Walk with Faith, to see the Hope

” Simon Peter answered him, Master, to whom shall we go? You have the words of Eternal Life”

Jn 6:68

With these words within the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, some may not truly understand, so they will turn away and give up on following Jesus Christ. This quote from the Gospel, couldn’t be truer of the way we are within this society. We all in one way or another, have walked away from something, we give up on working through something because it is the easy way out. Take marriages for instance, gone are the days of 40+ years together, only because, nobody wants to work together to get thru the tough times, so we think the grass will be greener with another at our side? In some cases, the marriage gets off on the wrong foot, as some will become someone they are not just to land what they say is the ” big catch”? If your basing a marriage on this philosophy, then you will be doomed from the very beginning. When you are not true to who you are at the beginning, then how do you expect for anyone to truly know the real you? Life is not about portraying some fake portion, or maybe someone that you yourself does not even know, because when you do this, then you are dividing yourself, from all others around you.

Then as we walk our paths of this journey, there will be many life events that will come to us, yes these events will control us if we let them. Some of these events will be brought on by ourselves and our actions, as other events will come from those around us. No matter how the event may come, when the going gets rough, we walk away to try to escape it, instead of facing it head on and working through our troubles, which will actually make us better and stronger moving forward. Jesus talks about his body and blood to his followers, he then passes around a bread loaf for each to rip off a piece, for his last supper, then passes around the red wine as his blood, for all to drink. When we eat this bread and drink this wine, we are acknowleding Jesus within our hearts and souls, as he then gives us eternal life within the world of his peace. It is when we do not keep to this faith, that any hope for our future, diminishes from our paths. Right now within this society, too many have lost this faith, as we see all the chaos and ugliness around us. Many have walked away from Jesus Christ, as they think they can do better as they walk this journey through life? Some may go to the house of the Lord on Sunday’s, then as they leave after service, will forget what was said and return to their own ways? But will say they believe? To truly believe in Jesus Christ, is believing with your mind, body and soul, listening to the words in the Gospel and implementing them within your current life, not forgeting what was said, then trying to move forward with your own version? Jesus was not about taking over the world, or killing others, this is totally on we the people, and with all the ugliness around us, we can clearly see, just how many have walked away and gave up on Jesus, taking the easy way out, instead of staying in the fight and working through the hard times, so we than can be within the peace and love of Jesus Christ.

To some within this society, it is all about me, me, me, they think that Jesus never exsisted and no matter right or wrong, their way is the only way? This is exactly the kind of attitude that is affecting us all as we walk our paths of this journey. With this attitude or Ideaology, we are on a path of division and destruction, unless we change our ways and attitudes, then one day there will be nothing left for further societies to come. We are our own worst enemy, we will walk away from anything that gives us troubles and find the easy way, as we have become too lazy, to work for anything that is worth it for our future. Yes, there are some that will try to push their ways on to us, they will Bully us into taking our control away from us, so they can only seem as powerful as they are? Those who are being Bullied, then walk away, instead of standing up to the Bully, because at the time it seems like the easy way out, but in reality, we are furthering the agenda of the Bully. We all have been bullied at some point along our paths, it is how we deal with these times and not walk away, that determines of how we move forward, better and stronger throughout this journey we walk.

Walking away from anything at the time, may seem like the best thing? But in reality, we are hurting ourselves and those around us. We have walked away from too many of our troubles in the past, only if we have stayed and fought harder to overcome the troubles, then maybe our futures wouldn’t be so bleak? With all the division and the destruction around us today, goes to show just how many have walked away, to take what they thought was the easy way out? Jesus walked through this journey, not to show us this division and destruction, this is on each of us within this society, Jesus walked this journey, to show us love, compassion for each other, how to get through the troubling times, to get through the storms, so we can get to the other side, the side of the light of the path of righteousness, as he brings us into his peace and joy, of the eternal world. This journey of life does not revolve around any certain one of us, it revolves around us all, and when we truly feel the love of Jesus within our hearts and souls, when we truly have the faith in Jesus Christ, we then will see the hope right in front of us, as we keep moving forward along our paths, we also will be more able to walk through any storm and get to the other side, the side of the light along the path of righteousness, that is the path Jesus showed us to get to, for the eternal life, of the world of peace and happiness always.

