Having closeur in a loved ones death

                             Having Closeur when a Loved one dies, is a very important part of our own lives. It is a way for us to say good-bye, which makes us stronger as we move forward with our own lives. During those precious last moments, it is an oppurntunity for all the family members, to once again get together, rekindle that foundation of the family bond, that the loved one has built for us, showing that person we will be okay, you have done your job well. It also brings together family members, that through the years, whether their careers or what ever the reason, they have become disconnected from the family. As an Individual, it is our famiy bond that is the one thing, that serves the test of time and can never be broken. This Bond is what makes our foundation so strong, that nothing will ever penetrate it. When you have a strong Bond of Family, that has created a strong foundation, this is what we bring into Society to help build a strong Society, that flourishes and prospers even during the worst of times. Family is the true and real foundation of our Society. When you don’t have closeur, you have an empty feeling deep inside of you, cause you never had that chance to say good-bye, when you truely love that person and you don’t say good-bye, that emptiness will be filled over time, as you fill it with thoughts and prayers to that person everyday. When I lived in Colorado back in the 90’s, my Papere had passed, I didn’t have the money to fly home, so instead I went to the Florist and sent a big arrangement to the Funeral Home. Not having that closeur and chance to say good-bye, to me it was surreal that he was still alive, when I did come back home, I went to visit my Mamere for the first time since his passing and when I walked into the house I expected him to be sitting in his favorite chair? This is when it hit home for me, needless to say I teared up, my Mamere knew without saying a word why? She then hugged and consoled me. This is why Closeur of a loved one, is a very important part of our lives, when you say good-bye and start the grieving process, this shows the loved one, that you are strong and that their mission is complete, instead of delaying the process and feeling empty. This whole process of Closeur, may help us all as an Individual, but in the long run, it is a part of life, in which helps all in our Society to grow and be strong, no matter what life throws at us.


Our Society of Embelishment

                             We live today in a Society of Embelishment, within this word is filled with drama and political corection, we use it to gain an advantage over our fellow man. Our sports athletes also use this to gain the edge over their opponent, instead of playing the game right, some teams like to embelish, in order to gain momentum on their side, instead of a little hard work to earn that momentum, it is a form of cheating, like writing the answers on your hand, for the test your about to take, There are alot of people in our Society or in our favorite sports, that embelish quite often and it is wrong. What it does is makes us lazy, by taking the easy way out of a situation, it also takes the respect, and dignity out of our lives, sports and our Society. When you win a championship in any sport, with good hard work ethnic, there is no better feeling in the world, as far as accomplishment, when you work very hard and get rewarded with a championship. The same goes for life, when you work hard, doing it the right way, there is no better feeling, when the end result is being successful. Life is no picnic, there are many ups and downs, but if done the right way, there will be more ups then downs, the problem is when others try to take the shortcut and cheat to get ahead, in the end we all get hurt by your actions, as those of us that try to do it right, have to work harder to avoid others bad vibes. “Life is what you make it”, When you do it right, there is no better feeling of accomplishment, when you get rewarded for all your hard work. When you go through life, or play a sport and cheat or embelish your way, it will never satisfy you, cause you didn’t earn it. To have the respect and dignity in life, as well as a sport in which you play, you have to do it the right way, work very hard and the feeling you recieve will be the best feeling, you will ever recieve in your Lifetime.

Great Leader’s Lead

                             All throughout the History of the United States, we have had some Great Leader’s, whether they were in the limelight, or just being a simple Human Being of our Society. The fact is, we have no great Leaders in our Society today, nobody to look up to for all the right reasons, of modeling ourselves, to become a great Leader ourself. A Great Leader does not look for that proverbial “pat on the back”, he/she does what they do, cause they want to do it. They also do not start out as a Leader, they just simply do their jobs to the best of their ability, as they do their jobs they also look for ways of improvment, even if what they do is working. A Great leader will never mess up another ones “shoe shine”, in order to make themselves look good, if you research some of our Great Leaders, you will find they had no Enemies, or people who took opposition of what they did. Great Leaders are quiet in nature, as they do not even acknowledge the fact that they have become a Leader and they just keep going as they are just a simple person. Great Leaders have never taken to a public forum, in order to call out others, to make their agenda sound like the only agenda. A Great Leader also will never point the finger, as he/she would accept responsibility for their actions, or actions of others, then look for ways to fix what’s wrong, then implement into action without looking for any praise. In todays Society of Technology, this has changed how we try to lead, Great Leaders will find a way around this and keep doing what they do quietly, our so called Leaders today, think they are Leading, but what they are really doing is, creating a Society of, negativity and false hope. You want to be known as a Great Leader and cement your Legacy, then do so behind the scenes, with action. If this action brings America back to the Promise Land, people will find out about you, even without getting that proverbial “pat on the back”. In today’s Society, we have to many that think they are great leaders, cause of the position that they are in. A position does not make you a Leader, it’s what’s inside of each of us, that determines whether or not we have what it takes to be a real Great Leader. As I leave you with a quote from a Great Leader of my childhood, my Dad said “a leader never messes up another one’s shoe shine”, I never really thought of this til now, it makes sense and so true, as a #1 quality of being a Great Leader.

