Relax, Focus, see all that is around you

” This journey is not about going a hundred on the super highways, it’s not about being in a competition with one another, where the outcome is violent, cause with all this, you will never get to see the true peace and joy of Jesus Christ” *** Bowlingchef*** In Lieu of current events going on

Frightened, unlike fear is genuine and real

” He became frightened, and beginning to sink, he cried out, ” Lord, Save me”, immediately Jesus stretched out his hand and caught Peter” MT 14:30-31 As you sit by the fire deep within the woods, watching the sun go down for it’s nightly rest, there is a sudden calm that gives you a chill

There is nothing to fear but fear itself

” Do not be afraid” Matthew 28:10 With fear comes uncertainty, and right now there is so much uncertainty in this world, we all have so much fear that we are too afraid to do anything. The so called media leads the way, when it comes to all the fear around us today. They bring

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