When those troubling times come to you, when the darkness takes away all the light, this is when we need to be at our strongest, this is when we need to stand up and fight the good fight, keep the true faith in Jesus Christ as he will help guide us, as we dig down deep within, to not just walk through the storm, but walk through with faith, that the true hope will always be there on the other side, so we than can be within the peace and joy of Jesus Christ. This journey isn’t about walking away and taking the easy route, but when we fight the good fight and overcome our troubles, then this journey will become easy for us all, as now through the faith in Jesus and ourselves, the peace and joy is right in front of us along with the hope, which then dismisses all the division and the ugliness that may be around us. Satan is the one who will place the bumps along our paths, to trip us up away from Jesus Christ, he will bring to us many temptations, that will bring nothing but darkness to us all. This is why we need to keep the faith in Jesus as well as ourselves, so we can have the true hope before us, and not the false hope of, all the divisiion and ugliness that Satan will give us, when we give in to his temptations. The decision is ours to make, we can either feel the warmth of the love of Jesus within our hearts and souls, or we can let our hearts become cold, within the world of Satan, full of division and destruction. When we truly follow Jesus as he guides us onto the path of righteousness, we will be within the eternal life of his peace and joy, but when we chose Satan, we then will be within all the division and ugliness, which then brings much pain and hurt to us all. With the true faith in Jesus and ourselves, we then can walk through the dark times, to get into the light of salvation and eternity, which then will bring to us, the peace and joy of Jesus Christ.

So the easy way out and to just walk away from your troubles, may seem like the best way? The grass is never greenest on the other side, as we need to work through our troubles, so we than can truly see the real green grass on the other side, as we become better and stronger moving forward. This is what Jesus taught us as he walked this journey with us, this is how we evolve with strength and how we move forward instead of backwards further into the darkness. We can walk away from everything that may be in front of us, but if we do not fight the good fight, we will never learn the true meaning of what Jesus taught us during his time with us. So as the Priest talks of the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ, he really means that, don’t just eat the bread and use the wine to chase it down, let the bread melt in your mouth, then let the blood of Christ bring it throughout your body, as you acknowledge Jesus is within you, then you can feel the true warmth of his love within your heart and soul, so with the true faith of Jesus and of yourself, now you can walk through any darkness, to get to the light of the hope in front of you, that will bring you to the eternal life of peace and joy always.

” The easy way is to never walk away and give up, to get through the troubles we must fight the good fight so this journey then becomes easy for us all”

” To walk away from the troubles we may think is easy, but we are just extending all the division and ugliness further along our paths”

” When the troubles come to us, this is Satan trying to tempt us into the darkness, we need to stand strong against him, so the darkness will give way to the light of salvation and the eternal life of Jesus Christ, for true faith and hope into his peace”

May the Lenten Journey bring us Peace

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” And when I am lifted up from the Earth, I will draw everyone to myself”.

*** John 12:32 ***


May the Lenten journey bring you closer to the Lord, may you totally feel his love that is deep within your heart and soul, for which you need not look any further than yourself. Then as you feel the love of God within you and become soothed by the warmth, then let us all spread this Love with each other, instead of this hatred, that is ripping us apart.

Love is in the air and no it is not a red heart with Cupid’s arrow going through it, it’s the true love from Jesus Christ to us all, who walk a path through this journey of life. Jesus came to us and sacrificed for us all, he taught us so many things and with his teachings came his true love for us all, no matter of who you were. The biggest thing Jesus showed us, was how too resist Temptation, as it is everywhere and will try to control who we truly are. This Temptation is just Satan trying to steer us away from Jesus, so he can bring hatred and ugliness, instead of the true beauty and love that Jesus brings.

