Words of Wisdom through all the real pain and hurt



My little Buddy needs to make another appearance with his words of wisdom, so we can get away from all the ugliness, hatred, real pain and hurt. The time is now to show the empathy that is within us all, share it with each other, so we all can walk our paths of this journey in the peace and happiness we all so deserve. Martin Richards had a heart of Gold, an innocent young eight year old boy, that was tragically taken from this Society, by two sick Individuals who were in need of some major psychological help. During the Boston Marathon bombings……… #bostonstrong  one of the bombs were placed right at the feet of where he was standing, he had no chance to avoid what was about to happen.


” We all have felt some real pain and hurt at sometime, but we have never let ourselves truly heal fully from the pain and hurt”


Since this #meto has been on twitter then with the way and the speed it has gone viral, clearly shows there are more than we ever imagined, that feel this real pain and hurt deep within. We have all been a Victim of something along our paths, whether from sex abuse, a Bully, or maybe been robbed and your personal belongings taken from where we live? Whatever the case may be, we have all suffered being a Victim of something, but instead of understanding our situation and fixing whatever we need to be better and stronger, we have gone totally in the other direction and deeply suppressed our true feelings and emotions to the point of, we not only lost our true empathy, we have lost what it feels like to truly feel the love of God, deep within our hearts and souls, so now we can’t share with each other.

Because of all this pain and hurt, there is also no trust of one another anywhere. It used to so that you knew your neighbor next door, now not only do we not know who our neighbors are, but we do not know of who anybody is anywhere, from where ever we may go. We have gone from walking our paths peacefully, to walking with chaos and crap all around us.

With all these Celebrities being outed for all their deranged actions, shows that the rest of us have no clue, of just how many Victims that has been created? Plus the ones who created the Victims has no clue of, just how much damage their actions have done. Denial may just look like a word, but it is a strong word, that has us rationalize away our actions, so we can make light of any heavy situations. Shame also may be just a word, but it is a very strong word, that will control every fiber of our being, if we really let it. Through the Denial we simply do not take responsibility for our actions and then rationalize them away and deflect them from ourselves, through the shame we then bury very deeply our true feelings and emotions, as to try to keep the real pain and hurt from affecting us anymore, we do this all within our subconscious, so we then can try to move forward in the reality of our Society, to show on the outside that we are as normal as normal can be, so others around us will think we are normal. We all walk a path through this journey of life, nobody is perfect along this journey, but when we respect and trust one another, then this journey will always bring us the peace and happiness we all so deserve.


”  Denial is a way to rationalize away any actions so we don’t have to take responsibility for the action”

” Shame is very powerful and forces us to deeply suppress our true feelings and emotions, to try to deflect the pain and hurt”

” Victims need the time and space to truly heal from the wounds, so they can move forward better and stronger”

” Before you take action to the action, first you have to think through the action in order to not bring the pain, hurt and shame, to those around you”






Family values…..Family foundation


” In the eyes of God we are all one Family here on Earth, when our journey ends we then go to our bigger Family within Heaven”


We are all born into our Families by two loving Individuals, this Family we are born into is our foundation, to which helps us walk our paths through this journey of life.

God came to Mary to ask her to bear the fruit of their love of each other, so the son of God can teach us just how to build this foundation and walk our paths of this journey, with strength to be better while we show our love to one another, helping each other to be better and stronger as well. Mary came together with Joseph, to be the Foster Father of her son with God and named that son Jesus Christ, the two of them followed God so he would guide them along the way, then teaching Jesus of this Family foundation, so he than can teach us how to build this same foundation and  share our love with each other, so we can all walk our paths in peace and happiness always.

We all go through some rough patches with our Families, just as Jesus, Mary and Joseph had their rough patches, this was part of the building of a strong foundation, which keeps us safe from all harm when we need to seek shelter along this journey. When Mary and Joseph’s faith in God became weak at times, yes they failed to see the true light of the path of righteousness at times, which led to some rough patches along their journey and led to some cracks in the foundation, then God helped them regain their faith so they can then teach Jesus, that with faith anything is possible and any path you choose, will lead you to the path of righteousness, while showing your true self and sharing your love, with all those around you.

Strong Family bond, staying true to who you are, feeling the love of God within you then sharing it with all those around you and having faith in not only yourself, but in Jesus Christ our Savoir,  will help build that Family foundation so strong, that nothing will penetrate it and we all can walk our paths together peacefully, as we smile with true happiness and love one another as we love ourselves.

