RIP President George HW Bush

Bush, with president-elect Ronald Reagan, right, visits Capitol Hill after the 1980 election. Bush served eight years as vice president under Reagan before succeeding him in the presidency.
              Regardless of who you were, or whatever side of the aisle you were on, there is no debate, on just how much of a good man Bush 41 was. President George HW Bush, with his wife Barbara, brought class and dignity as well as a stern voice, to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. No matter of what you say about his political decisions, you can never and I repeat……….. ” never”, say anything bad of George Bush Sr the man. Those of us who grew up here in the state of Massachusetts, he was born here in Milton and went to the private school of Phillips Academy. His wife Barbara was a resident of Maine, so the two of them were closer to us than we may think and not just being famous as the President and the first Lady.                   This picture here of President Ronald Reagan and then Vice President George HW Bush, smiling and waiving to their supporters, as they get ready to serve their first term, leading us to greatness here in America. Both of these guys brought class, respect and dignity to the office for which they held, with their Wives right there by their sides with every step. We here in America have never been so blessed, to have such class within the walls of the White house and yes they will always be there, within the history of this great Nation.                     All of us here in America are heart broken and saddened, as we wake up to this very sad news, so as we send our prayers to the Bush family at their time of this great loss, let us all remember a smiling and happy George Bush, as he is back with his wife of 73 years, Barbara Bush and truly living happily ever after once again.                       May we all learn from the path of President Bush, now yes his family had money and he attended a private school, so maybe he never struggled as some Americans have done, or do? But there is no denying the fact, that when you walk a path through this journey of life as he did, with respect, dignity and class, then the same comes back to you as you move forward into your Golden years. These three categories of respect, dignity and class does not require any money, as they are all within each one of us, just that we all need to release them from our souls and let the power of the three, live among us with our actions. It is we the people as we get so consumed with all the ugliness and hatred around us, that with our actions, or better yet inaction’s, we lose and bury deeper within ourselves, the class, respect and dignity, this is when we treat each other as we should never treat anybody around us, when we do this, we are not being truly of who we are and then we think? We are owed the respect, dignity and class of others, without we ourselves giving it back, or even better, we ourselves starting the action and setting a good example, as did President George HW Bush.                               We are a country in mourning as we lost a great man in President George HW Bush, A man that walked his path of this journey the correct way and with his wife Barbara of 73 years, showed us all that when you treat others as you yourself would want to be treated, then nothing but good will always surround you and life itself will always reward you, when you walk your path correctly throughout this journey of life. May you Rest in Peace Mr. President, as you are back together with the love of your life Barbara and prayers to your family, as they get through this very difficult time of grief from your loss.  ” A loss of any kind is difficult for us to deal with, when a loss of a great man taken from us all, makes us a country in mourning”  ” America lost a great man today, A man with great respect, dignity and integrity, but as we show the same of each other, then he will look down on us with a big smile”  ” When we all walk our paths of this journey correctly, we to will be rewarded greatly as President George HW Bush”  ” If we all set such a great example as Bush 41, all our paths of this journey will be walked in peace and happiness always” 

The unknown Wilderness


The eerie darkness of the unknown within the depth of this thick forest,

What could be lurking at each turn of the path for which you trek,

it seems so quiet as you look in from the boat on the water,

the thick green branches of the pines keeps you from seeing inside,

trekking through not so familiar land makes for and interesting journey,

but a journey well traveled as you explore deeply the land,

is there Moose, Deer or maybe a Bear, probably so as you near the shore,

your thinking more of the exploring than meeting up with any wildlife,

your cautious at first as you jump at every snap of a twig,

as you walk along the shore to go for your trek,

the sounds of the water  slapping the shore and the crackling of the leaves beneath your feet,

this has you becoming relaxed so you can fully enjoy what will be around you along your trek,

the different kinds of plant life growing so vibrantly and everywhere,

the tree’s with some being very tall while others look like the children of the tree’s,

unlike the city the wilderness is so open and free, as you relax and get lost within the wilderness,

sometimes you will meet up with the resident of the land,

but when you do be careful they may not like your intrusion.

We are free to walk our paths of this journey how ever we like,

just as free as being in the wilderness and exploring all that is around us,

The mountains. off in the distance offer another beauty for us to explore,

like the wilderness they to offer the quiet beauty of the unknown.

although the trekking up the mountain comes with some work, which leaves you breathless as you think of the climb to the summit.

