The true life of this journey, goes way beyond any human flesh that holds your heart and soul

” Jesus told her, ” I am the resurrection and the life”, whoever believes in me, even if he dies, will live” Jn 11:25 There are so many of these ” experts” out there today, so really, who is the expert, and who is just trying to string you along for the ride? All the

There is nothing to fear but fear itself

” Do not be afraid” Matthew 28:10 With fear comes uncertainty, and right now there is so much uncertainty in this world, we all have so much fear that we are too afraid to do anything. The so called media leads the way, when it comes to all the fear around us today. They bring

Even a Background has it’s Background

  Just as this picture has a beautiful background full of tree’s and mountains, a  society with all its occupants has it’s background as well. There are so many backgrounds it can be very overwhelming to comprehend, not just we the people of a society have the background to live with, but everything around us

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