What’s more important, the drama or the real priorities?

The rural back roads and civilization of America, these people know how to walk their paths of this journey, simply because they are so far removed from the big cities, but yet they still survive just as strong. These places have considerably less than the big cities, but the the corporate giants still want them to pay the same or even more than the big cities? Our so called Leaders within the walls of Washington DC are so corrupt, that they clearly can not see through the clouds of their own judgments and their daily actions prove just that. With the next Presidential election right around the corner in 2020, with all these so called candidates lining up like the flies gather around around a piece of………….. Well you know the rest. All these so called candidates are really proving is, that they really do not take the office of President of these United States that seriously, they think it is a celebrity contest, which does nothing but rob the highest office on the land, of all it’s dignity and respect.

The Democrats want nothing but to strip our seated President of his duties, simply because he is not one of their guys? I have a news flash for all you Democrats out there, President Trump has already done more in his short time, than President Obama did in eight, plus the eight of George Bush also, so put that in your pipe and smoke it and let the real reality sink into that pea brain of yours. Now that the so called investigation is over, with nothing on our seated President, the Democrats can’t let it go, so now they are pushing to see our President’s tax returns? I have another news flash for all you Democrats, our President came into office a Billionaire, so let’s see all the tax returns of all elected officials, who came into their office with nothing and are now multi millionaires. These Democrats are so fixated on the fact of getting at our President, that simply they can not do their jobs correctly, they think they are coming up with the next best thing, like the so called ” new green deal”? That they are doing nothing on the real issues of this country, now I have yet another news flash, even through all the crap within the walls of Washington DC, our President is getting the job done and leaving all you haters in his wake. With these news flashes of mine, I have come up with more reality news flashes than all the media in the last year.

We all within this Society have become so consumed with all this hatred and ugliness, we have all lost our way on our paths of this journey, we are so clouded within our own heads, that all our judgments are made from fiction, instead of making a true judgment on facts, so we all can move forward more clearly, without guessing on the direction we should be going. It all starts at the top and trickles down to the rest of us, you would think that those within the walls of Washington DC would see all the progress our President is making and instead of hating on him, quite simply join him, so America can be better and stronger moving forward, without going backwards and not looking at where we are going.

All these so called candidates for the next Presidential election, are all so far left that they have become Socialists and all we have to do is look in the past and present to see what Socialism does, the old Russia or the USSR which stands for United Soviet Socialist Republic, will show you just how Socialism works, or just look at today in Venezuela with their struggles, not too mention the country of Cuba, Socialism never works and any candidate that says it does, wants to rob you of your hard earned money, so he can put it in his pocket, to live a plush exotic lifestyle, while you struggle with, rubbing together two nickels trying to make a dime.

The Media today are no more a Journalist than you and I, spinning around the spoken word, so you can continue an agenda, simply does not make you a Journalist, it only makes you a ” Drama Queen”. These people get paid good money to keep the drama flowing around us, without giving any mention to real facts within this Society, if our President comes out and speaks nothing but good things, the media will twist around his words and make them all nothing but bad, so they can keep their agenda of attacking a seated President and bringing more drama to you and I. You see how the media works? These are the real facts and facts are something the media knows nothing about. Real Writer’s use their imagination, while being a Writer in the media today has no imagination, all they do is spill words on a page, then look for their paycheck at the end of the week. I do not know about you, but if I do not feel good about my daily work, I then try to make it better the next day, so when I receive my pay, I have a great feeling of accomplishment that I earned it and not a feeling of robbing Peter to pay Paul.