Our everyday life within the grind has nothing on the walk within the wilderness,

just as the wilderness is nothing like the grind we walk daily,

we walk through this journey of life, whether it is within our daily grind, or we are trekking within the different terrain,

the journey is the same as the trekking is what keeps us exploring along the journey we walk.


” Walking through the unknown is how we explore and learn of all that is around us”

” The darkness of the unknown may seem Eerie at first glance then as we explore it, then it will become familiar territory”

” Trekking through the unknown may be scary and Eerie, but with familiarity the scary and Eerie goes away”



How different but yet so a like……….



The Sunsets that come to us each and every night, are all so different and unique to each other, but yet they are so different each time we see them. With this sunset it looks like the sky is on fire and burning out of control, other sunsets may be a little more………. Let’s just say, less vibrant than this one. Everything around us comes to us in their own way and is very different showing their uniqueness in their own way, we the people are no different then what’s around us, as we to are very different to each other, but yet so similar in other ways, showing just how unique we are to each other.

Our Faiths, beliefs, opinions etc….. differ in many ways from one person to another, in this Society we think that our way is the only way and everybody else is wrong? We all want the power and control over each other and will do anything to get it, what we truly take for granted is, ” what is good for one may not be good for another”. We all walk our own paths through this journey of life and what makes the journey exciting to each of us is, finding our way through it with little harm to ourselves and other’s, but yet in this Society it is all about power and control and then bringing great harm to each other.

We throughout this Society have totally lost all Respect not just of each other, but for all that is around us. We all have our issues and no one is immune to these issues no matter what they are, the only thing different of the issues is, they come to us in very different stages of difficulty, like some may knock us down and keep us down, changing everything about us, even of who we truly are, while other issues simply just bruise or scrape us and when the scrape heals, we keep moving forward like nothing had happened. This journey through life is funny like that, but for some it is totally not funny, as they hurt deeply inside and have no true understanding of the reasons why?

We all go through many different stages of hurt that comes to us from these issues, when we don’t truly understand why we hurt, then the journey becomes a long one, that robs us of truly being who we are. When we hurt deeply inside, what we don’t want to admit to is, it will always leave a scar, these types of scars are not seen from the outside and are the ones that hurt us the most, we try to move forward while hiding these scars from each other without truly fixing them, simply because we are afraid of what others will think of us? Because in this Society we are trained to look at the negatives of each other, bring each other down further with these negatives and exploit each other, so we can SEEM more powerful and with the power, we think we can control everything around us? This is totally how this Society is and only proves one thing, we all have issues that need to be addressed, so we all can not only walk our paths of this journey in peace, but we can walk it together and RESPECT one another for who we truly are, then and only then will all this ugliness around us disappear. This ugliness comes from other Humans as you and me, these Humans are deranged mentally and are in need of some major help, for they hurt deeply inside with their own issues that they hide from all that is around them, the scars may be deep, but that don’t mean the scars can’t heal, we all have these inner scars to some degree, just that some let them heal, so they can walk their paths of their journey’s in peace and happiness moving forward.


” The scars may be deep, the scars may hurt deeply, but that don’t mean the scars can not heal properly moving forward”

” The nightly sunsets may be different each night, but they are all unique to each other each and every night”

” Faith, beliefs, opinions etc…… they may all be different from one person to another, but they are never wrong showing our uniqueness to each other”

” Respect is a big word for us all, it is a word that has us appreciate each other and all that is around us, but it is a word that is lost in translation today”

‘ We all hurt in our own way, but the inner scars that hurt us deeply inside, will keep us from being of who we truly are”



It is never to late for a fresh start…

Autumn Leaves


” Ask and it will be given to you, search and you will find, knock and the door will be opened for you”.

*** Matthew 7:7 ***


Through every ending we encounter along this journey of life, there is always a new beginning, we just don’t know it at the time. Just as the dawn brings a new day, it also shines on us in a new light, there is never the same dawn as there is always a new look to the dawn, just that we have to look deeply to truly see it. Things like when we change jobs in our lives, it is really one chapter in our lives coming to an end, so we then can start the new chapter with a fresh start, or maybe we move from one place to another, we then are ending one place in our chapter, so we than can begin a new chapter in a different place, we never look at anything as an ending or a new beginning, simply because we become consumed in what is around us and take for granted in what is truly around us.

