You and Me against the World…….

We all walk a path through this journey of life, this Duck also has a journey that they follow along their path. We have all heard the quotes ” the ugly duckling” or the ” you are the black sheep”, these are more than quotes as we all have gone through these syndromes at one time or another. There are times in our lives we feel as lonely as this Duck and we will do what ever we have to, in order to try to fit in where we want to the most, There are also times in our lives that we then get treated as a black Sheep, like we have a disease or something? We get laughed at, ridiculed and in some cases, beat so badly, we ourselves don’t recognize as we look within that mirror.

With these Syndromes there is something we tend to take for granted, or are too afraid to admit to ourselves, because we have been shamed deeply, These Syndromes a lot of times, comes to us by other’s who think nothing of hurting us, just to make themselves seem more powerful to those around them. Simply because those Individuals have been hurt themselves, they then think it is okay to hurt another, because in their warped little mind, they think that is the way it is supposed to be? This is the World of a Bully and Bullies could be anybody that we see whether we walk down the city street, or we walk within the streets of our neighborhoods.

Deep down inside, you think the Bully really feels for their actions? Exactly not because they have buried their true feelings so deep, it is like they are not even there. The Bully  will also without even realizing of what they are doing, will hurt all that is around them, as they then try to regain some of the power they lost, as they suppressed their true feelings deep within. A Bully doesn’t have to be some of great distance from you, it can also be someone close and so close, that they are least expected at being any kind of Bully at all. The actions of a Bully are not just limited to to any certain Individual, as we all are guilty of bullying each other with our words, with no actions taken place at all. We will say things behind each others backs, to try to deflect our words, instead of standing tall, then looking someone in the eye with truth, that can and will, make any action of any Bully, become less effective, leaving the Bully with no power over anything at all.

As we walk our paths through this journey, we are a lot like the Duck in this picture, we travel alone and try to make this journey go as smoothly as we think smooth is supposed to be. The problem is, when we come across others along the path, we then get stubborn to the point of, we want nothing to do with them, except hurt whoever crosses our paths and try to control them along this journey. God did not envision this when he created us and all around us, this is all on we who walk a path through this journey of life. We all have these Bully traits within us and we then put into action these traits, without even realizing what we are doing? Sometimes our sub conscious minds will have us do things before we think of taking the action of these things, when we don’t truly understand what our sub conscious mind is doing, this is when we, let the sub conscious control who we truly are, leaving us then trying to take back that control, by then controlling all that is around us.


” The Sub Conscious mind is a secretive mind, that we all need to understand better moving forward”

” The lonely Duck isn’t really lonely, it is just our sub conscious that makes us think he is lonely”

” We are our own worst enemies as we try to control each other and take action against each other everyday”

” We operate behind each others backs a lot of times, simply because we have lost our ability to stand tall and look squarely in each others eyes”



Within the Driving World



When we are all very young, we long for the day we pass the test and become a licensed Driver, first we have to receive a Learner’s Permit, which is the number one step in learning the proper ways and rules of the road. First things first though, when we reach our teen years we think that we have a right to the Driver’s License and we think that it will give us the freedom to come and go as we please? All we then focus on is getting that license, before we even have the money for a car to drive with that license. Lets get one thing clear now, when you receive a license, it is a privilege and in no way is it your right. We are all brought into this World in the same way, but how we are raised and taught as we grow, are very different from each other. We all have our struggles as we grow up in this World, some of us may struggle a lot more than another, these struggles come in very different ways, with some being deeper than the other and they will control us if we let them, They will turn us into someone we truly are not as well. We are young, we are learning and very vulnerable and are very gullible for what is around us, we also want to grow faster than our body tells us, when all fails us that is around us and the struggles become more stronger, we then suppress our true feelings and emotions very deep inside ourselves, when all we have to do is truly trust ourselves, listen to that inner child within us, yes we all have this inner child and when it does not grow properly on the inside, we to then do not grow properly on the outside. We totally shut out all that is around us and try to move forward with the way we think is correct? When some try to give us advice, we don’t listen as we think we are smarter then all around us? We become so focused on ourselves that nothing else matters, not even fixing what we need to, so our inner child can grow properly, as well as we on the outside can grow stronger and better as we walk our path, through this journey of life.
This all matters in the World of Driving because, when you receive a license and buy a vehicle in which to drive, now you are behind a wheel of not only a heavy object, but a powerful weapon is now in your hands. When you drive responsible all this never enters your mind, but when you drive like reckless abandon, now not only are you putting yourself at risk, you are also putting at risk all those around you. Within this Society of today and with the way most drive on the roads today, clearly shows that, as soon as we get behind the wheel, we then lose all sense of reality and become “people of destruction”. There are only a few on the roads driving that actually know what Common Sense is and actually use this Common Sense without even thinking. Common Sense is within us all just that with all our struggles and the suppressing of our true feelings and emotions, we tend to forget of it and try to move forward, with how we think we are supposed to. The problem is that with how we think and the way we actually drive on the roads, is doing nothing but clash, leaving us all smashed together and our Insurance premiums going through the roof, as I blame each one of us, simply because when we get behind the wheel, we then lose all sense of reality and totally lose any or all of our Common Sense moving forward. We all walk a path through this journey of life, we can do it correctly, or we can just wander through it, which we then not only hurt ourselves, but we then hurt all those around us.

