The white winter blanket covering the Earth



“To some this white blanket is not wanted, but it is all part of the four seasons that we all go through year after year”.


We all walk our paths of this journey of life, part of this journey are the four seasons, Winter…Spring…Summer…Fall, with these seasons are what keeps this Earth, fresh and clean. True we all have our favorite time of year, but to get to our favorite, we all have to get through the other times and let Nature become beautiful, for all of us to see.

The Christmas season falls in Winter and with the falling of the snow during this time, makes for a beautiful time of year and when we look deeply into what we see, we than can see the true beauty of the Christmas season. Now some of the other faiths or some that don’t believe, may get offended of the Christmas season, but if they respect the beliefs of us that believe, like we respect their non beliefs, or respect those of other faiths, we all can walk our paths of this journey, in peace and happiness always, with no bitterness in sight along this journey.

The true spirit of Christmas has nothing to do with stressing over buying gifts and has everything to do with, feeling the love of God within our hearts and then sharing that love with each other. True we become a product of our environment and when that environment is all negative, then we become negative of all that is around us and never give anything a chance to thrive around us, we get so caught up in trying to make ends meet, we totally lose the feeling of God within our hearts, which then has us losing touch with the true love within our hearts, we lose totally of who we truly are and becoming negative of all that is around us. “The true Christmas spirit is what reminds us of, the love of God within our hearts and when we truly feel this love, we then share it with all that is around us”. We are not suppose to lose respect of each others beliefs, we are not suppose to become bitter of each other and definitely, we are not suppose to become negative and full of stress, at the most beautiful time of the year. Christmas fills our hearts with the love of God, as he sends his one and only son to us, to walk his path of this journey, Jesus teaches us with his actions, on just how to walk our paths, so we to can find the path of righteousness, then as we get to the path of righteousness, we then can be at peace and live in happiness always along this journey of life.

This journey of life is only as hard as we make it and when we become bitter and lose respect of all that is around us, then this journey of life becomes difficult and harder than it really should be for all of us. Let us all see this white winter blanket as it is suppose to be viewed as, especially at this time of year, with this white winter blanket and the spirit of Christmas upon us, may we all look deeply into what we see, may we all truly feel the love of God within our hearts and then share this love with each other, so we then can respect each other regardless of your faith, or regardless of your non beliefs and as we all truly feel this love of God within us, let it fill your soul with the warmth, so we then can walk our paths of this journey in peace and happiness always, as this true love spreads throughout this land of Earth, plus as this white winter blanket covers the Earth now, it then will make the season of Spring even more beautiful with bright colorful flowers for us all to see.


” The white winter blanket to us known as snow, does a lot more than just become an ugly sight for us, just truly look deeply into what you see, to see it’s true beauty”

” The true Christmas spirit will fill all our hearts with the love of God, that is already in our souls and will bring peace and happiness to us all”

” The snow may seem cold to us every winter, only cause we don’t let the true winter blanket warm our hearts with God’s love for us all to share”


A True Christmas Miracle



With yet another Holiday season approaching, this time of year brings out the best and the worst within us all. Depression is one way for some to go through, what is supposed to be a joyful time of year, others may just put up a fake front and simply survive just to get through this time of year, while the rest are truly happy and enjoy everything about this time of year. None the less the true spirit of the Holidays and especially Christmas, are the Miracles that warm our hearts and bring joy to our faces.

Thanksgiving……. A Holiday that we all are thankful of something in our lives, a time for some to come back home and enjoy a home cooked meal with the family and catch up on the special times for which they missed, a time to come home and enjoy the company of past friends that they haven’t seen for some time, With this fast paced Society of today, none of us do a whole lot of this anymore and is reason why, we are a broken Society today. I remember as a child, not only did the immediate family sit down nightly at the dinner table together, but on Sunday’s after Church, we all gathered with entire family, to enjoy each others company and have dinner all as one. Now it is just one day of the year and that day is Thanksgiving. Just maybe to heal us from this broken Society, we should all have more Thanksgiving meals throughout the year, instead of just one day of the year, then maybe we all can heal and walk our paths of this journey through life, in happiness and be at peace finally in our lives.

