The Simple Life

” Gone are the days that we actually worked hard for what we had, so we could enjoy the fruits of our labor, and compared to today’s world, a much simpler time”

I totally get the fact that we all want to be better and stronger moving forward, but at what expense have we today moved forward yes, but are we really better for it? Bsck in the day when the Farmer’s actually farmed, put in very long days, tending to their animals and whatever they were growing at the time? Whether it was fruits and vegtebles, wheat, corn etc… Very true it was hard work back then, but it was still a much simpler time as well, now within a society of many and the fact that everyone wants everything handed to them without working for it, makes for a time of great confusion, as were does the money and goods come from, to supply you free of charge?

The Farmer’s back in the day would go out and actually milk the cows, so they could process it and bring it to the stores to sell, now with all the technology, the Farmer’s do not even have to touch the cow’s anymore. Planting the seeds to grow so they could bring the fruits and veggies to market was a long and hard day, now with all the different tractor’s and equipment, it takes half the time, but seriously, it takes money to buy all the toys and the bells and whistles to achieve all the technology, so now as the Farmer’s have to pay for all this, plus their houses to live in, is it really that profitable? Maybe they make enough to have all the new technology, but at what cost does it come? Yes the consumer is the one who pays the price as all the prices of everything rises to cover the costs of the Farmer. It is all a big vicious circle, a circle that has many stressing on when their next meal will come? You have those who are living on the streets and eating out of the trash cans, simply because they for whatever reason are out there, because they can’t afford their lifestyle anymore. Then there are these Corporations out there that literally pay peanuts, while the top Executives are making enough to sustain a dozen people for a couple years. You think they really care of this? I have a News Flash for you, All they care about is you making them even more, so they can continue their plush exotic lifestyles.

Technology was suppose to make all of our lifestyles better, but the reslity of it is, we have strayed so far from the simple life, that we now have complicated our lives to no end. Technology has separated us all from one another to the point, we care nothing of one another anymore, as we have buried our empathy so deep within, it is like it does not exist anymore. It is like we all have bitten that forbidden fruit like Eve did, bringing all the complications, the chaos, and all the hate to each and everyone of us within this society of many.

Yes the simple life was a lot of hard work, building the house to live, cutting down the tree’s so you could split it with an Ax to fit in the fireplace and many cords of firewood also, going out on the hunt, so you can have protien to eat, making your own fishing pole to fish and stock the freezer, freezer you say? back then you smoked the fish after you cleaned it, so it will last longer for consumption. the cultivation of the soil to grow your crops for consumption, and there where many chores throughout the day, but the word chores, not many truly know what that word is today. Now we are so bent on getting free stuff from our Governments, that we have lost what it is to actually work anymore. I get that we all want to be better than we were, but how can you truly be better, if you are too lazy to work at being better, so you can really live the simple life?

When some talk about going camping, they are in a motor home or a trailer, that is called ” Glamping”, when you go camping and especially off grid camping, you are in a tent and lying on the ground, to listen to the heartbeat of the Earth. you go out and gather wood, chop it up and get it ready for the fire, and then make your fire pit to build the fire. The thing is, when you are off grid, it is so quiet that the stress just melts off your shoulders and you truly relax. Some may say it takes work to set the camp, yes it does, but it is work that gets you ready for the simplicity of being outdoors and off grid, not too mention, the peaceful quiet that you are about to be within.

It is so sad that, now when you go for a drive within the back roads of yesteryear, you see so many farms and their land abandoned, weeds are growing where the daily harvest used to be, so many Ghost Towns with buildings still standing with no people living or working inside, the change is all around us, but if you never go out and explore, you will never know that, others were there before we were even born into this society. We have become so arrogant in this society, we think we are the only ones to ever walk a path through this journey, and that is very sad of us all. With the cost of everything today, we are so busy working our daily jobs, that we take no time to simply stop, look around, to truly see all the beauty that is around us, instead we see nothing but ugliness, as we all become hurt with real pain everyday as we walk our paths of this journey through life.