“Driving is a privilege and in no way is it a right for any of us”
“We are all hurt in many ways as we grow into this Society, that don’t mean we take it out on each other”
“A vehicle is a very heavy object and when not treated with respect, it then becomes a weapon within our hands”
“Common Sense is within us all, but yet we operate like it does not exist”


True Leadership qualities……


What makes a great Leader? We all tend to link being a leader with power and control, we get caught up in the mix that, Leader’s have to be in high positions, like, the President of a country, a CEO of a corporate company, or maybe an Owner of a sports team to name a few. Some of the greatest Leaders do so quietly with no fan fare, or looking for any kind or recognition.

Everybody has their own kind of Leadership ways, just that we don’t give ourselves enough credit for the way we Lead, we also don’t tap into our souls enough and try to find a Leadership role that best suits ourselves. Not all of us are suited to be a true leader and not all of us can be a Leader, as in the old saying, ” to many chiefs spoil the tribe” or ” to many Chef’s ruin the soup”. You don’t find a true Leader, as True Leader’s simply rise to the role with their actions and not their words.

Look at a guy like Tom Brady, the best Quarter Back in the history of the NFL. He doesn’t look to be more powerful or above the rest of his Teammates, he just shows up in practice and works hard each and every day, then executes that hard work on Game day. He shows his Leadership on the field, while he brings his team into the lead, to move forward with a “W” in the win column. All his Teammates adore him, cause he is so humble and approachable by all. Tom also gives advice to his Teammates, instead of saying ” do it this way or you won’t touch the football”. Okay it is true you may see him loud and yelling on the side lines on game day, but he does so only to wake up the team, so they can execute better, giving the team a better chance of winning the game.

A true leader leads by example, without losing the respect of those they try to lead. Raymond Bourque of the Boston Bruins was another great Leader, even though he wore the “C” on his jersey, it didn’t mean anything to him, as he showed up everyday practiced and played hard, so when his Teammates saw that, they to practiced and played hard, making the whole team a better team moving forward. Ray was a quiet guy that stayed out of the limelight, but with his actions on the ice, that is what spoke much louder than any words at all. Bobby Orr was the same way as he also let his actions speak for himself, they didn’t want to be singled out as a special player and they always spoke of the team/ put the team before themselves all the time.

True Leader’s never look for any fame or recognition, they never look to be more powerful than or even try to have all the power over the rest. A true Leader at the end of the day goes home like you and I and does his chores, like the rest of us. A Leader that we all take for granted and never give enough credit to, are our own parent’s. these Individuals help you grow in many ways, they show you by example on how to treat other’s, they guide you as you walk your path of this journey through life, they don’t just love you deeply and they don’t just quietly lead you on your path, they teach you all they know, as they to were led by their Parent’s, as they walked their paths through this journey of life. Parent’s don’t look for any recognition or any spotlight, they never look for any rewards, all they want is to lead you into prosperity, so you can be the best you can be, as you walk your path through this journey of life.


” A true Leader is a rare breed and never looks for any recognition or fame”

” A real and true Leader, leads by example and never pushes his power on to another”

” Leadership is never about power and control over other’s, as a true Leader knows how to make others better moving forward”

” True Leaders let their actions speak more loudly than themselves, making all around them feel even more special then the Leader himself”


Reborn and fresh once again

Forest Flowers

Spring time is a time of freshness and rebirth, the tree’s sprouting new buds on their limbs, the flower’s getting ready for full bloom once again, as spring is to rebirth and inhaling, fall is to exhaling and getting rid of the old, to get ready for the new.

The cycle of life is constantly going round and round, you have the ups as well as the downs, but it is how life revolves and rejuvenates itself to keep moving forward. Through all the four seasons, they are all a big part of the cycle of life and with this cycle, there is a lot of adapting and changing going on all around us.