” Just the facts please, so we all can be better informed to walk this journey as best we can”

” Drama does nothing but create more ugliness around us, time to get back to reality for the better of us all”

” A news flash should be of true fact, not about bringing more drama to all those around us”

” A presidential election should be of respect and dignity, not about attacking the one you are running against”

” The office of the President of the United States is the most powerful office on the land, it shouldn’t be treated as an office within the Barnum and Bailey’s Circus”


A Jolly old Fellow………

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Twas the night before Christmas and throughout the house not a peep was heard, for we all wait on the arrival of this joyful guy in the bright red suit. Santa Claus goes about his business as quiet as a church mouse, within the walls of the church, as come the rise of the morning sun, this Jolly old Fellow disappears for yet another year.

This merry old gentleman really does not have to disappear for another, as all his traits lives within us all, so we can share them with each other. Santa Claus loves to give and share, which are two of the traits that is within all of us. now as Santa comes along as we sleep, we all can totally give and share, as all we have to do is, totally feel the warmth of the love within each of us so then just like Santa, we as well can quietly spread our love within, with each other and not just one time a year, but everyday of every year, as we walk our paths through this journey of life.

Twas the night before Christmas, before all the children get tucked in to bed, they work on their letter to Santa and leave him some snacks on the table with the letter, then as they lay to sleep, they dream of Santa leaving all on their list, underneath the big Christmas tree for them to wake up to. Santa loves reading all the notes by the little children, almost more than enough of him eating all the plates put together by the children, as his tummy might give away.

Santa Claus…..Saint Nick……The Big Guy……. There are many names for the guy who brings us all much joy, a guy for which gives us all so much and never asks for anything in return. Some may say he is not real, but how can that be, when a big piece of him is deep within the hearts and souls of us all. Oh! Santa……. How though art though, you big jolly fellow, who brings smiles too many, even if they are a sleep when you show up.

Twas the night before Christmas, not a peep was stirring, not even the dog nipping into the chilly air, one of the quietest nights of the year, as we leave midnight mass, for the journey home, to get all tucked in, for the big jolly guy, to come spreading his love and sharing ways with us all. For a big guy, he sure does move around quietly, softly and without a peep himself.

” Oh Holy night, the best Christmas song that best describes………… Twas the night before Christmas”

” Silent night of the night before Christmas, even for all as we wait for the joyful Christmas day”

” Merry Christmas to all as we all bring the joy and peace of Christmas, to all the days of the year, each and every year during this magical time of year”

The True colors……….




The true colors always come out through the rain, they also come out when you use your head that holds your brains for a hat rack, instead of actually using it to become better and stronger moving forward. There is way too much of us taking action, before we actually think through the action  and the consequences of the all the reactions to the actions. We the people are what’s wrong with this Society and all hatred and ugliness all around us, we the people can also end this hatred and ugliness, if only we actually use our heads as it should be used and not, for a hat rack to place your hat upon.

Then there is the Media companies that would rather report on their agendas, instead of actually reporting the true facts. They have a story they work on, they research the story and all the facts, but instead of bringing us the facts, they only bring us what not only pertains to their agendas, but what will bring the most drama to an already drama filled Society. Take Fox 25 news for instance, they are now Boston 25 news, as Cox media group bought this local news station and now, instead of separating themselves from the rest of the media groups, they have come together, in order to bring us a watered down portion of the news, not too mention they repeat themselves over and over, as to drill in all our heads the hate, instead of drilling the facts in our heads and it is all about the greed, so they can have big profits to live their plush lifestyles, unlike we the people who scrape by just to make ends meet.

There really is not a reporter today that truly knows how to write from the heart anymore, as the Media group for which they work, will not let them and dictate of how they should be writing, or simply you do not work here anymore. They submit a story or an article and the Editor’s, the Proof readers and the Exec’s at the top, will have them water it down to where a lot of facts are left out, that only brings the drama to us, plus the stories they do print, will only give one side, that leaves us all wondering of what is true and what is fake. It is kind of like when you keep telling yourself and others the same lie, eventually you actually believe in that lie, well……………….The media groups have that same philosophy when bringing us what we think is news?