We the people are all responsible for getting away from the simple life, even with all the technology we could of still had the simple life, just that we took the technology and flipped it into something that disturbs us all. I used to live out in Colorado, bought a 4×4 truck so I could get into the back country and, truly see what this planet was about. I saw towns with mills that would pull the gold and silver out of the mountsins, walked around these towns and saw how they were built, even without the technology we have today, those back then knew how to build, as a lot of the buildings were still standing today and at an elevation of 12,000 to 13,000 feet on a mountain. Yes that was a time that you worked hard for what you had, but at the same time it was a simple life away from the troubles that technology has brought today. Now I am not saying we should go back to these times, but maybe a glance back to see what worked, to make the changes we need, to truly be better and stronger moving forward. Some things back then may not work today and vice versa, but at least glance back to see, and I think we are smart ebough to figure it out?

Within today’s society we are so focused on ourselves and what we are doing, plus the fact that so many are moving so fast, especially driving the roads in a rush to go no where, that no one actually stops to actually look at what is around them anymore, nobody will see the true besuty of mother nature, instead they complain when it rains or snows. It is like that old saying, ” you can’t have your cake and eat it to”, This society has become so bitter, that the bitterness has more than overwhelmed them, it has consumed them to the point that they see nothing but ugliness and the dam media keeps bringing even more to all our plates. With a society being at the speed of light, it is sad that no one can see any beauty anymore. It is time for us all to slow down, stop, smell the roses, so we all can get back to the simple life, get back to being truly of who we are, and not portraying this sense of fake self towards one another, so we all can get to that peaceful carm, that the path of righteousness will bring to us all.

” The simple life yes can be a lot of work, but work to be proud of and work that keeps you being truly of who you are”

” We have taken the technology and spun it in ways that has hurt us greatly, time we actually turn it in the way it was suppose to be, to help us moving forward”

Knowing what you want is easy, the hard part is to go out and get it………..

” The road of this journey is not always paved and not as green as you may think


Those of this new generation of today, life wasn’t all full of a rose pedal path and as easy as simply jumping into a car and pressing a button to start it. Cell phones…………. These gadgets didn’t exist back in a time where, people didn’t even know you existed, unless you made the long journey into town, either by horseback or you walked which took most of the day to get to your destination, then you had to stay over night in the local boarding house and continue back home in the morning, all just to pick up a few needed supplies for where you lived.

Work you ask? You probably just stayed home to work your farming land so you can have a great crop to pick, as this was like gold to you, because it’s the crop that put the food on your table, with the extra used to barter for more supplies you may need. Barter you ask? This was a way to exchange things with others, with no money passing hands, but in order to barter, you had to have something of value for the person that had something of value for you. It was a whole different World back then, one that the new generation of today and especially when the schools of today do not even teach classes that will teach them of the times where you worked hard, before you even thought about playing hard, or even taking a vacation.

The Technology of today in a lot of ways has made us all weak and lazy. Like right now with the Christmas season upon us, We are all full of anxiety and stress because we get ourselves so worked up, because we can’t find what we want at the store, or when we find that something we literally fight with another as they to grab for that same something? Only we ourselves have to blame for letting the World of today, get as ugly and full of hatred as it has come to. Life way back when it may of seemed to be hard to us today, only because we have let technology control of who we are today. Those who walked this journey back in that time were actually smarter than we are today, they built their homes to stand strong through the test of time and what ever Mother Nature had to throw at it, they built their tools to last for many years, instead of breaking forcing you to go buy more tools, Today in this technology world, it’s all about the money, so the Techy companies can get richer with you and I becoming poorer and poorer.

Power and control is where this journey of life has moved into, with we the people the reason for this power and control. All the corporate companies are not the problem, simply because it takes a team of director’s to rule the company, for the CEO to run the day to day portion of the company, but the bottom line is, the company is a fictitious thing, that is run by people that make the decisions to run the company. Back within the time of yesteryear and the time that you worked hard even before you had your morning breakfast, just may seem too hard for those of today, only because they have let the technology control them, life back then was hard yes, but it was more of a simpler time, with less red tape and hoops to jump through.

The era of yesteryear is gone and is now replaced by the technology era, which makes for us the people to be able to accept and adapt, so we can move forward in a simple life, like those of yesteryear did. To be able to accept and adapt properly you first need to be better and understand what is around you, so your decisions are much more informed, instead of guessing, then making your decision become cloudy with no meaning. We have become so consumed within the corporate world, we have totally forgotten of what the simple life is all about. We all want to be better and advance higher as we move forward in our lives, but if we do not truly understand of what was, then how can we make the what is to become, better for us all moving forward? We the people all have our own brains and mind, to keep them well oiled and working properly, we must forever keep learning and not let the technology do this for us, I get that we want the latest and greatest piece of technology, but at what cost to us and the journey we walk, do we really want the latest and greatest in our hands? With the way technology is going, then pretty soon we the people will be the Dinosaurs of the world and the technology will take over, leaving us all as just the tumbleweeds of the desert, to blow in the wind along the floor of the desert, within this journey through life.

