The Swamp Creatures within to release its great talents

You think by the title I may write of the swamp within Washington DC? Why waste two great pictures within Mother Nature. Even Mother Nature has swamps within it, the difference is, mother nature takes care of them so they can thrive, within Washington DC, the ones within that swamp only takes care of themselves

In Death comes an ending to this journey of life……..

” In Death may sound really permanent, but how do we really know, until the day the journey ends”                What a beautiful Funeral for A great man in George HW Bush, he may of been our President for only one term, but he truly made that term count,

The dark of the light, with the light of the dark

  Seriously think about this!!! We of this Society have wandered away from any kind of thinking about anything, we say we think about things whatever those things are? But because of the no more thinking part, we have lost all sense of any of the true common sense that is within all of us.

The True colors……….

    The true colors always come out through the rain, they also come out when you use your head that holds your brains for a hat rack, instead of actually using it to become better and stronger moving forward. There is way too much of us taking action, before we actually think through the

Blinded by their own agendas, rather than looking deeply into reality………..

  ” When there is any kind of shutdown of a Government because two sides can’t work together, with millions of hard working Americans left hanging in the balance, then maybe it is time to change the occupants within the Government”       Government shut down here in America, leaving the hard working Americans

Tools of the Trade from days gone by….

  Most within today’s Society, if asked? Wouldn’t even know what these are, let alone what they were used for? Without these the Farmer’s couldn’t do their jobs, nor would there be any food on the table, for all who go to the store, back in the day there were no tractors so these would

Look to the light for Guidance along your path

  ” Blessed are they who are persecuted for the sake of Righteousness, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven” *** MT 5:10 *** ” When we walk through the shadows of the tree’s and the clouds of the fog, let us never forget of the true light at the end of the path, which

America the Beautiful

  With this Election 2016 finally in the rear view mirror, this was probably one of the ugliest of my lifetime either Candidate had their flaws and each attack the other way too much, this is not what running for office should be, as if you can’t run on your experience and merits, you shouldn’t

True Primitive camping

  ” Claim your own little Island for a week of true primitive camping, for a real adventure of rest and relaxation”   Your own piece of solitude for a short time to enjoy and see the true beauty all around you everyday. Throughout the Northern woods of Maine there are plenty of different sizes

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