There are some real good writer’s out there, but those within these media groups have become like Robots and only write as the media group they belong in want them to write. When it comes to our President Donald Trump, do you think he is really hated by all, as these media groups want us to believe? Hell no!!! There are far more in reality that actually like him and think he is doing a great job as President, than what the Media would want us to think. The media groups only want us to hate on our President, simply because he is not on the left like all that are part of these media groups are.

You want fair and balanced reporting,  the time is now that we stand up to all these media groups by not buying their product, or listening to their rhetoric. The same goes for all the advertising commercials that advertise a product for us to buy, I mean come on now, a lot of what the commercials do is so fake, it is not even funny anymore, they create these jingles that catch our attention and that sticks within our heads, just to get us to buy their product, but only those that fall for their falseness or trickery may buy, but those of us well informed consumers will see right through them and go purchase a product that not only is reliable, but will stand the test of time, without falling apart while you are still paying for it. All in all these media groups and the corporations that sell us a product, are banking on us all to be dumb and fall for tactics and trickery, but when we all are smarter and well informed, then just maybe all will change for the better, so we all can walk our paths of this journey through life, in the peace and happiness, without all the drama and hate trying to control our every step.


” When it rains it pours as the true colors of life always shine when the rain stops and the sun shines”

” Real writers do know how to write, it’s these media groups that have turned them into Robots, instead of being able to write from the heart.

” When the writing comes from the heart you really do not need to change a word before you take it to print”

” The fake news is out there, you just have to be smarter and weed through all the crap”







The Vultures are circling……



I don’t know if anybody noticed, but what I saw most at the hearing of
Ex FBI Director was, all the Media types pushing each other out of the way just so they can get ” the picture”, of which to sell to us in their news publications and to continue their “fake” agendas, they sell us everyday.

True Journalism of truth is dead and what we have today is, people calling themselves a Journalist, just so they don’t have to work and rob the rest of us, of our hard earned money, so they can live their plush and fake lifestyles, not too mention…… The fact they keep on repeating the same old fake crap to build more of the unnecessary drama, because they have no clue on how to create real words in which to write anymore.

A Writer is someone that creates real words of a topic they truly know, a Writer is not someone that takes the words of others twist them around, so they can not only keep the drama and their agendas flowing, so can they rob the rest of us of our hard earned money, because we have become so consumed in the crap they write.

President Donald Trump is not only doing a good job for us the regular guy and Citizen of the United States, but he is also doing a great job in exposing all the fake media and the far left Communist Liberal as well, as they are getting so pissed at him, that they will say and write anything just to try to take him down, instead of truly doing their job correctly, so America can become stronger and better moving forward.  A lot of those that have become voted in by us within Washington D.C. Have lost their focus and can not truly do their jobs correctly, which makes it even more important for us the regular American Citizen, to see through their crap and vote them out, so President Trump and the ones with him, can get back to truly making  “America great again”.

This hearing of the Ex FBI Director was nothing but a way to feed the “Fake Media” more words, so they can further twist those words and they can not only keep their agendas going, but keep all the drama flowing through all our lives. You want to be a Journalist, then get back to being a true Journalist, get back to writing true words that are real and not words that are your own twist on another’s words. Stephen King is a great writer, now he may be famous for his gruesome books, but the words within these books are not only real, but they are his words, that he wrote. For him to write one book takes time, as not one of his books happened overnight from cover to cover. Time is something this ” Fake Media Journalists” of today don’t have, cause they want money now and will write anything to sell us, just so they can put money in their pockets now. Unlike Stephen King, who started as a poor Writer and an English Teacher, rubbing his pencils onto his note pad paper, but over time he has become one of the best and most talented Writer’s out there, not too mention he is quite rich now, simply from creating his own words within his books.