We to as we walk our paths through this journey of life have these cycles and we also have a lot of adapting and changing as well, With these cycles you have the good as well as the bad , the goal is to minimize the bad, so we can keep the good moving forward. Sometimes the bad comes from things out of our control, but when they happen we first have to identify them, so we can fix what is needed and get back on track of our cycle through life. Everything around us has a cycle of life and with these cycles is how everything evolves through the journey.

When you look back in time and compare those cycles to our cycles today, you will see a lot of similarities, there are so much that gets repeated, but yet we still make the same mistakes over and over again? A cycle keeps going round and round, so that should be the hint that, yes things will repeat so we then can fix the wrongs and the mistakes, so we can all move forward better and stronger. Now today we are all guilty of thinking that we should work less and get big rewards? nobody thinks of life as a cycle and just try’s to survive as best they can? Well in order to survive you first have to understand what your surviving, so you then can make the right changes and adapt properly to the changes. We all want the quick fix and don’t want to understand what we are fixing, we only want to slide through the journey, with as little work as we can, some even try to walk the smooth path of another that has already worked hard in clearing, but what may have been an okay path for one, may not be that okay for another.

The cycle of life goes a lot deeper than the four seasons of winter, spring, summer and fall, the cycle of life is what helps us grow and be stronger and better moving forward. The cycle of life is part of this journey through life, we can’t change that, we can only learn to change with it and adapt to all the changes, by better understanding the whole life cycle. Now just like in life the cycle has it’s downward turns, that will try to control where we are going, with better understanding of the cycle, we can get through the downward turns with less pain and hurt, through better understanding we can stay in control of ourselves, without spinning in the black hole of out of control. True this journey of life can be a lot of work, but if we stay in control, understand better of all that is going on, then the work won’t seem like work and we all can move forward in peace and happiness always.


” The cycles of life has it’s four seasons, that we all learn to adapt and change constantly”

” The cycle of life goes round and round, when we understand better of this, we can minimize the bad sections of the cycle”

” Adapt and change are the biggest components of the cycle of life, but yet we are so afraid to even think of the words…….. Adapt and Change”

” Winter, spring, summer and fall may have their weather changes, a life cycle changes goes a lot deeper to each of us moving forward”


A little piece of Heaven on Earth…..


Yes there still are places like this and many of them full of Peace and Serenity. A place where early in the morning…..4:30a to be exact, that a wandering Moose will walk right through camp, on their way to the water for their morning bath. The real true beauty of God’s country is out there, we just have to look long and hard enough, be willing to work hard enough to find it and truly look deeply into what you see. Now I can’t tell you where this is, so it can stay full of the peace and serenity, so you need to go out in search of your own, go trekking into the wilderness so you to can have a piece of peace and serenity, then together we can bring peace and serenity to each other, instead of all the ugliness we see today around us.

” Then the two recounted what had taken place on the way and how he made known to them in the breaking of the bread”

*** Lk 24:35***

True wilderness camping is a place we can go to unwind, relax and escape our reality for a short time, a place to collect our thoughts and organize them, in order to delete the negative, then file and save the positive ones. True camping within a park can be fun with all the activities they run for their camper’s, but you would be hard pressed to find the true peace and serenity with all the loud noise around you, let alone any wildlife as well. Within a camp site like this you can sit for hours, either stare out onto the lake, read a book, or simply sit and just listen to the peaceful sounds of nature, without worrying at all of any ugliness that may interrupt your piece of Heaven on Earth.

There is more to camping than to set up a tent, or build a campfire, okay you don’t want to sleep on the ground, then place a nice comfy cot with a mattress within your tent and place your sleeping bag and pillows on top. Setting up your tent site in the wilderness and searching for wood for the fire, may be some work at the beginning, but when camp is set, now let the fun, the relaxing and the unwinding take place. Let yourself truly feel the peace and serenity around you, be one with nature as nature welcomes you with open arms, once you become loose and relaxed, you can actually feel the tension of your everyday life simply leave the confounds of your body. You feel like you have been released from the imprisonment of this Society and all the ugliness that is around you.

” Camping is not just about sitting in front of the fire, it’s about creating your own piece of true happiness and feeling the peace and serenity around you”

True wilderness camping is not for everybody, as some would rather camp in a house on wheels? That is okay because you can find true peace and serenity every where around you, all you need is, to truly look deeply into what you see, know how to fully relax and unwind, so the tensions of everyday life will be lifted from your shoulders, leaving you feeling lighter and peaceful, when we all do this and trust in ourselves, the process and Jesus Christ, then all the ugliness around us will disappear and melt away like the ice on a pond, on a warm spring day. We all walk a path through this journey of life, sometimes the path is full of obstacles that will have us all tensed up, bumps that will bruise us, but if we stay true to who we are, stay true to Jesus Christ, all the tensions will melt away, the bruises will heal and we can truly feel the peace and serenity around us everyday.