Christmas time is a time we should cherish with our families together, sit around the Christmas tree together and talk deeply with each other and not make it just about           (what did you get for me), Christmas should be more of the giving and less of the receiving, when someone gives you a gift, it should fill your heart with warmth, as this shows the love of each other and the fact that you were thought of in a special way. The true Christmas miracle is the love that warms your heart, the having Faith that your miracle will come true and then the Hope to keep that Faith alive. Some may lose sight of the miracle, simply because they have lost the Faith, which then the Hope disappears as well,  within this fast paced Society of today and the fact that some will make fun of you, because they themselves have lost their Faith in their miracle, so they don’t want to see another keep their Faith in theirs, this is why we are a broken Society and why we don’t interact properly with each other anymore. We all have our issues with some being greater than others, these issues will have us lose our Faith in our miracles if we let them, when we lose the Faith then there is no Hope that there is any miracle at all. A true Christmas miracle is deep within our souls all the time, it is when we lose Faith in ourselves, we then have no Hope for any miracle coming to us and warming our hearts with love. The true miracle is the way we walk our paths of this journey, keeping the Faith, so we then can have Hope of everything around us, while we be at peace with each other and become happy with a smile everyday of our lives.


” The true miracle is not just at the time of Christmas, it is having the Faith in ourselves, giving us the Hope of the greatest miracle”

” A true miracle is like that special song, they fill our hearts with the warmth of love that we then share with each other”

” The Holiday season should bring out the love of each other, not divide or depress us into isolation”

” Being thankful for all we have is a lot more than just being thankful for a game on our computers”


A Message that will never end……..


” A message for us all to stop all the hate, share our love that’s within ourselves, so we can move forward in peace and happiness”


I am going to keep sharing this picture of this young boy of eight year old Martin Richard, who was taken from us way too early and was a victim of the senseless tragedy, that was the Boston marathon bombing. This young boy in so many ways,was more mature than any one of us within this Society, for him to make this sign totally shows that he he was more grown up than what his age said and with all the ugliness around us, shows just how Childish some of us are within this Society.

We just elected a new President here in America and it wasn’t even close. This election wasn’t about any Political party, it was totally about the true silent majority American Citizen, being pissed off at how our so called leaders were leading us and in a direction of no return. The People have spoken but some in this country can’t handle the outcome, so they have turned to the streets, to disrupt the lives of the rest of us, Really!!! It is time for us all to grow up, show more love and respect of each other, unite with each other before it’s too late and as Martin Richard looks down on us, make him proud as we honor his words and his message, so we all can move forward in peace and happiness, throughout this journey of life.

We all have our struggles and we all are faced with some difficult challenges, but yet not all of us bring these struggles and challenges to those around us, as we are too busy fixing what is wrong, so we can be better and stronger moving forward, while others simply give up and blame everything else, instead of excepting what is wrong, taking responsibility and truly fixing what is wrong, so they too can move forward stronger and better, unless we all take more responsibility and respect each other, this ugliness will never go away, we are all equal within this journey of life, time we all start acting mature and  seeing this equality, or we will never be at peace and we will never be at true happiness.

Martin Richard might of been a young boy when he was taken from us, but he was so much more mature than some within this Society. This journey through life may not come with a text book, but it really is not that hard to walk through, all we have to do is, walk it correctly, respect all that is around you, take the love of God that is within us all and share it with each other, show more empathy of each other, so we than can walk our paths in peace and walk through this journey of life in true happiness.


” ” No more hurting people…………peace” A quote from an eight year old boy, that was taken from us too early and we all should live this quote everyday in his memory”

” Let us all remember this message and spread it like wildfire throughout all within this society”

” We all have our struggles, we all have our challenges, let us all fix what we need so we can move forward stronger and better”

” True strength is within us all, we just have to acknowledge it so we can move forward with confidence”



Til Death do us part……….

” They can no longer die, for they are like Angels and they are the Children of God, because they are the ones who will rise”.