Just as God our Father gave us his one and only son………… Jesus Christ. Maybe to one day? Jesus will bring to us his son, so we of this Society being so removed from his journey, can truly see and feel his love deep within our hearts and souls. We so truly need this. as just like the Society back then, there is way to much Temptation, hatred and ugliness, at every turn along our paths of this journey. With so many that have wandered away from the house of the Lord, I think it is time we revisit, see what has changed and what has stayed constant? Just maybe if we all make the trek back to the house of the Lord, we all can get back in touch with who we truly are, which is someone who is nothing but love, happiness and joy, with at no time has, any kind of hatred or ugliness. These are learned from somewhere and it is time to unlearn them, so we all can move forward, in the Peace of the Lord always and forever.

May the waterfall of this picture, cleanse us all and wash away our sins, so we than can move forward in Jesus Christ, truly feel his love deep within our hearts and souls, so we than can share this love with each other and not, this hatred or ugliness, that consumes us now. The good will always prevail, just we so need to have complete faith in, not just ourselves but in Jesus Christ as well, so we than can have the hope in all we do moving forward. If you look deeply into the water going over the falls, you can clearly see the strands of water, instead of just looking and seeing black….white……then black again. The white of the falls represents the paths of each of us, as all our sins, pain and suffering gets washed away, so we than can get back in touch with who we truly are, with zero distractions, as we walk this journey through life, in Peace and Happiness always.


” The journey of Lent isn’t just for Catholics or Christians, as Jesus Christ welcomes all to come to the journey”

” The Lenten journey is all about love, peace, sacrifice and a self examination of your inventory deep within”

” The love of Jesus Christ is within us all, time we all truly feel it and unleash it’s true power”

” Jesus is around us everywhere, we just have to see his signs and truly feel his love, then we can move forward with true strength always”






The Family foundation will never steer you wrong, it may become cracked, but the love will always keep it strong



” Then the King will say to those on his right, come….. You are blessed by my father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the World”

*** Mt 25:34***


With every foundation it needs to be layered properly and with care, so it than can protect and be sturdy enough to last the test of time. A good sturdy foundation needs to handled with care, so it’s true strength can be felt later on down the road, of all our paths of this journey through life. A Family foundation is the most important foundation we will ever lay, this foundation will never be laid over night, it will take time to lay this foundation properly, but when we do it right, it will become the strongest of all the foundations, for which we will ever build.

Love is the one key ingredient in laying our family foundation, with love each brick in the foundation, will be strengthened by each other and when laid correctly, will not only make our family foundation strong, but will make the family bond be so strong, that nothing will ever break it.

Throughout the history of Mankind, there have been so much that tries to come between a families bond and it’s foundation, true there may be a wedge driven between the cracks of the foundation to divide us, but when we stay true to the love of the bond, stay true to ourselves always, keep total faith in the foundation, all the cracks formed from the wedge, will disappear making our foundation stronger than ever. There is nothing ever that will crumble our family foundation, when we stay true to who we are, stay true to the love of God within us, then as a family we will work together in repairing the cracks from the wedge.

There is no wedge big enough to crumble a families bond, let alone the family foundation. True these wedges will try to control us individually and take away our love of family, if we let them. The love never leaves us, only we bury the love so deep within, that we move forward like it was never there? We then become part of the wedge as it goes deeper into the foundation, there will be other factors to sway on the side of the wedge, which will bring much pain and hurt to us, but instead of truly understanding of the why’s, we then in order to try to get rid of the pain and hurt, bury it deep within and become someone we truly are not and in some cases, without realizing we have become someone else. With all the crap and the ugliness within this Society, it all starts with our Family foundation and bond, when there is a lack of these two, we then bring it to the rest of the Society and a lot of times without truly realizing of what we are doing. A Society is formed around each of us and what we bring to it, when the family foundation is cracked and the family bond is broken, this is how the Society around us becomes broken as well.

The true light of God is always within us, his love never leaves us, only we as people are the ones who make the choice of truly feeling God’s love deep within  our hearts and souls. When we grow within our families and when things get a bit bumpy in the building of the foundation and the bond, this is when we need to be at our strongest and not walk away, without truly laying the bricks of love on the foundation, when we walk away then we don’t give the bond a chance to form and be the strongest that it can be. When we begin our path through this journey of life, we are tiny and frail, we need guidance and have to be fed, without these then we are left alone, then we bring this to a Society of many. When we are alone it becomes very hard to have faith in anything, let alone ourselves, we lose the warm feeling within us that is the love of God. The family foundation and the family bond is so critical to each of us, as we walk our paths of this journey, that without it, we then become lost and just wander along our paths, with no set purpose in life, then we take this to a Society, which then becomes broken as we are. God’s love is always within us as we walk this journey, all we need to do is, have complete faith in ourselves and in him, so we can truly feel the warmth of his love deep within our hearts and souls, then all the foundations can be repaired by each of us, one brick at a time.


