Camping season….a time for peace and serenity


With the up coming weather of the next couple days and the amount of snow they are predicting for the North East, right around the corner and waiting for us outdoors type, is the coming of camping season, with all the peace and serenity you need, to clear your head from all the crap and get yourself out from Winter’s coma, so you can get back to being of truly who you are and escaping the daily grind, to refuel and recharge.

With campsites like this and the need of a boat to get to it, you can have all the peace and serenity you need. Stepping out of the tent in the morning and brewing the coffee, as you sit lazily by the water, to listen to the beauty all around you, plus watch and listen to all the animals wake to the morning with you. Listening to the Loons if you have never heard them? Is a beauty of it’s own to listen to. Watching the Eagles fly over head as they look within the water for their morning meal, maybe a Moose coming to the water’s edge, for it’s daily splash, OH!!! and watch out for the Bear also, just stay at a safe distance to watch their daily routine also. This is all the true beauty within Nature, of which you will never see, if you just stay within the city lights.

Some may go to a campsite and say they are camping in their trailers, yes you are in the woods, but you are on wheels and within a campground with others around. The true peace and serenity is camping deep within the woods, where your technology doesn’t work, so you can be one with Nature and the surroundings around you. When you sit by the fire and hear the crackling of the fire and all the sounds of Nature around you, without any people noises interrupting you, now you can truly clear your mind, body and soul from all the crap, then replace it true beauty. Relaxation at it’s finest as you sit within nature deep within the woods, sitting by a crackling fire, while you let all the daily grind and the stress from that grind, flow completely out from your body, so you than can truly refuel and recharge.

Some may say it is too much work to set up all that equipment for a few days, but if you just look at it as fun to get out within Nature, you will never look at it as work, only as, setting up your own personal spot, full of peace and serenity. I know some may complain of the snow that have been predicted for the next couple days, so if you break down each year to within four seasons as it truly is already, then you will find that getting through a season you may not care for, will only be temporary, til the season comes once again that you enjoy tremendously. Camping season for me lasts three of the four seasons, so getting through one season don’t seem as bad, as some would like to think, as for a few short months of snow and cold, will soon enough break, so camping season will be front and center once again.

The Forest, the plant life, the lakes and the streams, the mountains, the cool brisk morning air, giving away to the sunshine of the day, the tent, the camp fire and the setting up of the camp site, now your being one with Nature to unwind and clear your head of all the crap, then you can totally relax your mind, body and soul, so you can truly recharge and refuel, to move forward along your path better and stronger, throughout this journey of life.


” Being one with Nature will help you find the true peace and serenity throughout this journey”

” The nature walks, the camp fire and the sounds of nature, just what the doctor ordered, to fix yourself and recharge your batteries”

” Camping inside of a tent is not so bad, especially when you have a cot within the tent”

” The camp fire is not just too keep you warm from the brisk night sky, it is the ambiance of the whole camping experience”


The Good …………….. The Bad



Hypocrisy is the word of the day, when we talk about our elected officials within this Country, especially when we talk of the far left Socialist Progressives. These far left Socialist Progressives will do anything to have us be dependent on them, so they can keep all the power within the Washington power game, this even includes…… coming up with some fake agendas and charges for our new President, just to stop him from truly helping the American Citizen.

Now I could name them, but I won’t stoop to their level and become like them, as they know exactly who they are. I don’t know about you, but when an Individual gets elected to the highest office on the land, we all have to suck it up, whether you voted for him or not and not only respect him, but support him, so he can do the best job he knows how, so we all can become better and stronger moving forward. Okay President Trump may not be a traditional Politician, but he is a very successful business man and may be just what this country needs, so our economy can truly get back on track and start to reduce some of this ridiculous national debt we have. President Trump may also have a different approach of the way he speaks, only because he believes not in Political Correction, this approach is just what the Doctor ordered for us all right now, simply because Political Correction has made us all weak and vulnerable.