True Journalism is dead today and those who think or call themselves a Journalist, are not only lying to themselves, but are also lying to we who read their ” Fake words”. These words I am bringing you right now, are my own words I am creating, I start with a thought and from that thought, I then put a picture up to start, that will coincide with my thought, then I let my fingers walk along my keyboard on my laptop, as they then bring to you, created words from my head to my fingers and onto the keyboard, which then finishes off on the screen I look at, to proof read what I wrote. The concept isn’t really that hard, okay sometimes I look at the screen to get a thought and see nothing on the screen, this is called Writer’s block and when this happens, I don’t take another’s words and twist them, just so I can write something, I then wait another day, til the Block opens up and I can create real words, for my readers to read. Would I like to make money someday of my writings? I would be lying if I said no, yes all of us who write want to earn money for our work, but a true Writer like Stephen King lets time dictate their success, instead of creating ” Fake words”, just so they can rob their readers of their hard earned money.


” True writing is an art form that in today’s world the journalist has lost the focus on how to create the art to create real words”

” That old cliche of “the starving artist” also goes toward a writer as well”

” A true Writer knows how to truly create and will never twist around other words for their benefit”

” Fake writer’s take away all the respect that the true Writer works hard at creating”


The white winter blanket covering the Earth



“To some this white blanket is not wanted, but it is all part of the four seasons that we all go through year after year”.


We all walk our paths of this journey of life, part of this journey are the four seasons, Winter…Spring…Summer…Fall, with these seasons are what keeps this Earth, fresh and clean. True we all have our favorite time of year, but to get to our favorite, we all have to get through the other times and let Nature become beautiful, for all of us to see.

The Christmas season falls in Winter and with the falling of the snow during this time, makes for a beautiful time of year and when we look deeply into what we see, we than can see the true beauty of the Christmas season. Now some of the other faiths or some that don’t believe, may get offended of the Christmas season, but if they respect the beliefs of us that believe, like we respect their non beliefs, or respect those of other faiths, we all can walk our paths of this journey, in peace and happiness always, with no bitterness in sight along this journey.

The true spirit of Christmas has nothing to do with stressing over buying gifts and has everything to do with, feeling the love of God within our hearts and then sharing that love with each other. True we become a product of our environment and when that environment is all negative, then we become negative of all that is around us and never give anything a chance to thrive around us, we get so caught up in trying to make ends meet, we totally lose the feeling of God within our hearts, which then has us losing touch with the true love within our hearts, we lose totally of who we truly are and becoming negative of all that is around us. “The true Christmas spirit is what reminds us of, the love of God within our hearts and when we truly feel this love, we then share it with all that is around us”. We are not suppose to lose respect of each others beliefs, we are not suppose to become bitter of each other and definitely, we are not suppose to become negative and full of stress, at the most beautiful time of the year. Christmas fills our hearts with the love of God, as he sends his one and only son to us, to walk his path of this journey, Jesus teaches us with his actions, on just how to walk our paths, so we to can find the path of righteousness, then as we get to the path of righteousness, we then can be at peace and live in happiness always along this journey of life.

This journey of life is only as hard as we make it and when we become bitter and lose respect of all that is around us, then this journey of life becomes difficult and harder than it really should be for all of us. Let us all see this white winter blanket as it is suppose to be viewed as, especially at this time of year, with this white winter blanket and the spirit of Christmas upon us, may we all look deeply into what we see, may we all truly feel the love of God within our hearts and then share this love with each other, so we then can respect each other regardless of your faith, or regardless of your non beliefs and as we all truly feel this love of God within us, let it fill your soul with the warmth, so we then can walk our paths of this journey in peace and happiness always, as this true love spreads throughout this land of Earth, plus as this white winter blanket covers the Earth now, it then will make the season of Spring even more beautiful with bright colorful flowers for us all to see.