” A good foundation isn’t just laid on top of each other, you place the bricks together with the love of God one by one with each other”

” A family foundation and a family bond will never be broken, when built with true love and with all being true to themselves”

” The light of God is that warm feeling within your hearts and souls, that is God’s love within us all for each of us to share with each other”

” Love is the one key ingredient in the building of a strong foundation, so we all can walk in peace and be happy at every turn”





To practice what you Preach………..



” Therefore, do and observe all things whatsoever they tell you, but do not follow their example, for they Preach but they do not practice”

***Mt 23:3***


” We walk a path through this journey of life, nothing is ever of it seems, much like this stream, where with each turn around it’s rocky shores, there is a new obstacle for the stream to flow over”




We all speak many words throughout our lives, we also may preach to others of how to do things, but what we all get caught up doing a lot of times, we either speak or we write the proper words for others to follow, then we forget just how to follow those words ourselves, or maybe we don’t think we have to follow what we preach? Some may set an example of what they preach, but is this the true way of how Jesus Christ taught and showed us, when he came and walked his journey with us? Jesus followed the word of his father, the same father to each one of us within Heaven, yes we all have a father here on Earth, that loves us unconditionally, that guides us and supports us through all we do and never asks for anything in return, but the love of God our father is within us all, this love is within our hearts and souls, but yet in this Society we carry on, like it doesn’t even exist, we have lost the faith in our father in Heaven, as in this Society of ugliness and hatred proves just that and with no faith in our father in Heaven, it then leaves us with no hope moving forward along our paths of this journey through life.

The words of God our father are within the Gospel, which Jesus taught us of where to look and read, so we can follow these words and do the right thing always, but within this Society we get so caught up within the clouds of our judgments and within, our own minds of which we think we are smarter than our father in Heaven, that we then Preach our own words to ourselves and others, then we don’t even follow what we preach. The biggest example of this is, the ones we vote into office to lead us to prosperity, or so we think? These Individuals tell us what we want to hear, then forget what they preached to us and go within a whole different direction, with all the examples these Individuals set, we all then get caught up within the same crap, then we find ourselves doing as they, which then has us lose all faith in our father in Heaven, with no hope as to our true future moving forward,

There is a lot of information out there today, but the truest of all the information are the words of God our father and with these words, they can stand the test of time, which they will never get old, as well as they will never mislead us, for what ever we may do or encounter as we walk our paths through this journey of life. The key words to these words from God are, Faith, Hope and Trust, as we first have to have the faith in God our father, so we than can have the hope moving forward, as then with the positive vibes we get from God our father, we than can totally trust him in all we do, which will then help us be better and stronger in all we do and walk within this journey in peace and happiness always.


” Practice what you preach, so you than can follow what you preach and others will then trust you, which will give all the hope moving forward”

” True faith is believing with all your heart, so you than can feel the true love of God the father within you”

” We all have two father’s along this journey, they both love us deeply, as one is always within and we can feel his love in our hearts and souls, the other father is always on the exterior and loves us unconditionally then guides us and supports us with his love throughout our journey”


For Whom am I truly……..



” He said to them, ” But who do you say that I am?” Simon Peter said in reply,, You are the Christ, the son of the living God.”

Mt 16:15-16


With the complete faith in ourselves and in God, as well as his son Jesus Christ, we shall never lose sight of who we truly are, we shall always walk our path along this journey of life, not just in the peace of Christ, but within the confidence of who we truly are.

There is way too much ugliness and hatred among us today, which truly shows just how lost we are today and how lost we are………….of knowing who we truly are. We may say we are confident in who we are, but are we truly? Or are we so consumed with being someone we truly are not, that we can not walk our paths of this journey in the peace of God, where we can be truly happy and care free.