” Technology is good when you adapt and accept, to better understand moving forward”

” From generation to generation we are suppose to be better, not step back without moving forward”

” We all want the power and control, but at what cost will we go to get it?”

” The era of yesteryear is gone, making it more important to move forward properly, to be better and stronger”

As the seeds come to maturity, they become ripe for the Harvest

” Let them grow together until harvest, then at harvest time I will say to the Harvesters, ” first collect the weeds and tie them in a bundle for burning, but gather the wheat into my barn”.

Mt 13:30


Talking of all the Hate and the Good we see as we walk our paths through this journey of life, God says let them exist for a time together and hopefully we all can see the light of the path of righteousness, then follow that path, as all the Hate around us disappears from all of us, so we can walk further into peace and serenity.

Everything happens to us and around us for a reason, God gives us our space so we can find and understand that reason, before he himself sends us a sign, or sends us a person, to nudge us and push us along, as he wants nothing more than for all of us, to be within the peace and serenity that he wishes and prays  for each of us everyday.

Unfortunately within this broken Society of today, we are all so engulfed in the ugliness, that is hard to see any good of today, plus the way this ugliness is brought to us by the Media and the fact that the ugliness creates drama and the drama creates ratings, shows just where the priorities of the media lie and the fact that they stick to this agenda, so they can become rich, as we become more engulfed within the ugliness.

The good is out there, just that we have to look deeply into what we see, as opposed to looking shallow and seeing nothing but the ugliness around us. Instead of glancing at a person and forming an opinion from the glance of what we think that person is like? look deeply into their soul and really get to know that person, for which you are glaring at, before you form any kind of an opinion. We are so quick to judge one another today, that we totally miss out on seeing any kind of beauty, that the person holds deep within their soul. Trust is a big part in getting to know each one that walks a journey through life, this trust starts with actually getting to know the one for whom you want to place your trust, so we then can see the beauty instead of any ugliness at all. Without the trust you can forget about seeing clearly of anybody around us, as our sight becomes clouded with ugliness and so thick that we can not see anything of beauty anywhere.

The ugliness we see around us only seems to be everywhere, only for the way the media brings it too us, if only they changed their ways, just maybe we can actually see all the good truly around us? There is so much good around us, it is mind boggling that the Media will only bring us the ugliness, I can see that the Media is only interested in keeping their agenda alive, just so they can keep the drama flowing as well as, the money that fills their pockets daily, but you would think the rest of us in this Society would see right through the Media, so we than can eliminate the ugliness and let the true beauty around us grow, as the seeds grow to maturity, showing their fruits to all around them.

The weeds growing within the harvest may be the ugliness around the seeds, but as the seeds grow to maturity, the weeds then die off and become non existent, as the seeds grow tall and shine with the fruits of their growth. We to can shine and let the fruits of our growth outweigh any ugliness around us, just by being true to ourselves and all those around us, when we do this then the trust we so lack in this Society, will come back, while the distrust and the ugliness melt away, like a Snowman, on a humid summer day. The theory of us living in peace and serenity within this Society, may seem relevant at this time, but if we all walk our paths through this journey, as Jesus did and taught us, then the theory can become a reality, as we all walk peacefully with much happiness always.


”   As the seeds grow and become harvested, they truly shine from the fruits of the harvest showing their goodness always”

” There will always be hatred among the goodness, we just have to see through the hate, to truly see the goodness around us”

” Everything happens for a reason, God leaves it up to each of us to truly find the reason”

” Don’t hate the messenger, just see through him, in order to see all the true beauty that is around us everyday”

” The weeds are the hatred around the harvest, but when we see through the weeds, we then see the true beauty of the fruits from the harvest”


Plant a seed and watch it grow with it’s beautiful fruit……


” But the seed sown on rich soil is the one who hears the word and understands it, who indeed bears the fruit and yields a hundred, or sixty, or thirty fold”.

Mt 13:23


We all know that a Farmer sows his seeds, then cultivates these seeds into a successful crop, as he nourishes and spreads his love around the seeds, so he can watch them grow, to become better and stronger, while bearing their fruit throughout the journey of the seeds.