” The white winter blanket to us known as snow, does a lot more than just become an ugly sight for us, just truly look deeply into what you see, to see it’s true beauty”

” The true Christmas spirit will fill all our hearts with the love of God, that is already in our souls and will bring peace and happiness to us all”

” The snow may seem cold to us every winter, only cause we don’t let the true winter blanket warm our hearts with God’s love for us all to share”


Nature is the best Teacher


Nature is now and always will be…….. The best Teacher that we will ever know. All we have to do is take to the outdoors, have an open mind and observe all that is around you. Within this Society of today, we have become to lazy to explore the outdoors, our open minds have become closed and fed poison instead of the right foods to help it grow and we all think we know it all, so we then think we have to observe nothing.

There are good Teacher’s as well as bad Teacher’s, just like everything in life we have to weed through the bad, so we can see the good and truly open our minds to all that is around us. Yes there are many Teacher’s out there that help us all widen our horizons, but yet there are still more Teacher’s who care less for who they are teaching and care more of their own comfort, with a nine to five and more days off then they actually work, then there are the Teacher’s that take the term open your minds and broaden your horizons to a whole new level and a level that disrupts all that is around them. I understand the fact that we all need to learn, so we can move forward better and stronger, but when we are learning with non facts or facts that are miscued just to fit a need of a Teacher, now you then create a Generation of People that think they are right and won’t except the fact that they were given mis information, just to fit the need of a Teacher with only one thing in mind and that is, their nine to five and numerous days off.

Nature is a natural Teacher and all we have to do is, pay attention to what nature tells us through the signs around us, like the clouds and all the different shapes and colors, why does one bring snow and the other rain? Pay attention to the fact that as we walk our journey here on Earth and that Earth is also moving along it’s journey as well, pay attention to each other as we walk our paths here on this journey through life and if we actually did, we would find that yes we are very similar to each other, just that we are very unique to each other, we will also find that with these similarities there is no Racism within our hearts and that it only comes to us, as an excuse for some, so they can move forward in their lazy and uninformed lives.

I get the fact that there are some Teacher’s who were very successful in the business world and now they want to give back by sharing their knowledge, these are the Teacher’s that become very good at teaching the young to be better as they move forward, then there is the nine to five teacher, that thinks nothing but, when is my next day off, or is it Five yet? This is where we all have to be smarter and know the difference between the good and the bad, know the true facts before we open our mouths and insert foot, learn how to truly get along with each other, instead of trying to bring each other down, learn to follow your heart more instead of the trail of the money, as greed is and always will be, the root to all our evils.

When we take to the outdoors and really pay attention to what is around us, we will learn so much more than any teacher can teach us, not just the outdoors of our usual surroundings, but the outdoors deep within the woods, or on top of the highest peak, this is where Nature will truly teach us of all that is around us. Nature is and always will be the best teacher no matter who may tell you and all you need to do is, relax, go outside, open your mind and truly look deeply at all that is around you. We all walk our paths of this journey through life, we learn many things from multiple teachers, but the best teacher for us all is, Nature itself and it will never give us the wrong information.


” Nature is the one true teacher that will never steer you wrong or will it ever give the wrong information”

” Teachers…. there is the nine to five and there are the teachers that actually take pride in teaching so others can become better and stronger”

” There is nothing more natural than Nature, which is why the two words are as similar then each of us throughout Mankind”


The clear brisk mountain air


All wrapped snug and warm within the confounds of your sleeping bag,

You wake at the first sign of the morning sun and seeing your breath as you breathe,

Ah!!! the cool feeling of camping on the mountain in the season of fall,

At first thought you want to stay in the bag until the sun warms the mountain air,

You then realize that in order to start the day and see the beauty, you need to get up.