Jesus Christ…… The son of our Creator and everything around us throughout Mankind, came to us and walked his journey together with us, teaching us many things, while he showed us that with love, hate will never exist. Showing us that when we build a strong Family foundation around us, there is nothing that will break that foundation, giving  us a safe and strong shelter, to rest from our paths we walk throughout this journey of life.

Today within this Society, we take for granted these Families we are born into, which then leads not only to broken families, but a foundation that has many cracks and is leaking with weakness, instead of being sealed with strength and confidence. We all have our issues, we all have our troubles, part of the Family values and Family foundation, is for us to become better and stronger moving forward on our paths and not stepping backwards, becoming weak and less confident, in not just ourselves, but all those that are around us. Our Families which we are all born into are there to teach us as Jesus did, to help bring out the love of God within us so we can feel it and then share it with all those around us, through this love we also never lose the faith in God and more important, we never lose the faith in ourselves as we walk these paths along this journey through life.

Our Families not only help us form a strong foundation, so we can walk our paths with confidence and strength, they also teach us many things as Jesus did when he came to us and walked his path of this journey through life, without these Families we become broken, lost and weak, which then turns our Society into a product of what we have become. Everything that comes to us along our paths happens for a reason, it is up to us to find that reason and it is our Families that teaches us, just how to find the solution, to the reason of why things happen to us.


” A Families bond when the foundation is strong, is the strongest thing of all that is around us”

” When the foundation becomes cracked, the family bond then becomes weak and broken leading to many issues and troubles”

” To build a strong foundation doesn’t happen over night, it is layered together over time, becoming something that nothing will ever penetrate”


Signs throughout the journey that guide us along the way.


The paths we walk along this journey of life, has many signs that help us along the way. Taking a vacation and you take to the open road to get to your destination, there are many road signs to follow so you can reach where ever you may be going? If a sign tells you to turn left but you turn right, well now you heading in the wrong direction and who knows where you may end up, as this is similar to the way we walk our paths of this journey through life. We get so caught up in our own little world, we think the the rules and the laws don’t pertain to ourselves, we think they are in place for the other guy? Well before you know it, we all walk our paths with no sense of direction, get so engulfed in doing our own thing instead of following the rules, we then become clouded in our judgements, as we then think everybody else is doing the wrong thing and we ourselves are the cream of the crop.

The rules are the rules and are in place to guide us, not to block our paths along this journey through life, but somewhere in time we have evolved into a self centered Society with no regards to any kind of rules, let alone have any compassion for each other anymore. With all this ugliness out there today shows just how out of touch we are of each other, with everybody wanting to push their beliefs and ideas upon each other.

Groups like ISIS weren’t born to be Terrorists, in fact none of us were born to do any kind of evil acts? This hatred comes from somewhere, as we all were born with the love from Jesus and his Father the Lord God  and this love fills our hearts with warmth. It is when our our hearts become cold, that we then develop the hardest of hearts and we then live within our own little Worlds.

We are not born to hate everything around us, this is only the bitterness of our cold hearts, that keeps us from loving ourselves and all those around us, the hate and the bitterness come from somewhere and that somewhere is that something, which we learn as we walk our paths along our journey through life. Everything we do we learn from somewhere/someone and when we learn hatred, then it is the hatred that we all follow, cause quite simply it is the easy way out and what we think is the best way in avoiding all that is around us.


” When you bite into something bitter you frown, just as we never smile when we become bitter of everything”

” Hatred doesn’t come to us through birth, as it only comes to us with whatever ways we learn”

” It is so much easier to smile and love, than to frown and hate everyday”


The Yule log burning on the Christmas fire


“Christmas season is a special time of year that we all take for granted and have lost sight of its true meaning”.


Christmas is not about, “Oh I need to get the best gift that all will be envy of”, Christmas is about the giving of yourself and sharing your love with your family and those around you.

I get the fact that there are others out there that have different Faiths and with that Faith, have different beliefs, it is not about trying to push our beliefs on each other, it is about sharing ourselves with our beliefs, that will make us better and stronger moving forward everyday of the year along our journey through life. Christmas is a special time of year that we celebrate a birth of an Individual that came to us, showed us how to share our love with each other and then that Individual sacrificed, defeated the temptation of evil, and then died for all of us, as he rose from the dead to show us that, yes if we all walk our paths of this journey correctly, we to can rise into heaven, where everything is beautiful, with love being shared at every turn.

