Karma will always avenge those with false acquisitions



It is sad that in today’s Society some will accuse others of things they have never done…… Why? Your guess is as good as mine, maybe it’s the fact that they lack their own self confidence and this is a way for them to try to move forward, while thinking they are better than you?  Could also mean that they have some hidden issues that they are afraid to address? I get the fact we all have our own issues that we deal with on a daily basis, but when we deal with issues that are brought on by others, that make false accusations, shows just how people in this Society need to grow up, accept the responsibility of their actions, learn how to be confident in their abilities and instead of burying their issues deep within their sole, fix what needs to be fixed, so we all can move forward in peace and happiness, along our paths of this journey through life.

Self Confidence is something we all learn as we grow along our paths of this journey, self confidence doesn’t just happen as it is achieved by the way we learn to be better at all we do along our paths. When we lack this Self Confidence shows that we have become lazy at earning and achieving it, we forget how to practice whatever we need to practice, so we can achieve the confidence to move forward, within this Society we have become so lazy, we forget what it is to work hard for what we want, to work hard to gain our self confidence and when we get that lazy we then get lost within the clouds of our own self doubt. When self doubt enter onto our paths, we then will do anything, in order to move forward, even if that means knocking others down, so we then what we think is moving ahead of them? This is only one thing and that is, the fact that we lack the confidence in ourselves to move forward correctly, so we then can achieve success correctly, while we all become happy everyday of our journey.

Self Confidence isn’t just in the ability of a person that plays a sport, it is within each of us along our paths of our journey, we strive for the confidence to be great at whatever we are doing, when we lack the confidence and we become lazy to work hard at achieving it, we then will do anything to try to achieve it, yes that means we will try to bring down others around us,  to make it seem like we are better, even though they do the job better than I? Simply look at some one like Tom Brady of the New England Patriots, he works very hard, not just at practice, but within the game of football he plays, with that hard work and practice, he has enough self confidence in his abilities, that he is by far the best Quarterback in football, those within the game that chats ill of him are simply jealous and are lazy to work as hard as Tom, not too mention the reason why some hate on him so much. Life along our paths of this journey will go so much smoother if we all work hard and practice everything we do, fix whatever issues we have, so we can achieve our self confidence and be better and stronger moving forward.


” Self Confidence isn’t something that just comes to us, we have to work hard in achieving whatever we do to gain the Confidence”

” To bring another down is not the way for us to achieve success, or even move forward stronger and better”

” When we lack self confidence only means we have issues that we need to fix, so we can achieve the confidence to be better and stronger moving forward”


The Train ride of Life…..



” Train Tracks we over look cause we are on the train to where ever we are going, but these tracks are like our paths along this journey and with the right choice, we can reach our destination of happiness and good will”.


Just like we walk our paths along this journey through life, the Trains follow their tracks to reach their destination of their journey. True there is a Conductor that drives the train along it’s destination, yes the Conductor flips a switch that changes the tracks for which the Train follows, but if the Conductor makes a bad choice, now the train will never reach the destination it set out to go, hence the path of the train may become rough and into the unknown.

We like the Train follow a path throughout a journey, sometimes along the path we get caught up in crap whether of our own, or from another that guides you in the wrong direction? but none the less we still follow the path and become lost within our judgments, when we become lost then our choices we make, aren’t as well thought out as they should be, when we get to a cross road along our path, we then make a bad choice and follow the wrong path, which then leads to a path of self destruction, riddled with bumps that will bruise us on the inside as well as the outside, we become so hurt that we will do anything in order to escape the pain, the biggest thing we will do is, bury our true feelings and emotions so deep within, that we then move forward without feeling a thing and never show any emotion, to anything that may cross our paths.

