A True American Hero



” Is death the last sleep? No, it is the final awakening”

Sir Walter Scott



” It is not of the years in your life, it is more of the life within your years”





May you finally be at peace Senator John McCain, Thank you very much for your brave service in the United States Navy, as your journey through the Navy had it’s bright spots, as well as it’s dark and gloomy days. You Sir are a true Hero, as most would of cracked under all the pain and hurt you have gone through. You are exactly the type of person, for whom built this country, into the great country it has become and without men like you, only God knows of what might of become with the land of the United States of America. John McCain went from a Hero of the Vietnam war, to becoming  U. S. Senator, which he gave a huge part of himself, for the good of his fellow man, now some may not agree with his policies, or him as a person, but you simply can not deny, that he was most definitely, a true American Hero, for which we all can look up to, so we to can strive to walk our paths of this journey through life, as close to being the man that John McCain truly was.

Just as this Eagle looks down on us all, to protect and serve being the strong bird it is, now John McCain is looking down upon us all, to protect and serve us as best he can, while he appears before God, to receive his wings, which will help him get around to protect us all, for the same thing he did, while he was flying around for the Navy, doing what he loved to do.

John McCain came from a strong family with a strong family foundation, as his Dad and Granddad were both Admirals in the United States Navy, making him a third generation Navy man. After his days in the Navy ended, he then embarked on a path of Public service, which he had more than stepped up to the plate in many ways, throughout his career. John definitely lived a complete and genuine life, as a life that most only dream of. So no matter of what you think of John McCain the man, or the Politician, there is no denying that, he was a true American Hero of our time, who gave his all, for the good of us all, so we to can walk our paths of this journey through life, following the foot steps of such a great man.

This journey through life is not measured by how many years you have within it, This journey is totally measured by the life you live within the years you are so graciously given by God. When you walk your paths correctly, the journey will reward you with greatness and the one thing we so take for granted and that is, the respect we earn from all those around us, very much like the respect John McCain has earned throughout his journey. With this respect of all of us, truly has us feeling the love of God, that is deep within our souls, so we than can share this love with our true empathy, with each other as we walk our paths through this journey of life. When we walk through this journey correctly, the journey seems so simple, but when we bring all the other crap like, hatred, ugliness and corruption to this journey, is when the journey becomes very difficult for us all. So let’s take the John McCain approach as we walk our paths through this journey of life, so we all can live in peace and happiness, while we strive for greatness and the respect of all those around us.


” A true Hero does not look in the mirror and see a Hero, he becomes one with his actions for all those around him”

” Respect is a two way street and will never become a street of one way”

” God has so graciously given us this journey to walk our paths, it is how we repay him with our actions, that brings us much respect”





Discovering the America’s




In the day and age of this Society and within all the hate and ugliness that engulfs us all as we walk our paths, through this journey of life, this day celebrating Christopher Columbus, is a day that we should always honor, as only God know’s, what might of happened to this land we call the, United States of America.

With all the disrespect going on and all the tearing down of symbols, that has made all within this country strong today. This is one day that should always be respected cause without it, nobody truly knows of what could of been, of all our legacies today. Back in the days of Christopher Columbus, true they didn’t have all the technology we have today, but they did have maps and they charted their course with those maps ( something of today that most can not do), they had no cell phones, but yet they were very much connected with the World and where they had come from. Life back then was very different and there are some things we could learn of that time, so we here in this Society can move forward better and stronger.

