The whole Voting process

” The grass is not always Greener on the other side”


This whole Voting process is so flawed, that it has become Corrupt and easily manipulative. These Candidates know exactly what to say and how to act, just to mislead us and get our vote. Hypocrisy is the word of the day, when you describe any Candidate that runs today, as they say one thing to get our vote, then once they are in office do the complete opposite of what they said, just for their own Personal gain.

During this round of Primary voting leading up to each Parties Convention, each Candidate needs to get to a certain amount of Delegates, so they can be the Nominee for their party, but if they do not get to that number, then the Delegates go to the Convention and vote again for the Candidate? Which then has the Delegates flipping if they choose to and be swayed into voting the way the Powers to be, AKA……. The Establishment wants them to vote, but during this process what actually happens to the popular vote, which is us, the hard working Individuals that makes this Country great. You want ” Real Change”, this is where it begins and it is us the hard working Individuals that can make the ” Real Change” happen.

Once the Nominee for each party has been chosen, now the real election begins and we all go to the Voting Polls once again to vote for an Individual we think is best suited for the office? But hold on, now there is this thing called the Electoral College, which is separate from the Popular vote………Really!!! Now the wrong Individual can get into office with this Electoral College, instead of the one that gets the Popular vote? The Popular vote is all of us hard working people that build this Country, where the Electoral College is where the Powers to be, get their power over all of us, you think we need to take back control of this power, only because these so called Politicians are doing nothing but ruining this Country, all for their own Personal gain. The time is now for the Career Politician to end, put term limits on all offices like that of the President and for us the hard working Individual, to look deeply into what we see, do our homework on each Candidate, so we can make better judgements and vote smarter in the future.

Those who dislike Donald Trump, you can’t ignore the fact that he is totally bringing to the for front, just how Corrupt this Voting process is. Donald Trump may or may not be the right Candidate for President of the United States? He also may be a little rough around the edges with the way he delivers his message, but within this ” Political Correct World” for which we live, it has made us all soft and weak, so when guys like Trump come around, we dislike him and won’t actually take the time to really listen to what he says and through this Political Correction, we have stopped looking deeply into what we see.

These Career Politicians will put together a Healthcare bill and pass it, before they actually see if it is equal to all? You think they actually care who it hurts, when their Healthcare is paid in full by you know who? Us the hard working stiffs within this Country. These same Individuals get paid handsomely by our tax dollars also, but they then think they can make their own hours and not show up for important votes they need to make, which will help all throughout this Country. Should we really vote for Hillary, just so she can be the first Woman President? We already made that mistake when we elected the first Afro American. This makes it even more important that we really make a good judgement and vote for an Individual, that can actually do the job and not make a Tee time at the Country club. It is our duty to stand up to these powers to be, or the Establishment of a party, instead of being their Puppet giving them all the power they want.

We all walk our paths through this journey of life, when we let others have all the power and control, then it is not our paths to walk anymore. Sure the journey is all the same for all of us, but the path then belongs to someone else, as we just wander through with no true direction in which to go. These paths are full of choices for us to make, time we get off our Fannies and start making the right choices, so we all can walk these paths of this journey through life, peacefully and with happiness everyday of our existence.


” When we don’t make the right choices along our paths of this journey, We then lose all the power These paths give us”

” Everyday we walk these paths there are choices to make, this is what makes us stronger and better through this journey of life”

” Time to make smarter decisions at the voting booth, so we don’t become a Puppet for the Establishments”

” The power and control is within our grasp, time we grab it back from the so called Establishment”

Love is within us all

We all walk a path through this Journey of life, these paths bring to us a wide variety of challenges, that will test us and Tempt us. While being challenged we will go through some times that will have us lose sight of who we truly are, we will get lost within the clouds of our judgements, we will lose our true feelings  of emotions, which will have us forget that, the true feeling of love is always within our hearts and never leaves us, as much as we may think.