LK 20:36


There are so many unanswered questions surrounding the Death of anything even we as the People of the World. Where do we go after death? Does our soul really lift up out of our bodies? Why do some last longer than others? Why does it seem the Good always leave us sooner then later along this journey of life? There are these and many more questions about Death, only we never really think of them, because we fear death as the final ending, to us walking our paths along this journey of life.

” Get busy living, or get busy dying”. This was a quote within the greatest movie of all time in, Shawshank Redemption. This quote is so correct in many ways as we walk our paths of this journey, from the time of our Birth until we reach living within Society on our own, we are too busy living and making a life for ourselves, then when we reach a ripe old age, we then get busy preparing for that time when we are taken from this Society, some never make it to that ripe old age and some may live well beyond those years ( whatever the correct age is?). Through death and when that time comes, what are we really thinking and what are we really feeling deep inside ourselves? This is a question that can only be truly answered at the time that our journey is about to come to a close. Now when a loved one passes and we see them at the time of their last breathe, or someone close to us passes that has helped us in many ways, those that are left have to grieve and we as Humans grieve in our own way, this Grieving process brings us a lot of pain and sorrow, which unless we process it correctly, it can and will have us continue this journey with more bumps and bruises, then we care to except.

Now as we walk our paths of this journey of life, we try to walk it correctly, but there are many variables that come to us at the cross roads and these variables will control us if we let them, when these variables take control of us, we then get lost within the clouds of our judgments and become someone we truly are not. This Person that we think is ourselves we then move forward not knowing of our true direction, we move forward doing for ourselves and totally not acknowledging of those that are around us, everything then becomes for me and we totally put out of our heads that, there are many that walk a path through this journey of life. I understand that we all walk our own path, but we all walk them through one journey and this journey is, the journey of life.

When someone gets taken from us through Death, at first we become shocked then as the shock goes away and we come back to reality, we then get hit with the sadness of the death and ask ourselves why? Some may cry, some may not know how to cry properly, but the crying only helps us heal properly and ease the pain that comes to us through death. It is we the ones that survive the death of the one that was taken from us, that feel the loss and in some ways harder then others, as the one that lies in state, who really knows where they have gone? Death is permanent and I think that is what we fear the most? The second part we fear is the fact that, none of us can truly say, what happens after we are taken from this life? We may have an educated guess, but it is still just a guess, death comes to all of us at some point, whether it is we suffering the death, or a loved one, or maybe someone that we become close to, as they have helped us in many ways, but none the less death will affect us all at some point, as we walk our path through this journey of life.

Death is something that will affect us all at some point, which is why we all have to get busy living in the now………..correctly and not just for ourselves. God’s love is within us all and that is the warmth that fills our heart, not just the blood that flows through our veins, as God fills us with his love, it then becomes up to us to spread this love with each other, so we can not only get busy living, but we can also be ready for that time when our journey comes to a close, instead of simply getting busy dying. Are we really ready for that time of Death? We may think we are, but when it comes it scares the living crap right out of us, this is where the fear comes into play, because we fear the unknown and death is all about the unknown, no matter how well prepared we think we are. Instead of looking at death as an unknown, or being something as being permanent, why not celebrate the life that has died, so we all that have been affected by the death, can grieve properly and as we grieve properly, then we all can learn to accept death as something that happens at the end of a journey and maybe we won’t be so fearful of death? Although this journey through life has no road map and may end differently for all of us, but at least through the celebration of life, we may accept death better, so we all can walk our paths through this journey of life, being stronger and better and within peace and happiness.


” ” Get busy living or get busy dying”, great movie and great quote from the movie of Shawshank Redemption”

” Death is full of the unknown and it is the unknown that we fear the most about death”

” Nobody knows truly why some are taken sooner than others, only God truly knows and we need to have complete faith in him to accept death better”

” Through death we miss deeply of the ones that get taken from us, which makes the grieving process so important to each of us”


Happy Father’s Day



What truly is a Father? A Father is courage, strength, wisdom, knowledge, perseverance, never quit attitude, someone who when told he can’t do that he then proves them wrong with his actions, a Father is all these attributes and many more.