Every living thing starts as a seed, that needs love, cultivating and nourishment, even we the people of this Society start as a seed, then given life for which to grow and become stronger throughout our journey, like all other seeds. Not all seeds make it through to the end of it’s journey, some seeds get laid out along a path, that the birds swoop down and eat them, before they get a chance to sink into the soil, some seeds are spread a bit close to the other, which then chokes the seed never giving it a chance to spread, but the seeds that are spread on a rich soil and are nourished with love and nutrients, are the seeds that then grow to be quite healthy, that then flourish with their fruits, for us all to enjoy and be happy along our paths of this journey through life.

All seeds throughout this journey through life, need cultivating, nourishment and love, without these three things, then the seed will never set up it’s root system, that then sets it’s foundation for which to grow. Without the strong root system to help build  a strong foundation, now the seed is open to whatever that may come between it and the soil, leaving the seed vulnerable to all that may come before it. The seed of life may seem small and in need of much love, cultivating and nourishment, but when planted on the richest of soils, can become very big, while becoming better and stronger, so it can be free to share it’s fruit with all that is around it.

The journey of the seed may be a long one that takes time, but if you don’t rush the process, it is time well spent, so we all can share in all the fruit of the seed. When the process is altered and short cuts being taken, now you have a future of the seed that is unknown, a future that doesn’t truly grow to it’s potential, a seed that gets choked out before it can actually grow to it’s full potential, or even a seed that instead of bearing it’s true beautiful fruit, it then gets consumed with ugliness and fruit that is less than what it’s potential could of been.

A seed is a delicate commodity in this journey through life, it is how everything starts out and grows through this journey, so it than can bear it’s fruit for us all to enjoy. A seed………… any seed, is some kind of living and breathing form of life, showing that with the right soil and the right ingredients, like nutrients, love and the right cultivation, all seeds can grow healthy and happy, so they than can bear their fruit for all to enjoy.

Throughout this Society we all live, we can clearly see that there are some seeds that did not get the three big ingredients  of life, like the love, nutrients, or the right cultivation? With all the ugliness around us simply shows us that, we have to choose better of the soil for where to plant our seeds, we need to nourish better, cultivate better and spread our love better, so the seeds we plant, can and will grow better, to one day bear their fruits for all to enjoy, as we all walk our paths through this journey of life in peace and happiness always.


” Plant a seed………. love, cultivate and nourish that seed and one day watch it bear it’s fruit for all to enjoy”

” Every living thing that breathes, started as a seed that one day with the right cultivation can bear fruit for all to enjoy”

” In a Society of many there are many ways that a seed can become cut off from setting it’s roots, we need to respect better the seeds so they can grow healthy”

” Without the seed then this journey through life will be like a desert, with no color of any beautiful fruit”


As the Stream flows……..


The stream carves out a path for which it travels along the Earth’s floor,

Walking along the shore of the stream has you seeing all the true beauty around,

Just as we walk a journey the stream travels along it’s journey also,

Sit and take a break from your journey along the shore of the stream,

to notice the beauty in the sounds and sights around you,

The sound of water flowing down the mountain side,

is so soothing and relaxing, it has all your stress simply melt away,

Then as you totally focus on the water flowing by,

you can actually see there is all kinds of life around you,

The tree’s the plants the flowers are all thriving from the stream,

The little Amphibious animals within the stream itself,

This all has you focusing on things you normally would never,

Then suddenly you see a Bear up stream……….

but you find he is looking for his daily meal within the stream,

that he don’t notice as you sit quietly and nervously by,

A Moose wanders to the shores of the stream,

as he splashes the water on him washing away the days filth,

Then as you look down stream you see a Deer,

as he to comes to the stream for his daily drink,

Now as you sit by the shore of the stream you suddenly realize,

this stream is a busy place and you are not alone within,

the peace and serenity that the forest has within it.



You become so relaxed of the sounds of the mountain stream,

you fall asleep for a little nap and awake to the same great sounds,

As relaxed as you are you get up and move along the shore of the stream,

You now become one with the stream as you notice all its beauty,

The beauty is not just within the stream it is all around as well,

The tree’s of all sizes, shapes and varieties are everywhere,

we watch the leaves of the tree’s sway in the breeze,

with really no effort or energy to the branches that holds them,

As we feel the air that the leaves pushes around invisible like,

we take a deep breathe to let the clean air clean out our lungs,

As we look around the ground that our feet take each step upon,

we notice the little creatures as the squirrels and the chipmunks,

weaving a path around the fallen brush and the plants,

there is so much going on within the forest along the stream,

The only way to experience it is too actually go out,

walk among the tree’s along the shore of the stream,

don’t worry of what direction, simply just get outdoors,

within the deep cover of the forest and find your way,

Experience all that is around you so you can truly,

be one with mother nature and feel the beauty around you,

We all walk this journey of life but if we don’t go out and explore,

We totally miss out on a huge part of the entire journey.