When the Train travels too fast and the Conductor doesn’t flip the switch to the other track, then try’s to turn the train at a high speed, disaster will happen and the train will derail, which then causes the train to fly off the track, as it not only hurts the train, but all those who are aboard the train. Within this fast paced Society and all of us walking our paths rapidly, without noticing all that is around us, will have us derail along our paths and become bruised from the bumps, then pick up the pieces, so we can get back on the tracks, through this journey of life.

Some may pick up the pieces, fix what needs to be fixed faster than others, so they can get right back on the tracks and get back to making the right choices within the paths they follow, but many others procrastinate and become so lost within their judgments, that they can’t see clearly as they move forward, they will also bury their own true feelings and emotions so deep in order to escape the pain, that they then become someone for which they truly are not, which makes them  wander, instead of walking along their paths of this journey through life.

The Conductor may drive the train and make all the choices for the train on which tracks to follow, we make the choices ourselves, that determine which path we follow along this journey and when we make bad choices, they will lead us down the wrong paths, which will further us into the unknown and force us to bury our true feelings and emotions deeper within us. Not all will be lost forever though, as one day we will realize we are on the wrong path, realize that we don’t feel anything, or have emotion towards anything, which will then have us ask ourselves why? Then we can take the steps necessary that will guide us in the right direction, that will lead us back to the tracks, so we can also reach our destination, as  we walk our correct path along this journey through life.

The Train ride of life in a lot of ways is similar to the paths we walk in life, they can derail us and have us lose the direction for which to go, when we get derailed we then become hurt that will bring great pain to our lives, then as we try to escape the pain and hurt, we become lost and wander anywhere just to forget, everything around us has to be repaired even ourselves, when we fix and repair correctly, we will always make good judgments and always be in touch with our true feelings and emotions, then as we walk our paths through this journey of life, we can do so in true happiness and peace, which will help us all coincide with each other always and truthfully.


” The Train on the tracks will go rickety when we don’t look deeply into what we see”

” The Train ride of life isn’t as smooth as we like, we are the ones that can determine the ride with our good choices along our paths”


Memorial day weekend

Autumn Leaves

” The dawn of a new beginning, may we all look back and remember on this Memorial day of all the greatness, so we can move forward stronger and better”


Within this Society of today, some will only look at this weekend as a big party for drinking and BBQ’s. The real meaning and what this Memorial day weekend is truly about, for us to look back at what was, so we than can move forward stronger and better. May we never forget those of our Military past, that put themselves in harm’s way, so we today can enjoy our BBQ’s, while being free to do and go wherever we want to go. It is very easy for us today to forget about a time that is long removed from our paths of this journey through life, but what we should never forget is the fact of some brave men and woman, put themselves in harms way and have perished, so this Country can be great and the people within this Country, can be free to live in peace and happiness, throughout their journey of life.

True we all want to party and have a good time, but for us within this Society these parties and good times have come with a cost from Generations of our past, all we have to do is show some respect towards these Generations, that we appreciate and thank them so we today can be free to do what we want and travel freely to wherever we want to go. Even today with all the turmoil around the World, we have brave young men and woman, fighting in dangerous places around the globe, then when they come home we ignore them like the Plague, we show them no respect with a simple ” Thank you”, all we think of is ourselves and how can I party and drink til I can’t stand up no more. I get the fact we all have issues and these life events that come to us along our paths, will try to control who we truly are, but unless we totally understand of these issues and events, they will control us and turn us into something we are not.

Sometimes in life as we walk our paths along this journey, we have to think back at a better time and place, see where we went wrong, so we can totally fix what is happening now, so we then can move forward stronger and better than we ever been, we also have to pay tribute to the ones that have made it possible for us to succeed along our journey, pay tribute to the ones that have paid the ultimate sacrifice, so we can move forward better and stronger, I wouldn’t want to even think of what could of been without these brave men and woman of our past and present, that make this Country great so we all within this Society can be free and walk our paths of this journey through life, in peace and happiness while enjoying all that is around us. May we never forget those brave men and woman of our past and present, that put themselves in harms way and some who pay the ultimate sacrifice for us, that is what this Memorial day weekend is about, all the BBQ’s and parties take a back seat to the true meaning of this weekend. When you see a person in uniform of one of our Armed service men and woman, just a simple ” thank you for your service” as you go about your path, will go along way in not only showing respect for them, but showing respect of the brave men and woman of our past, not too mention will help us feel good inside and help us better understand our issues, so we can truly be who we are and fix what we need to fix, so we then can move forward better and stronger, along our paths of this journey through life.