” Your own peace and serenity is out there, you just have to go trekking in order to find it”

” The peace and serenity is permanent as the ugliness will never last”

” There are many Heaven on Earth places around us, we just have to open our eyes and truly see them”


How different but yet so a like……….



The Sunsets that come to us each and every night, are all so different and unique to each other, but yet they are so different each time we see them. With this sunset it looks like the sky is on fire and burning out of control, other sunsets may be a little more………. Let’s just say, less vibrant than this one. Everything around us comes to us in their own way and is very different showing their uniqueness in their own way, we the people are no different then what’s around us, as we to are very different to each other, but yet so similar in other ways, showing just how unique we are to each other.

Our Faiths, beliefs, opinions etc….. differ in many ways from one person to another, in this Society we think that our way is the only way and everybody else is wrong? We all want the power and control over each other and will do anything to get it, what we truly take for granted is, ” what is good for one may not be good for another”. We all walk our own paths through this journey of life and what makes the journey exciting to each of us is, finding our way through it with little harm to ourselves and other’s, but yet in this Society it is all about power and control and then bringing great harm to each other.

We throughout this Society have totally lost all Respect not just of each other, but for all that is around us. We all have our issues and no one is immune to these issues no matter what they are, the only thing different of the issues is, they come to us in very different stages of difficulty, like some may knock us down and keep us down, changing everything about us, even of who we truly are, while other issues simply just bruise or scrape us and when the scrape heals, we keep moving forward like nothing had happened. This journey through life is funny like that, but for some it is totally not funny, as they hurt deeply inside and have no true understanding of the reasons why?

We all go through many different stages of hurt that comes to us from these issues, when we don’t truly understand why we hurt, then the journey becomes a long one, that robs us of truly being who we are. When we hurt deeply inside, what we don’t want to admit to is, it will always leave a scar, these types of scars are not seen from the outside and are the ones that hurt us the most, we try to move forward while hiding these scars from each other without truly fixing them, simply because we are afraid of what others will think of us? Because in this Society we are trained to look at the negatives of each other, bring each other down further with these negatives and exploit each other, so we can SEEM more powerful and with the power, we think we can control everything around us? This is totally how this Society is and only proves one thing, we all have issues that need to be addressed, so we all can not only walk our paths of this journey in peace, but we can walk it together and RESPECT one another for who we truly are, then and only then will all this ugliness around us disappear. This ugliness comes from other Humans as you and me, these Humans are deranged mentally and are in need of some major help, for they hurt deeply inside with their own issues that they hide from all that is around them, the scars may be deep, but that don’t mean the scars can’t heal, we all have these inner scars to some degree, just that some let them heal, so they can walk their paths of their journey’s in peace and happiness moving forward.


” The scars may be deep, the scars may hurt deeply, but that don’t mean the scars can not heal properly moving forward”

” The nightly sunsets may be different each night, but they are all unique to each other each and every night”

” Faith, beliefs, opinions etc…… they may all be different from one person to another, but they are never wrong showing our uniqueness to each other”

” Respect is a big word for us all, it is a word that has us appreciate each other and all that is around us, but it is a word that is lost in translation today”

‘ We all hurt in our own way, but the inner scars that hurt us deeply inside, will keep us from being of who we truly are”



To exist or not to Exist???


We can exist as we walk our paths through this journey of life, or quite simply we can just wander with no real existence. There are many factors as we walk through life and a lot of them we truly never understand, When we exist then we have a purpose and work hard to finding that purpose, so we than can prosper along our paths of this journey, now without a purpose we then have no goal or goals to achieve to help us prosper through the journey.

These factors come in all shapes and sizes, but none bigger than the Life Events that will cross our paths and try to derail us from walking our paths, but only if we let them control who we truly are. Sometimes life fools us into thinking we are smarter than the rest, then one day we wake up to find we are really dumb and not as smart as we thought. This journey through life can and will trick us like this, which makes it critical in us existing or just wandering along the paths of this journey through life.

Shawshank Redemption was one of the greatest movies, with one of the best quotes of all time, ” You can get busy living, or you can get busy dying “. This quote is so fitting to the fact that, ” you can either walk to exist, or simply wander yourself into a life of non existence”. Not everybody will be successful, as also not everybody will be the ones of digging the trenches for most, There is plenty of room for us all to walk successfully through this journey of life, but we are running out of room for us to be sharing our paths with some who may just wander with no existence.


” To exist is real, to wander is to merely become fake”

” This journey through life has many factors, these factors will either make or break Whomever walks through their journey”