will never be any empathy of each other,   which would leave us with a cold heart, instead of a warm one filled with the love of one another. I think in this Society we have gone away from this theory and this is where all the ugliness comes from, simply because the ones that bring this ugliness to us, are Humans like you and I, just that somewhere within their lives things went wrong, things that forced them to bury their love as if it never existed, so they then move forward bringing us the harm, because they know no better and become brainwashed by others of the same.

We have this one shot at walking a path through this journey of life, you would think we all would want to do it correctly, but instead some feel like they need to bring harm to those around them, simply because no matter how hard they have been knock down, they then become to lazy, to even try to pick themselves up, fix the broken parts, so they to can live in happiness everyday with the rest of us. Now not everyday will be a happy day, but if we all focused on that, than just maybe we all can walk our paths though this journey of life in peace and happiness always.


” Celebrating a birthday is very special to each of us, feeling the love and happiness should never leave us”

” Happy birthday to you……… may this bring happiness to all that read this quote”

” The struggles of life should only be temporary as we all move forward stronger and better”

” We have one shot at this journey, maybe we should share more love, so the happiness will bleed out of each of us”








The Vultures are circling……



I don’t know if anybody noticed, but what I saw most at the hearing of
Ex FBI Director was, all the Media types pushing each other out of the way just so they can get ” the picture”, of which to sell to us in their news publications and to continue their “fake” agendas, they sell us everyday.

True Journalism of truth is dead and what we have today is, people calling themselves a Journalist, just so they don’t have to work and rob the rest of us, of our hard earned money, so they can live their plush and fake lifestyles, not too mention…… The fact they keep on repeating the same old fake crap to build more of the unnecessary drama, because they have no clue on how to create real words in which to write anymore.

A Writer is someone that creates real words of a topic they truly know, a Writer is not someone that takes the words of others twist them around, so they can not only keep the drama and their agendas flowing, so can they rob the rest of us of our hard earned money, because we have become so consumed in the crap they write.

President Donald Trump is not only doing a good job for us the regular guy and Citizen of the United States, but he is also doing a great job in exposing all the fake media and the far left Communist Liberal as well, as they are getting so pissed at him, that they will say and write anything just to try to take him down, instead of truly doing their job correctly, so America can become stronger and better moving forward.  A lot of those that have become voted in by us within Washington D.C. Have lost their focus and can not truly do their jobs correctly, which makes it even more important for us the regular American Citizen, to see through their crap and vote them out, so President Trump and the ones with him, can get back to truly making  “America great again”.

This hearing of the Ex FBI Director was nothing but a way to feed the “Fake Media” more words, so they can further twist those words and they can not only keep their agendas going, but keep all the drama flowing through all our lives. You want to be a Journalist, then get back to being a true Journalist, get back to writing true words that are real and not words that are your own twist on another’s words. Stephen King is a great writer, now he may be famous for his gruesome books, but the words within these books are not only real, but they are his words, that he wrote. For him to write one book takes time, as not one of his books happened overnight from cover to cover. Time is something this ” Fake Media Journalists” of today don’t have, cause they want money now and will write anything to sell us, just so they can put money in their pockets now. Unlike Stephen King, who started as a poor Writer and an English Teacher, rubbing his pencils onto his note pad paper, but over time he has become one of the best and most talented Writer’s out there, not too mention he is quite rich now, simply from creating his own words within his books.

True Journalism is dead today and those who think or call themselves a Journalist, are not only lying to themselves, but are also lying to we who read their ” Fake words”. These words I am bringing you right now, are my own words I am creating, I start with a thought and from that thought, I then put a picture up to start, that will coincide with my thought, then I let my fingers walk along my keyboard on my laptop, as they then bring to you, created words from my head to my fingers and onto the keyboard, which then finishes off on the screen I look at, to proof read what I wrote. The concept isn’t really that hard, okay sometimes I look at the screen to get a thought and see nothing on the screen, this is called Writer’s block and when this happens, I don’t take another’s words and twist them, just so I can write something, I then wait another day, til the Block opens up and I can create real words, for my readers to read. Would I like to make money someday of my writings? I would be lying if I said no, yes all of us who write want to earn money for our work, but a true Writer like Stephen King lets time dictate their success, instead of creating ” Fake words”, just so they can rob their readers of their hard earned money.


” True writing is an art form that in today’s world the journalist has lost the focus on how to create the art to create real words”

” That old cliche of “the starving artist” also goes toward a writer as well”

” A true Writer knows how to truly create and will never twist around other words for their benefit”

” Fake writer’s take away all the respect that the true Writer works hard at creating”


Change is constant and never ends……..



