Some paths will get you dirty as you walk them

” The paths of this journey come with some work, not all are laid out to perfection for our steps, as they help us walk with confidence and pride” *** Bowlingchef*** It’s how we clean up the paths we walk, that helps us all walk this journey with confidence moving forward. I get that there

There is nothing to fear but fear itself

” Do not be afraid” Matthew 28:10 With fear comes uncertainty, and right now there is so much uncertainty in this world, we all have so much fear that we are too afraid to do anything. The so called media leads the way, when it comes to all the fear around us today. They bring

The division in clear sight

” A Country with its leadership in great divide will be a Country scorned and broken with zero leadership along a path” BowlingChef       Last night at the SOTU address by President Donald Trump was as good a speech as I have witnessed in a long time, he nailed every aspect and accomplishments

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