” Memorial day weekend is more than a BBQ and a party, it’s about remembering the brave, so we can be free”

” Within this Society we all want to move forward better and stronger, but first we have to remember where we went wrong, so the journey forward will truly be better for us all”


Look out into the Abyss of the Horizon



We in today’s Society have this mentality I call, ” The one upper mentality”. What I mean by this is, when someone talks of his good time he had doing something he loves, or something he has never done before, there is always someone else that, comes out saying he has done that and done that better than any other? Even if that person never has done what they say, they still have done it better, now this person is not only lying to the other person, even worse they are lying to themselves. What they don’t realize is, now they have to keep up the lie and over time the lie becomes bigger and takes on a life of it’s own.

We have become so Fake within this Society with all this ” one up mentality”, that we have totally forgotten just how to live our lives anymore. What is even worse is, we are not being truly of who we are, to be truly happy in our lives goes way beyond cracking a smile, to be truly happy starts deep within our own soles. I understand we all have these events that may come across our paths, but when we let these events control who we truly are, we then become someone we truly are not. These events will control us if we let them, but if we learn to understand the why’s of these events, we then can better control ourselves and even better, control these events and fix what is wrong, so we then take control of our own Destiny’s.

When we look deeply into the Abyss of the Horizon, truly see what we are looking at, is the same as looking deeply into our sole’s and not only seeing who we truly are, but feeling and being who we truly are. when this seems impossible and out of reach to you, it is because you don’t truly understand the why’s, which then leads to the lies and manipulation and then leads us into the ” one up mentality”.

When we become lost within this mentality, we then think that life is hard as we walk our paths, but life isn’t hard at all, only if we learn and better understand the why’s, so we then can be truly of who we are, as we look deeply into the abyss of the Horizon, that is truly our souls deep within ourselves. When we start out with one small lie, we tell ourselves that it is okay, we won’t hurt anything? But in reality that small lie then becomes bigger as we add to it over time, then truly lose sight of who we truly are, as we walk our paths of this journey through life.


” Look deeply into the Abyss of not just the Horizon, but into the Abyss of our souls deep within ourselves”

” There is no small lie we tell, as over time that small lie then becomes bigger with a life of it’s own”

” The one up mentality not only hurts ourselves, but it hurts all those within Society that is around us everyday”


Gaze into the Wild Blue Yonder



As we Gaze into the wild blue Yonder that is the sky,

what is it that we truly see?

Do we look deeply into what we see or just Gaze out and see something different,

God created these beautiful mountains not just for us to look at,

but for the mountains to Wander inside us to be better and stronger moving forward,

Hiking any mountain is always Peace and Serenity when we look deep enough,

it is not about the work we do to reach the Summit of the mountain,

As we start the journey to the Summit of the mountain,

we prepare ourselves and our supplies for a safe journey to the Summit,

Hiking a mountain is a way for us to cleanse ourselves from the crap of our lives,

it is a way for us to unwind and clear our minds to look deeply into what we see,

We start out on a path through the Woods but what we don’t see is,

everything in these woods is living and breathing as we do on our journey,

The plant life, the little critter’s or sometimes a bigger Species if we are lucky,

The different kinds of Birds flying through the Tree’s so graciously,

The pesky little bugs that annoy us as we walk further into the woods,

With all this they to walk their journey like us on their paths they choose,

As we walk the path to the Summit there are many obstacles to overcome,

like fallen Tree’s from past storms that we have to step over,

or the many rocks that have rolled down from the summit over time,

sometimes these paths are groomed for us but sometimes we have to groom as we go,