Within this Society we live today and all the ugliness that is around us, has forced us to bury this feeling of Love so deep within, that we have forgotten just what true love is anymore. We throw this word love around so much today, that we have lost what the true meaning of the word is. So many Marriages today end in Divorce after a short term, simply because those have lost the true meaning of what love is, unlike those of times past that truly stay together, til ” Death do them part”.

The Journey of life hasn’t changed, it is only the way we walk our paths that has changed and why we have lost the true meaning and feeling, of the word Love. The feeling of Love has never left us, just that we don’t acknowledge it within us anymore, simply because these paths that challenge us with hurdles and bruises brings us pain and we bury who we truly are, just so we can try to move forward, with as little pain as we can.

We also fear the unknown and with this unknown, it can and will bring more pain to us as we walk our paths, so we then hide within ourselves, to protect ourselves from further pain, while we are hiding is when we lose all our true feelings and emotions and is how we lose the true meaning and feeling, of this word Love that is always within our hearts, to not only love ourselves, but share this love with all that is around us.

Love may be a four letter word, but it is the only four letter word, that will bring goodness and happiness to us all. All we have to do is, truly feel the power of this word, deep within our hearts, so we all can walk our paths of this journey through life, peacefully and with true happiness always.


” Love is a four letter word, but the true feeling of this word is deep within all our hearts”

” To truly feel this word of love, will have the word of Hate be erased from all our lives”


Troubling times throughout this Journey



This to some that may not know, is known as a Fallout Shelter, it protects us from harm as it is built into the Earth, with thick concrete walls and thick steel doors, keeping you from whatever is trying to harm you. This could help protect you from natural disasters, like Tornadoes and Hurricanes, or it can help you escape War’s like back in the Era of World War 1 and 2. People back in the Era of the War’s were building these on their properties, as they wanted to feel safe from what was unknown. We all Fear the unknown it is completely normal as much as we may think? So when the more fortunate ones built these Shelters and stocked them with supplies needed, it gave them a feeling of peace, knowing they had a place to escape what Feared them, or whatever ugliness was around them.

With these Fallout Shelters and keeping us safe from the ugliness around us, who then is suppose to keep us safe from each other? Everyday on the news and what we may see with our eyes, there are some who are attacking those around us, these attacks range from a wide variety of different kinds of attacks both physical and mentally. This definitely was not the vision God expected, when he created all of Mankind.  These attacks are all on us, the People who walk their paths along this Journey of Life.

Physical Abuse, Mental Abuse, they may come to us differently, but they leave the same scars deep within our Souls, they hurt us in ways that it turns us into someone we truly are not, they affect that inner Child that is deep within all of us, which leaves that Child in so much pain, that it never grows properly, as we never grow properly around it. The Abuser does nothing but create Victims and most Victims then become an Abuser, it is one big vicious circle, that we all need to look deeply into, so we can break the links of this circle and all live peacefully with happiness everyday.

Abuse of any kind should never be tolerated, but behind this Abuse is an Individual hurting deeply within themselves, an Individual that is so lost within the clouds of their judgments, that they can’t see where they are going along their path of this journey, they have lost all respect and trust of everything around them, so they then lash out trying to end their own pain from hurting them anymore. Trust is a big part of an Individual that is hurting, as without it they feel there is nowhere to turn, in order for them to heal from their pain. When an Individual becomes a Victim of any kind of Abuse, they stop walking their paths and simply wander in circles, just trying to get rid of the pain that has engulfed them deep inside, they lose the trust of all that is around them, which then has them losing all respect of everything around them as well.

When we hurt deep inside, it is not just ourselves that hurt, it is that Inner Child deep within all of us that hurts deeply as well. When this Child grows properly, then we ourselves grow properly with it and become better and stronger moving forward, but when that Child hurts it stops us from moving forward and become stagnate throughout this journey. The way we properly heal ourselves from our troubles is, not only forgiving ourselves, but forgiving that Child as well. Just like we Nourish, Feed, clothe and take care of our Children in our Families, we need to do the same of that Inner Child within us all, as we walk our paths through this journey of life, we can do so in Peace and Happiness everyday.