” As the stream flows so do the words out of my head and onto the keyboard of my PC”

” Be one with Mother Nature to see all of her true beauty around you”

” The sounds from the stream are the best way to totally relax your body, mind and spirit”

” We walk our paths of this journey as to the stream flows along a path it carves through its journey as well”


Tools of the Trade from days gone by….


Most within today’s Society, if asked? Wouldn’t even know what these are, let alone what they were used for? Without these the Farmer’s couldn’t do their jobs, nor would there be any food on the table, for all who go to the store, back in the day there were no tractors so these would be towed behind either an Oxen, or a Horse with the Farmer walking along side, to guide the animal along. These tools would turn over all the soil, so the seed could be planted for the next harvest, now a days everything is done by tractors and in less time,

Change is good when done correctly, but that’s the problem today, everybody thinks they are  better than each other, they think that change is going from one lane to another on a highway, nobody wants to listen to anybody, because their way is the best way? When doing a job we all want the credit when everything goes right, but as soon as it turns for the bad, now the fingers start pointing at all that is around them and never on themselves. There has been a lot of great new change throughout our history and the way we farmed back in the day, to the way we farm now, has been really good and effective change for all of us moving forward.

Whenever you start a new job, like say the President of the United States, now you have real change that will affect us all, because you have an Individual who is leaving office with one style of Leadership, with a new Individual coming in and with a whole new style and a way of getting business done. You are always going to have some except the new guy with open arms, as well as the rest showing resistance and complaining at every actions he takes. You can’t please everyone all the time, but if you can except change, just maybe we all can get back together in unity and help the new President move forward better and stronger. Most of the time the ones that do the complaining don’t really know the true reason of why they are complaining? Which they then get lost and confused as to why they go out and protest, then in the long run they become laughing stocks and will do anything to bring harm to those who made fun of them. You can bet I am not that far off from the truth,  as in today’s Society nobody wants to be proven wrong or shown up, because the ego we all have within us, then strikes back and most of the time in a very negative way. We all walk a path through this journey of life, this journey has much change for us to get through and unless we do it correctly, this journey will then have plenty of bumps and hurdles, that will bring much pain to all of us, to which we spend to much time healing, instead of walking in peace and happiness.


” The Farmer’s tools of yesterday that brought us plenty fruit from our labor”

” True change is never easy and will bring us some pain, but when done correctly true change will make us all better and stronger”

” An Ego is a feeling within us, that if not felt correctly, it can destroy all that is around it”


Father time slows down in the Camping World


Not everybody goes camping, some won’t be bothered and some can’t get enough of the camping world, the ones that do camp, enjoy very much of the peace and serenity that surrounds them at every turn. We all walk a path through this journey of life and with the way that Society has become, the ones that do camp and I mean true wilderness camping, do so to escape the crazy Society, to escape the troubles of everyday lives, so for a short time they can have Father time slow down, as they truly enjoy all that is around them, with the added bonus that they can see and enjoy, what true peace and serenity really is.

We all have our issues and we bring these issues to each other throughout Society, which makes our Society so troubled. Through these issues we….. whether we acknowledge it or not, bring much pain and hurt to ourselves as well as each other, we push our views and what we think is the right way on each other, then when others don’t see our views we then, become angry and do whatever we can, to try to bring each other down, so we then can seem more powerful over each other? This is what our Society has become and we each throughout this Society are totally responsible for the whole mess. Just because you don’t get what you want, or you don’t get your way, is not a reason good enough to go out and bring much pain and hurt to all the others of this Society, in some ways we need to get back to the simple life, learn from a time that……. yes they worked hard to get what they wanted in life, but they did it in a way of, mutual RESPECT for each other, without bringing another down and without bringing hurt or pain to each other. We are supposed to enjoy this journey while we are here walking it and enjoy everything around us, we are not supposed to bring hatred and chaos to this journey, to make the journey difficult with much pain and hurt, to those that are around us.