Yes Christopher Columbus is a holiday here in America, but it is a holiday that isn’t celebrated by all within this country as it should be. Columbus day is of very important to all of us, as Veterans day is next month,  both these days have a huge significance in all our lives, as we walk our paths through this journey of life. Columbus set sail in search of a better land for a better life, he had a crew aboard his ship that worked hard daily, they had no engine to power the ship, but the sails up above, captured the wind to power the the ship to move forward in a natural wind energy way. Yes they also had their struggles and bad times back within the Society they walked their paths, just that with all the technology of today, our struggles and bad times have become a lot more sophisticated. Just the weapons alone of their time, they used to defend themselves, were not like they are today, the ship vessels of today are way more advanced and the list goes on. Now very true that the people of that time also struggled through difficult times, but with all the advancements of today, our struggles, I guess you can say………… have also become more sophisticated as well, but….. the struggles are in reality no different, just that between all the technology and the fact that we the people, have become so dependent on the technology, only seems as if we have it harder then they did.

Two very different Societies so we may seem, only because of the technology advancement of today, but these two Societies are very much the same if we only looked deeply into what we see. Now some may say we have it harder today, it is all relative as it is we the people that have made it harder then it really needs to be. In many ways the technology has made our journey here so much easier, then the times of Christopher Columbus, it is we the people and our actions, that have made all our paths of this journey, look harder than it really is. Throughout this journey of life, we all live our lives and there is no life that is more important than the other, just that we the people, think that we ourselves are more important than each other. Back within the times of Columbus, they helped each other more, as today it is a ” me against the world” mentality and we think we are alone with our struggles. We have lost the true feelings of God’s love within us and the the true empathy deep within our souls, some want to take God out of everything we see, but God is everything we truly are, some want to take away our National symbols or disrespect the symbols with their actions, when you show disrespect the symbols of this great country, there are two groups you are truly disrespecting, one being the Veterans that fought and died so we can be free here in this country and the other is, Christopher Columbus and his crew, for discovering this great land. So before you try to take away from the history of this great country, let’s look deeper into what we see, let’s think of the reaction, before we even take action along our paths, let’s respect everything around us, including respecting each other more, show more empathy and love for one another, so we can walk our paths through this journey of life in the peace and happiness we all deserve.


” Christopher Columbus is a holiday that we have lost all respect for the true meaning of this day”

” There is so much disrespect in this society, we have lost what true respect really means”

” Technology yes has made our lives better, but in many ways it has made us all lazy to walking our paths of this journey with any strength”

” It is the actions of some, that make all our actions difficult to make”


The American people have spoken yet again…..


The American people have spoken yet again, with the election of the house seat in Georgia. We the people are fed up with how those within Washington DC are doing their jobs, the real question is, when are they going to get the message and start working for us the people, as we are the ones that put them there?

Those Individuals on the far left would rather stall, bicker and fight, to stop us Americans from moving forward, than actually getting the message from us of, time to stop the crap and do the job we put you there to do, we can vote you out just just as quick as we voted you in. So far all these hearings are proving one thing and that is, those in office would rather wastefully spend our tax dollars over something that never happened. If you want to spend our tax dollars on something, spend it on bringing in the old Attorney General on her last minute on the plane while it was on the runway meeting with Bill Clinton before the Presidential election, I bet we all would love to find out the real truth and what was truly said on that plane.   Investigate the Clinton foundation, so we can truly find out of just how dirty that foundation is. There is a lot that the liberal media won’t report on because they are in the pockets of the Clinton’s and the foundation, we all know it so let’s prove it once and for all.

The far left Socialist Progressives are so corrupt and have a huge warped since of reality, that they have lost touch with true reality, they have lost touch with all of us American people within this Society to the point that, they can’t even do their jobs correctly anymore, without stirring up the drama and hate among us. These Individuals would rather argue and fight, then actually do what they were voted in to do. Then when some sick demented Individual goes and shoots up a work place or a mall etc…. The only thing they talk about is gun control and stopping the gun store owner’s from selling them? I got a news flash!!! It’s not the gun that shoots anybody, it’s the sick demented Individual pulling the trigger of the gun and we need to do a better job at, recognizing the warning signs of these Individuals and help them get the help they need, to truly stop this ugliness around us today.

