Words are stronger than you think

” Heaven and Earth will pass away, but my words will by no means pass away” *** Matthew 24:35 *** The word of God will never change, but what will change is, everything around us and there really is no surprise ending. Even the beauty of Mother nature will change, and when you really go

The choice is always right there in front of you

” You know neither the day, nor the hour” *** MT 25:13 We may make many choices and take many different directions along the paths we walk, but the most significant and the most important choice we will ever make, is to acknowledge and accept, Jesus Christ into our lives, so not only we can

Through all the corruption, the empty table awaits

” The Corruption, the Ugliness and the Hatred is not who we truly are, it is the Power, the Control and the Greed, that forces us out of our own skin and into something that no one even knows” *** Bowlingchef*** It is kind of like, when you take a job you know nothing about,