What most have totally forgotten is, all this crap and the hearings happening right now within Washington DC, is costing each of the hard working American Tax Payer millions each day they continue, not too mention slowing or stopping President Trump from truly helping us moving forward.   Because of the far left Socialist Progressives and the way they operate by trying to control everything around them, if we let them have their way then just maybe the beauty around us like in this picture, may cease to exist? Because they will take it away from us and only they can go out and enjoy this beauty? This is what they want, for us to be totally dependent on them, so they than can continue with their fake agendas and bring this country down to the point we are all in Poverty. You want to end up like Russia, where there leader takes billions away from the people and places it within his personal bank account? It will happen in a Society of far left Socialist Progressives and instead of having a President that will work for the people of the country, we will then have a Dictator that will not only take from us, but will gain all the power over us, whether we like it or not, then the Constitution our fore fathers worked hard at creating for us, will then become null and void, leaving us all…………up shit’s creek without a paddle.

This taking to the streets in protest has gotten way out of control, especially when someone leaves their home in one state, goes to another state and sleeps in his car, then takes to a ball field, asks if this was a certain party out there playing, then shooting at anything in sight, just because he didn’t like the out come of the Presidential election? COME ON NOW PEOPLE!!! Time we all grow up and get back to respecting one another again, time we get back to using our Common Sense again, which is far from Common within this broken Society we all live. A lot of us have wandered away from the church and stopped worshiping as we once did and it totally shows, with just how this Society is moving forward. One Congress Woman comes out and says of gun control. ” if we don’t sell guns in the stores, then they won’t be on the streets”? Well I got something for you, drugs like Heroin and cocaine are not sold in stores, so how is it that they are being sold on the streets and why are they killing many with the over doses? The Hypocrisy is so bad within our elected officials it is not only sickening, we have become the laughing stock throughout the World.

We all walk a path through this journey of life, true we all get to choose which path we want to walk, but we still have to walk together, work together and unite together, so these paths can be as smooth as we can make them, when we don’t work together and we don’t respect one another, then these paths will always be rough and the walking will come with much pain and hurt. The time is now  before it becomes too late and we all fall within cracks of the paths, fall to all the far left Socialist Progressives, which will end controlling everything we do, including just how we walk our paths through this journey of life.


” Hypocrisy is the word of the day, time to understand and learn of it before it is too late”

” The Washington  power game is a game that our elected officials will screw all they can just to reach the top and finish the game with all the power”

” A broken Society brings much pain and hurt to us all, leaving us to battered and bruised to continue our paths of this journey”

” Common Sense is just us being smarter as we move forward, it is nothing to common, as it is just us having more respect of one another”

” Walk together, work together, unite together, the recipe isn’t hard to follow, just that we have to have all the ingredients so we can  create a beautiful gourmet meal”


America the Beautiful



With this Election 2016 finally in the rear view mirror, this was probably one of the ugliest of my lifetime either Candidate had their flaws and each attack the other way too much, this is not what running for office should be, as if you can’t run on your experience and merits, you shouldn’t even be running for any office.

This Presidential race was a Clown and Pony show at best and in the end, the winner wasn’t determined by any party whether Republican or Democrat, this race was determined by the American People, as they were pissed off at what our Government was doing and even further they were pissed of at the direction this Country was going. Eight years ago when an unknown Barrak Obama ran for President, his platform was Hope and Change to which he never delivered on the Change, that gave us all no Hope,  this election of 2016 you had one Candidate that would do nothing but further the direction this Country was heading and another Candidate, that okay is a successful Business man, but really has no experience running a Country, Who do you pick? The American people spoke and spoke loudly especially the silent majority, as Donald Trump is our new President elect and the people put their Faith in him, to deliver that ” Real Change: that we all are desperately seeking.

Real Change is what this election was all about, all the failed policies and the non working together of our so called leaders as well, then there was a Healthcare that was not just passed, but was jammed down the American People’s throat. yes there are good to this Healthcare, but there is a lot that needs to be re worked to make it better, the fact that our premiums are sky rocketing, simply because the Insurance companies were taken out of the equation, making the competition not there, you need the competition to keep the premiums low as the insurance companies are now fighting for your business. President Elect Trump will be working with Dr. Ben Carson on the re working of the Healthcare system, so I am confident that it will be made better for all. This is the good part of having a Business man as President, as a good Business man will surround himself with good people, to move forward with success and this makes me feel good about not just my President, but about this Country of America once again.