A Father instills in his Children the importance of hard work and teaches them a good work ethnic, as he himself shows them with his actions. He teaches his Children how to strive for excellence…. not perfection, but excellence, because no one is perfect, so he teaches what excellence is and that perfection is setting yourself up for a let down. A Father will tell us to set goals using the rungs of the ladder as a guide one step at a time, it is okay to reach for the stars, but you can’t start off on rung one and go to the last step of the ladder and walk onto the roof easily, then with each rung being successfully met, now you can go to rung two, never get ahead of yourself as when you do, now you feel the weight of the World on your shoulders and the pressures of life become so over whelming, sometimes these pressures become so great, that we forget to relax and simply be ourselves, that is when we become lost within the clouds of our judgments, we lose sight of our goals, we forget all the teachings from our Father’s only because we are so lost, this don’t mean our Father’s work was for nothing, because when we truly get back to who we are, it is like riding a bike, you never forget and get right back on the ride of this journey.

We all need a Mother and a Father, as each one brings their own special qualities to each one of us, so we can shape ourselves and be truly who we are. Whenever their is one missing, no matter how you think that you can replace either one or their qualities, you will always feel incomplete as a Human Being. When God created Mankind he did so for these reasons, so we could all learn from one another, coexist with each other, as we all walk our paths through this journey of life.

With all the crap within this Society and all the ugliness of Terror groups trying to control each one of us and the high divorce rate of marriages, only proves further that you need a loving Mother and a Father, so you can feel complete deep inside the core of your being.

A Father is kind of like that old cliche of, ” jack of all trades” simply because his wisdom and hard work as he grew up, is now being taught to us as we grow up. this is known as the cycle of life, there are many other cycles within the life cycle and each one is just as important as the other, but when a link of any of the cycles is broken, now you are open and vulnerable, to which makes it important to repair the link, before you truly lose sight of who you truly are. We all walk a path through this journey of life and as we walk our path and learn from our Father’s, as well as learn from our Mother;s, now you can grow into Society stronger and better than each generation that has come before you.


” A Father is many things to us as we grow up in life and when the relationship is at its strongest, helps us all walk our paths as strong as the bond of a Father and his children”

” A Mother and a Father each have their qualities that help us grow within our lives, without each of their qualities we then feel incomplete within our lives”

” a Fathers bond is deeper than just a father and his child, he then becomes the best friend that you will never find no matter how hard you try”


Family is the foundation for all our paths



” Family is love…Family is support… Family is our foundation for walking our paths along this journey through life”



Every Species that walk their paths on this planet Earth, are born into a Family, yes we Humans are a species also. These Families will teach us many things as we grow and walk our paths, they will show us the different paths, but the choice of which path is our own to make, within these families you have mentors known as Mom and Dad, that with their love of each other, teach us how to not only love ourselves, but love all that is around us, they teach us how to respect everything and everyone around us, they teach us the difference between right and wrong, they teach and guide us in many ways, so we then can make the right choices as we grow into Society and flourish as they did. You also have Siblings unless your an only child? As you grow within your family, you are building a foundation that nothing can penetrate, throughout our journey our foundation may become worn over the years, but with our families always together, the foundation will never crumble.

Within this Society you now have broken families and families with either a Mom or a Dad separate playing both roles, growing up with just one Parent isn’t the same, as now your foundation is cracked before you get the chance to even start building it. Anybody that says they can raise a child better by themselves, simply doesn’t know how to be a good Parent. You need a Mom and a Dad as both bring their own separate qualities to the Family, that helps the Family grow and helps the family foundation grow, into something that can not be penetrated. True a family with a Mom and Dad can still have its struggles, as there is what is known as the ” Peer pressure” element, this Peer pressure comes from an outside source and try’s to take control of everything around it and with this kind of pressure, there is no love or any good that will come from it. This kind of pressure try’s to get a hold of you, before the foundation has time to take shape, so it can make any kind of foundation crumble from beneath you, leaving you vulnerable and weak.