This verse from Matthew is the word of God and when we have complete faith in him as well as ourselves, then all our endings will lead us to a new beginning, so we can be better and stronger moving forward. When we ask for something so we can receive, is how we pray to God and he in his own way will deliver it to us, sometimes it may seem as if he is not listening, but it is his way of making sure we are ready for what he is about to give us. Sometimes in life we have to look within life in order to find what we truly want, when we are younger we don’t know what we want to do, so we then have to go out and search, look deeply into ourselves and what is around us, so we then can find what ever it is we actually are looking for and with the faith in Jesus as well as ourselves, we will truly find whatever we are looking for. Whenever we come to a cross road and turn a new direction, we then create and ending, but as we make the turn we then start a new beginning, throughout that new beginning there will be many doors that may be closed along the way, but if we take the time to stop and knock on the door, we will find that they will open for us, just that we have to take the time to explore, as nothing comes easy and with the faith in ourselves as well as Jesus, these newly opened doors, will bring us good fortune, sometimes these doors may not open right away, but if we work hard enough, there will be no door left closed throughout our paths of this journey of life.

There are no certainties within life, we have to work hard daily on our paths of this journey, but with the work then comes rewards as, with the faith in Jesus and ourselves and a pleasant knock on the doors, there will be many doors that will open for us to learn from and become better and stronger along our paths of this journey, through prayer is how we chat with Jesus and even when we think he is not listening? He then comes to us in mysterious ways, sends us a sign for us to see and we will see the signs when we look deeply into what we see, so we all can truly see all the endings as a new beginning, as we move forward along our paths of this journey through life, while living happily and in peace.


” Through all our paths of this journey through life, there will always be an ending with a new beginning and a fresh start”

” The verses of the Bible are God’s way of communicating with us, we just have to look deeply into what we see, to truly see the messages of God”

” You need to search so you can find, nothing worth while will ever fall onto your lap”

” When we have faith in ourselves and in Jesus Christ, we will always have hope for whatever we end we will always see the new beginning”

” There are no certainties in life and we have to work hard so we can see the doors of life to open and prosper”



Get lost within the beauty of nature


The green grass of nature like a soft carpet beneath your feet, the water so still it reflects all that is around it, this little boat house just adds to the beauty that is all around it, with nature so pristine it just screams for us to come and explore all that it has to offer. As you walk through this beauty, you will be rewarded with some wildlife like a Deer, Moose or maybe even a Bear, then there are the small creatures like a Beaver or maybe a few Ducks, we share this land with them and we all have to respect each other so we can be at peace with all that is around us. When we are at peace we then can enjoy as we walk and become one with the beauty of nature.

Right now we are in the clutches of Old man Winter, he has laid a white blanket upon all this green in the picture, this blanket serves a purpose as it covers the green, so it then can be as beautiful as ever when the season of Spring comes and thaws the white blanket and reveals the bright green soft carpet for us to walk within nature once again. With the white blanket that Old man Winter has laid on the surface of Earth, it also has a beauty to it, if you put on a pair of snowshoes or maybe cross country skis, then you can explore the true beauty of Old man Winter. Nature has so much beauty  and it is all around us no matter where you may be, you really don’t have to go far to truly see what Nature has in store for us to see.

True back woods wilderness camping to some may be a no go, but for the adventurous types, the beauty will totally take your breathe away, yes when you first get to a spot that you like to make camp at, it may take some work to set up camp,  like your tent and the canopies which acts as your outdoor kitchen, complete with camp stoves and grill, then there is the gathering of wood for the nightly fire to keep the night chill away, but after the first few hours, you are home free to totally enjoy all that nature has to offer around you. Sit by the lake and listen to the water hit the shore, listen to the Loons sing their tune as they swim by, watch the Eagles soar by in the sky and from time to time, you can catch them dive the water and come up with their daily meal, maybe if your lucky and a safe distance, you can see a big powerful Moose come to the water for a drink and a splash? There is so much to Nature that if you don’t take to an adventure, you will miss the best part of walking your path along this journey through life. You can also take the trail, the Appalachian trail to be exact, a little over 2100 miles from Springer mountain Georgia, to mount Kahtadin in Maine. This trail has so much beauty for you to see, yes there is some work of actually hiking up and down mountains, but when your lost within the beauty of nature, you don’t even think of it as work, you have a pack on your back with necessary supplies, including a small backpacking tent and a sleeping bag, so you can pick your spot when the time comes to rest your weary bones from the daily journey each and every day along this beauty of a trail. Someday I would love to do this entire trail, so I can become one with nature and truly see all the beauty it has for me to see. We all walk a path through this journey of life, but unless you take to the adventure of going outdoors and truly seeing the beauty of nature, you will totally miss out on a lot of what is around you.