We all walk a path through this journey of life and unless we stop the fighting and the bickering, these paths will never become smooth and peaceful as they should be for us all,. When we first start out on the path it is rough and full of bumps that will bruise us, but if we work together we can smooth out the bumps, making the path easier to walk and making our journeys become peaceful as we move forward, When we do nothing but argue and fight with each other, then the work of making the paths smooth never gets done.    This starts with the way we teach our children in the schools, of which this process has changed so much since when I was a kid, that the Teacher’s are not doing their jobs properly anymore either. Most of the blame goes toward the Administrations of the schools, as they are more focused on Political Corrections and offending others, that actual teaching has taken a back seat. There are no more civic classes as a required course, nor is an American history class required either. they would rather take away the pledge of allegiance, because it offends some that are from other countries? That’s too bad,,,,,,,,, You are in America, if you don’t like it, go back to where you are from. Plus they would rather take care of ” Illegal” Alien children……… Teach our American children? I have written on ” Illegal Immigration”, please go back to my archives and read, as that opens a whole different can of worms. Let’s work together people and get behind our new President, showing our support and respect for him, so we all together can, ” make America great again”.


” The American people have spoken yet again, time for the elected officials to listen and do their jobs correctly”

” Stop the arguing and the fighting and let’s actually help each other, work hard at making all our paths smooth and peaceful”

” Political correction has made us all weak and vulnerable, time to end it before it ends us”

” When we argue and fight the real work of making our paths smooth and peaceful never gets done”


Tread lightly with your actions and your words…..



With yet another Celebrity coming forward and trying to defame our President, let me just remind everyone that, whether you like President Trump, or you dislike President Trump, he is still the President of the United States and we all need to grow up. show some respect for the office of President and support everything that this office stands for, so we all can move forward stronger and better.

Kathy Griffin and her actions on the video of her holding a severed Trump mask stained with blood, is just gross and very uncalled for. Maybe she tried to make us all laugh at her joke? But seriously this was no joke and you just made yourself out to be as stupid as you look. Let’s get real here for a minute, all this crap that is happening out there since the election of the President of the United States, is totally uncalled for and needs to stop now, we all need to grow up and move forward and not backwards, so we can show the World we are the smartest Country out there, instead of stooping to an all time low, showing nothing but just how dumb we really are. Whether the the left wing Liberal crack pots want to admit it or not, this is all on you and it is time to take responsibility for your actions and move forward with your lives. You didn’t see the right wing Conservatives riot and create all the crap we see today when Obama won in 2008 did you? exactly my point, whether you like the President or not, he is still your President and we need to respect and support him with all we do. The majority of the American people have spoken, Donald Trump is our President, time to put aside the baggage, so we all can move forward better and stronger, as we walk our paths through this journey of life.

Actions speak louder than words, the words are also pretty powerful, but when you take action before you really think through the reactions, this will make you look really stupid moving forward and Kathy Griffin is finding this out the hard way, now why do we do things the hard way? Your guess is as good as mine, but we are all guilty of this in different times of our lives. Sometimes we get so caught up in what we think is the normal reality, that we lose total sight of what real reality is, our judgments become so cloudy, that we can’t even see reality if it was right in front of us, life will throw us a lot of curve balls, of which we do a lot of swinging and missing at the pitch, you would think by now we would become so accustom to this pitch, that we would learn by now of how to hit it out of the park, but for some reason we have gone backwards and forget how to swing the bat.

” With every action there is always a reaction”, this is a great quote which we all have lost sight of it’s true meaning. We are so clouded in our judgments that we never look down the road of what our actions will do, some of these actions will back fire and make ourselves look really dumb, some may make others look really dumb, but is this the answer with all of us walking our paths peacefully and going through this journey of life in happiness? I think not and with all the Drama and crap of this Society, proves that as well. The time is now for each and everyone of us to grow up, think through our actions before we actually take the action, so we all in this Society no matter where you are, can walk a path in peace, as we all travel this journey through life in happiness together.