This is part of the experience as we journey to the Summit of the mountain,

All while we walk this path and look around at all God’s beauty he created for us,

Our minds tend to wander and we notice our thoughts begin to change,

we start to forget what our troubles are and begin to think of the beauty around us,

we start to look deeply into what we see instead of judging what is around us,

we don’t look at things as an object which is what is wrong with Society,

we see everything for what it truly is and not what we think it is,

Then suddenly we notice the Tree’s getting smaller and eventually,

disappearing from around us and being replaced with the high elevation tundra,

yes flowers can grow at high elevation as well as grass,

but they are more delicate and if we step on them it will take years to grow back,

Once we get into the higher elevation the tree’s are gone and replaced with little shrubs,

The Gaze into the wild blue Yonder now gets to the point of taking our breathe away,

the beauty of looking deeply into what we see becomes greater than we ever imagined,

As we step over the rocks that make up the Summit we can see the Summit more clearly,

we now become more excited to reach the Summit of our journey,

We now have feelings of excitement as we are closer to our accomplishment,

We now see bigger Birds like maybe a Hawk or an Eagle the beauty of the sky,

Watching these Birds soar through the sky with the greatest of ease,

just simply more beauty on this planet of God’s creation,

We also start to notice we have changed our sight to looking deeply into,

instead of seeing superficially at what is around us,

if only we could acknowledge this in our everyday lives,

just maybe this whole Society could change for the better as well,

Now that we are on the final stages of reaching our accomplishment of the Summit,

we now are looking at everything around us even that of what we see miles away,

we are not just looking at what is in front of us we are focusing on what is to become,

when we do this within our everyday lives we all can be better along this journey of life,

Now that we are on the Summit and have accomplished our goal,

the journey hasn’t ended and we need now to achieve the next goal,

first take in all the beauty that is around us,

second we know have to make the Trek down and back to our realities of life,

If we all could change here on our path of this journey through life,

just like we did as we accomplished the Summit of the mountain,

just maybe we all can walk our paths of this journey through life,

with the same Peace and Serenity we walked the path to the Summit of the mountain.




” Don’t just gaze into the wild blue Yonder, look deeply into what you see to truly see what you are seeing”

” Change is everywhere around us, we just have to acknowledge it so we can truly look deeply into what we see”

” The Peace and Serenity that is within the great outdoors, can also be with us along our paths of this journey through life, we just have to look deeply into what we see”



The Lonesome Heart

The Heart becomes cold without acknowledging the love that warms it up,

Every Heart has love within it which warms our Souls for all that is around us,

God gave us this Heart so we all can feel his love for us and share it with all,

A Heart that is cold leads us to not feeling our true emotions,

with feelings of Depression that keeps us from being true to ourselves,

A Lonesome Heart is a Depressed Heart that we lose the feeling of warmth it brings,

A Lonely Heart will lead us into feelings of Depression, isolation and being inadequate,

With feelings of Depression and Isolation it brings low self confidence,

with no Faith in whatever we do,

Whenever there is no Faith then no Hope is right there beside it,

Hope and Faith are always together and without them we become lost,

The Lonesome Heart without warmth makes us bitter to all that is around us,

Without that warmth we lose the true feeling of what Love truly is,

There are many factors that come to us along our paths of this journey,

It are these factors that turn our Hearts into a Lonely Heart,

It is we the Individual that turn our Hearts lonely with the choices we make,

as we walk our paths and deal with these factors,

Sometimes these factors are so over whelming that we let them consume us,

We let these factors control who we truly are and become lost within ourselves,

When all we have to do is Trust our Faith in ourselves,

so we then can have Hope moving forward and feel the warmth of the Heart,

We may think the Heart just beats and helps our blood flow through us,

it is that kind of thinking that leads to the Lonesome Heart,

The Heart is filled with God’s love and fills our Souls with warmth,

When we feel the warmth of this love, we then can share with all around us,

To truly feel the warmth of the Heart will keep us in touch with our true Empathy,