” Getting lost within nature will have you walking and becoming one with nature to truly enjoy what is all around you”

” The green carpet of nature will give way to the white blanket of winter, so it can rejuvenate and be as beautiful for the next season to come”

” Back woods wilderness camping will take your breathe away with its beauty, all you have to do is be adventurous to see all the beauty it holds”

” The Appalachian trail is a trail like no other, it takes six months to complete but it is six months of heaven on Earth”


Stay awake and prepare yourself



” Therefore stay awake! For you do not know on which day your Lord will come”.


***Mt 24:42


We now approach another Christmas day and with this the first day of Advent, may we all stay awake ( i don’t mean lose sleep in our lives), I mean let us all stay awake and prepare ourselves for the coming of Jesus Christ our Savior. By staying awake we all need to rid ourselves of all the hate and truly feel the love of God within our souls, he is always there and he fills our hearts with the warmth of his love, but through this Society for which we live, we are all guilty of not acknowledging him within our souls and losing Faith in his son Jesus Christ.

Christmas is a time for us all to truly feel the love of God within us and then sharing this love with each other, the first day of Advent is for us to clean our thoughts of all evil, so we then can open our hearts to the warmth of God’s love, as we stay awake to prepare ourselves of the coming of Jesus Christ.

Throughout this Society and all the evil we see everyday, this has become learned and ingrained in our minds, while the love of God is always within us and we need not learn anything, just be natural and let the love flow like water over a water fall. It is a lot harder to continue the hate and evil around us, as it is much easier to spread the love of God, simply because it is already within us to share.

The four weeks of Advent is for us to stay awake and prepare for the coming of Jesus our Savior, no we don’t have to lose sleep which will affect our jobs and our lives, but to spiritually stay awake, open our hearts and our minds to the love of God within us, let the warmth of this love fill our entire bodies, so we then can share this love with each other, as we then cleanse our thoughts of all the Evil, so we all can move forward stronger and better and as Jesus comes to us on Christmas, we then can be at true peace and happiness, as we all walk our paths through this journey of life.

With this being the first day of Advent and with the recent events happening around us in this Society, these are truly a sign from God and a chance for us all, to cleanse ourselves of all the Evil, like a Dictator in Fidel Castro, so the rest of us can move forward, stay awake in preparing ourselves for the good and the love of God, as Jesus our Savior will come to us on Christmas day. When we feel the warmth of God’s love within our soul and have Faith in Jesus Christ, Evil will never win over our souls and the love will always fill us with warmth and happiness always, so we then can walk our paths in peace, throughout this journey of life.

Hatred comes to us from somewhere and is learned as we grow into this Society, Love is always within us and is very easy for us to feel the warmth, then spread this warmth with each other, as we all walk our paths through this journey, there are cross roads in place for us to make choices, there are also life events that come to us as well, with some being bigger than others, sometimes we make bad choices from the events, then struggle to find our way out of the bad choices, during the struggle we then lose all faith in not only ourselves, but we lose all faith in Jesus Christ as well, which then leaves us with no hope of where we want to go. As we lose the faith and have no hope, our true feelings and emotions become so suppressed deep within ourselves, we then forget they are there and try to move forward, while we put forth a fake portrayal of who we truly are, we think we are alone and the only one that is struggling, but there are many out there struggling with themselves, just as you are struggling, just that we have shut ourselves off from all that is around us. The Advent season is a way for each of us to stay awake spiritually, prepare ourselves for what is to come, so we then can not only get back in touch with ourselves, but get back in touch with each other and get back the Faith in Jesus Christ, which will give us all the hope to move forward on our paths of this journey through life and be at peace in true happiness.