” Fallout Shelters protects us from any harm that may come to us, but true forgiveness of ourselves can protect us from the harm that will come to all of us”

” We all have an Inner Child within us, we need to take better care of this Child so we all can prosper and be better along this journey”

” Trust, Respect and Forgiveness are the true factors of our lives and these factors we all take for granted”



Divine Mercy………..

Autumn Leaves

Today is Divine Mercy Sunday, a special time for us to truly learn for what Divine Mercy really means, as we walk our paths through this journey of life.

Divine Mercy is acknowledging God’s love that is within us all. The warm feeling of Empathy that is within us, is the love of God in our hearts, when we acknowledge this Empathy, it is very easy for us to then share it with each other. The hard part is to acknowledge this Empathy, especially when life throws us a curve ball and brings these life events to us along our paths.

Divine Mercy is also a part of each of us, as we get older and mature as we walk our path of this journey. I get that with all the ugliness around us, it makes it hard to have true Empathy of all around us, but if we stay true to ourselves, feel the love of God within us, it becomes that much easier to share with each other, our Empathy and love that is within our hearts, with each other. Divine Mercy helps us Mature into the person that God envisioned, when he created all of Mankind.

To see all the ugliness around us, without feeling the true Empathy within us, we will never then look deeply into what we see, we will never share the warmth of our love with each other, nor will we become the Person that God envisioned, when he created all of us.

Within this Society today, we all have become lazy and look to take the easy way, instead of feeling the warmth of God’s love and the true Empathy within us. Instead of having Divine Mercy with and of each other, we then look the other way at all around us. We tend to think if I stay  within myself, then this ugliness won’t affect me? It don’t work that way, we need to stay true to ourselves, truly feel the warmth of God’s love within us, feel the Empathy within us, so we then can truly share it with all that is around us.

Divine Mercy is the maturity of each of us, as we grow old on our paths of this journey through life. It is the acceptance of everything around us, as we have true Mercy of all that has scorned us, of all others that cross our paths, it is the forgiveness of ourselves and the forgiveness of those around us, no matter who they may be. So as we celebrate this day of Divine Mercy, let us truly feel the love and Empathy within us, then share it with all those around us as well.


” Divine Mercy is the Maturity of ourselves as we grow old along this path within this journey of life”

” Divine Mercy is about feeling the Empathy within us and sharing it with each other”

” Divine Mercy is truly having Mercy for all that has scorned us and having true forgiveness no matter what That has brought us the pain”

we are all immigrants walking a path

story idea


Before America received the name of the United States of America. It was a Continent known as North America. The only true Citizen of this Continent was the Native American. These Natives moved freely on their journey. before others came here looking for a better way to walk their journeys and when they came here to start a new, they immigrated here, they explored what was to be their new home. America was built on Immigration, but Immigration done the right way. The group known as the Pilgrims, sailing on three ships and charting a course to explore this Continent of America, eventually settled here and made friends with the Native Americans, they did it the right way and didn’t come here to make waves or force themselves on the Natives that were here.

Over time the Pilgrims and the Natives became good friends and helped each other improve this land of America, they shared and bartered with each other for all their needs, they simply got along great, because they didn’t sneak in here and try to force themselves or take advantage of the Natives that were already here. This would be what we know today as the legal way to do something, unlike what is happening within our Society of today. Today we have what we know as ” Illegal” Immigrants and when the word ” Illegal” is before anything, Common sense should tell you that you are doing something wrong. These Individuals are sneaking across the borders of America, stealing what they can to survive, killing whatever gets in their way and simply invading a space for which they are not welcome. Then once they are here they will do anything, like stealing the identity of another to stay here and as they live under a false name, they then receive free money by the Leaders of America, with the hopes that they then follow the process of becoming a Citizen, but never really follow anything, as all they want is to do whatever they want.