Which then keeps the Heart from being Lonely and turning cold full of Hate,

A Lonesome Heart doesn’t have to be Lonesome,

we as Individuals can control the Temperature with our actions,

Our choices will also be better along our paths when we are in control,

When we truly feel the warmth of God’s love within our hearts,

We then will have faith with hope in all we do along our paths,

of this journey through life and the Heart will never be Lonesome again.



” A Lonesome Heart is only lonesome when we lose touch with God’s love within the heart and don’t let it warm our Souls deep within ourselves”

” With the lonesome heart comes depression, isolation, no faith, no hope, which then leads us to bitterness and hate”

” The heart does more than pump blood throughout us, it is full of love that warms our Souls and helps us get in touch with our true Empathy”


The Beauty of a Rose

" Spread more love and this beauty will be seen by all"
“There is true beauty, within this World full of hatred” ” God created this World for us to see the true beauty, not for us to ruin his creation” 


The Rose a symbol of beauty, starts out as a simple Bud,

When the bush is well taken care of then you see it’s beauty.

the Bud is born as we watch it mature into a beautiful flower,

the soft pedals of the Rose shows just how delicate the Rose is,

the fragrance of the Rose lightens up everything that is around it,

the bush has it’s defense from all that abuses it,

the Thorns will prick you and make you bleed,

when you abuse the bush that brings such beauty,

everything has a defense to things that try to harm and abuse,

the mother Deer defends it;s baby Fawn from whatever comes to harm,

we Humans will defend ourselves to all that comes to harm,

sometimes we get caught off guard and the beauty becomes lost,

everything becomes lost within the pain of the harm,

which has the true beauty hide deep within,

instead of shining as bright as it should on the outside,

true beauty just doesn’t happen, it has to blossom like the Rose,

everything has this true beauty deep within it’s core,

it has to be nourished and cared for to unleash it throughout,

through Hate nothing will ever blossom like the Rose,

as Hate only has things hide deep within while using our defenses,

when all gets to blossom and is fully nourished and cared for,

the true beauty of everything comes out and shines bright,

with a Fragrance that makes everything happy and peaceful,

throughout all the paths of this journey through life.


” The beauty of a Rose so peaceful and with happiness throughout”

” The Rose is a symbol of beauty, that unleashes its true beauty from within”

” through Hate this beauty becomes lost and the pain from the harm hurts deep within, further pushing the true beauty deeper within”



A day of senseless Tragedy


” No more hurting People……….. Peace”.


*** Martin Richard***


Please as we use this day as a day of remembrance, for such a senseless Tragedy, let us never forget this quote from little eight year old Martin Richard, one of the four who lost his life, at the hands of such a tragic Event.

What this Tragedy truly shows when you look deeply into what you see is, there are some who are completely lost within the clouds of their judgments,  some that because they are hurting deeply inside, have lost touch with what true reality is and it is not just these Individuals that take action of these Tragedies, but it is the ones that brainwash these Individuals, that they to have also become clouded within their judgments as well. These Individuals come from all walks of life, they are not just limited to one Nationality, when they go to become Radicalized, they may go to a certain region, but this in no way should target this region as, a region of ugliness. These leaders of this Terrorist group are so lost within reality that they have taken one sentence within the book of the Koran and twisted it into something it truly is not. The Koran is the book of Faith for all Muslims and no where in this book, does it promote Violence. The Koran to the Muslims, is like the Holy Bible is to the Catholics and both books are the word of God, with both books telling us and guiding us to the true path of righteousness for peace to all, that walk their path of this journey through life.