” Before you take action on your actions, think through the action of all the possible reactions that may occur”

” The office of President of the United States is one of respect and dignity, time we all get back to truly seeing this office as it is”

” Danger thin ice…………… This is what we all are walking on through this age of Political Correction”

” Think twice of your actions before you take the action, same applies to your words as they to can hurt just as much”


Inaugeration day



Tomorrow is a big day in the history of this great Nation of the United States of America. Tomorrow is the swearing in of Donald Trump as the 45th President of this great Nation, now there are some that still oppose of him winning the election and throughout the Democratic party, there are more that will boycott this inauguration  since the great President Abraham Lincoln and we know how that turned out, as he was one of our great President’s, in the history of this great Country of America.

What we totally forget of what truly happens during an inauguration is, the simple fact we do not look deeply into what we see and truly see that, through every inauguration  there is always an ending that turns into a new beginning. Now as one Presidency comes to an end, let us all see the new Presidency, except the new presidency and work hard as Individuals, so the new Presidency can actually help and bring real change to each one of us, throughout this great Nation of America. Let’s not look at this inauguration as an ending of one President and the beginning of another? Let’s look at it as an ending of one era and the beginning of a new era, then maybe we all can truly grasp the fact that, change happens all around and through change we can grow better and stronger, as we walk our paths of this journey through life.

The biggest opponent of the new President Donald Trump is, the World of Hollywood and those within it. Now here is a large group of Individuals that have just came out with a movie of a Fictitious character, known to us all as an Emoji, really!!! There are some that will actually act out a part for a Fake Character, this totally shows just how fake and out of touch Hollywood is with real, true reality of life. What’s an Emoji you ask? It is a fake Character that puts a fake emotion to our words, on our Social Media sites, that is all it is and in no way does it even belong as a movie, now the scary part of all this is, it will probably get noticed in on of those Fake award shows that Hollywood puts on and win some big awards. It is time Hollywood gets noticed for what it really is and not the fake reality for what it tries to make into reality.

President Trump gives this Country a whole look and something away from the normal Lawyer as a Politician, who quite frankly, is really good at twisting words, saying what you want to hear, so they can dupe you into voting for them, as they then take an office as one of our leaders. Donald Trump needs to be given a chance before anybody speaks out or takes offense to him, you may never know he just might become the best President, that this Country has ever seen  (unlike the previous President) and the history is right before our own eyes.  You can not walk your path of this journey through life while you live a fake reality, so why do we let Hollywood become as powerful as they have, it is time we the People of this great Nation and we the People that live in reality, tell Hollywood to shove it, stand up to those that don’t want to stand up to our new President and give him a chance, so he can truly make this Country great again and make each one of better and stronger moving forward, throughout all our paths of this journey through life.


” Inauguration is a day of one ending that turns into a new beginning”

” Hollywood is as fake as the new movie of Emoji, time we get back to reality so we all can be at peace within out lives”

” Politicians will only say what we want to hear and twist our true words to what they want to say for their agenda”

” An Emoji is a fictitious Character that needs to stay where it is suppose to stay and not in front of us on a screen and given a life like each of us”


Father time slows down in the Camping World


Not everybody goes camping, some won’t be bothered and some can’t get enough of the camping world, the ones that do camp, enjoy very much of the peace and serenity that surrounds them at every turn. We all walk a path through this journey of life and with the way that Society has become, the ones that do camp and I mean true wilderness camping, do so to escape the crazy Society, to escape the troubles of everyday lives, so for a short time they can have Father time slow down, as they truly enjoy all that is around them, with the added bonus that they can see and enjoy, what true peace and serenity really is.

