The 40 days of Lent, the journey within the journey……

Desert Landscape


” He said in reply, ” it is written: one does not live on bread alone”, but on every word that comes forth from the mouth of God”.

*** Mt 4:4***


Now that the Lenten journey for the Catholics has begun, let us not forget that it is a forty day journey and a journey of redemption, that helps us get to know ourselves better, as we move forward along this journey of life, better and stronger each day. Jesus also walked this forty day journey through the desert and was met by Satan along the way, Satan tempted Jesus to go by the side of the dark, but with true faith in himself, as well as with his father, he walked away from the temptation better and stronger. Even Adam and Eve who was put within the garden of Eden resisted the temptation of all the fruit, til the serpent also known as Satan, came to them and tempted them to eat the forbidden fruit from the forbidden tree, Adam and Eve did give to temptation and since had opened their eyes to their big mistake. We also within this Society have many temptations all around us, Satan is even more around us than before. The temptation of evil is strong, but when we stay true to ourselves, stay true to who we are and have complete faith in ourselves, as well as Jesus Christ, then the good will always be stronger than any Evil will ever be.

When Jesus walked this journey through the desert, he did so with only the clothes on his back. Now this may be hard to believe, but when you have true faith in God, as well as yourself, there is nothing we can not do with determination, faith and a purpose for which direction to walk, now you have a recipe for success at whatever you want to succeed in.  Even with all the ugliness we see today, success is still there for each of us, when we truly believe in ourselves, not only forgive ourselves, but forgive those around us, acknowledge the love of God within our hearts and souls, so we than can share that love with each other. We have always had the power to succeed inside us, it is just that we never give ourselves a chance to succeed, because we get so caught up in the crap around us, we never take the time to have faith in anything let alone ourselves.

Lent is a time to reflect on our time so far along this journey of life, so we can correct where we went wrong and fix what we need to fix, so we can continue moving forward stronger and better. Lent is also a time to reconnect with ourselves as well as with Jesus Christ, through Lent we learn to resist any Temptation whether good or bad, so we can than identify all the different kinds of Temptations, but the biggest part of Lent is the re-connection with ourselves and knowing who we truly are and the re connection with Jesus as he guides us to prosperity, as we walk our paths through this journey of life.


” There are many different kinds of temptations around us that will derail us along our paths, but true faith in ourselves and Jesus will keep us on the right track”

” Temptation is a way for the evil of Satan to control us, it is the belief in ourselves and Jesus that keeps temptation from controlling us”

” Lent is a forty day journey that keeps us focused and keeps us from giving in to temptation”

” The temptation of evil may be strong, but the love of God within us is even stronger and helps us resist all kinds of temptation”


The birds of a feather soar,as the King of the jungle will Roar………



” Look at the birds in the sky, they do not sow or reap, they gather nothing into barns, yet your heavenly father feeds them, are not you more important than they?”


*** MT 6:26****


The Birds fly through the air with the greatest of ease,  then as the air currents provide they then soar conserving their energy, the birds also build their nests so they can raise their families, to become strong and fly through the open skies as easy as themselves, The birds also live off the land gathering supplies for the nest, food for themselves and their young, this is the same land that we as Humans walk on and that God our father has created for us all to coincide and walk our journey’s through our lives. God does provide for us all, only we as Humans have elected that we think we can do it better, to which in some ways we do, but in other ways we have failed, which leads to a Society of chaos and disruption of major concern.

We as Humans are the smartest of all the creatures that God has created, God will still provide for us, but he leaves a lot up to us to figure out as we walk our paths of this journey through life. Over the years of our existence from the beginning of Mankind, we have made great strides in making our lives easier, especially throughout the current Society for which we all live, like all the technology we see around us today. This technology was originally designed to help us and make our lives easier, but we have taken this technology for granted and have used it in a very different way, that does nothing but bring chaos and disruption to us all.