We all want to succeed and be successful in everything we do, but just how successful can we be, especially when we are not truly of who we are. ” True success is not measured by how much money or things you have”, ” True success comes from the inner peace within your soul”, True success is measured by the smile on your face and how truly happy you are as you, walk your path through this journey.

Having faith and knowing of who you truly are, will give you a silent confidence within your journey, but when you don’t know of who you truly are, will then have you wander aimlessly along this journey of life, with no direction or will have you lack the tools needed, to set a course and achieve all that you can and all that you can be as well.

God created us all so we can flourish and be happy along this journey, he created us all as Humans, yes we may look different with different colors, religions, creed, sex, ethnicity, but this shows nothing more than just how unique we are to each other, as we are all the same and we are all equal to each other, just that some may try to have us look differently at this uniqueness. Some who are lost within themselves may also bring this hatred and try to harm others with this hatred, but this shows nothing more than just how lost some are within their souls, how lost they have become with no faith in themselves or Jesus Christ. When we have faith in ourselves and in Jesus Christ, there really is nothing we can not do, as we then have true success, while we walk our paths along this journey of life.


” True success isn’t measured with things we have, true success is felt deeply within with happiness and peace that gives us all a glow and a smile”

” For whom are we truly? The answer is deep within all our souls along with the love of God as well”

” This hatred around us comes from having no faith in ourselves, which then highlights the ugliness and not the goodness”

” True success gives us this silent confidence to walk our paths of this journey better and stronger always”


Revelation for the light will shine brightly on us all



” Whoever has my Commandments and observes them is the one who loves me, and whoever loves me will be loved by my father, and I will love him and reveal myself to him”.

Jn 14:21

” May the light of Jesus shine brightly on all who walk their path through this journey of life”


Throughout this journey of life, there are many paths for us to explore and walk. Jesus came to us and walked his path here with us, he also showed us just how to walk these paths while sharing our love with each other, Jesus taught us many things, which we have since forgotten, by not acknowledging our Common sense and losing the true meaning of the word love. This word Love is deep within our hearts and souls and is a special feeling within us, that warm us without even turning up the heat. Within today’s Society we have lost all feeling and what truly this word love really means.

We throw this word love around, like it is a football and we are trying to be like Tom Brady? We have more love for inanimate objects, then we do for one another? Love is a sacred thing and Jesus will reveal himself to us, when we truly feel the power of this word, Sometimes we pretend to love someone, then proceed to do wrongs by them when they are not around us, or we take advantage of others especially in their time of need. Love isn’t a word you can just throw around like a Rag Doll, Love is a feeling deep within each of us, that will help us walk these paths of this journey through life correctly and when we do, Jesus will reward us by revealing himself, to each of us  moving forward.

The Ten Commandments wasn’t a set of laws like we follow when we drive on the roads today. When you look deeply into the commandments and truly understand the meaning of each, you can clearly see and feel the love of God within ourselves. When you adhere to these Commandments, then Jesus will reward you as he will come to you in a very special way. Jesus loves us all equally and he sacrificed himself, going through much pain for us as well. The Ten commandments was God’s way of showing his love for each of us, they weren’t about setting us up with Laws to follow as we walk our paths of this journey, when we acknowledge his love, feel it within our hearts and souls, not only will his son Jesus reveal himself to us, not only will our hearts be filled with warmth, but we all will respect each other more, reveal this love with each other, but we all will find that path of righteousness, that Jesus taught us of, so we too can get to the promise land and live within peace and happiness.

The light of Jesus Christ shines bright and will shine the brightest, when we all feel his love within our hearts and souls, as then this light will never burn out and we all can walk our paths of this journey through life in peace and happiness, as our paths will always be lit up brightly, so we then can share the path with each other, without bringing pain and hurt to each other, as we do now.


” The light of Jesus Christ shines it’s brightest on us when we acknowledge and feel his love deep within our hearts and souls”

” The ten commandments are laws within each of us that help us walk our paths correctly in the eyes of God, while we truly feel the love of Jesus within us”


Learn to accept Rejection



This quote by the late Stuart Scott is a great quote in many ways but the best way is, it can be used for many things and all you have to do is remove the word Cancer.