We all have our issues and we bring these issues to each other throughout Society, which makes our Society so troubled. Through these issues we….. whether we acknowledge it or not, bring much pain and hurt to ourselves as well as each other, we push our views and what we think is the right way on each other, then when others don’t see our views we then, become angry and do whatever we can, to try to bring each other down, so we then can seem more powerful over each other? This is what our Society has become and we each throughout this Society are totally responsible for the whole mess. Just because you don’t get what you want, or you don’t get your way, is not a reason good enough to go out and bring much pain and hurt to all the others of this Society, in some ways we need to get back to the simple life, learn from a time that……. yes they worked hard to get what they wanted in life, but they did it in a way of, mutual RESPECT for each other, without bringing another down and without bringing hurt or pain to each other. We are supposed to enjoy this journey while we are here walking it and enjoy everything around us, we are not supposed to bring hatred and chaos to this journey, to make the journey difficult with much pain and hurt, to those that are around us.

The Camping World in the true wilderness around us, is a place for us to go to unwind, to clear our heads of all the crap, let Father time slow down so we than can enjoy the peace and serenity and totally see just what it means, to enjoy this journey through life and enjoy everything around us, showing us that there is good around us throughout all the crap that engulfs us. We the People are the problem in this Society and we the People can be the solution as well, all we need to do is, see all the good around us and let go of all the bad. True it may seem hard as the bad has engulfed all our lives, but it is really quite simple as we all get back in touch, with who we truly are.

The good, the bad, the ugly, they are all part of this journey through life, we as People walking a path through this journey, have to do a better job at determining between each and then, enjoying all that is around us, by showing our love of one another, knowing when we need some time to get away, so we then can move forward better and stronger, as we all walk a path through this journey of life.


” True wilderness camping isn’t just going outside, it is getting back in touch with who we truly are”

” Father time slows down so we can truly enjoy what is around us and truly enjoy the peace and serenity”

” Some may not like camping, only because they don’t take the time to truly enjoy everything about it”


America the Beautiful



With this Election 2016 finally in the rear view mirror, this was probably one of the ugliest of my lifetime either Candidate had their flaws and each attack the other way too much, this is not what running for office should be, as if you can’t run on your experience and merits, you shouldn’t even be running for any office.

This Presidential race was a Clown and Pony show at best and in the end, the winner wasn’t determined by any party whether Republican or Democrat, this race was determined by the American People, as they were pissed off at what our Government was doing and even further they were pissed of at the direction this Country was going. Eight years ago when an unknown Barrak Obama ran for President, his platform was Hope and Change to which he never delivered on the Change, that gave us all no Hope,  this election of 2016 you had one Candidate that would do nothing but further the direction this Country was heading and another Candidate, that okay is a successful Business man, but really has no experience running a Country, Who do you pick? The American people spoke and spoke loudly especially the silent majority, as Donald Trump is our new President elect and the people put their Faith in him, to deliver that ” Real Change: that we all are desperately seeking.

Real Change is what this election was all about, all the failed policies and the non working together of our so called leaders as well, then there was a Healthcare that was not just passed, but was jammed down the American People’s throat. yes there are good to this Healthcare, but there is a lot that needs to be re worked to make it better, the fact that our premiums are sky rocketing, simply because the Insurance companies were taken out of the equation, making the competition not there, you need the competition to keep the premiums low as the insurance companies are now fighting for your business. President Elect Trump will be working with Dr. Ben Carson on the re working of the Healthcare system, so I am confident that it will be made better for all. This is the good part of having a Business man as President, as a good Business man will surround himself with good people, to move forward with success and this makes me feel good about not just my President, but about this Country of America once again.

Now that the Election is over, we are seeing some ugliness take to the streets because their Candidate didn’t get elected? This shows just how broken this Society truly is, it also shows that through all the failed policies and the signing of some bills that made some people become dependent on the Government, hence…….. making the Government more powerful than it really should be. Now we are seeing some take to the streets, cause they fear that now they will have to find a job, as their free ride is about to come to a close. To make America great once again, doesn’t just fall on the shoulders of the President, we the People have to do our share as well and part of that is, working and paying our taxes, so we all can prosper and be free to do as we want, just like what the Constitution says and our for Father;s worked very hard  to create it, so we all can live in Peace and happiness, as we always have hope and change. With a successful Business man as President, he is not bought and paid for by all the special interest groups or the Corporate companies, as they look for all the breaks, so they can make more money to which the top Executives of these companies live their exotic lifestyles and we the people struggle to make ends meet. This President has in mind the ones that matter and that is, The American People. The time is now for ” Real Change”, let’s get behind President Elect Trump, do our part as he does his, so we together can make America great once again, then we all can get back to walking our paths of this journey through life in peace and happiness, with prosperity with every turn.