Start the campfire so you can boil water for the much needed cup of coffee,

You begin breaking the kindling to start the fire and hear footsteps behind you,

You gaze in all directions within the woods around you and find a small deer,

That has come to say good morning to you as they to look for the daily breakfast,

You then get back to lighting the fire quietly as not to startle the Deer, and

as you wait for the fire to have coals hot enough for coffee,

You then watch the Deer graze the floor of the woods for its daily grind,

Beautiful is all you are thinking and this makes your camping experience that much more fun,

The Wildlife around you was there first so you respect them as not to startle them,

The very reason why you take to the woods of real primitive camping,

Not just to do something different, but to get back in touch with,

Not only yourself but all that is around you within the peace and serenity,

The mornings true may be a bit brisk in the fall air,

But it is also the most beautiful time of the day, as you watch the sun,

Wake with you at the start of a new day,

The sun wakes and rises above the mountain brings streams of light,

through all the trees within the woods and lights up the area in patches,

before it actually gets high enough to light up everything with its warmth,

Now as you are within the trance of the beauty of the morning,

Your water is boiling for your coffee and you pour the first cup,

so now you to can awaken just as the sun over the mountains around you,

Being outdoors in the true beauty of Nature is what its all about as,

you sip your morning coffee and realize that there is more to life,

then your everyday nine to five job to make ends meet,

You also suddenly realize that even as you wake to get ready to go to your job,

The sun also wakes for the new day just that you aren’t focused like you are in the woods,

We take so much for granted as we walk our paths of this journey through life,

That we totally forget to actually live and breathe within our lives,

We forget that there is so much more out there to explore along our paths,

Simply because we get so caught up in the nine to five that we don’t actually live,

like God wanted us to when he created us to walk this Planet of Earth,

We let all the crap consume us to the point we see no beauty in anything,

Which we then lose a big part of who we truly are,

Breathe…..relax…..look deeply at what is around you and you also can see,

The real beauty that Nature has in store for you as you truly walk your path,

through this journey of life then you can be at true peace within the serenity.


” To watch the Deer walk its daily path will enlighten you to truly see the true beauty in all that is around you”

” True primitive camping within the woods around us and seeing the sun wake to the new day will keep us grounded to truly looking deeply into what we see”

” There is more to this journey than the daily nine to five, we just have to get out and explore to truly see just how much more there is around us”


It can all be taken away in a flash


” Our paths through this journey of life we take so for granted, as everything we work so hard for can be taken quicker than we realize”



What a huge tragedy for all those who live in or around Gatlinburg, Tennessee. They have been in the biggest drought in this area in about a decade and because of this drought, has sparked many brush fires over the last few months, but the weather and the windy conditions on Monday, took these brush fires to a whole new and scary level. This picture may not be of Gatlinburg, but it shows a town very similar here in Massachusetts, a small town nestled within the mountains, that has many residents that live their lives there, this town has many things of beauty within and around it, these residents work hard for what they have and work hard to be able to live within the beauty of these mountains, a town very similar to Gatlinburg, but as we just found out earlier in the week, everything you work so hard for, can be taken quicker than you can blink your eyes and you have no control over it.

We all walk a path through this journey of life, some may grow with a silver spoon in their mouths and some work their fannies off just to survive and live along their paths and grow up with nothing, but through their hard work they achieve many things along the way. No matter who you are everything you have can be taken quicker than you realize, as we saw from the events in Tennessee, this doesn’t mean we have to stop living and enjoying what is around us, but we do need to respect more of what we have and what is around us as we walk our paths of this journey of life. Life is more precious than we lead on to think it is, we take so much for granted, without realizing just how quickly it can change.

A good majority of the Citizens in and around Gatlinburg Tennessee, are now with nothing but the clothes on their backs now, there homes totally gone with nothing but the chimney left, everything incinerated to ash on the soil of their property, all their special pictures and memories gone, furniture and material things gone, everything but the clothes on their backs, as they were running for their lives to escape the huge flames of the fires. This can happen to any of us as we never know where the next natural disaster will strike? The states in the area known as ” Tornado alley”, know all too well that life is so precious as they to have gone through what Gatlinburg and surrounding areas just went through, except a different kind of tragedy. Tragedies happen it is part of this journey through life, we can try to control them but only God has control and we need to simply…… do not take for granted of what we have, show more respect of each other, show more respect of all that is around us and take our lives a little more precious, as we walk our paths through this journey of life.

