Never take anything for granted



A time within the history of this great Country that America is, a time in our past that we have long forgotten. Hello there!  We are two American Soldiers, who fought very hard for this country, so all that followed can live as freely as free can be within this country. We never asked for anything in return, we never looked at ourselves as Hero’s, we simply showed up and reported for duty, not just for the love of a country for which we lived, not even for anybody telling us so, but simply because it was something we felt deep within us to do. I know now in the place we are now, that it was a higher calling, that was calling us for duty, to help spread the love of God, to all those for which we have helped.

Now myself and my fellow Soldier may be laying here in complete solitude away from all that a society brings, but on the contrary………. Our bodies may be here, but our hearts and souls are in that better place, a place where we are looking down on all of you, for who we fought to protect and serve and let us just say this, ” we are not very happy for how you have completely forgotten about us” and that, you all have also taken completely for granted the soil for which you walk. The lack of Respect within your Society, would never fly within ours, as we all had each others back and no problem going to bat for each other, no matter what the reason.

It’s our bodies that get left behind, but our hearts and souls move into infinity, so the love deep within them can now truly come out and be shared with all of you. We sacrificed just as Jesus did for all so that the good will find you, then through the good we are able to walk our paths of this journey, not just better and stronger, but as free as free can be, while you share the love deep within your hearts and souls with all that are around you.

We all have a higher calling, just that in order to truly know of what it is, you first have to feel deeply within your heart and soul, then with that true feeling, you will then find your true purpose, as did myself and my fellow Soldiers, who fought so bravely for all who walk the soil of America. We didn’t know all throughout this country, we didn’t have to know everybody, we just did it cause it was the right thing to do, for ourselves and all throughout this great country of America.

There is no greater way to truly feel the warmth of God’s love deep within your heart and soul than to, really help those around you and do so, with love, conviction and empathy for those you reach out to, because when we do this, we than can truly be free, truly walk this journey with a purpose and as all throughout this Society, come together in unity, we all then can be in the peace and happiness, that we once had, when times were simpler and didn’t look to hurt each other with great pain. God gave us a soul so we can feel the warmth of his love throughout our bodies, he also gave us a heart, to pump the warmth throughout our bodies to not only spread this warmth within ourselves, but to spread it with all that comes before us, along our paths of this journey through life.


” Never take anything for granted, for you never know of just how much you may need whatever you have taken for granted”

” History is a very important class to pay attention in without falling asleep, as we all could learn more of any country, to understand better of what is happening around us”

” A Soldier is never a Hero as they are someone who steps in to the calling, so they can be the Jesus Christ of modern day, to sacrifice for the good of us all”

” We all have a higher calling, but first you have to truly feel deep within yourself, so you than can truly feel the higher power within you”





The bridges of the journey


This journey through life has many paths to chose from as we walk through,

With each path there will be bridges to cross along the way,

Sometimes the bridges are already there for us to cross with no effort,

other times we come to what we think is the end,

But we find we may need to build a bridge to go from one side to the other,

Or maybe the bridge is in need of some help and we need to repair before crossing,

Sometimes we need the bridge so we can get over the gaps we come across,

Without the bridge we could become stuck from moving forward as we should,

The bridge will always help us overcome obstacles that we may come across,

Then as we cross the bridge may we never ” burn the bridge” for which we cross,

As you never know if you need to cross it again so we can fix what we need to,

then recross the bridge or take a different path moving forward,

Some may cross a bridge just to get to the other side without thinking of why,

While others look deeply into the crossing of the bridge to understand why we cross,

A bridge just doesn’t get us from point A to point B,

A bridge truly helps us move forward along our paths throughout this journey of life,

So we can be at peace and happiness always while we become better and stronger moving forward.



” Life”s journey has many bridges to cross, so we can keep moving forward as we walk our paths”

” The bridge is a lot more than just to get over a gap, it gives us a way to get over the gap, so we can be better and stronger throughout this journey”

” We take advantage of all the bridges that are in place for us, because we don’t want to take the time to stop and smell the coffee of reality around us”


Change for spite really brings on negativity with bad results……..


ESPN is a sporting news channel that, when it first surfaced it was a great source for all your sporting needs, with scores and highlights of all the teams within each sport, plus deliver to you, of just how your favorite team did, right at your finger tips. Although now…………. This sporting news agency has become like all the other news agencies and has gone so far to the left, that what they say and do, is nothing but creating more and more drama, in this already drama ridden Society, for which we live. Now because one of their sportscasters has the same name as a Confederate General, is no reason to pull him from one area of telecasting a team and placing him somewhere else. Come on ESPN!!!!!! Go back to what you at one time did great and that was, reporting all the sporting news and scores, for us all to see, when we were too busy or working, to see any of our favorite games.