” You beat Rejection, by how you live, why you live and in the manner of which you live”

The Media does this everyday when you give them a statement, they twist around the words, just to fit their agenda for which they want to achieve. I am only switching one word to make a point as we walk our paths through this journey of life.

Many of us have seen by now, this video of the Bison Calf that what the Media wants us to believe has been rejected by the rest of the Herd, this video has gone viral throughout all Social Media outlets, the Media wants us to see it as this Herd is wrong for leaving behind the Calf, but throughout all the species and yes we as Humans are a species also, their are ones that get left behind and it happens everyday, so why then is it all of a sudden wrong to the Media? Simply because they are looking to create more unnecessary drama, for us to bite into, more Drama for them to create a story, which then gives them more money in their pockets, at our expense. All this Drama can stop and it is quite simple, we the people need to stop being so eager to bite, at everything the media feeds us.

This isn’t the first time a member of any Herd has been left behind and yes this also means a member of the Herd known as the Human Race. Lets look back at a time in our lives, when we were Children growing up and getting educated at our schools. We all remember the different groups like the Jocks, the Stoner’s, the Nerd’s, the Preppies etc…. When we don’t fit into any of these groups, then we are looked at as different, we get Bullied in order for the chosen ones of the groups can look powerful and worthy of that group, meanwhile the rejected ones become Loner’s and left behind from the rest of his/her Classmates, through the rejection process the Individuals that are left behind, go through a series of emotional times, they lose their true feelings and their true purpose of their existence, they become lost within the clouds of their judgments.

Now with this quote by Stuart Scott and removing of the word Cancer to Rejection, these Individuals can follow the rest of the quote, to become stronger and better moving forward, they can also be better than the ones who rejected them by following their own path and then letting their self esteem grow, as they then grow within this journey of life. The Drama we bite into, stops us from growing which then stops our self esteem from growing, cause we now believe in everything that is presented to us, this calf was left behind from the Herd cause it was not strong enough to keep up, but as this Calf grows and becomes stronger, will then form its own Herd and walk a different path then the path of the Herd that left him behind. Throughout all the Species that walk theirs paths, there may be some that learn differently, their may be some that are slower than others, their may be some that have certain events happen to them for a reason? This don’t mean they are different from the rest, it only means they may take a bit longer to grow, as their esteem grows with them.

This journey of Life isn’t about the Drama we bite into everyday, it is totally about how we walk our paths through this journey, so we than can grow properly, which helps our esteem grow properly, as we all walk our paths in Peace and Happiness everyday of our existence. Being rejected isn’t always a bad thing if we only understand better why, so we then can be stronger moving forward, along our paths of this journey through life.


” Rejection is a part of all our paths as we walk this journey through life, we just have to understand the why, to be better moving forward”

” Drama is created in a way to control each of us showing that some may be more powerful than others, we don’t have to bite showing them we are still in control”

” The quote of Stuart Scott is one of the best quotes of my lifetime, as it is very versatile by switching just one word”


The Holy Spirit is within us all



” Through the darkness and the most troubling times there is always light, it is our Faith and the Holy Spirit within us, that keeps our paths full of light always”


Today we celebrate the day of the Pentecost, this is the day of the descent of the Holy Spirit on the Disciples of Jesus Christ, after his Ascension to the right hand of his Father, the Creator of all Mankind. This day comes on the seventh Sunday after Easter.

We all walk a path along this journey through life, we all also have this Holy Spirit within us, but if we don’t look deeply within, or look deeply into what we see, we will never come to know the true power of the Holy Spirit.

In the center of this picture there is a pyramid type structure, that if you don’t look deeply into this picture, you won’t even know it was there. It kind of blends into all of it’s surroundings and goes unnoticed, because we as we walk our paths, only see what we want to see, we don’t look deeply into what we see, simply because we don’t acknowledge this Holy spirit within us and when we don’t acknowledge this Holy Spirit, we then don’t know of the true power it holds, nor do we know of how much this Holy Spirit is there to help us, from all the pain and hurt we suffer along our paths of this journey.