The beginning of Mankind was a journey very different then today, but they learned how to survive by making weapons, so they can hunt for food, to take care of themselves, they discovered how to protect their feet as they walked their paths, by inventing a version of the shoe, their are many things that man has invented that has been good and helps us all in many ways, but there has been a lot of unnecessary crap that we think we need, but only we wasted our time with, instead we invented things that really serve no purpose. In this Society we have become so engulfed in Capitalism, that we have forgotten who we really are, just so we can become rich, while others go broke trying to buy all the unnecessary things. It is a dog eat dog World out there today, which only favors some, while the others struggle in a major way, just to try to put food on their tables for their families.

Back in the beginning of Mankind, we learned how to make the tools needed, so we can make a shelter to protect us from the environment,  like other creatures and the violent weather that may rain down on us. These tools today have changed drastically as everything around us over time, now we build many structures all over and where ever we can, just so some can become even more rich, while the rest go broke and live in the streets, in some ways much like man back in the beginning. We as Humans are the reason why this journey through life has become so complicated and full of chaos, simply because we have lost totally faith in who we really are as a person and we have also lost our true empathy of each other, which we have lost the true meaning of love and the true feeling of the word love.

True love is only felt deep within ourselves and then we share it with each other and with this love, there will never be any hate of each other. With all the hate we see today around us, you can clearly see that the love of God that is within us all, is lost and we really need to find it, so we all can walk our paths of this journey, as God wanted us to, when he created us from the beginning. Nobody truly loves each other anymore, as they may say they do in front of you, but when you turn your back, the hatred of the back stabbing knife goes deep within your back, this is not the true love of God that is within us, this is the evil of Satan, that we so much get engulfed with throughout this Society. Just as Jesus was faced with Satan, confronted him and rejected him, we to can confront Satan and reject him, all we need to do is, have complete faith in ourselves as well as God, so the hope of truly feeling the love of God within us, can warm our entire body and then we can share it with each other, so we all can walk our paths in peace and happiness, then we to can soar like the birds, as God provides for them and guides us to the true path of righteousness.


” The birds soar through the sky, as we Humans share our love with each other and soar through life in happiness”

” God’s love is within us all we only have to truly feel it so we than can share it with each other”

” Technology is good, technology is bad, we as Humans can control just how this technology can help us all”

” Good will always prevail over evil, when we stay true to who we really are”

The Dawn of a new day……..


With each Dawn comes a whole new day, for each of us to walk further along this journey of life, as you awaken and take to the outside, you see the moon disappearing on one Horizon and the Sun rising on the other. There is something special about this time of day, maybe the tranquility, or the peace, or maybe just the calmness of all that is around you. To go camping and wake up to this, as you walk the rocky shore with a cup of coffee, it makes you realize there is a lot more to life, than just your average daily life for which  you walk now.

Dawn has a special kind of beauty and you have to be outdoors, to truly see the splendor and the beauty of the Dawn. The different colors within the sky with the clouds dividing the colors on the Artist’s canvass of life, the silence is the serenity of the morning Dawn, it is the best time of day to clear your mind of all the negative thoughts, which clearly has you relaxed as your mind becomes clear of all the negativity. A walk along the rocky shore at this time of day, calms you from the stress of everyday life, it will change you for the better, so when you get back to your normal life, your not so up tight and jumpy at every turn.

The Dawn of a new day gets you thinking of, today, tomorrow and yesterday. Now Tomorrow will never come as when it arrives it then becomes today,  with today is merely being in the present and living in the now, then as we see yesterday, it is gone and can never be brought back, which makes yesterday our past to learn from, then move forward better and stronger, so never put off today til tomorrow, as with yesterday you will have many regrets, that you will never get back. Now let’s not forget the future, this is where you pre plan what you want to do, then get through all the today’s and tomorrow’s, to see where the future actually brings you.

The perfect Dawn morning is so picturesque, as you gaze out into the horizon and it will hypnotize you, as you get lost within the thoughts of your mind.  Now as we think of waking to each new day, we tend to take for granted what the new day truly brings, all we do is wake and hit the snooze bar, dreading to go to our nine to five yet another day. We take so much for granted as we walk our paths through this journey of life and to not look deeply into the Dawn of the new day, we are totally missing out on a big piece of who we truly are.