Just maybe it is time for we the People to start Boycotting any and all of these types of news agencies? With all the ugliness and the crap we see around us today, we need not look no further than all the news agencies, bringing us the news and filling us with more drama, as they not only fill their pockets with Greed, but bring us way too much drama, just to keep their agendas going. I mean really!!! Look at X-Infinity or formerly Comcast, this cable provider has such a big monopoly, that they just keep going up on the price of their service and really giving nothing back in return that really warrants the up rise in price, the problem here is we the People keep paying for the service, instead of going with another option, or simply getting rid of it all together? True without cable then we won’t have as many channels to surf or to choose from, but in the old days, there was an antenna  on the roof, hooked into your television set and we watched whatever came into our TV’s. Now with all the cable channels, watching a simple television show, has become all about greed as well, so all these cable companies can rob us further, of our hard earned monies.

With cable today and all the different stations to choose from, unfortunately we have to weed out the crap and keep searching for the good channels we know and like, these stations especially the news stations will do nothing but bring us more drama then we care for, they all have their agendas and will stop at nothing to keep their agendas going, just to try to keep us all addicted to the drama and tuning in to get more drama.  Right now all these stations have all the power and control, simply because we let them have it, so we can keep our addiction going of receiving of this drama.

Now there is an epidemic running through the NFL, with players not standing for the National Anthem of this great country, The United States of America……….. Really!!!! With the many that have fought and died, just so you can get paid big money to play a sport and this, is how you show your respect for them?  Respect goes both ways and when you show disrespect, then disrespect is what should be showed back at you. I understand we have what is called ” Freedom of Speech”, I understand we all need to stand up for what we believe in, but when you do so within a game you are being paid big money to play and when you do so, during the National Anthem of the country you are in, playing your sport, that shows nothing but disrespect for the Men and Woman, who have fought hard and have died, so we all can be free in this country and you the player, can play the sport you love and for big money as well. Maybe it’s time we all start using our brains more, maybe it’s time we start standing up for what we believe yes………. but do so in a smart way, by not only picking our battles, but by picking the correct venue to stand up properly for what we believe. There is way to much drama in this Society we live, I think we all should limit the amount of the drama and one way to do that is, limit the amount of the sources that bring it to us, limit the amount of the television for which we watch, or maybe just watch more informational television, like the History channel or the National Geographic channel? Then we can actually learn more, as we walk our paths through this journey of life.


” When we change things out of spite is not the way to true change and will only further the ugliness and the drama always”

” Respect goes both ways and is never a one way street”

” X-Infinity or Comcast, has built such a big monopoly  it has become lost at their true service for each of us”

” Before you take that knee at the singing of our National Anthem, remember first the Men and Woman who have fought and died for you and I to be free within this great country”

” Respect…Dignity…Trust…Values, these are just a few words that truly have a meaning and help us all coexist with one another”


May God Bless the work at St. Jude’s



” Live justly, love tenderly and walk humbly with your God”

*** Micah 6:8 ***



Jesus, set the child within me free so I can do more child like with every passing day, and open my eyes of my soul that I may see your children all around me.


Cancer can strike us all and it does not discriminate no matter who you are, but when it strikes an innocent child, now you are left with a big void within your heart, you are left with deep feelings of vulnerability, you then feel helpless and say ” why me”? Cancer is one of those diseases that strikes without warning and weakens you deeply, but one thing it does do in a positive way is, it brings Hope and Faith closer to you and when you have complete Faith in yourself and Jesus Christ, there will always be the Hope that you can fight this terrible disease and live throughout this journey of life, within the Peace and happiness, that we all should be living through everyday of our journey.

St. Jude’s is working hard every day, to bring back the Faith in those that are stricken with this terrible fight, so they can regain the Hope that better days will come. All these children at St. Jude’s are truly the strongest among us, as they face death and in the shadow of doubt, comes good that has these children to walk further on this journey of life that we originally thought otherwise? True some of these children are taken by this disease, but the work and the worker’s at St. Jude’s still work tirelessly to achieve a 100% success rate. The Worker’s at St. Jude’s Hospital are truly the children of God, as they further his work along their journey of life, which has then forming a bond with the children and their families so strong, that nothing will ever penetrate this bond and that will last a lifetime. When a child loses their battle to this terrible disease, not only the families feel deeply saddened, but the Staff at St. Jude’s, also feel deeply saddened, with a heart so heavy they then work harder to help all the children, so they can eventually beat this terrible disease.