Some of us may suffer from pain to different parts of our bodies, like the knee, our backs, etc… These pains are nothing compared to the pain and hurt to our inner selves, like times in our lives we wished never happened, times that we let others Abuse us and did nothing to defend ourselves, these kinds of pain can come in many different ways and these ways we will never understand properly, if we don’t look deeply into what we see.

When we acknowledge the Holy Spirit within us, we then can understand better of all the pains that come to us along our paths of this journey. We can understand better of what having Faith is. We may think we have Faith in our abilities, but unless we acknowledge the true Faith, then our pain and hurt will always be with us along our paths. When we acknowledge the Holy Spirit within us, is when we have true Faith of ourselves and all those around us and when we acknowledge the Holy Spirit, we will always look deeply into what we see, so we then can move forward better and stronger, along our paths of this journey through life.

This Journey through life may seem hard to us at times, only because we make it hard, when we don’t look deeply into what we see and don’t acknowledge the Holy Spirit that is within us all. As we celebrate this day of the Pentecost, may we better understand the true power it holds for each of us, we just like the Disciples of Jesus Christ since Easter Sunday, have been in limbo as to what the next phase of what to do without Jesus and ask ourselves why Jesus has died the way he did? But now as the Holy Spirit comes and is within each of us, let us all feel the power it holds within us, let us also feel deeply our Faith of ourselves, so we then can have true Faith of all that is around us, when we feel this Faith and Holy Spirit within us, let us the always look deeply into what we see, so we all can walk our paths of this journey, without bringing pain and hurt to each other and we all can live in Peace and Happiness always, along our paths of this journey through life.



” The day of the Pentecost brings the Holy Spirit to us all and with the Holy Spirit then brings the Church to us, so we can practice and be truthful to ourselves and all those around us”

” When we look deeply into what we see, we will always feel this Holy Spirit within us and we will always have true Faith of ourselves and all those around us”



Who we Truly are…….


” Life isn’t as smooth as this water most of the time, but when we know truly of who we are, we to can see our reflection in the water like this Birch Tree”


Life isn’t always like we dreamed it to be, nor does it have a fragrance of a dozen Roses we bring to our Mom’s on this special day that we celebrate our Moms for all they have done for us. Life has it’s moments that trick us and test us, but if we only stayed true to who we are, just maybe our dreams could become our reality, with a fragrance that takes our breathe away, with joy and happiness everyday.

In the days of when Jesus came and walked his path of this journey with us, there were his Disciple that followed him everywhere,  these Disciples yes they were loyal to him, but they also had their own ways between them, like one wanted Greatness, one wanted Power, one wanted to be seated on the right, while the other on the left, even back then there were signs of Individualism, sound familiar? It should cause we within this Society are so similar to that Society of then, it is like looking into this clear, smooth body of water and seeing ourselves in the reflection.

In today’s Society we are way to bitter of each other and really for a reason that we can’t truly explain, we are so lost within the clouds of our judgments, that we have lost truly of who we really are. I mean really we are discussing to pass a Bill into law, that will let People that want to change who they are, use the bathroom of who they think they are? Come on People we are better then this, All we really have to do is, use our Common Sense more and not toss it out like the days garbage.   We all wonder today of what is happening in the World around us, but yet no one wants to take the first step to look into the water and see their reflection of who they truly are? We all walk a path through this journey of life, we may not see things the same, or maybe do things a bit different of each other, this is part of who we truly are and shows just how unique we are toward each other.

Life doesn’t have to be about using a bathroom that “You” think you should use and then force others to think in the same way you do, this is not how you get respect of those around you, respect is earned from your actions and knowing truly of who you are, then respecting all those around you, by not forcing what you think on to those around you. This Birch Tree right now can not see it’s own reflection, simply because all that is around it is so out of focus, that it has made the water a bit rough and whatever steps closer to look into the water, can not see a reflection of what they are looking at.