True we chose a path to walk through this journey of life, but what we don’t really think about is, just how fast it all can end, instead we take everything for granted, we think we are entitled to everything around us, just because it is there? We think just because we buy a parcel of land and build a home, that we automatically own everything else around us? We take our trips on vacation to see all the beauty of where we are, but we never think of what could happen to take this beauty away, we take so much for granted that when a tragedy does happen, we then become so devastated that we forget truly of who we are, lose all respect for all that is around us, we lose sight of what this journey is all about and we forget just how precious this journey truly is. We all walk a path though this journey of life, we need to respect all that is around us more, never forget just how precious this journey is and always never forget that, it can all end quicker then we want to admit to, so we then can move forward in peace and happiness, so we can also be better and stronger also.


” Fire, Tornado, hurricane or any other weather event are all natural disasters, that are huge tragedies that can strip us of all we work so hard to achieve”

” This journey through life is a precious thing and can be taken from us at any time in our lives”

” We work very hard for what we have in our lives and at the same time can be taken easier than we achieved it”


The World of the Dictator no more



“The Ruler’s sneered at Jesus and said, ” he saved others, let him save himself if he is the chosen one”, the Christ of God”.

*** LK 23:35


These Ruler’s that sneered at Jesus are nothing but Dictator’s that think nothing of telling the people what to do and when to do it. This passage couldn’t fit our Society any better as a person who was the leader of Cuba for many decades has passed away, this leader I will leave nameless as he does not deserve the time, ruled his people like they were slaves to him and took everything from them. The way this Society has evolved and with all the technology we have today, there is no room for this kind of leadership, these are the dark days of our past and we need to move forward not backward, to be stronger and better as we walk our paths through this journey of life.

A Dictator does nothing for the people and does everything for his personal gain, those who think he was a great leader, clearly have become brain washed by his actions and have become blinded by the clouds of their own judgments, they say he stood up to other leaders? He only did so for one reason and that is for his own personal gain, which had nothing to do with the people he ruled which is why for years, the Citizens of Cuba tried to leave that country in many ways.

A Dictator in many ways is like a simple Bully, that tries to control us and gets us to do what they want, instead of doing what we want. They use fear and violence to control us, much like the group ISIS is doing now and when they can’t control us, then they refer to killing the ones they can’t control, so the ones that are left will bow at their every command.  Within this Society we are better than this, we are smarter than this and we can stand up to these Individuals, look them square in the eye and put the fear of God right back at them. Now I will admit from someone who was Bullied at a young age, this is very hard to do, when your Faith in yourself and your confidence in yourself has been stripped from you, to re gain your faith and confidence takes time, yes it will come back, but it also takes hard work over time, to re gain it to the point of actually standing up to anybody, looking them in the eye and showing them that they can’t hurt you no more. The pain and hurt is a whole different thing from the faith and the confidence, now your getting into burying deep inside your true feelings, so you can walk your path as normal as you think normal is? We have all gone through these feelings at one point or another, just depends on how bad you were Bullied and how you let it affect you?

A Bully and a Dictator are pretty much the same thing and if someone tells you otherwise, they really don’t know the difference and most likely have been bullied themselves? Both the Bully and the Dictator’s main goal is to control everything they can, so they can look to others as the most powerful, when in reality all they are, is just a Coward that is afraid to show their true feelings, or have buried their true feelings deep within themselves. Just like in the Animal Kingdom some species die off to make room for other species, we as Humans are no different as we to are creatures of this planet, like throughout the Animal Kingdom, The time for all the Bullies and the Dictator’s are far gone, time we all heal and unite, so we all can walk our paths in peace and happiness throughout this journey of life.