” Real Change isn’t just taking a different route to work, or changing you under garments on a daily basis, it is all about each one of us working hard everyday to make it happen”

” America is very beautiful and we are doing nothing but make it ugly with all the failed policies and the not working together to keep it beautiful”

” The election of 2016 is behind us, time to heal as a Nation, so we can work together to make America great once again and move forward better and stronger”

” Nothing is free in this Nation, you want freedom you have to work hard at creating that freedom”


The Marijuana Question



Question four here in the state of Massachusetts is of the legalization of Marijuana, are you kidding me!!! Like those so called Leaders we voted into office, really don’t have anything else, to waste their time on? Or even better…… Waste the Tax payer .money on this nonsense. This path here you see in this picture, that is heading into the fog, is exactly where we all will be heading and most likely not even remember, how we reached wherever it is we are going?

Marijuana was and always will be known as the ” gateway drug”. It is illegal now and you can see a “High” percentage of People still get it and smoke it on a daily basis, just imagine it becoming legal, now you have a whole list of other issues that will come from this really stupid idea that someone actually came up with, now maybe I get one reason for this question and that is, to tax and bring in more revenue to this state, but at what real cost do you want to bring in money, to help ease the burden of all the tax payers?

Alcohol is a legal drug and we all see the issues it brings throughout this Society, not all of us can be a social drinker and have no issues with this drug, as to most it becomes a crutch that is easy to get, when our troubles become so over whelming, that we turn to this drug to help ease our sorrows for a short time. When we drink to excess we then can not think clearly and do stupid things, like getting in our vehicles and driving, as we have no clue of what we are doing, let alone the fact that we are putting other lives and the life of ourselves, in a situation that will change our lifestyle forever, or even worse either kill ourselves or those around us. Now some will say ” but I can’t live without it”? Now we have a whole different issue and that is, Addiction.

Addiction can affect anybody no matter what your status is and addiction can come to us in many ways as well, but what addiction can’t be is…….. Cured. Once you have and addiction, no matter of what kind, it then becomes a lifetime battle which has you with feelings of no control and low self esteem.  With the proper help you can deal with the addiction and you can deal with it on your own, just that it takes a strong person, who has a strong will. but to get to this point you need the proper help to guide you. Alcohol is a crutch that we then depend on, to help us deal with pain and sorrow, which then we totally forget about our inner strength, that doesn’t need a crutch, it isn’t just a quick fix, all we need is, total Faith in ourselves, so we then can have the Hope to curve the grip of addiction, so it won’t grab a hold and never let us go.

There are many more Addictions that tempt us and try to take control of us, playing the slots at a Casino is another type of Addiction known as Gambler’s Addiction, which the adrenaline gives you a rush that you then crave and can’t get enough of. There are many ways that Addiction can come to us and control every fiber of our being and the best way to help stay in control, is to understand about Addiction, understand that when it grabs you, it will forever hold you even when you think you are free from the Addiction.