Now that the Election is over, we are seeing some ugliness take to the streets because their Candidate didn’t get elected? This shows just how broken this Society truly is, it also shows that through all the failed policies and the signing of some bills that made some people become dependent on the Government, hence…….. making the Government more powerful than it really should be. Now we are seeing some take to the streets, cause they fear that now they will have to find a job, as their free ride is about to come to a close. To make America great once again, doesn’t just fall on the shoulders of the President, we the People have to do our share as well and part of that is, working and paying our taxes, so we all can prosper and be free to do as we want, just like what the Constitution says and our for Father;s worked very hard  to create it, so we all can live in Peace and happiness, as we always have hope and change. With a successful Business man as President, he is not bought and paid for by all the special interest groups or the Corporate companies, as they look for all the breaks, so they can make more money to which the top Executives of these companies live their exotic lifestyles and we the people struggle to make ends meet. This President has in mind the ones that matter and that is, The American People. The time is now for ” Real Change”, let’s get behind President Elect Trump, do our part as he does his, so we together can make America great once again, then we all can get back to walking our paths of this journey through life in peace and happiness, with prosperity with every turn.


” Real Change isn’t just taking a different route to work, or changing you under garments on a daily basis, it is all about each one of us working hard everyday to make it happen”

” America is very beautiful and we are doing nothing but make it ugly with all the failed policies and the not working together to keep it beautiful”

” The election of 2016 is behind us, time to heal as a Nation, so we can work together to make America great once again and move forward better and stronger”

” Nothing is free in this Nation, you want freedom you have to work hard at creating that freedom”


Aggression……Hate……….My way or nothing???

            These words of, Aggression, Hate and My way or nothing, are simply that……just words, but these words are learned by all of us within this Society, these words are not part of who we are, from the time of our first breathe here on Earth. These words come to us from somewhere, we learn of them from someone/somewhere? These words are not part of who we are, as God did not create Mankind to be this way. We are the ones that are responsible for these words, now is the time to accept our responsibility, know who we truly are, so we can fix our issues, fix all our mistakes, so we can then walk our paths of this journey of life in peace, while we all share our love of ourselves with each other, instead of stepping on each other, just to make ourselves out to be better then all those around us.

All the drugs within this Society, whether of the illegal or legal kind, have us all medicated to the point, we have lost who we truly are. When you go to the Doctor and today there are some of them, that simply prescribe drugs to you, because they are too lazy, to find out what is truly causing your pain, so they give you a temporary fix to subside your pain, but this pain never goes away and now you are addicted to these drugs, so now you take to the illegal drugs just to keep the pain away? This is one big vicious circle that is spinning way out of control, this also could be the true answer to where we learned to Hate, show aggression towards others and it’s my way or nothing attitudes we have towards each other.

In order to truly fix and know who we are, we need first to get to the root of the problem, so we then can truly fix all our issues, then we can move forward stronger and better than we are now. We can move forward learning to love one another, have more patience of one another and be more open with one another, instead of being aggressive, hateful and it’s my way or nothing attitudes we have now. The journey of life we all travel together, but when we travel it with aggression, hate and my way or nothing attitudes, the journey than becomes a journey we all hate and we all get lost within the clouds of our judgements.

We all walk this journey of life together, the paths we take may be different, but there are no wrong paths, the only wrong part of our paths are, what we learn and take with us along our journey through life. We need to be more responsible and accept that there are bad life Teacher’s out there, who will teach us these words of Hate…aggression…and my way or nothing attitudes, simply because they have learned wrongfully also, this vicious circle has to stop somewhere? This circle has turned us all into someone we truly are not, to stop this circle and break the links of the chain, simply lies on each one of us who walk a path along this journey of life.

” We all learn what we do from somewhere we are not born to hate, show aggression, or simply my way or nothing attitude”

” We all walk this journey of life together, we may take different paths, but we all need to learn the good in each other and not exploit the bad, which does nothing but make this a broken Society”

” To truly fix any issues you first need to get to the root of the issue, then take the corrective action to make it better”

A Society scorned as the Country becomes torn……….