There is a process to becoming a Citizen of any Country anywhere and if you don’t want to follow that process, then quite simply stay wherever that it was you came from. There are too many Citizens of a Country that do it correctly, work very hard, in order for not only making themselves better, but help make their Native Country better as well. It takes a lot of hard work to make a Country great for it’s true Citizen’s,  you have to make a plan, then work that plan, so we all can walk our paths along this journey, not only to be better and stronger, but to make an entire Country better and stronger, with no “I” in the team of life.

Within this Society of today you have people that work very hard for everything they have. Work very hard to be better and stronger moving forward. Then there are People that won’t think twice at stealing everything you have worked hard at achieving. These People have no Respect or even an ounce of responsibility for anything that crosses their paths. They don’t want to work for anything, but think that everything should be given to them now and if it is not, than they will just take, no matter of how they take it. Now it is not just Immigrants that come here Illegally, that try to take from the ones that work hard, as there are some that are legal that are lazy and have no clue, as to what the meaning of hard work really is. This shows just how out of touch we have all become, from the days that built America into a great Country and renamed it to be, the United States of America.


” To be great at anything first you need to make a plan then work the plan as hard as you can, so we all can be better and stronger moving forward”

” Immigration done the right way is the best thing for all involved, as it keeps us all moving forward in all we do”

” The word Illegal means you are doing something wrong and you need to change what you are doing”


April Fools!!!

On this day of April 1st, we all try to prank each other just so we can say ” April Fools” at the end of the day. What we don’t look deeply into is, we are creating a Victim of our pranks, simply because we rationalize away that we are just trying to be funny.

I haven’t been a Victim of these pranks in a long while, but this morning I read an article that looked very legit from my favorite sports team, about my favorite player on that team. This article was on my wall of Facebook from one of my friends and this article looked like it came directly from the Boston Bruins which is my favorite team. Patrice Bergeron my favorite player on the team was what the article is about, he is also the best player on the team, This article stated that Patrice suffered a season ending freak injury, which he was walking down the stairs of an airplane, slipped and to break his fall, landed on his hand and broke his hand? I get the fact of trying to make a joke on this day and create a very believable prank? But at the expense of the best player on a team, to which is very liked throughout Bruins Nation, True my heart sank into my stomach as I read this, but when I got to the last sentence which read, ” April Fools. Patrice is fine”, now your getting into an area of, wishing an injury on a person, to which happens to be the teams best player at that.

We all want to one up each other, we all want to be better than each other I get that, but when you create Victims from your actions is not the way to truly be better than anything, let alone better than each other, on the contrary if we all could simply learn to work together, get along with each other  and create pranks that are actually funny, instead of creating more hatred among ourselves, just maybe we can walk our paths through this journey of life peacefully, with all of us being happy everyday.

A true April Fools prank should be fun and make the target of the prank, feel embarrassed that they have been duped, but when a prank is of an injury to another person even jokingly, now your crossing the line into a grey area, that should never be crossed by anybody at any time. Wishing ill of somebody means that you have lost what the true meaning of Empathy is and you are only thinking of yourself and nobody else, simply for a joke and a laugh. Come on people we are better than that, or we are suppose to be better than that? Within this Society and the fact that we are all lost within the clouds of our judgments, shows just how out of touch we all are with our true feelings of Empathy.

Empathy is a feeling that is within us all, it is also a feeling that we turn off and bury deep within our soul when certain life events happen to us, cause we don’t want to feel the pain from these events. When we bury these feelings deep within, all we are truly doing is becoming someone we truly are not. This pain we feel from the event/events, should make us want to fix what is wrong, instead of hiding within ourselves then becoming someone we truly are not, the thing we fear most from the pain is, what others will think of us, instead of staying true to self. The path we walk here on this journey, is walked by us as an Individual, others around us don’t walk our paths and some simply try to derail us from this path, so they can think they are better, or they simply don’t care for anything/anybody around them. It is a sad reality we all live here within this Society, but to truly change this will take the proper actions by each and every one of us as we walk our paths of this journey through life.