The Camping World in the true wilderness around us, is a place for us to go to unwind, to clear our heads of all the crap, let Father time slow down so we than can enjoy the peace and serenity and totally see just what it means, to enjoy this journey through life and enjoy everything around us, showing us that there is good around us throughout all the crap that engulfs us. We the People are the problem in this Society and we the People can be the solution as well, all we need to do is, see all the good around us and let go of all the bad. True it may seem hard as the bad has engulfed all our lives, but it is really quite simple as we all get back in touch, with who we truly are.

The good, the bad, the ugly, they are all part of this journey through life, we as People walking a path through this journey, have to do a better job at determining between each and then, enjoying all that is around us, by showing our love of one another, knowing when we need some time to get away, so we then can move forward better and stronger, as we all walk a path through this journey of life.


” True wilderness camping isn’t just going outside, it is getting back in touch with who we truly are”

” Father time slows down so we can truly enjoy what is around us and truly enjoy the peace and serenity”

” Some may not like camping, only because they don’t take the time to truly enjoy everything about it”


Depression… the hidden disease



This quote by the late Stuart Scott can be used in so many different ways, if you change the word Cancer and replace it with the word Depression, it works just as well, It shows that no matter the circumstance of which what your going through, there are similarities that helps us walk our paths through this journey of life.

When we mention the word Depression today, we automatically think of someone being Mental and needs to be in a Facility and locked down? On the contrary, Depression affects around 350,000,000 million people within this Society and most are what is known as, ” highly functional Depression”. When you stop at the Barista for your morning coffee and are waited on by the cashier, you don’t know that this person struggled to get out of bed and with headaches daily? But yet they chat with you on a TV show from last night, they look as normal as normal we think is? The late Robin Williams is prime example, as he used comedy to escape the pain of Depression.

This type of Depression affects more people in this Society than we care to acknowledge. Depression comes from a chemical in balance in the brain and we are all subject to it, as it does not discriminate. You could look on the outside as very successful, with plenty of money and a very good job, the big house with a family and all the toys, but yet you suffer in private with major headaches, troubles with keeping it together and a low energy level that sometimes has you struggling to get out of bed in the morning.

Depression is the silent killer, only because we suffer in private and we don’t want others to know that we are less than they think we are. It could be some one close to you like a family member, a close friend or a co worker, you don’t know who could be suffering from this silent killer, which is why we need to always show our empathy, that is within us all, with each other, as just maybe we can help without knowing, someone get through their day, much easier than other days they may have.

Just because someone on the outside looks very well off and is always going on a trip, or looks like they have a lot of money, doesn’t mean they are not struggling on the inside, you are not inside them and can’t determine just by looking. They could be a very high Functioning person with Depression? For us to judge them and alienate them cause they are not like us, is wrong simply cause you just don’t know. There is to much of this judging going on around us and reason why we see all this ugliness within our Society today. If we could only just get a long, show more empathy of each other, just maybe we all could walk our paths of this journey through life in peace and within true happiness everyday of our existence.


Depression is the silent killer, because the ones who suffer are afraid to come our as being different then the rest of us”

” As a high functioning person suffering Depression, you don’t have to hide behind closed doors anymore”

” The next time you go to the Barista, don’t just order your coffee, share your empathy as you might just be helping someone out”

” Depression is a chemical in balance in the brain and we are all subject to this in balance”


An Island of Dreams



We all dream of our own little piece of paradise and within this ugly Society of today, most would love to have this beauty and build a Log home smack in the middle. This Island is surrounded by a lot of natural beauty, no matter which direction you turn and look. It was nice to jump into the Kayak and go to these Islands and explore all they have to offer, but let me say that……..peace and serenity stands out more than anything.

Simply imagine yourself sitting on your Farmers porch which you built and attached to your log cabin, listening to the sounds of nature as you look out into the Lake before you. Then you see a Loon swim lazily by with no worry in the World, as the Loon goes by now you see an American Bald Eagle soar by overhead, but what you don’t realize is, they are both eyeing the same fish beneath the surface of the water. The Eagle so majestic and beautiful, soaring through the sky with the greatest of ease, then in one fell swoop he sweeps in for the fish, then fly’s away with the fish in his talons before the Loon has a chance to react, what a beautiful sight and you had a front row seat. The beauty never stops on your dream Island, as suddenly you hear twigs snapping to your right, Hmm!! What could it be? You slowly take baby steps in that direction to explore the noise, now your breathe not only goes silent, but the beauty you see takes your breathe completely away, it is a Moose  about 50 yards away, you freeze and sit very still, in order to not startle him, to make him feel welcome to your little paradise. Now you wonder just what other kinds of beauty still left for you to see, but your in no rush as eventually, all the beauty will become your norm for as long as you want it to.