This Cancer that comes to us, has us all asking why would God let it stricken us? It will have us let doubt enter our minds, but what it truly does when we acknowledge truly that God does exist is, strength us to be better moving forward and help us all, keep the Faith close to our hearts, so we will always have the Hope, to keep fighting so we all can move forward better and stronger. Life along this journey has no certainties, but when we all pull together in unity, we can all walk our paths through this journey of life, not just better and stronger, but within Peace and happiness always.


” Cancer does not discriminate and will affect us all no matter of who you are”

” An innocent child scorn is proof to us all that we are all vulnerable to whatever comes across our paths of this journey”

” St. Jude’s Hospital does the work of our Savior Lord Jesus Christ and all those working within the Hospital are the Angels sent by God to heal us of this terrible disease”

” Doubt will only enter our minds when there is no Faith that gives us Hope to move forward better”



Just the facts… Simply just the facts!!!



” Danger thin ice or maybe walking on eggshells, you pick within this Political Correct World for which we live”


The Debate last night to me didn’t really accomplish a thing, nor did it prove one over the other in this Presidential race of 2016. First you had a Moderator that clearly Favorited one over the other, then one Candidate was favored over the other, with the other Candidate being cut off before he could get a word in edge wise, This debate was clearly un professional and for me, I hope they don’t schedule another, unless they can get it right and find a moderator that is right down the middle, with zero bias toward any one Candidate.

The biggest problem you have with any election of today is, the Media. The Media clearly has a bias when it comes to liking one Candidate over another, when the Media doesn’t like one Candidate, they will go out of their way to discredit that Candidate whenever they can. All the big Executives within the Media totally think that they are more powerful than everybody that walks a path through this journey of life and also thinks that they can control everybody, just by moving us like the pieces on a chess board. When a Candidate says something the Media then twists those words to best fit their agenda and that will create the most drama towards us all. Drama is the main ingredient on the plate of the Media’s agenda and it is also what sells to make them the most money, greed is what runs the Media, instead of reporting on the facts and only the facts.

The other thing that should disappear from all elections are the attack Ads, these Ads are a big turn off for me and proves further that the Candidate that runs these kind of Ads, truly can not do the job they are running for. If you can’t win an election on your merits and have the confidence to do the best job you can, or be confident over the one you are running against, then you should not be running for that office you are running for. With all this ugliness and attacking of one another in this Society, I can clearly see where it is all coming from, our so called leaders we have in our Government, are the ones that need to be held accountable and are the ones that start all this crap, because all they think about is themselves and truly do not care of the People that vote them into office.

The time is now for us all to smarten up, stop acting childish and truly be responsible for your actions. All the Government offices within Washington D.C. are what I call the ” Power Game”, when a Candidate gets into office they then join the game and that is when they forget the ones that voted them in and only think of themselves, so they than can become as Powerful as the rest of the Public Officials within Washington D.C. The New England Patriots football team had a slogan a couple years ago which helped them win the Superbowl, that slogan was ” Do Your Job”. When we all have confidence in our abilities and take proper action with those abilities,  then our confidence goes up and we find we can do anything we set out to do, without stepping on anyone’a shoe shine, quite simply when we all do our jobs to the best of our abilities, without stepping on the shine, or attacking them with Ads, then we all can walk our paths with confidence, throughout this journey of life, while we all live within peace and happiness everyday of our existence.


” The Washington power game should not be played just by our so called leaders, it should be open for the everyday People to join if they want”

” ” do your job” was what the new England patriots did and won a championship, time for us all to do the same, so we all can be the champion of our path along this journey of life”

” The Media thinks they are more powerful than the rest of us, I got a news flash!!! you are simply someone walking a path like the rest of us throughout this journey of life”


To soar as the Eagles within Peace



” Then Abraham said, If they will not listen to Moses and the Prophets, neither will they be persuaded if someone should rise from the dead”.


LK 16:31


The Eagle so big and Majestic, full of so much beauty as it flies through the sky with the greatest of ease as free……. as free can be. The Eagle is a protected bird within this Country as it is the symbol of this great Nation, just too bad we can’t see the true beauty of this bird anymore, which is the reason we are so troubled in this Society.

God created this World for which we all live, it is time we thank him, by living as many others before us and have found the true path of righteousness, throughout this journey of life. Through this troubled World of today, we are a long way from even simply seeing the true path of righteousness, because quite simply…… We are too busy pretending to be someone we truly are not and we are too busy pretending we know everything, then becoming frustrated and stubborn, when our way doesn’t quite work as we originally planned. Life is full of ups and downs, it will also pull you in many different directions and with the life events that come to us, Life will also try to control who we are, as well as who we become.