” April Fools is a day we all prank each other for a laugh, it shouldn’t be a day we wish Ill of another for that laugh”

” Empathy is a feeling within us all. it is also a feeling that we have lost the true meaning of”

” Creating a Victim is not the way to walk through this journey of life, all this does is create more hatred throughout this Society”

” to be better and stronger moving forward is a good thing, but to create a Victim to do this is a bad thing”


Security within this Cyber World



Within this World of the Internet, are we truly as secure as we think we are? You can get the most up to date Anti Virus Software and what you may think of as the best out there, but with all the Hacker’s and the ones who can write code better than they can speak, are we truly as safe as we think we are, when we enter into the World of Cyber.

In the World of Cyber no matter who you are, you are vulnerable to a cyber attack and when this attack happens, not only do you not see it coming, but it will also take control of not only your computer, but it will control who we truly are. Is this what we have become within this Society? A Society of attacking each other, instead of feeling the love from within and sharing it with each other?

In this picture is my favorite past time, going camping in a place where peace and serenity is all around you, yes there are still places like this today, just that within this Society, nobody looks deeply into what they see anymore. I can also have a quiet place for which I can come up with fresh ideas, jot them down so I can keep my writing fresh. Writing is good for the soul, it helps us all keep out feelings within reach, instead of burying them so deep within, that we lose touch of our true feelings. When we lose touch of our true feelings, we then lose touch of who we truly are. We all go through stages in our lives, that we let all the crap overwhelm us, we let the life events control who we truly are, then we never stop, take a breathe and truly look deeply into what we see. For some camping is not for them, they don’t like sleeping in a sleeping bag on the surface of the Earth, then the thought of digging their own bathroom hole gets them out of their comfort zone and cooking over an open fire? in this Society cooking over an open fire is, firing up the grill outside in the backyard.

Camping is a good way to escape our realities, re-focus our minds and clear them of all the crap. get our Biological clocks back in sync with our bodies, so we can truly be who we truly are. Living off the grid is something this Society can not do, cause we are so caught up within the crap, that we can’t see a way out of it? Take away all the Techy devices and a very high percentage of us, would be lost and not know what to do. The old school days of writing have given way to the new age of using the computer, then sharing it as soon as you finish your work, but in the old school you had a Typewriter ( most don’t know what that is), but the Writer’s of yesterday still had their work published, just not as easy as today. We have become lost within this Society in the way of, how Technology has made it so easy for us, that we have forgotten how to get things done the way it is suppose to be done. For example, instead of remembering a phone number, we tell our cell phones to call somebody and it dials the number for us? With all the Technology within this Society, we have become lost within the clouds of reality and who we truly are.

Living off the Grid is something that most could never do within this Society, but is something that our fore-Father’s did everyday that they walked their paths through this journey of life, they had none of this Technology we have today, but yet they survived and prospered in their lives. This is why the idea of camping to some is, starting the Motor Home and going for a ride with all the comforts of Home. If something should happen within this Society, that forces us to be off the Grid, a very high percentage of us, would then become lost and not know what to do next. We have taken so much for granted in this Society, that we expect everything, instead of working hard for what we have or want. We all walk a path through this journey of life, just like our Fore-Father’s did in their time, the difference is that they looked deeply into what they saw and have become shallow and lost.


