Human Nature is the love of Jesus within us

” Peace comes from within, if you can not be peaceful with yourself, then you will never be peaceful with others throughout this journey” My little buddy Martin Richard makes yet another appearence here with my words, he was the young eight year old boy, that was killed in the sick and demented acts of

A Mother’s love strengthens the family tree

  A Mother’s love is what sprouts the roots and builds the foundation of the family tree, a Mother’s love is what warms our soul and makes our hearts beat full of life. We are all bonded together in unity from one common ground and that is, we all have a Mother who loves us

Making a splash along this journey

  The beauty of Mother Earth is all around each of us, no matter of where you are along this planet. but with this beauty you are going to have some ugliness, that will help us stay focused as we walk our paths through this journey. There comes a lot of struggles to each of

Intriguing things throughout this journey

  Sometimes along this journey of life, you will come across some intriguing things. These things will intrigue you in a way that they are actually cool to look at, but in order to see these things, you need to slow down, stop, and actually truly see what you are looking at. This twin tree

Mother’s Day……

  ” A Mother’s Love is the Pillar of our strength and lasts throughout Eternity”   Our Mom’s carry us within them til we are ready to enter into this World, The bond between a Mother and her Child becomes so strong nothing will ever break it, When we hurt within our lives on this

Objectification only leads to more Victims

  We throughout this Society simply can not look deeply into anything anymore, instead we justify and objectify everything that is around us. We all go through life events as we walk our paths along this journey through life. These events can be mild and easy to fix, so we can continue moving forward along

Family values…..Family foundation

” In the eyes of God we are all one Family here on Earth, when our journey ends we then go to our bigger Family within Heaven”   We are all born into our Families by two loving Individuals, this Family we are born into is our foundation, to which helps us walk our paths

Family…The true secret to the Journey of life.

Family is the bond within us as Individuals that brings us together, so we can walk our paths along our journey of life, to be better and stronger within peace, while we share our love of self’s with those around us. Within each Family you have a Mother and Father, these two Individuals don’t go

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