“We are all to blame for our Society being scorned, as the country in which we live is ripped out from beneath our feet”.

Until we all learn to accept the error of our ways, without pointing the finger away from where we should be looking first, then we will always be a scorned Society, with no Country beneath our feet. When we do something wrong and because we don’t want to accept the ramifications of our wrongful actions, we then point the finger so we don’t have to do anything about it. This is a serious problem throughout all of mankind and everybody within this Society needs to acknowledge this, so we can fix ourselves to be better, as our Society will then become better for all of us.

This problem isn’t just about the Individual, it is also about the Corporate infrastructure, the Government and all the “elected” officials within it, everything from the retail stores, to the petroleum industry, we all want favors from wherever we can get them, but we are not willing to give up anything to get these favors. Corporate companies will pay big money, to sway the elected officials, to vote for whatever they want, In this Society greed controls everything, to which those with the money will get everything and those with no money, end up with nothing and living out on the streets and under the bridges around us.

The Government comes up with a plan to give people health-care, but at what expense are you really trying to make yourself look good for? Then they say if you don’t have health-care, then you will be fined at the end of the year? the cost of this health care plan, who do you think is really going to pay for this? who is this health care act really for? There are a lot of questions surrounding this act, but when you ask these questions, it goes in one ear and out the other, this plan seems to do nothing but give more control to the big Insurance companies, but who do you think pays these Insurance companies? You are correct if you said John Q. Public, he is the one paying into these companies with his outrageous premium bill and he is the one that should have the control of who he see’s and where he goes to be treated. Right now this picture is backwards and really needs to be turned around and straightened out, we the people pay into these big corporate companies, but then we have no say when the service fails us? Come on when are we all going to wake up and really take a look around us? Maybe when it’s too late and we are all to sick and weak to do anything about it, this is what the insurance companies want, so they can keep our hard earned money, go out and live their plush, exotic lifestyles, while each of us are doing anything just to make ends meet.

You have Doctor’s with long time patients for many years, that are closing their practices because the insurance companies are making it harder for them to keep their practices, where are the patients suppose to turn? they can’t turn to the Insurance company, cause before you know it there will be no more Doctor’s in which to go, are we all suppose to die, so these big corporate insurance Executives can enjoy their plush lifestyles alone? Then there will be no more money for them coming in if we all die off, so now where are they going to turn? Everything within our Society is about power and greed, we all want it but unfortunately  we all can’t have it, just like at our place of employment, everybody wants to be the Boss, but if we are all the Boss, than who is going to do the work to for you to earn a paycheck?

There are a lot of questions within my blog today, these questions have no true answers, cause nobody really knows themselves what is truly going on, it is kind of like we are all flying 4,000 feet in the air with no airplane, or a parachute to break our fall, You think we will survive the fall? The fall is coming and when it does we are all in very deep trouble, to which we all may never get up from this one. I would like to say we have a huge election coming up next year, but by the looks of who is joining the race, I have no confidence in any of them. What we need is a Candidate that first and for most, has a proven track record, of taking a broken company ( which is what America is) and turning it around to be better and stronger than it ever has, fixing the broken economy first before all else, just like within our families when they are hurting, you fix your own first, before you venture out to help fix others. Then when your own is better and stronger than ever, you may go out to help others so they also can be better and stronger, there is so much to fix within this Society, I actually feel sorry for the next in line that has this huge responsibility and task to do this job, it won’t be easy and especially when you have to deal with a media, that makes breaking news out of anything that will create drama, so they can build their ratings, which will bring more money to those Executives, which further shows that this Society we live today is all about power and greed, for which we all will do anything to achieve it, but will always neglect what we should be doing and that is, taking responsibility for our actions and showing each other respect and dignity.

” The Insurance companies will always accept our hard earned money, but they never want to pay out anything that will make us better and stronger to walk our journey through life”

” Today’s Society is all about the power and greed, instead of what it really should be about, the taking of responsibility, having respect for and showing dignity of each other”