” Living off the grid may be hard work on a daily basis, but with hard work comes true feelings of success and knowing who you truly are”

” True camping is a form of living off the Grid, not firing up a Motor Home and being with all the comforts of home and all your Techy devices”

” sleeping on the surface of the Earth not only brings us closer to the Earth, it can bring us closer to who we truly are”


The Tale of the Floundering Flip Flops


Flip Flops……. Tongs? What ever you want to call them,  the  are a form of open toed shoe we  wear on a hot humid day. Flip Flop is also something we do when we are for something one day, then go against it the next day. Flip Flop on a subject is something we all do, even without realizing we are doing it, although we throughout this Society do it more than we will admit to. Most of the time as we walk our paths of this journey through life, we will flip flop many things, just because we don’t want to be looked as different, than those around us.

Within this Society instead of doing what we feel and know is right, we tend to follow those around us, for fear of being made fun of or looked at as different, because we don’t do as they do. As someone we know close to us is doing something totally different than we are doing, we will then Flip Flop and do as them, regardless of whether we know it is right or wrong. We fear so much of what others think of us we forget truly of who we are, we get lost within the clouds of our judgement and then we become someone we truly are not.

The biggest Culprit of being a Flip Flopper is our Elected Officials, these Individuals will tell us one thing in order to get elected, then when they are in office, they do the opposite of what they said. We as Citizens not only have to be smarter than them, we have to make better judgements and research better of who we are voting for. True these Individuals that are running for an office come from a law background and know every loop hole for which to get through, but we the Citizens have to close these holes, before they can squeeze through them and Rob us of not just our pride and dignity, but take us for all our hard earned money as well.

” When you can walk your path of this journey through life without messing another’s shoe shine, then you can be at true peace with a job well done”

We in this Society have become complacent and lazy, and when we can take short cuts to advance ourselves we will do just that. We have forgotten what the words ” Hard Work” truly means and because of that, we won’t blink an eye to stepping on each other in order to further ourselves. This is a sad reality, but it is the reality we are living right now and it starts with the top, then works it way down. When those in power follow these ways and the ones below see them do it, now you have a Society that is afraid to step out of the box and be who they truly are.

Let the words Flip Flops stay with the form of shoe wear, let’s not as a Society be known as a Society of Flip Floppers, when we all be who we truly are, then we all can walk our paths of this journey through life in peace, while we all become better and stronger moving forward. This journey isn’t about stepping on each other’s shine, as this journey in the eyes of God our Creator, is about all of us sharing our love with each other, helping one another at times of need and when we do this, nothing but good will come to each of us, as we walk our paths through this journey of life.


” Flip Flops are a form of shoe wear, it is not about saying one thing and doing another”

” Being a Flip Flopper is not truly who we are this gets learned from somewhere,  what is within all of us is love and is truly who we are”

” It takes more effort to Flip Flop, than it does to simply show our love from within with ieach other”


Drugs… an addiction that changes who you truly are

Is anything ever of what we see? Or is it what we want to see when we are hiding deep within the core of our being? These are real questions we need to ask of ourselves, when we are being controlled by an addictive drug that has us do things we ordinary would never do. These are questions that we fear, only because we are in denial of and refuse to acknowledge the truth of the situation.

This lonely tree in the center of this picture, the one that has been stripped of all it’s limbs and life of the leaves that would of made this tree very vibrant at one time. This is very similar to what drug addiction will do to you when you let it control, who you truly are. Drug addiction will not only strip you of knowing who you truly are, it will also strip you of all that is around you, especially those around you that you hold dear. Why do we let this type of addiction control who we are? When we truly find the truth to this answer, maybe then we can control it, instead of it controlling us.

Drug Addiction is killing all of us from the inside out, no matter if your the victim of the addiction, or the Victim of the Victim. When someone is addicted to drugs, all they think about is their next high, they never think of those they are hurting, because they are so far in Denial, that they are only thinking of themselves. While the Addiction has you in it’s grips, you lose all sense of who you truly are and will do anything to get the resources, in order to receive that high. A very close friend is within these grips now and I am sorrowed to see him go down like this, but the truth is, I can be there to support him, but it is himself only that can get himself out of the grips of this addiction.