The Walls of our Forcefield

                            As we are born into this World, we come in a way of fragile, tiny and delicate. We were concieved by a Husband and a Wife, that showed their Love to one another, of which we are a product of that Love, for them to share, to hold, to love, to teach and to raise into our Society. As we grow with our Mother’s and Father’s and as they teach us, for life itself, we go through a wide array of tests, obstacles and hurdles, some more involved then other’s and to some, it sometimes takes a lifetime to correct, some may sail through the Journey without a worry, there are yet a lot that have to heal alot of bruises, throughout their Journey. As we grow and as our Journey commences, we tend to build walls, that act as a Forcefield, to help protect us on our Journey, when these walls are activated, we become isolated and do not allow anything or anybody to penetrate. When we are older and become productive members of our Society, our walls we built earlier in our lives, can very much get in the way, as it not only stops people from helping us, it also stops us from helping other’s. Growing up we depended on those walls for protection so much, that we become weak in dealing with other’s of our Society. The whole part of being born, so tiny and fragile, is so with our Parent’s love, we become strong and big, with love flowing out of our hearts, in order to help ourselves and all those around us, that we share this great planet with. God created this Earth, for all living things to live in, harmony, peace and love, so we can all live everyday with a smile and a simple hello to our fellow man.

The walls we build around us, to protect us in our vulnerable days, are great for that moment, but we need to tear them down later, so we can truely be free and strong, in order to enjoy the fruits of God’s labor, by living as he truely wanted us to.

The Coolest game on ice

 Hockey is the ultimate in excitement and working as a team,

Hockey means nothing as an Individual,

Hockey means winning when working together,

Hockey means working hard all the time forever,

Hockey is about team and working hard in full steam.


Teamwork is what breeds leaders in sports,

Teamwork is what our country needs more of,

Teamwork is what brings strength in numbers,

when working as a team we will soar like the dove,

teamwork will breed leader’s that will bring the ship into port.

Leader’s in our Society

                           When you look back to when the United States of America was first discovered til now, we have some great leaders that helped shape this Country into what it is today, that is the best and strongest nation on this planet. What is sad is, right now within our Governments, whether State or Federal, we have no leader’s, instead what we have is, alot of finger pointing and people not willing to take responsibility, so we in this country can turn the corner and fight to make this country great again. We have a Government that can’t even come together, in order to pass a budget, it’s been too long without a budget, which helps this country pay it’s bills. Instead you have people more concerned with themsilves, so they look good in order to get re-elected, so they can keep getting paid by us the taxpayer, to which they keep screwing us, for themselves to get ahead. We have a President that is not even close to being a leader, but he is good at speaking words, that he thinks we want to hear, this same guy wants to destroy everything in which our Constitution stands for, for personal gain only. Our entire Government right now, are doing nothing but, tweek the numbers, to make our situation in this country sound less dramatic, This country needs to be turned around in a hurry, before it is too late, in order to do this we need “LEADERS”, right now we have none, the time is now, to step up to the plate and be the leader, in which this country was based on and what made this country the best and strongest nation on this planet.

High a top the Mountain

As we climb the mountain we see various change,

the plant life becomes more brittle,

the terrain sometimes puts us in a pickle,

the beauty of the summit is awesome along the range.


The view from the mountain summit takes your breathe away,

watching the horizon change before your eyes,

seeing the sun shine on all its beauty from high in the sky,

to some it is a mountain to other’s it is a beautiful day.