” Evil and hate are one in the same and are learned, as true love is within us always and is very easy to feel and spread with those around us”

” Advent is for us to spiritually stay awake, so we then can prepare ourselves for the coming of Jesus Christ our Savior”

”  Love is part of who we truly are, we feel the love of God within our souls and that same love then fills our hearts with warmth so we than can share with all that is around us”


A White Winter blanket

early winter


The white blanket of the winter so white and so soft,

The white Winter blanket coming to a driveway and yard near you soon,

With the white Winter blanket brings cold days to wrap up in multi layers,

The white Winter blanket covers the ground to help the spring thaw and rejuvenation,

Some may like the ground cover to be green, as others like the white,

The white Winter blanket brings different outside activities to enjoy,

When we roll around on the white blanket we find it to be very cold,

The blanket may cover the ground but it is not the type to cover us for warmth,

Walking on the white blanket may be tricky as we find we sink within it,

After a fresh white blanket drops from the sky, it makes all so beautiful,

Then after the beauty, time to get to work in clearing the white blanket from the driveway,

The white blanket wasn’t meant to be driven on, as it then becomes padded down and slick,

With the White blanket it makes for a very special day on Christmas day,

The white blanket on Christmas eve makes for a soft landing for Santa Claus,

Skiers love the white blanket as they go up the mountain and ski down,

Then there are the Alpine skiers who use the blanket to trek through the woods,

You like engines then go out and Snowmobile on top  of a White blanket,

You need a very deep and thick blanket to navigate the trails for the Ski-Doo,

There is a lot to do on the white blanket, just have to go out and do them,

You can’t have Winter without a white blanket just as you can’t have the blanket without winter,

The white Winter’s blanket comes to us all as the cold winter air chills us to the bone,

The cold Winter days brings this white Winter blanket as we all walk our path through this journey of life.


” Survival skills in the wilderness you can melt down the white blanket on the fire to make drinking water, just stay away from the Yellow variety.

” The white blanket of Winter covers the ground with real beauty especially on Christmas day.

” The white blanket of the Winter comes from the sky and covers all with the beauty of a White Winter’s day”

A True Christmas Miracle



With yet another Holiday season approaching, this time of year brings out the best and the worst within us all. Depression is one way for some to go through, what is supposed to be a joyful time of year, others may just put up a fake front and simply survive just to get through this time of year, while the rest are truly happy and enjoy everything about this time of year. None the less the true spirit of the Holidays and especially Christmas, are the Miracles that warm our hearts and bring joy to our faces.

Thanksgiving……. A Holiday that we all are thankful of something in our lives, a time for some to come back home and enjoy a home cooked meal with the family and catch up on the special times for which they missed, a time to come home and enjoy the company of past friends that they haven’t seen for some time, With this fast paced Society of today, none of us do a whole lot of this anymore and is reason why, we are a broken Society today. I remember as a child, not only did the immediate family sit down nightly at the dinner table together, but on Sunday’s after Church, we all gathered with entire family, to enjoy each others company and have dinner all as one. Now it is just one day of the year and that day is Thanksgiving. Just maybe to heal us from this broken Society, we should all have more Thanksgiving meals throughout the year, instead of just one day of the year, then maybe we all can heal and walk our paths of this journey through life, in happiness and be at peace finally in our lives.

Christmas time is a time we should cherish with our families together, sit around the Christmas tree together and talk deeply with each other and not make it just about           (what did you get for me), Christmas should be more of the giving and less of the receiving, when someone gives you a gift, it should fill your heart with warmth, as this shows the love of each other and the fact that you were thought of in a special way. The true Christmas miracle is the love that warms your heart, the having Faith that your miracle will come true and then the Hope to keep that Faith alive. Some may lose sight of the miracle, simply because they have lost the Faith, which then the Hope disappears as well,  within this fast paced Society of today and the fact that some will make fun of you, because they themselves have lost their Faith in their miracle, so they don’t want to see another keep their Faith in theirs, this is why we are a broken Society and why we don’t interact properly with each other anymore. We all have our issues with some being greater than others, these issues will have us lose our Faith in our miracles if we let them, when we lose the Faith then there is no Hope that there is any miracle at all. A true Christmas miracle is deep within our souls all the time, it is when we lose Faith in ourselves, we then have no Hope for any miracle coming to us and warming our hearts with love. The true miracle is the way we walk our paths of this journey, keeping the Faith, so we then can have Hope of everything around us, while we be at peace with each other and become happy with a smile everyday of our lives.