Change comes to us in many different ways, we may struggle with change only because it is an unknown and like all unknowns, there tends to be some black clouds hanging around. A Leader of anything can and will lead us if we give them a chance, but unfortunately we don’t give that chance because we get stuck within the unknown. When president Trump or any President of our past was elected, the stock market took a crazy dip, but then stabilized later on, this is because the stock market deals in reality and can’t handle the unknowns either. Whenever there is a change of anything, there will always be a black cloud hanging over head, til we accept the change and deal with the unknown of change.

My Church in my community just went through some big changes, like downsizing from four Churches to two, there was a lot of chatter and push back from this change, the name changed to Annunciation Parish also, which when you think of the meaning of the name ( go out and announce), totally gives a chance to go out and announce to all that, through change we can be better and stronger for it.   Yes there will be some pain and hurt through the change, like closing two Churches with all their histories and the Parishioners histories within the walls of that Church, but when we totally understand all the change and except the change, it makes for a smoother transition.  Now we have the new Priest that took over through the downsizing and helped us all deal with the new change, just announced that he will be retiring next month, so we will be getting a different Leader and Priest for our Parish, just when things were starting to become smoother, now we have to get used to the new ways of the new Priest. True this is small change compared to the downsize change, but it is still change and brings that element of the unknown once again. You will hear the chatter once again, along with the negativity of change coming to the light again, but just like when dealing with any unknown, we need to understand the why, so we can except the change with open arms and an open mind.

Who knows this new Priest just might help us all ” go out and announce to the World”, that through any change we can be better and stronger for it. The Priest that’s leaving took us through the hard part of the change, going from four Churches to two, now we need to give the new Priest a chance, so he can carry us into the future of, going out and announcing to the World, that even through the unknown of change, when we except the change, we can move forward better and stronger. You think the Disciples followed Jesus willingly and gave up their lives for him at the beginning? Of course not, they had their reservations and followed cautiously because of the unknown part of the change.  We at Annunciation Parish have that same concept in front of us, with the entering of the new Priest. All roads of any change will be rough at the beginning, but when we understand better the change, when we except the change totally, this is when the roughness of the road becomes smoother and we then can truly “go out and announce to the World”, that through the change we have become better and stronger, as we walk our paths through this journey of life.


” The black clouds of the unknown are only temporary as with all change, when we better understand then the black clouds disappear for blue and brighter skies”

” The one thing that will never leave us on this journey of life is change, the black clouds and the unknown are temporary when we better understand”

” There are many forms of change we will go through along this journey, when we except the change it becomes easier to move forward”

” It is hard to except any unknown, but with better understanding the unknown becomes easier to deal with”


Happy Pentecost Sunday



Happy Pentecost Sunday to you all! This should be a joyous and happy day for each of us, as we truly celebrate the Birthday of the Church. The Church is where we all gather and it does not matter of who you are, so we can celebrate God our father and his only son Jesus Christ, who came to us and walked his journey here with us.

Everyday throughout our journey we celebrate a birthday, as we are all born into this world for which we walk our paths of this journey, a birthday is really a way of acknowledging another year of our existence and celebrating a life within this journey. Now we need not get depressed and think of the years that have passed us by, but we should really think of the quality of the years and truly celebrate how blessed we are to be walking a path through a journey, that Jesus came and showed us, so we can walk in peace and happiness always.

Pentecost Sunday should be a joyous time for us all, as we celebrate a day that the Church has brought us all together. Within the Church we make our Baptism, our First Communions and our Conformations, these are times that Jesus fills our hearts with his love, so we than can share that love with each other. Through these times is when we get in touch with the Holy Spirit that is within us all, this is a powerful force within us, this force fills us with a warm feeling, that when we truly feel the warmth, we then can do anything we set our minds to. The Church in reality is the house of God, just like within our own houses, we are suppose to feel welcome and comfortable, so we then can be truly of who we are and bring the love of ourselves and the love of God to each other, moving forward on our paths of this journey through life.

In this Society we have totally gotten away from the Church and think we can walk this journey alone? how is that working out for you? With all the crap and ugliness we see around us today, totally proves that we can’t do it alone and need the Church, so we can talk with God and feel the love of his son Jesus within us all. Now some of us might be so consumed with the Media and think that they can warn us of all the ugliness around us, but seriously all they do is create way to much drama and glorify all the ugliness and the ones bringing the ugliness to us, simply by bringing it to us through the air waves of video and talk. This journey of life is not for the media types to dictate to us, or bring us all the ugliness, as we should be walking our paths of this journey like Jesus showed us, so we can truly feel his love within us, while the power of the Holy Spirit guides us along the journey, so we than can be at true peace and walk with a smile of true happiness.