” Each Dawn is a different day as we wake all bright eyed and bushy tailed”

” Tranquility is a part of the new Dawn that brings peace and serenity to us with calmness”

” Look deeply into the morning horizon as you truly see the beauty the Dawn holds”

” Tomorrow never comes and yesterday becomes the past, so live in the present which is today and look forward to the future”

Camping a time to relax and unwind….



Camping season is right around the corner, a time to get outside, be one with nature and enjoy the beauty that Mother Earth holds, plus enjoy some relax time with no worries for the time off day. True camping is within a tent, as that other camping that you have the comforts of home on wheels, is just simply parking as your not really deep within the woods and your within a camping park with much recreation to do, I would rather create my own recreation, at my own leisure.

Nature walks, breathing the fresh crisp air, sitting by the campfire and just being one with your surroundings, now that’s what camping is all about. Then as you look deeply around you and see all the wild animals around you, like a deer, a moose, or maybe a bear and seeing them up close while they walk their daily journey, or maybe the awesome Eagle flying by? This is true camping and gets us away from the chaos of Society for a short while. True you have to be aware of all the animals around you, but with common sense and respecting them, you will find they welcome you to join them in their environment. Some may never go camping within a tent as it may not be their cup of tea, but they will invest in one of those camping RV’s, that’s fine…… but they are not truly camping deep within the woods, where the true relaxation is either.

While camping deep within the woods always remember you are not alone, there are other creatures around you, which makes it that much more important that, when you pack up to go home, you leave your area cleaner than when you got there. Always respect the land as well as the other creatures around you, never leave your fire pit with smoldering coals and always make sure the coals are distinguished, so that the Forest will always be there when you want to camp, deep within the woods of the Forest, never leave your trash behind as you wouldn’t want the tenants of the woods to leave a mess in your backyard, I am sure those tenants of the woods will come sniffing for food after your departure, but never leave them anything, so they won’t expect anything when you return, as this could get ugly if they tend to expect something and never get it while you are there. Common sense is the key to having a fun, exciting and enjoyable camping adventure.

Setting a tent on the carpet of the green grass may be comforting, I remember living out in Colorado and camping at 13,000 feet and setting a tent on the snow pack on the mountain, that was different and definitely a little colder on the body, but with the right tarp under the tent and the right mat laid out inside the tent, to lay your sleeping bag upon, makes for a different kind of comfort, as you sleep within the tent at night, then digging a hole in the snow, so you can make a camp fire to cook and get the chill off, now that was an experience to remember and learn from, as I learned how to make a fire in a very different atmosphere. We all walk a path through this journey of life, we all have our ways and our own likes, this is what makes us unique to each other, but when you experience true Wilderness camping, now you can say that this journey has many paths and many ways for each of us to enjoy ourselves everyday, as well as many ways for us to relax and be at peace, with great happiness always.


” Camping is not just parking on wheels with the comforts of home”

” Camping within a tent deep within the woods is so relaxing”

” ” Being one with nature is so soothing to the mind, body and soul”

” ” Mother nature and all the creatures within it can get along, when we respect ourselves as well as all that is around us”

The Journey of Addiction


” Addiction is the Evil that will bring us down from within, we have to better understand it so we can turn a negative into a positive”


The power of Addiction is strong, it will control every fiber of your body, it will have you become someone of which you truly are not, it will have you do things that you normally would never do, Addiction is killing this Society one Individual at a time.

Addiction is many things and is not just limited to drugs and alcohol, being a Workaholic is a form of an Addiction, anything that gets you away from truly being who you are is a form of an Addiction, especially when you develop a taste for something, then crave that taste further, then as you are now within the claws of the Addiction, it becomes very hard to release the grip of the claws, you can escape the grip, but it will take a lot of hard work, to which most Addicts have already given up and are too lazy for any kind of fight or work.

The evil side of the Addiction is the most brutal and the darkest side, every day is a struggle, every day you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel simply because, the grip within the claws has you so wrapped up, that all the light is blocked and you can’t see anything but keeping the Addiction going. Envision yourself as being mauled by a Grizzly Bear and the Bear has you in his clutches so tight, all the wind is being squeezed out of you, at first thought you think this is the end I have no chance, but if you only give yourself a chance, fight with every last fight you have, you can escape the clutches of the Bear and get away, Addiction is the same and with every last fight, you can also escape the clutches of the Addiction, now this don’t mean you are done with the Bear or the Addiction, you still have to keep fighting every day, so the claws will never catch you within it’s grip again.