” The true miracle is not just at the time of Christmas, it is having the Faith in ourselves, giving us the Hope of the greatest miracle”

” A true miracle is like that special song, they fill our hearts with the warmth of love that we then share with each other”

” The Holiday season should bring out the love of each other, not divide or depress us into isolation”

” Being thankful for all we have is a lot more than just being thankful for a game on our computers”


Til Death do us part……….

” They can no longer die, for they are like Angels and they are the Children of God, because they are the ones who will rise”.

LK 20:36


There are so many unanswered questions surrounding the Death of anything even we as the People of the World. Where do we go after death? Does our soul really lift up out of our bodies? Why do some last longer than others? Why does it seem the Good always leave us sooner then later along this journey of life? There are these and many more questions about Death, only we never really think of them, because we fear death as the final ending, to us walking our paths along this journey of life.

” Get busy living, or get busy dying”. This was a quote within the greatest movie of all time in, Shawshank Redemption. This quote is so correct in many ways as we walk our paths of this journey, from the time of our Birth until we reach living within Society on our own, we are too busy living and making a life for ourselves, then when we reach a ripe old age, we then get busy preparing for that time when we are taken from this Society, some never make it to that ripe old age and some may live well beyond those years ( whatever the correct age is?). Through death and when that time comes, what are we really thinking and what are we really feeling deep inside ourselves? This is a question that can only be truly answered at the time that our journey is about to come to a close. Now when a loved one passes and we see them at the time of their last breathe, or someone close to us passes that has helped us in many ways, those that are left have to grieve and we as Humans grieve in our own way, this Grieving process brings us a lot of pain and sorrow, which unless we process it correctly, it can and will have us continue this journey with more bumps and bruises, then we care to except.

Now as we walk our paths of this journey of life, we try to walk it correctly, but there are many variables that come to us at the cross roads and these variables will control us if we let them, when these variables take control of us, we then get lost within the clouds of our judgments and become someone we truly are not. This Person that we think is ourselves we then move forward not knowing of our true direction, we move forward doing for ourselves and totally not acknowledging of those that are around us, everything then becomes for me and we totally put out of our heads that, there are many that walk a path through this journey of life. I understand that we all walk our own path, but we all walk them through one journey and this journey is, the journey of life.

When someone gets taken from us through Death, at first we become shocked then as the shock goes away and we come back to reality, we then get hit with the sadness of the death and ask ourselves why? Some may cry, some may not know how to cry properly, but the crying only helps us heal properly and ease the pain that comes to us through death. It is we the ones that survive the death of the one that was taken from us, that feel the loss and in some ways harder then others, as the one that lies in state, who really knows where they have gone? Death is permanent and I think that is what we fear the most? The second part we fear is the fact that, none of us can truly say, what happens after we are taken from this life? We may have an educated guess, but it is still just a guess, death comes to all of us at some point, whether it is we suffering the death, or a loved one, or maybe someone that we become close to, as they have helped us in many ways, but none the less death will affect us all at some point, as we walk our path through this journey of life.

Death is something that will affect us all at some point, which is why we all have to get busy living in the now………..correctly and not just for ourselves. God’s love is within us all and that is the warmth that fills our heart, not just the blood that flows through our veins, as God fills us with his love, it then becomes up to us to spread this love with each other, so we can not only get busy living, but we can also be ready for that time when our journey comes to a close, instead of simply getting busy dying. Are we really ready for that time of Death? We may think we are, but when it comes it scares the living crap right out of us, this is where the fear comes into play, because we fear the unknown and death is all about the unknown, no matter how well prepared we think we are. Instead of looking at death as an unknown, or being something as being permanent, why not celebrate the life that has died, so we all that have been affected by the death, can grieve properly and as we grieve properly, then we all can learn to accept death as something that happens at the end of a journey and maybe we won’t be so fearful of death? Although this journey through life has no road map and may end differently for all of us, but at least through the celebration of life, we may accept death better, so we all can walk our paths through this journey of life, being stronger and better and within peace and happiness.