We all walk a path through this journey of life, we all have a Mother that loved, nourished us, and cared for us not just as a young Child, but throughout our days of an Adult as well. The love that our Mother’s give to us, is the same love that God has put within all our Hearts, but when we don’t acknowledge that love, then our Hearts become cold, which makes everything we see become out of focus, which then becomes a factor of all the ugliness that we see everyday of our lives. To truly wish our Mother’s a Happy Mothers day, we also have to acknowledge the love of God within our Hearts, so we all can be truly of who we are, be full of joy and happiness always and as we step closer to the water, we than can see the reflection of ourselves and what is around us.


” A Mothers love comes straight from God himself and keeps us all focused on seeing the reflection of everything around us”

” When we force our views on each other without using our common sense, the reflection we will never see”


Gaze into the Wild Blue Yonder



As we Gaze into the wild blue Yonder that is the sky,

what is it that we truly see?

Do we look deeply into what we see or just Gaze out and see something different,

God created these beautiful mountains not just for us to look at,

but for the mountains to Wander inside us to be better and stronger moving forward,

Hiking any mountain is always Peace and Serenity when we look deep enough,

it is not about the work we do to reach the Summit of the mountain,

As we start the journey to the Summit of the mountain,

we prepare ourselves and our supplies for a safe journey to the Summit,

Hiking a mountain is a way for us to cleanse ourselves from the crap of our lives,

it is a way for us to unwind and clear our minds to look deeply into what we see,

We start out on a path through the Woods but what we don’t see is,

everything in these woods is living and breathing as we do on our journey,

The plant life, the little critter’s or sometimes a bigger Species if we are lucky,

The different kinds of Birds flying through the Tree’s so graciously,

The pesky little bugs that annoy us as we walk further into the woods,

With all this they to walk their journey like us on their paths they choose,

As we walk the path to the Summit there are many obstacles to overcome,

like fallen Tree’s from past storms that we have to step over,

or the many rocks that have rolled down from the summit over time,

sometimes these paths are groomed for us but sometimes we have to groom as we go,

This is part of the experience as we journey to the Summit of the mountain,

All while we walk this path and look around at all God’s beauty he created for us,

Our minds tend to wander and we notice our thoughts begin to change,

we start to forget what our troubles are and begin to think of the beauty around us,

we start to look deeply into what we see instead of judging what is around us,

we don’t look at things as an object which is what is wrong with Society,

we see everything for what it truly is and not what we think it is,

Then suddenly we notice the Tree’s getting smaller and eventually,

disappearing from around us and being replaced with the high elevation tundra,

yes flowers can grow at high elevation as well as grass,

but they are more delicate and if we step on them it will take years to grow back,

Once we get into the higher elevation the tree’s are gone and replaced with little shrubs,

The Gaze into the wild blue Yonder now gets to the point of taking our breathe away,

the beauty of looking deeply into what we see becomes greater than we ever imagined,

As we step over the rocks that make up the Summit we can see the Summit more clearly,

we now become more excited to reach the Summit of our journey,

We now have feelings of excitement as we are closer to our accomplishment,

We now see bigger Birds like maybe a Hawk or an Eagle the beauty of the sky,

Watching these Birds soar through the sky with the greatest of ease,

just simply more beauty on this planet of God’s creation,

We also start to notice we have changed our sight to looking deeply into,

instead of seeing superficially at what is around us,

if only we could acknowledge this in our everyday lives,

just maybe this whole Society could change for the better as well,

Now that we are on the final stages of reaching our accomplishment of the Summit,

we now are looking at everything around us even that of what we see miles away,

we are not just looking at what is in front of us we are focusing on what is to become,

when we do this within our everyday lives we all can be better along this journey of life,

Now that we are on the Summit and have accomplished our goal,

the journey hasn’t ended and we need now to achieve the next goal,

first take in all the beauty that is around us,

second we know have to make the Trek down and back to our realities of life,

If we all could change here on our path of this journey through life,

just like we did as we accomplished the Summit of the mountain,

just maybe we all can walk our paths of this journey through life,

with the same Peace and Serenity we walked the path to the Summit of the mountain.




” Don’t just gaze into the wild blue Yonder, look deeply into what you see to truly see what you are seeing”

” Change is everywhere around us, we just have to acknowledge it so we can truly look deeply into what we see”

” The Peace and Serenity that is within the great outdoors, can also be with us along our paths of this journey through life, we just have to look deeply into what we see”