Now that you seen a taste of the beauty around you, you can get back to work fixing up your cabin inside and gathering wood to chop, split and stack for the fire to cook and be warm in the chill of the night. Once you are set with the chores, time to grab the fishing pole, to catch the fish special for your dinner with time to relax and unwind. As you sit and relax, your mind starts to think about what tomorrow will bring? Maybe cultivate the soil around, so you then can grow some fresh vegetables, to go with your daily dinner. There is so much to do in order to set up your paradise, you never give it a second thought as the beauty around you, simply makes up for the work each and every day.

We see all the ugliness within our Society and after one month in your paradise, full of peace and serenity, it becomes very easy to forget there is any ugliness at all anywhere. We all walk a path through this journey of life, but if we don’t find our own space to unwind and relax, then this ugliness will forever consume every fiber within our bodies, leaving us without truly seeing any real beauty that may be around us.


” Paradise is different for each of us, which is why we have to find it before we go stir crazy”

” The Eagle soars with the greatest of ease as it is quiet like the Stealth Bomber.

” having a cabin in the middle of no where may be some work at times, but you never think of the work only see the beauty around you”

” Being one with Nature is much better than any therapy you may receive”

” When life gets you down, it is this paradise that brings you back up and ready for the next chapter”


Main streets and back roads



” We all walk a path through this journey of life, we also drive on the the streets to get to our destination better”


” These roads were once very vibrant and full of action, now we have forgotten our way to get to these roads as we have left them to isolation”


There is nothing we don’t look at that is subject to change, it also includes we the People that walk a path through this journey of life. These roads over time have gone through many changes, whether it’s erosion from the weather, or whether it is from we the people and how we travel these roads. None the less whether the road is dirt, or the road is paved, they all still have all kinds of living things all around them.

While driving the paved road in the first picture, before you even get to the the lake you see, first you will pass by a lot of old school Americana, like Farm land that still actually produces product and then shared throughout, for all of our tables. Passing by a Country store and seeing what it actually was like going to market, instead of shopping in a big chain Supermarket, seeing all the big Farm houses that housed a big family, as they worked hard even before they have had their morning breakfast, as back then the Cattle, Chickens and Pigs all got fed first before any of the family got fed. Also back then you did your chores before you even thought about having fun and if your school work wasn’t done well…. then forget about any fun for a while, as you will be busy bringing those grades back up. It was a whole different World back then, a time when you actually worked for your keep and if you didn’t have fun doing it, then Oh well there was no pity for you as you were passed by and those around you moved on better and stronger along their journey. I understand in today’s World we want Equality? we are all equal in the eyes of God, no matter your background or where you are from, but when you want the successful ones to share and pay more, so you can feel equal, without actually working hard for your equality, that is not equality, that is being a Free loader and sponging off others, so you can become lazy and expect everything given to you. Those ones that are successful worked very hard to be that way and they have the right to enjoy the fruits of their labor, without Freddy the Free Loader sponging off their hard work.

The Lake in the picture is of Moose head lake in the beautiful state of Maine, this lake is so big that when you are out in the middle aboard a boat, it is like being out in the Ocean, especially when it storms and the waves become choppy with white caps. Moose head lake is always alive and vibrant, not just with all the People that visit and camp along the lake, but the Wild life is full of all different kinds of species. In order to see all the true beauty that this lake holds you have to explore and part of that exploring is driving these dirt roads like the one in the picture. There are many dirt roads and some not even being on a map, which makes for a fun exploration. Throughout this journey of life there are many things to explore, but when you lay stagnate and become lazy, then the exploration seems to be non existent. When you drive through any road or street without truly seeing all that is around you, you will never see any true beauty around you, which leads to a life of bitterness and Anger. Life is too short as we walk our paths along this journey through life, to not explore and learn of everything around you.


” The main streets and back roads are a lot more than something we drive on, they are part of America’s history and how our Nation grew strong”

” You want change? Our main streets and back roads  have endured so much change, we have forgotten just how much”