Be careful what you wish for

” Change is good when done correctly, new ideas with the change can be a great combination, but when the ideas are so far fetched, makes for more chaos, corruption and ugliness” I am sorry but this woman scares the heck out of me, with her far left Socialist ways and whacked out ideas, I

The Patriots got “Played” at Hard Rock Stadium

” Superman has the Kryptonite, as the Patriots have Miami stadium”                                                                                         

The Journey is the same even as we put our own spin on it as we walk our paths

  The Journey through life is all the same no matter of how you try to spin it, it’s  our paths we walk through the journey, that makes the journey look unique to each of us moving forward, The journey may seem at times not too pretty, or maybe a bit rough? But that is

Time to lift the clouds of corruption and hypocrisy……….

    We within this Society are caught smack in the middle of way too much hypocrisy and corruption, that is deep within our Governments and the left Bias Media. These two groups will stop at nothing in order to keep their agendas as well as keep their power over all that is around them.

Tread lightly with your actions and your words…..

  With yet another Celebrity coming forward and trying to defame our President, let me just remind everyone that, whether you like President Trump, or you dislike President Trump, he is still the President of the United States and we all need to grow up. show some respect for the office of President and support

The Quiet calm of Nature

What truly draws you to being outdoors? Is it the peacefulness? The calming that overwhelms you? Is it the beauty? The being able to explore an unknown? There is so much going on deep within the woods of this picture, the only way to truly find out, is to go explore and enjoy the beauty

Bridge over troubled waters

  A Bridge is designed to bring us from one side to the other side, regardless of what the terrain is under the bridge, When the bridge is designed correctly, it will last many of years throughout all our lifetimes, as we walk our paths through this journey of life. There is a lot of

Clear the dead wood to make room to grow stronger

  Within this Society for which we all walk our paths through this journey of life, we are so consumed with all the different kinds of Media out there, we can’t see clearly through all the crap, to truly see the true writing on the wall. The TV media, the print media, online media and

Totally relax in this unforgiven World

  There are still places to escape to from this Society full of Hatred and ugliness, True Wilderness camping deep within the Forest, or maybe within an Island in the middle of a lake, now you can truly find that peace and serenity that you have been searching for. Camping is not the same as

The Dawn of a new day……..

With each Dawn comes a whole new day, for each of us to walk further along this journey of life, as you awaken and take to the outside, you see the moon disappearing on one Horizon and the Sun rising on the other. There is something special about this time of day, maybe the tranquility,

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