To say that legalizing Marijuana is a good idea for all moving forward, I think we need to re think this plan? I mean I am no Doctor, but I do have Common Sense and it tells me that, all drugs whether Alcohol, Marijuana or hard core drugs, will affect the body in a negative way and the ones who dispute this, are the ones that have let the grip of Addiction grab a hold of them and can’t see clearly through the clouds of the Addiction. Plus having two legal drugs like Alcohol and Marijuana, now you have a whole lot of other issues as well and everybody is now running, or driving either High or drunk? Which then happens to not only put ourselves at risk, but it puts others around us at risk as well. Common Sense is not so ” Common” within this Society and has us all walking our paths within the clouds of our judgments, as we take zero responsibility for our actions, we then become lazy and have no clue of what real work is and by work I mean, totally understanding everything around us, no matter if it’s a Person, Place or a thing. There are many ways through this journey of life that can derail us and throw us a curve ball, but none as strong as Addiction is, especially when it grabs you with all it’s strength and never wants to let you go. I think we all need to ” be a lot safer and make much better decisions”, as we walk our paths through this journey of life, so we all can live in Peace and be happy at all we do.


” Addiction is like a crutch that we lean on, to help us move forward even when a part of us is broken”

” Marijuana is the gate way drug that baits you, sucks you in, then reels you into a World that is surrounded by clouds”

” Questions on the ballot for us to vote on, sometimes needs more research with some common sense thinking to truly understand the question”

” Common Sense is within us all, we just have to acknowledge it to unleash it’s true power and make it very Common once again”

” How can you have Common Sense when you are either High or Drunk, with no responsibility or cares for yourself or even whats around you”

Fly as Free as the Eagle…….



Within this Society of today as we walk our path through this journey of life, the free have lost their wings from walking within the clouds of their judgments and becoming lost along this journey. here in the United States of America, a place where many have fought and died for all our freedoms, suddenly isn’t so Free as our Government has become to big, with many committees that have been created that really do nothing, with Public Officials that act for their own agendas over the agenda of those that put them in their office, The huge wasteful spending of the Tax Payers money, just so these officials can live their exotic lifestyle while screwing the American People even further, all the corruption and the lies within the Government, that they don’t want to except the responsibility for, then there is a healthcare that got pushed through, before it really had a chance to be scrutinized, true there are some good to it, but the bad outweighs the good and should be revised and changed, but the Government don’t really care, as they have the best care and free to them, paid for by……….. you guessed it, we the People of the United States.

The Eagle stands today as our symbol of this great Country, simply because it is large and free, to fly where it wants, when it wants. The road this Country is heading down has us all headed to less freedom and a Government that will control everything we do, when we want to do it, the time for ” Real Change” is now, before it is too late to turn off this road and move in another direction through change, so we all can be free and be better and stronger moving forward, the Great Americans before us that fought hard and perished, so that we can walk freely, are turning in their graves for what we are doing with their hard work, time to make them proud, as we make the right changes and continue where they left off.

The first place we need to start is the voting process for the President of the United States. This Electoral College needs to go. This does nothing but get the wrong person in office, as the right one may get the popular vote, but comes short of the Electoral College? Plus you have these Candidates only going to key States just so they can get the numbers needed to win the Electoral College? All this does is turns the Candidates in one direction and completely ignores the other States like they don’t even exist. All this shows is, some votes in this Country truly count, while the rest of the votes aren’t needed and a complete waste of time for the ones who vote within this great Country. All votes from all the true American Citizens within this Country, should matter and it don’t matter which State you are voting from, we the People of this great Nation work hard everyday and do our part in building this Country stronger, this should count for something and we all as American People should be counted and rewarded for our hard work, so we all can enjoy this Country, which is what our true American hero’s wanted, when they fought so hard for all our Freedoms.

America is truly the greatest Country on this Planet, as our Ancestors proved with their hard work and as they fought hard and perished from fighting for this Country, so we all can live in peace while being free, to do as we want, when we want. Right now we are doing nothing but slapping these Great Individuals in the face and moving forward like they never existed. We need to treat each other better and show more Respect of each other, We need to stop all the Hate of each other and show more Love of one another, we need to work together and treat each other as we ourselves want to be treated, we need to no matter of what your status is, treat each other equally, without demeaning each other and looking down on one another, we the People are what is wrong with this Country and we the People can change how we move forward in this Country, then the biggest thing is, not only should we Respect one another, but we should Respect the Constitution of the United States, showing the Great Americans who wrote it and the Great Americans who fought hard and perished defending it, that we to want to make and keep this Country great, so we all now and the ones in the future, can walk their paths of this journey through life, freely, peacefully and in happiness everyday.