What happened on September 11, 2001, the Boston Marathon bombings, France and Belgium, are the works of some Individuals that are hurting so deeply inside, that they have lost sight of what true reality is, they are lost within the clouds of their judgments and for them to try to rid themselves of their pain, this is how they believe that they need to be, so they can move forward with no pain? It is not all on the ones that commit these horrendous acts, as it also falls on the Leaders that brainwash them into believing that, if you want freedom from your pain, this is how you become free? The biggest problem with all this is, instead of us trying to truly fix what is wrong, we throughout Mankind hate so much of these Individuals, that we forget that no matter how horrendous of an act they commit, we first have to truly forgive them for their pain. We all throughout Mankind have lost the true meaning of Forgiveness,  true Forgiveness doesn’t mean we have to friend them and hang out with them, True Forgiveness is the feeling of Empathy within us all, that helps us all heal from such tragedies, it helps us feel not just our feelings, but the feelings of others and when we all show this Empathy with each other, then the true healing within all our lives begin.

Peace and Happiness will come to all of us, when we stop all this Hatred, when we start truly being who we truly are, get back in touch with our true Empathy deep within all of us, get back to what the true meaning of Forgiveness is and sharing this forgiveness and Empathy with each other. We all can read a book and then come up with our own version of what we think the book is saying, this is what makes us all unique to each other as Humans, but when we take this Uniqueness and turn it against one another, now you start this word of Hate spreading through all our paths of this journey, which does nothing but spread this ugliness throughout all our lives. The time is now to start start Forgiving each other, start showing more Empathy towards each other, so we all can walk our paths through this journey of life in peace and happiness everyday of our existence.


” If an eight year old boy can come up with such a powerful quote, then why can’t we all show more forgiveness and empathy of each other”

” Hate is only a word that when we take our uniqueness of each other and turn it against each other, it creates all the ugliness we see around us everyday”

” September 11th, Boston Marathon bombing, France and Belgium, these are all Tragedies that have come to all our lives, we should never forget, so we can fix what is wrong and move forward better and stronger”

” What the Koran is to the Muslims, is what the Holy Bible is to the Catholics and in no way do either of these books promote violence”


The whole Voting process

” The grass is not always Greener on the other side”


This whole Voting process is so flawed, that it has become Corrupt and easily manipulative. These Candidates know exactly what to say and how to act, just to mislead us and get our vote. Hypocrisy is the word of the day, when you describe any Candidate that runs today, as they say one thing to get our vote, then once they are in office do the complete opposite of what they said, just for their own Personal gain.

During this round of Primary voting leading up to each Parties Convention, each Candidate needs to get to a certain amount of Delegates, so they can be the Nominee for their party, but if they do not get to that number, then the Delegates go to the Convention and vote again for the Candidate? Which then has the Delegates flipping if they choose to and be swayed into voting the way the Powers to be, AKA……. The Establishment wants them to vote, but during this process what actually happens to the popular vote, which is us, the hard working Individuals that makes this Country great. You want ” Real Change”, this is where it begins and it is us the hard working Individuals that can make the ” Real Change” happen.

Once the Nominee for each party has been chosen, now the real election begins and we all go to the Voting Polls once again to vote for an Individual we think is best suited for the office? But hold on, now there is this thing called the Electoral College, which is separate from the Popular vote………Really!!! Now the wrong Individual can get into office with this Electoral College, instead of the one that gets the Popular vote? The Popular vote is all of us hard working people that build this Country, where the Electoral College is where the Powers to be, get their power over all of us, you think we need to take back control of this power, only because these so called Politicians are doing nothing but ruining this Country, all for their own Personal gain. The time is now for the Career Politician to end, put term limits on all offices like that of the President and for us the hard working Individual, to look deeply into what we see, do our homework on each Candidate, so we can make better judgements and vote smarter in the future.