Addiction of any kind is so controlling that we don’t want to admit to anybody, not even ourselves that we let ourselves get into it’s grips. We are so shamed of the grips of the addiction, that we Fear the most of what others will think of us, so we then try to move forward being someone we truly are not. The biggest reason we Fear of what others will think of us is, because those that say they are friends now are not true friends, because when things go south they then turn their backs and make fun of you in your time of need, making them shallow and having issues of their own, they need to work out as well. It’s a whole big vicious circle and a circle that needs to be cut into, so we can fix it’s contents, so we all can walk our paths of this journey through life, in peace and just maybe the grips of all Addiction, will cease to control anything/anyone and we all can be better and stronger moving forward.


” Addiction is controlling each one of us in one way shape or form, it is time we all reverse this controlling now”

” Addiction strips us of who we really are, then kills us from the inside out”

” To show more love of one another, will help with taking back control of all addictions”


The Fisher of Men have become the Creatures of habit

” Jesus said to Simon, ” Do not be afraid; from now on you will be catching men”. When they brought their boats to the shore, they left everything and followed him”.


***LK 5:10-11***


The journey of a Fisherman could be either a very long one, or quicker than setting the nets for the catch, so they can return home with the daily catch. The journey of a Fisherman can be either very rewarding, or a big disappointment depending on how big the catch of the day brings a smile to his face. The journey of the Fisher of Men, will take you where ever you want to go, while staying true to yourself, believing in yourself and Jesus Christ our Savior.

What changed us within this Society from being Fisher of Men, to Creatures of Habit, is the simple fact that we fear any kind of failure, we fear any thought of what others will think of us, we all have our issues along this journey of life, we all hurt with real pain from these issues, but when we hide who we truly are because we fear what others will think of us, now you have a whole Society hiding deep within themselves and becoming Creatures of Habit, instead of being Fisher of men like Jesus showed Simon Paul, when he followed the Son of man.

” Give man a pole and he will become a Fisherman, teach man to Fish and he will become a Fisher of Men”

We all walk a path along this journey through life, a Fisherman is no different than the rest of us. The Fisherman will wake up each day much before the sun will awaken, he gets to his boat and prepares it for the days journey, makes sure he has a full tank of gas, his engines are warmed up and in tune with the days journey, he makes sure the charts are marked and the days journey has been noted, he then goes through all the fishing poles and the equipment, checking each item and making sure they are in good working order, but what most today will forget to do is, have complete faith in yourself as well as in Jesus Christ, so you can take a journey on the water, turn it from Fearing the what if’s and fearing the thought of the unknown into the Wild Blue Yonder. When we have complete Faith in ourselves and also in Jesus Christ our Savior, then we to can return to the shores of the sea’s, not just being a Fisherman, but becoming a Fisher of Men,

Fear is a strong feeling that will control every fiber of our being if we let it. With everything that is going on within our Society, it is very easy to hide within and Fear all that is around, also with a Society that stays behind it’s Computers and whatever Techy device you have, or even playing games, which does nothing but furthering we as a Society towards hiding deep within ourselves.  When you hide deep within, you simply are not being true to who you are, or being true to who is around you.

Fear will stop us all from being who we truly are, when we have a fear for something, we avoid whatever that it is we fear, instead of truly having faith in ourselves and Jesus Christ. Face your fear head on, look directly into the eyes of the fear, so instead of hiding deep within ourselves, we can all walk our paths of this journey through life in peace, while showing our love of ourselves with each other, instead of living in fear of one another.


” A Fisher of Men gives us the strength and Faith to carry on throughout this journey of life”

” A Fisherman gives us the daily catch, to fill our stomachs for a day, so we can practice to be a Fisher of Men”

”  With trust and Faith we all can be Fisher of Men, with no Fear of anything to get in our ways”