Jesus sacrificed himself so we all could walk this journey in peace and happiness, when Jesus died and after the third day rose to Heaven at the right side of his father, he summoned all his Disciples together and then the winds came, which was the Holy Spirit entering their bodies, this was Jesus giving then the Power to go out and bring his words to all of us, who walk a path through this journey of life. We to have this Holy Spirit within us and need the Churches to help bring it out of us, so we also can go out and bring the words of Jesus Christ to each other. Now as we celebrate our birthdays, may we all celebrate this day of the Pentecost and the birth of the Church, so we all can walk our paths of this journey through life in peace and happiness always.


” Pentecost Sunday is a celebration of the Church, which brings the words of God to us as well as getting in touch with the love of Jesus and ourselves”

” May the thorns of the crown that Jesus wore always remind us of his suffering for us, so we can move forward better and stronger”

” Within this Society we want to celebrate everything around us, but with all the celebrations we then celebrate all the wrong things”

” Let’s not be dictated by all the drama and ugliness, let’s then be dictated by the love of Jesus for us and the power of the Holy Spirit within us”


The heat within the Fire


We all walk a path within this journey of life, as we walk these paths we have a fire that burns deep within our souls. This fire is what keeps us striving to achieve great things, but the problem with this fire just like all other fires, is that when we let them burn uncontrollably,  we then get burned and scorched, which then not only has us looking differently, we also become afraid to achieve whatever we want to achieve or become successful in all we do.

With this fire deep within our souls, it brings out the competitiveness in each of us, with this competitiveness comes a need to take control and achieve all the power over all that is around us, it also has us get overwhelmed with Greed, which then turns us into someone we truly are not. When the fire burns too hot and becomes out of control, we then get lost within the clouds of our judgments, by the smoke of the fire, which becomes so thick, we can’t see what is in front of us. Then you throw into the mix all the crap that happens to us as we walk our paths, now you have a recipe  for disaster and a journey that becomes harder than it really needs to be.

Jesus came to us and not only taught us many things of this journey, but he also showed us how to truly walk our paths moving forward. Jesus taught us how to resist Temptation not fall into the clutches of it’s hands, he also taught us how to truly feel the warmth of his love within us, so we than can let this warmth cool the fire and keep it under control. There is a lot to learn of this journey, but if we follow his lead, we to can find the the true path of righteousness and we also can, rise as he did into a World full of peace and happiness.

When we truly have Faith in ourselves as well as Jesus Christ, truly feel the warmth of his love and share it with each other, there is no room for any hatred,  Within this Society of today clearly shows we have lost this Faith and need to regain it, so we all can get back to walking our paths through this journey, in peace and happiness as Jesus taught and showed us, when he walked his journey with us.

The fire within us is burning so out of control within this Society, we have all lost our way and think that we need to attack each other, in order to be accepted among each other? We are so lost along our paths, we truly can’t see any light, that will light up the signs that Jesus put in place for us, so we then can make the right turns at the crossroads, there are many crossroads on all our paths and if we can’t see the signs, then we can’t truly follow the right path, that will take us to the promise land and the true path of righteousness.

Within this Society of today, we are so lost and so consumed with hatred, we think nothing to attack one another and for no reason at all. The fire that burns within each of us, is so out of control that we can’t see clearly through the smoke, we then let Power and Greed control every fiber of our being, which then has us drifting further and further away of not only our true selves, but of Jesus Christ our Savior. As we walk our paths through this journey of life, it is okay to keep the fire burning within us, just as long as we keep control of the flames, so we then can keep control of ourselves, with this control we than can have complete Faith of ourselves as well as Jesus Christ, so we then can be at true peace and happiness always throughout this journey.


” The heat of the fire will burn and scorch giving you great pain and keeping you from moving forward with ease”

” Just as we control the fire of our campfire when we are camping, we also have to control the fire within ourselves, to move forward better and stronger”

” We can’t get to the path of righteousness when we let the fire within burn out of control”

” Being competitive is good for all of us, but being competitive while staying in control and never losing sight of who we truly are”



Tread lightly with your actions and your words…..



With yet another Celebrity coming forward and trying to defame our President, let me just remind everyone that, whether you like President Trump, or you dislike President Trump, he is still the President of the United States and we all need to grow up. show some respect for the office of President and support everything that this office stands for, so we all can move forward stronger and better.