We all walk a path through this journey of life, we are all acceptable to any and all kinds of Addictions, the difference to some not getting into an Addiction is, being a product of your environment growing up, letting the life events control who you are and become, When you become a product of your environment as you grow up, now your not letting your inner child grow as it should and become healthy and happy as you should be on the out side. We all have this inner child within us, from the day we are born, til the day we die, just like we on the outside have to grow up into a Society of many, this inner child grows within us and when we don’t let this child grow properly, this is when we become accessible to all kinds of other issues especially Addiction.

This inner child is our lifeline, it is how we grow to be happy and at peace, this inner child is deep within our souls and when it grows normally, it will fill your whole body and your heart with a warmth, this warmth is the love of God within us and without it, we then become cold to all that is around us, we feel nothing and have no emotion of anything that comes before us along our path, which we then get picked up by the claws of Addiction, we become easy pray for all kinds of evil that wants to brainwash us into their evil ways, like those that become a Terrorist, these Individuals are so cold and have been so brainwashed, that to them their inner child does not exist and the thought of any love or empathy coming from them………… Let’s just say it does not exist. We are all Humans that walk a path through this journey of life, we are all a product of our environment as we grow into Society, our true growth depends on just how we let this inner child grow within us? If we ignore this child, then we will not grow properly like our inner child and become susceptible to anything that comes before us, whether it is good or it is evil. There is no text book to this journey, but God leaves it up to us to find a way and if we trust in him, have faith in him, then there is always the hope that we will follow in his footsteps, just as his son Jesus did when he came and walked his journey with us, Jesus also was tempted by the dark side, but he stayed true to who he was, kept the faith in his Father and he then never lost hope as he always felt the warmth of his love, then shared it with all that was around him.

It is much easier to feel the warmth of God’s love within us and share it with each other, than it is to get consumed by the dark side and the clutches of Addiction, but when we acknowledge this inner child within us, nurture and take care of it, we all can walk our paths through this journey of life, peacefully and within happiness throughout our existence.


” There are many forms of evil that will try to control who we are, it is the warmth of God’s love within us that keeps us from the clutches of the evil”

” We all have an inner child within us, it is important to never neglect this child for it’s proper growth”

” When our inner child grows properly, we to grow properly to be of who we truly are”

” Faith, love and hope are what we truly are, without them we become lost on our paths no matter what path we take”


The Patriot way of doing your job


The New England Patriots are a football Franchise, that play a game of football, which besides the physical nature of the game, it is simply just a game of strategy with the best strategy on that day winning the game. The strategy part of football is similar to the board game of Chess, the object to football is reaching the end zone of the opponent and in Chess reaching the other end of the board, conquering the opponents King, There are a series of moves or plays that happen in between, which makes it quite simple, each player or Chess piece has a job to do and when each do their jobs, that is the team that reigns supreme on that day,

The New England Patriots have been good for so long, because they have a coach that understands the game as good or better then most within the game today, in chess you would call him a Wizard. he not only understands the game, he also knows how to motivate each player, knows when they are on the up swing or down swing of their careers and he flat out will out coach any coach in the game.

Now you have this guy named Tom Brady, which by the way is the best Quarterback in the game. Tom didn’t get this way by chance, he with his great work ethnic, made himself the best he can be, he practices and studies film as much as anybody in the game. Tom has also become a great leader of his Teammates showing by example, not too mention he is one of the most competitive guys in the NFL and he definitely likes to win more than he does losing.

Now it takes a lot more than a great coach or players to become successful in the NFL, you also need a great Owner that wants his investment to reap big rewards, there is no better Owner of all sports better than Bob Kraft. The best day in the history of the New England Patriots was the day Bob bought the team. Bob Kraft is a great business man and he did what any business man would of done, surrounded himself with the best of the best football minds he knew. He started with Coach Parcels which had brought them to a Superbowl, they lost that one, then they went out and signed Bill Belichek, which they never looked back and the rest is history.