We the people of this Society are walking our paths incorrectly, we are giving into the temptation of evil and have become so self centered, that none of us are truly happy within our lives anymore. You walk down the street and people are afraid to say a simple hello anymore, you drive down the roads and literally take your life in your own hands, as others will cut you off, simply because they want to be in front of you, nobody has courtesy of each other anymore, as well as there is no more empathy and compassion. We have lost sight of just how to give ourselves and share our love with each other as we walk our paths throughout this journey of life.

With all the ugliness we see whether through the Media or where ever you may live, it is clear that we have taken for granted the simple task of sharing our love of selves, with each other. We would rather hurt each other to try to make ourselves look more powerful of each other, the Propaganda Media would rather create drama and put money in their pockets from making the rest of us, live within this drama and become someone we truly are not.  We the people are the ones that can change from all the ugliness, to showing our love of selves with each other, “hatred is learned, love is within us all”, we just have to acknowledge this love, so we than can share it with all that is around us.

Christmas is a special time of year that not only do we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, we also acknowledge our love within us and then share it with all that is around us, so we can truly give ourselves to each other, then we all can walk our paths through this journey of life, in peace with nothing but happiness everywhere we turn. The true Christmas spirit is not just of this time of year, it should be spread throughout every day of the year, so we all can be much happier, throughout our journey of life.
” The True Christmas Spirit is the sharing of the love within us, towards each other everyday of the year”

” Jesus Christ came to us and showed us how to walk this journey through life, the rest is up to each of us to do it correctly”


To look forward as we see the new beginning from what we think is an ending…

                         ” What we see as an ending, is really a new beginning, we just don’t see it at the time”

You see in this picture the different changes within it, the what seems to be lifeless trees in the background, yet the vibrant bright green color of the tree in the foreground making this picture look a bit three dimensional? To some they may overlook this at first glance, yet to others it will be clear as day, everything around us including we ourselves, will go through many changes, these changes will always bring an ending that we need to accept and acknowledge, so we can truly see them as a new beginning and begin a new path along our journey through life we all walk together.

God puts forth these changes to us in the form of an ending, so we can truly see the new beginning, to truly be stronger and better along our paths of our journey through life. God also puts everything in our lives at play here, even the churches in which we frequent, to pray and ask for his forgiveness. Each one of these churches with their congregation, will go through these changes cause it brings us closer to God, so we can find and have complete Faith in him, the power of this Faith is much greater than we really know, cause we don’t truly acknowledge it and feel it within us. The power of Faith is within us all, just as God’s love for us is within our hearts always, God doesn’t put forth these changes to us to punish us, he only does so to make us better and stronger moving forward.

True when a church is forced to close, there then comes much pain, grief and sadness. These churches have become great inspirations to us all, we have been Baptized, made first communions, been confirmed and even married at our churches, we even come to celebrate a life that has been taken from us within these churches, these churches have been a huge part of our lives and who we have become as we grow into this Society, that unless we look deeply into what we see, we will never see that ” from all endings, will always come a new beginning”, so we all can walk our paths along this journey of life in peace, while we all become better and stronger moving forward.

There is no textbook for us to study about walking a path along this journey of life, like we study our textbooks in our schools, the only book we have to look at is the “Holy Bible”, a lot of us just simply don’t take the time to read it, so we can understand better this journey through life, instead we make up our own version of this journey and then let ourselves feel the wrong feelings, which does nothing but bring us more pain than we really need to feel, Jesus didn’t come to us and form his disciples, just so we could do things against what he taught us along his journey, Jesus came to us to teach the goodness of the true path of righteousness to his Disciples, which they in turn spread their knowledge to us, as well as the love of Jesus Christ to all of us who walk their paths along this journey of life. During the time of the journey of Jesus Christ, they didn’t have many places of worship like we do today, they had one to which we all had to travel to, in order to seek his help in forgiveness, but what we tend to forget even back then was, the power of prayer and faith which is always there for each of us, no matter where you are along your journey, the power of this Faith and Prayer is within each of us, we just have to feel it within us to unleash it’s true power, then as we feel it’s true power, we all can walk our paths in peace, as our journey through life becomes better and we become stronger.

” there is only one true book of this journey through life, it is known to us all as the Holy Bible and we all need to take the time to read it and understand better the journey of life”

” change is always difficult but when done correctly will always help us be better and stronger”

“Everything around us may close at some point, but never see it as an ending, always look at it as a new beginning”