” The Eagle is a big powerful bird that flies freely in the sky, which shows we to can fly freely along our paths of this journey through life”

” Respect, equality, love, working together, are all the qualities that made the United States great and we all need to get back to these qualities”

” The Electoral College is the farthest thing from a fair and equal election, we need to change this so all votes count just as equally”

Through the Lies there is real Truth



We as a Society have evolved through the decades, into something that we are all in jeopardy of falling through the thin ice of life. We have all lied to one another at one point or another, these lies either being a small white lie, or a lie so big, we then have to continue the lie because we have no way out of it. When we continue the lies we then become someone we truly are not, we think we have control of our situation and our feelings or emotions, but we are only furthering our lies not just to others but of ourselves as well. This is one of the biggest reasons why we as Individuals and we as a Society hurt with real pain today, as others become wise to all the lies, they then alienate the one telling the lie and want nothing to do with these People, eventually the lies bring you to a World of Isolation and low self worth.

We are all guilty of these lies at one point or another, but the ones more guilty are our elected officials. These Individuals have made their careers built on lies, they look us in the eye and tell us one thing to get our vote, then stab us in the back with the reality of the office for which they hold. All our elected officials are Lawyers and what do Lawyers do best? They lie, they will say anything in order to get their Client off from whatever they have done, these Lawyers lie so much, they themselves wouldn’t know the truth if it bit them in the back side of the Anatomy. These Lawyers make a lot of money on furthering the lies and we the People see this, but yet we do nothing to stop it? Then these Lawyers run for an office, whether within the State they are in, or whether it’s within the Federal Government, they base their campaigns on these lies and try to dupe us the People, so they can further screw us, as they go against us in the office that they get elected to.

This election year of 2016 is all the proof we need, to see all the corruption and lies that our elected officials have sold us over the decades, this corruption is not limited to one party, it is throughout both the parties of the Democrats and the Republicans. Now with all the lies being told throughout our so called Leadership, we the People have no idea of who to trust anymore and have lost total faith in the system and with no faith their will never be hope. Trust, Faith and Hope are what helps us move forward better and stronger and without them, we are all lost within the clouds of our judgments.

Through the World of Political Correction their is nothing but more lies and the not admitting to the wrongs, not to mention the fact we are so scared to offend anyone, we say nothing at all? We are all guilty of doing things, then not stepping up and excepting what we did, when we do this we are doing nothing but keeping the lie going. Then when a Candidate like Trump comes along, who shoots from the hip and cares nothing for the Political Correct World we are in, we have no idea on how to handle him, so we then take to hating him and hope he goes away? As much as he may be a bit rough around the edges, he does have America’s best interests at heart and more so then Hillary Clinton, as she is doing nothing but furthering the corruption and the lies, I have no idea how she can keep giving her speeches, looking into the camera and telling us things that she will never do? Although her lies may be coming top a screeching halt, as the FBI has ignored Obama’s order and is now reopening the investigation of Hillary Clinton and her email scandal. The lies, corruption and the Political Correction is not of who we truly are, it is time we all restore the trust, faith and hope of not just each other, but within this Society as well, so we all can move forward along our paths of this journey through life, to be better and stronger, as we live our lives peacefully and full of happiness throughout our existence.


” Political Correction has made us all weak as we do nothing but further the lies within it”

” Stop dancing around the fire as sometimes you need to get burned, in order to feel real pain then become better and stronger from the pain”

” The lies and the corruption are not truly of who we are, then why don’t we stop them in their tracks so we all can move forward in peace”

” Trust, Faith and Hope are what we need to move forward better and stronger, time we restore these Traits within ourselves and our Society”