” ” Get busy living or get busy dying”, great movie and great quote from the movie of Shawshank Redemption”

” Death is full of the unknown and it is the unknown that we fear the most about death”

” Nobody knows truly why some are taken sooner than others, only God truly knows and we need to have complete faith in him to accept death better”

” Through death we miss deeply of the ones that get taken from us, which makes the grieving process so important to each of us”


The Marijuana Question



Question four here in the state of Massachusetts is of the legalization of Marijuana, are you kidding me!!! Like those so called Leaders we voted into office, really don’t have anything else, to waste their time on? Or even better…… Waste the Tax payer .money on this nonsense. This path here you see in this picture, that is heading into the fog, is exactly where we all will be heading and most likely not even remember, how we reached wherever it is we are going?

Marijuana was and always will be known as the ” gateway drug”. It is illegal now and you can see a “High” percentage of People still get it and smoke it on a daily basis, just imagine it becoming legal, now you have a whole list of other issues that will come from this really stupid idea that someone actually came up with, now maybe I get one reason for this question and that is, to tax and bring in more revenue to this state, but at what real cost do you want to bring in money, to help ease the burden of all the tax payers?

Alcohol is a legal drug and we all see the issues it brings throughout this Society, not all of us can be a social drinker and have no issues with this drug, as to most it becomes a crutch that is easy to get, when our troubles become so over whelming, that we turn to this drug to help ease our sorrows for a short time. When we drink to excess we then can not think clearly and do stupid things, like getting in our vehicles and driving, as we have no clue of what we are doing, let alone the fact that we are putting other lives and the life of ourselves, in a situation that will change our lifestyle forever, or even worse either kill ourselves or those around us. Now some will say ” but I can’t live without it”? Now we have a whole different issue and that is, Addiction.

Addiction can affect anybody no matter what your status is and addiction can come to us in many ways as well, but what addiction can’t be is…….. Cured. Once you have and addiction, no matter of what kind, it then becomes a lifetime battle which has you with feelings of no control and low self esteem.  With the proper help you can deal with the addiction and you can deal with it on your own, just that it takes a strong person, who has a strong will. but to get to this point you need the proper help to guide you. Alcohol is a crutch that we then depend on, to help us deal with pain and sorrow, which then we totally forget about our inner strength, that doesn’t need a crutch, it isn’t just a quick fix, all we need is, total Faith in ourselves, so we then can have the Hope to curve the grip of addiction, so it won’t grab a hold and never let us go.

There are many more Addictions that tempt us and try to take control of us, playing the slots at a Casino is another type of Addiction known as Gambler’s Addiction, which the adrenaline gives you a rush that you then crave and can’t get enough of. There are many ways that Addiction can come to us and control every fiber of our being and the best way to help stay in control, is to understand about Addiction, understand that when it grabs you, it will forever hold you even when you think you are free from the Addiction.

To say that legalizing Marijuana is a good idea for all moving forward, I think we need to re think this plan? I mean I am no Doctor, but I do have Common Sense and it tells me that, all drugs whether Alcohol, Marijuana or hard core drugs, will affect the body in a negative way and the ones who dispute this, are the ones that have let the grip of Addiction grab a hold of them and can’t see clearly through the clouds of the Addiction. Plus having two legal drugs like Alcohol and Marijuana, now you have a whole lot of other issues as well and everybody is now running, or driving either High or drunk? Which then happens to not only put ourselves at risk, but it puts others around us at risk as well. Common Sense is not so ” Common” within this Society and has us all walking our paths within the clouds of our judgments, as we take zero responsibility for our actions, we then become lazy and have no clue of what real work is and by work I mean, totally understanding everything around us, no matter if it’s a Person, Place or a thing. There are many ways through this journey of life that can derail us and throw us a curve ball, but none as strong as Addiction is, especially when it grabs you with all it’s strength and never wants to let you go. I think we all need to ” be a lot safer and make much better decisions”, as we walk our paths through this journey of life, so we all can live in Peace and be happy at all we do.


” Addiction is like a crutch that we lean on, to help us move forward even when a part of us is broken”

” Marijuana is the gate way drug that baits you, sucks you in, then reels you into a World that is surrounded by clouds”

” Questions on the ballot for us to vote on, sometimes needs more research with some common sense thinking to truly understand the question”

” Common Sense is within us all, we just have to acknowledge it to unleash it’s true power and make it very Common once again”

” How can you have Common Sense when you are either High or Drunk, with no responsibility or cares for yourself or even whats around you”