This journey through life may have us as Individuals as we walk a path to become better and stronger, but the path we walk is on the inside of the journey, as the journey is the big picture for where we walk. Being an Individual as we walk our path, we take so much for granted that we then become lost within our judgments and lose sight of who we truly are, then as we walk our paths without being of who we truly are, now we are an Individual that walks a path blindly with thoughts of, my way is the highway and no other way should exist and with so many ” my ways”, no wonder why thing has stopped and has ceased to move forward anymore.

We the people of this Society are whats wrong with this Society and we also can fix the wrongs, not with just having faith in ourselves, but having faith in God also, so we all can have the hope, to walk our paths of this journey better and stronger as well. We walk this path so we can learn from our mistakes, learn how to fix our issues properly and not leave them out there to further our troubles in the long run, God also wanted us to learn how to use our uniqueness as a strength to be better This journey through life is not a race and we all should take the time to do it right, slow down and truly enjoy what is around you, because we only get one shot at it, so we might as well do it correct right? When we do it correctly we to can fly as freely as the Eagle, with no worries and share with one another, when we share with each other, we then can walk our paths peacefully, while we get through this journey smiling in true happiness.


” We the people are what is wrong with this society, we the people are the ones also responsible for fixing our wrongs so we all can walk a society peaceful and happy”

” We are Individuals walking a path through a journey, with the path being inside of the journey and the journey being the bigger picture”

” We the people are whats wrong with this society, as we the people can also fix those wrongs, so we all can be better stronger moving forward”


This Holy Week

Desert Landscape


This is the week that the journey of Jesus Christ comes to an end, he walked the path of Righteousness and showed all of us just how this path, will give us all the peace and serenity we want. This week leading into Good Friday and into Easter, Jesus suffered, died and rose again for the good of all of us, so we all can be cleansed of our Sins and walk our paths of this journey through life, in the same peace and serenity Jesus had on his path of his journey.

Jesus Christ was the only Son of our Father The Lord God, the one that created all that is around us, including we throughout Mankind. Jesus came to us at a time of turmoil, a time when some wanted all the power and control over the rest of us, a time when greed controlled everything around us, sound familiar? It should cause we are going through it once again, which makes it even more important that we pray for his forgiveness,  to end all the crap that is going on around us, so we all can get to that path of Righteousness, that Jesus showed us and walk that path in peace, as we all become better and stronger moving forward.

These paths we all walk throughout this journey of life, right now shows just how disconnected we are, of not just each other, but all that is around us. We are so engulfed in greed, power and control, that we are walking our paths within the clouds of our judgments, which is turning us into something we truly are not. When things happen to us when we are not truly of who we are, we then try to move forward like nothing happened at all? We not only lose touch with ourselves, bur with all that is around us and when we do this it does nothing but compound even further, all the crap going on around us.

These Terrorists that are creating all this Hate around us, have learned this from somewhere, this is not truly of who they are, Hatred is not within any of us, as we learn it from somewhere? The way we defend ourselves from these Terrorists is not showing Hatred back at them, but standing up to them ( like a Bully) and putting the same Fear they inflict in us, right back into them. When a Terrorist or a Bully has the Fear of God put right back onto them, they then Cower away, like the true Coward they are. I understand these Terrorists want all the power and control over all of us, but I am sorry to say that they can’t have it and it is time we all stand together, look them all square in the eyes and put the Fear of God right back into them, so they will Cower away like the true Cowards they are and we all can get back to walking our paths of this journey in peace and happiness, while we all remember the path of righteousness that Jesus showed us, pray to Jesus during this week of Holiness, asking him to forgive us of our Sins, feeling the love of God within us and sharing it with each other, cause with this love, there is no room for any of this learned Hatred, throughout this journey of life.


” Holy week is a special time of year for all of us no matter who you are, as Jesus never discriminated anybody and loved all equally”

” Terrorists are like Bullies, they have learned this Hatred from somewhere and is truly not who they are”

” The path of Righteousness brings us all peace and happiness and is truly who we really are”

” When we all seek the same power, control and greed, this does nothing but teach us just how to hate on each other, instead of sharing the love within us, with each other”


Father time giveth…Father time taketh


Daylight savings time comes with the four Seasons within a calendar year. During the Fall season we turn the clocks back one hour, this not only  gives us an extra hour sleep, it also gives us less hours of daylight. It is par for the course, as in the Spring we lose an hour, but we gain daylight for the coming season of Summer.