I have been through the years that the Patriots would only win one game a year, but now these Patriots are rewriting all the record books and from a fan of long standing, what a ride it has been, True there has been some changes through the glory years, with some of the coaching staff and players, but the two common denominators have been, Bill Belichek and Tom Brady, these two guys have become the best Coach\Quarterback tandem in the history of the NFL and we here in New England are witnessing it first hand. Yes your going to have your Hecklers and Hater’s, the Yankee’s and the Canadians went through it in their hey day, simply because others were jealous of their winning all the time, this is what being successful brings unfortunately, The team of the New England Patriots are a Franchise that when you look deeply into what you see, you can clearly see that, they were not that successful, but with hard work, some of the right changes, they now have become a successful Franchise, that we all can look up to and strive to become.

The path that the New England Patriots took is nothing different than the path we all take through this journey of life, it only differs from the amount of hard dedicated work you put in along the path, the harder you work, the easier it becomes and the more you practice the work, the better you become along your path of this journey. Nothing is easy and nothing just comes to you without practice, if we only just follow the Patriot way, just maybe we all can achieve the same success that they have received over their glory years. In many ways sports and life are different, but in many other ways, its the sports that help us, become better and stronger as we walk our paths through this journey of life.


” The New England Patriot way of ” Do your job” can also be our way through this journey of life:

” With hard work and practice we all can achieve success at anything we do”

” Chess is a game of strategy, just like football with the best strategy winning on that day”

” Practice is how we become better and stronger so we can walk our paths easier making our lives even better”


The Crown of Jesus Christ



” You have heard that it was said to your Ancestor’s, you shall not kill and who ever kills will be liable to judgement, but I say to you, who ever is angry with his brother will be liable to judgement”.

*** Mt: 5:21-22a***


This picture was taken last summer, up in the woods of Maine, on a camping adventure of peace and serenity. I was out in the kayak one day paddling along the lake and seeing all of natures beauty and for a bonus, watching the Bald Eagles fly over head. I was loving this day and even though I was working the paddles through the water, this in no way seemed like work, simply because i was enjoying all the peace and serenity all around me. Then as I came around this one Inlet, these roots were front and center and as I got closer, I could clearly see what they truly resembled, they resemble the Crown of Jesus Christ sticking out of the water. These are the signs that God sends us, so we can receive his message and never lose sight that he is always with us, no matter who you are and no matter what life struggles you are going through.

We all walk a path through this journey of life, we have also herd the saying ” an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth”? Maybe not such an extreme, but yes we all should be held accountable for our actions and held totally liable to the judgments of those actions. Within this Society and because of the Political Correction, we don’t hold anybody for their actions, as we are so afraid to offend anybody, which then leaves us with a Society in such disarray, that none of us accept the judgments of our actions, instead we point the finger to others, blaming them for what we should be accepting ourselves. What this type of practice does most is, create more anger of each other, instead of spreading the love of God, that is within our hearts and souls, spreading our love is so easy, as the anger and hate we so chose to spread, takes much more work on all our parts.

The being angry towards one another has us all forgetting just how to truly forgive one another, it has us all being not truly of who we are, it then replaces a big part of ourselves with, someone that we ourselves do not even know? When Jesus came to us and walked his journey with us, he taught us many things, he showed us how to truly love ourselves as well as each other, he also showed us that anger and betrayal will bring us to our knees with much pain, to which he himself because of the anger and betrayal, died on the cross for each of us, then three days later…….. showed us all that, when we truly change our ways, when we truly feel his love within us, we can learn to forgive ourselves as well as each other, so we all at the day of judgement, can truly be of who we are, so as we walk our paths through this journey of life, we all can be at peace, while we are all living in happiness throughout the journey.


” Life’s journey doesn’t have to be as hard as it seems, it is only we ourselves that make it as hard as it seems”

” Anger and Betrayal are what brings us to our knee’s with much pain, with Love there is no pain only peace and happiness”

” The signs from God are all around us, we just have to truly look deeply into what we see, so we can truly see all of the signs”

” When the signs of God are in front of us, change is how we accept his message, so we can truly forgive and see all the beauty around us”