Those who dislike Donald Trump, you can’t ignore the fact that he is totally bringing to the for front, just how Corrupt this Voting process is. Donald Trump may or may not be the right Candidate for President of the United States? He also may be a little rough around the edges with the way he delivers his message, but within this ” Political Correct World” for which we live, it has made us all soft and weak, so when guys like Trump come around, we dislike him and won’t actually take the time to really listen to what he says and through this Political Correction, we have stopped looking deeply into what we see.

These Career Politicians will put together a Healthcare bill and pass it, before they actually see if it is equal to all? You think they actually care who it hurts, when their Healthcare is paid in full by you know who? Us the hard working stiffs within this Country. These same Individuals get paid handsomely by our tax dollars also, but they then think they can make their own hours and not show up for important votes they need to make, which will help all throughout this Country. Should we really vote for Hillary, just so she can be the first Woman President? We already made that mistake when we elected the first Afro American. This makes it even more important that we really make a good judgement and vote for an Individual, that can actually do the job and not make a Tee time at the Country club. It is our duty to stand up to these powers to be, or the Establishment of a party, instead of being their Puppet giving them all the power they want.

We all walk our paths through this journey of life, when we let others have all the power and control, then it is not our paths to walk anymore. Sure the journey is all the same for all of us, but the path then belongs to someone else, as we just wander through with no true direction in which to go. These paths are full of choices for us to make, time we get off our Fannies and start making the right choices, so we all can walk these paths of this journey through life, peacefully and with happiness everyday of our existence.


” When we don’t make the right choices along our paths of this journey, We then lose all the power These paths give us”

” Everyday we walk these paths there are choices to make, this is what makes us stronger and better through this journey of life”

” Time to make smarter decisions at the voting booth, so we don’t become a Puppet for the Establishments”

” The power and control is within our grasp, time we grab it back from the so called Establishment”

The many faces of Abuse

Forest Flowers

” Abuse has many faces and comes to us in many ways”


Abuse has many faces and will come to us along our paths, in many different ways. The abuse of power will control everything if we let it, we all want power and control, but at what cost will we pay, to have this power and control? What we don’t look deeply into is, this power and control will have us become someone we truly are not,  it will also have us abuse ourselves first, before we abuse everything that is around us. We see this a lot with our Politicians today, they will do and say anything to us, so they can gain our trust, just so they can have the Power and Control over all that is around them. These Politicians are nothing but Charismatic, crooked Individuals and we should view them as no more.

Abuse will come to us in the use of our words, as we may think words don’t hurt? But words hurt deeply and in ways we never look deeply into. Sometimes along this journey of life, we say words we don’t mean or even know the meaning of, that is because we don’t truly think before we speak our words, then we try to make it like we never said what we said, when we use certain words we then shame everything around us and when there is shame, now you have a whole World that is hurting deep inside.

Shame is another form of Abuse that comes to us along our paths of this journey and it is the most painful of the Abuses. Simply because when Shame comes to us and because we don’t truly understand it, it forces us to suppress all our true feelings and emotions deep within ourselves. When we are Shamed, we then become so hurt, that we try to move forward to simply avoid our hurt, but what we truly do is suppress even more, which only keeps the pain within, until one day, when it becomes so overwhelming that we then become someone we truly are not. Shame is probably the most powerful of all the Abuses that comes to us, which is why we need to understand it, so it can’t control the fiber of our being.

Through all the different Abuses that comes to us and whether they control us physically or mentally? We need to do a better job of understanding everything about Abuse and the many ways it will try to control everything about us. You need not be attacked physically to be abused, as every word we use and the way we deliver our words, can be Abuse to everything around us. Which leaves all that is around us with strong feelings of Shame, which we then bury deep within our core. This journey through life can seem very long, when we let Shame control who we are, but we are the ones that when we control our words we use on our paths we walk, then all our journeys can be peaceful and with much happiness always.


” Shame is a feeling we all feel, but no one truly understands how it truly affects us”

” We may not see the words we say, but these words can hurt all that is around us”

” Abuse comes to us in many ways, we have to look deeply into what we see, so as to not have it control who we truly are”