The ending is really not and ending, it’s just a beginning in disguise

” The ending is really not an ending, it is really a new beginning, we just do not know it at the time” *** BowlingChef*** One of the biggest parts of this journey we all walk, is the fact that, ones perception will never be the same of another. You can have ten people look

Knowing what you want is easy, the hard part is to go out and get it………..

” The road of this journey is not always paved and not as green as you may think ***BowlingChef*** Those of this new generation of today, life wasn’t all full of a rose pedal path and as easy as simply jumping into a car and pressing a button to start it. Cell phones…………. These gadgets

As the seeds come to maturity, they become ripe for the Harvest

” Let them grow together until harvest, then at harvest time I will say to the Harvesters, ” first collect the weeds and tie them in a bundle for burning, but gather the wheat into my barn”. Mt 13:30   Talking of all the Hate and the Good we see as we walk our paths

Plant a seed and watch it grow with it’s beautiful fruit……

” But the seed sown on rich soil is the one who hears the word and understands it, who indeed bears the fruit and yields a hundred, or sixty, or thirty fold”. Mt 13:23   We all know that a Farmer sows his seeds, then cultivates these seeds into a successful crop, as he nourishes

As the Stream flows……..

  The stream carves out a path for which it travels along the Earth’s floor, Walking along the shore of the stream has you seeing all the true beauty around, Just as we walk a journey the stream travels along it’s journey also, Sit and take a break from your journey along the shore of

Tools of the Trade from days gone by….

  Most within today’s Society, if asked? Wouldn’t even know what these are, let alone what they were used for? Without these the Farmer’s couldn’t do their jobs, nor would there be any food on the table, for all who go to the store, back in the day there were no tractors so these would

Father time slows down in the Camping World

  Not everybody goes camping, some won’t be bothered and some can’t get enough of the camping world, the ones that do camp, enjoy very much of the peace and serenity that surrounds them at every turn. We all walk a path through this journey of life and with the way that Society has become,

An Island of Dreams

  We all dream of our own little piece of paradise and within this ugly Society of today, most would love to have this beauty and build a Log home smack in the middle. This Island is surrounded by a lot of natural beauty, no matter which direction you turn and look. It was nice

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