Some of our Elected Officials might want something to say of this Daylights savings time? As some are in the process of drawing up a bill, that will do away with it. Seriously!!! Like there is nothing more important than worrying how much daylight you have after wòrk? With a National Debt fast approaching 20 Trillion, an “illegal” Immigrant problem to solve and an unemployment situation to solve, with Corporatons leaving to go to other Countries, so they can hire cheaper labor and make more profit, with the Worker being hurt the worst. This journey through life has enough to worry about, without adding to it, with what time do you want the sun to set?

The four Seasons have been part of this Earth, since God created it, for all Mankind to enjoy in peace. Each season like we Humans are very unique to each other. The season of Fall puts a bit of a chill in the air, turning all the leaves on the tree’s a bright vibrant color, than as the season moves forward, these leaves fall to the ground, as we clean up our yards. We also turn our clocks back one hour, making it dark earlier, with an Erie feeling to each day, as the season of Winter gets ready to greet us with Frigid cold and white snow falling at our feet.

Winter is a time for most to hibernate and stay indoors away from the freezing cold. It is also a time to rejuvenate and freshen up, getting ready for the nicer weather to come in the next two seasons. Winter for some may not be welcome, but it is a way for Nature around us, to clean itself and bring beauty to us once again. The season of Spring brings warmer weather, with rain to feed all the plant life around us, so it can bring us beauty once again. Everything we see begins again, from when it ended in the colder months, then as we turn the clocks forward, the days get brighter for a longer period, so all can breathe the clean air once again. As all begins a new in the Spring and grows with full growth, we then enter into the fourth season of Summer, where we all enjoy all the beauty that is around us. True Summer can bring intense heat, but it is a time for us all to go outside, stretch our legs, look deeply into what we see and enjoy all that is around us. The four Seasons are needed for all life to survive within this Planet of Earth, as the Daylight savings time is needed to help in the process of the Seasons, throughout this journey of life.


” Daylight savings is to all of us, as the four Seasons is to nature and all that is around us”

“Gain an hour, lose an hour, it all evens out throughout our paths of this journey of life”





Re-focus on what is out of focus……….

Forest Flowers                    ” To focus on what is in front of you, puts other things out of focus when we don’t pay attention”

With this picture and the flowers in the foreground, you can clearly see where the focus is, but to focus on whats in front, puts the background out of focus and hard to see what is back there. To those who take professional pictures, it takes great patience to sit and wait for the right moment and get the best shot, but when they focus on their subject of interest, it puts all else out of focus.

Just like with picture taking, it also takes great patience for us throughout Mankind, to sit and wait then re-focus on whats important, so we can walk our paths of our journey of life, to be better and stronger moving forward. We all get caught up in the drama within this Society, then we have our issues brought on by different life events, with these events they come to us when we least expect it and usually from a source that is out of our control. these events will bring many issues to us as well as much pain and with this pain, we will hurt in many ways. This hurt will force us to become out of focus with everything we do, then we try to rid ourselves of the hurt to re-gain focus and we end up focusing on all the wrong things.

When we become out of focus along our paths of our journey, we try very hard to re-gain focus and a lot of times we over focus, which we then without realizing it, become something very different, from who we truly are. This journey through life is not that hard when everything simply falls into place, we then have great focus on everything around and see clearly all that is front of us, it is when the issues of our life come to us, that we then simply walk our paths out of focus and just wander aimlessly throughout this journey of life.

Jesus Christ came to us and walked his journey with a purpose, this purpose was to show and teach us just how to walk this journey, so we to can find the path of righteousness and we can also have purpose throughout our lives. When we have and find our purpose, then we can walk our paths of this journey with great focus on everything around us. It is when all the issues of these events come to us and control us, when we become out of focus and then simply wander aimlessly throughout this journey.

Life events happen to us either from our own ways, or from another that think nothing but bringing harm to us, most of the time these events happen when are at a young age, which we don’t know the difference between something of good, or something of bad. Either way they still bring us great pain and suffering, but we have a hard time in doing is, quite simply forgiving ourselves, even when it wasn’t truly our fault of the event that has happened. Walking our paths through this journey of life, is far from just a walk in the park, but when we stay in focus and truly forgive ourselves, yes we can find this same path of righteousness, that Jesus showed and taught us to walk. then we all can be better and stronger throughout this journey of life.

” true focus is more than just aiming a camera for the right picture, true focus helps us all throughout Mankind walk our journeys peacefully”

” To focus on all things equally, we first have to forgive ourselves so all the hurt from within will disappear, leaving us to be better and stronger along this journey of life”