” A Bully and a Dictator are one in the same, all they want to do is control everything that they can”

” There is no room for Dictator’s in this Society, we need to heal and unite as a Society so we can move forward stronger and better”

” Fear and violence are the keys for a Bully and a Dictator, take that away and they are nothing but a Coward that will disappear”

” We have come a long way in this Society, we need not let any Bully or Dictator take from us what we worked so hard for”


Stay awake and prepare yourself



” Therefore stay awake! For you do not know on which day your Lord will come”.


***Mt 24:42


We now approach another Christmas day and with this the first day of Advent, may we all stay awake ( i don’t mean lose sleep in our lives), I mean let us all stay awake and prepare ourselves for the coming of Jesus Christ our Savior. By staying awake we all need to rid ourselves of all the hate and truly feel the love of God within our souls, he is always there and he fills our hearts with the warmth of his love, but through this Society for which we live, we are all guilty of not acknowledging him within our souls and losing Faith in his son Jesus Christ.

Christmas is a time for us all to truly feel the love of God within us and then sharing this love with each other, the first day of Advent is for us to clean our thoughts of all evil, so we then can open our hearts to the warmth of God’s love, as we stay awake to prepare ourselves of the coming of Jesus Christ.

Throughout this Society and all the evil we see everyday, this has become learned and ingrained in our minds, while the love of God is always within us and we need not learn anything, just be natural and let the love flow like water over a water fall. It is a lot harder to continue the hate and evil around us, as it is much easier to spread the love of God, simply because it is already within us to share.

The four weeks of Advent is for us to stay awake and prepare for the coming of Jesus our Savior, no we don’t have to lose sleep which will affect our jobs and our lives, but to spiritually stay awake, open our hearts and our minds to the love of God within us, let the warmth of this love fill our entire bodies, so we then can share this love with each other, as we then cleanse our thoughts of all the Evil, so we all can move forward stronger and better and as Jesus comes to us on Christmas, we then can be at true peace and happiness, as we all walk our paths through this journey of life.

With this being the first day of Advent and with the recent events happening around us in this Society, these are truly a sign from God and a chance for us all, to cleanse ourselves of all the Evil, like a Dictator in Fidel Castro, so the rest of us can move forward, stay awake in preparing ourselves for the good and the love of God, as Jesus our Savior will come to us on Christmas day. When we feel the warmth of God’s love within our soul and have Faith in Jesus Christ, Evil will never win over our souls and the love will always fill us with warmth and happiness always, so we then can walk our paths in peace, throughout this journey of life.

Hatred comes to us from somewhere and is learned as we grow into this Society, Love is always within us and is very easy for us to feel the warmth, then spread this warmth with each other, as we all walk our paths through this journey, there are cross roads in place for us to make choices, there are also life events that come to us as well, with some being bigger than others, sometimes we make bad choices from the events, then struggle to find our way out of the bad choices, during the struggle we then lose all faith in not only ourselves, but we lose all faith in Jesus Christ as well, which then leaves us with no hope of where we want to go. As we lose the faith and have no hope, our true feelings and emotions become so suppressed deep within ourselves, we then forget they are there and try to move forward, while we put forth a fake portrayal of who we truly are, we think we are alone and the only one that is struggling, but there are many out there struggling with themselves, just as you are struggling, just that we have shut ourselves off from all that is around us. The Advent season is a way for each of us to stay awake spiritually, prepare ourselves for what is to come, so we then can not only get back in touch with ourselves, but get back in touch with each other and get back the Faith in Jesus Christ, which will give us all the hope to move forward on our paths of this journey through life and be at peace in true happiness.


” Evil and hate are one in the same and are learned, as true love is within us always and is very easy to feel and spread with those around us”

” Advent is for us to spiritually stay awake, so we then can prepare ourselves for the coming of Jesus Christ our Savior”

”  Love is part of who we truly are, we feel the love of God within our souls and that same love then fills our hearts with warmth so we than can share with all that is around us”