Kathy Griffin and her actions on the video of her holding a severed Trump mask stained with blood, is just gross and very uncalled for. Maybe she tried to make us all laugh at her joke? But seriously this was no joke and you just made yourself out to be as stupid as you look. Let’s get real here for a minute, all this crap that is happening out there since the election of the President of the United States, is totally uncalled for and needs to stop now, we all need to grow up and move forward and not backwards, so we can show the World we are the smartest Country out there, instead of stooping to an all time low, showing nothing but just how dumb we really are. Whether the the left wing Liberal crack pots want to admit it or not, this is all on you and it is time to take responsibility for your actions and move forward with your lives. You didn’t see the right wing Conservatives riot and create all the crap we see today when Obama won in 2008 did you? exactly my point, whether you like the President or not, he is still your President and we need to respect and support him with all we do. The majority of the American people have spoken, Donald Trump is our President, time to put aside the baggage, so we all can move forward better and stronger, as we walk our paths through this journey of life.

Actions speak louder than words, the words are also pretty powerful, but when you take action before you really think through the reactions, this will make you look really stupid moving forward and Kathy Griffin is finding this out the hard way, now why do we do things the hard way? Your guess is as good as mine, but we are all guilty of this in different times of our lives. Sometimes we get so caught up in what we think is the normal reality, that we lose total sight of what real reality is, our judgments become so cloudy, that we can’t even see reality if it was right in front of us, life will throw us a lot of curve balls, of which we do a lot of swinging and missing at the pitch, you would think by now we would become so accustom to this pitch, that we would learn by now of how to hit it out of the park, but for some reason we have gone backwards and forget how to swing the bat.

” With every action there is always a reaction”, this is a great quote which we all have lost sight of it’s true meaning. We are so clouded in our judgments that we never look down the road of what our actions will do, some of these actions will back fire and make ourselves look really dumb, some may make others look really dumb, but is this the answer with all of us walking our paths peacefully and going through this journey of life in happiness? I think not and with all the Drama and crap of this Society, proves that as well. The time is now for each and everyone of us to grow up, think through our actions before we actually take the action, so we all in this Society no matter where you are, can walk a path in peace, as we all travel this journey through life in happiness together.


” Before you take action on your actions, think through the action of all the possible reactions that may occur”

” The office of President of the United States is one of respect and dignity, time we all get back to truly seeing this office as it is”

” Danger thin ice…………… This is what we all are walking on through this age of Political Correction”

” Think twice of your actions before you take the action, same applies to your words as they to can hurt just as much”


The Broken Trust



Trust is a sacred bond we have with each other, real trust is a way we grow and move forward, better and stronger along this journey of life. When the Trust becomes broken, it leaves us with feelings of emptiness, loneliness, or even maybe thinking we are alone, against everything/everybody else.

This tree has been chopped down by the strong powerful teeth of a Beaver, now even though this tree was very vibrant and alive, it roots are still in tact within the ground, although the tree may die simply because it has been disconnected from it’s roots. This is the feeling we all go through when our trust has been broken with each other. Now unlike the tree, we as Humans and when our trust in each other has been broken, we can rebuild our trust just by keeping the faith in our strong roots. This process of rebuilding our trust can be a very long one, but it is never lost, only has been lost as we struggle, with the fact that there are some that will take advantage, or do things that break the Sacred bond of the trust.

The sad reality of the Society for which we all live is, you will always come across some who will think nothing of hurting another, simply by destroying the trust within us, so we can’t trust anymore. Trust is not something we should take very lightly, because when it becomes lost, we all hurt deep within our souls. We may not put our finger on the loss of trust and because of that, we then struggle with all we do within the paths we walk through this journey of life, we struggle with the loss of trust, simply because we internalize it and then we either don’t want to understand it, or we just suppress everything deep inside, to the point we neglect our true feelings and emotions.

The Beaver might of knocked down this young vibrant tree and even with the strong root system below the ground, this tree will then die and not breathe the fresh air of life, this does not mean we as Humans have to die when our Sacred bond of Trust has been broken. True we will struggle with any broken Trust, but when we stay true to ourselves, always stay connected with our true feelings and emotions, never lose the faith in our strong roots that help us grow, truly understand why we struggle and how the loss of our Sacred Trust will make us feel. The loss of anything will bring us some degree of hurt, but if we let the loss define us, then the pain and hurt will affect us very deeply, We all walk a path through this journey of life, we will also go through many tough times that will bring us much pain, but none more than the loss of our Sacred Trust with each other, as we then will feel like we have been chopped down like this tree, and then struggle trying to move forward to be better and stronger, This journey of life already has many ups and downs, so if we can limit the amount of the downs, then just maybe we all can walk our paths in peace and happiness moving forward.


” Trust is a sacred bond we have with each other, just sad for some to take advantage of that bond”

” The Beaver chops a tree as a part of his journey through life, like we all do something different for our journey we walk throughout life”

” Trust is never broken it is simply broken in need of a major fixing”

” We all have something we hold sacred throughout our lives, we all share the sacred bond of trust we have with each other”