Within This Society and with all the crap that is around us, shows just how much that a good solid family foundation is needed by all of us. Whenever a Child grows with one of the Parents missing, he/she then try’s to fill that void with something/someone different and usually, that difference just isn’t the same, leaving the family foundation with a big whole in it, that will never be as strong as it should be. With a big hole in the family foundation, now the Child is suspect to anything that try’s to enter within that hole, this even means evil will easily come and try to control everything about you. Now even with a Mom and Dad, plus a strong Family foundation, you still have to guard against this Peer pressure that will try to enter into the foundation, using any tactic at it’s disposal. Peer pressure is a form of Evil that will try to control everything it gets a hold of, it won’t break the foundation, but it will crack it leaving you vulnerable and weak.

Good Family Values leads to love and support, with this love and support the sky is the limit to what you can do, it helps you make the right choices to the paths of which you walk, it helps you overcome the obstacles that may try to derail you from your path, when these obstacles knock you down and bruise you, it also helps you pick yourself up, fix what you need to fix, heal from the bruises, so you can continue moving forward along your path of this journey through life.

With all the Evil within this Society and the Terrorists that try to put fear in us, in order to have us give in to their warped and twisted ways, shows perfectly just how many families that there are with either cracked foundations, or foundations that have never even had the chance to be built. We all have our issues that need to be fixed so we can move forward stronger and better, but when we try to force these issues on each other, just so we can look on the outside to be more powerful than the each other, is not the true way to fix these issues. We must stand up to this Evil, look it square in the eyes, much like Jesus did to Satan when he tried to tempt Jesus to the dark side, repair the cracks to the Family foundation, so we then can fix what we need to, as we continue moving forward along our paths of this journey, in peace and happiness always.


” Family is everything to us so we can walk our paths with strength and with a foundation stronger than any force we know”

” Family Foundation can not be seen, it is an invisible force that is felt deep within each of us”


The Holy Spirit is within us all



” Through the darkness and the most troubling times there is always light, it is our Faith and the Holy Spirit within us, that keeps our paths full of light always”


Today we celebrate the day of the Pentecost, this is the day of the descent of the Holy Spirit on the Disciples of Jesus Christ, after his Ascension to the right hand of his Father, the Creator of all Mankind. This day comes on the seventh Sunday after Easter.

We all walk a path along this journey through life, we all also have this Holy Spirit within us, but if we don’t look deeply within, or look deeply into what we see, we will never come to know the true power of the Holy Spirit.

In the center of this picture there is a pyramid type structure, that if you don’t look deeply into this picture, you won’t even know it was there. It kind of blends into all of it’s surroundings and goes unnoticed, because we as we walk our paths, only see what we want to see, we don’t look deeply into what we see, simply because we don’t acknowledge this Holy spirit within us and when we don’t acknowledge this Holy Spirit, we then don’t know of the true power it holds, nor do we know of how much this Holy Spirit is there to help us, from all the pain and hurt we suffer along our paths of this journey.

Some of us may suffer from pain to different parts of our bodies, like the knee, our backs, etc… These pains are nothing compared to the pain and hurt to our inner selves, like times in our lives we wished never happened, times that we let others Abuse us and did nothing to defend ourselves, these kinds of pain can come in many different ways and these ways we will never understand properly, if we don’t look deeply into what we see.

When we acknowledge the Holy Spirit within us, we then can understand better of all the pains that come to us along our paths of this journey. We can understand better of what having Faith is. We may think we have Faith in our abilities, but unless we acknowledge the true Faith, then our pain and hurt will always be with us along our paths. When we acknowledge the Holy Spirit within us, is when we have true Faith of ourselves and all those around us and when we acknowledge the Holy Spirit, we will always look deeply into what we see, so we then can move forward better and stronger, along our paths of this journey through life.

This Journey through life may seem hard to us at times, only because we make it hard, when we don’t look deeply into what we see and don’t acknowledge the Holy Spirit that is within us all. As we celebrate this day of the Pentecost, may we better understand the true power it holds for each of us, we just like the Disciples of Jesus Christ since Easter Sunday, have been in limbo as to what the next phase of what to do without Jesus and ask ourselves why Jesus has died the way he did? But now as the Holy Spirit comes and is within each of us, let us all feel the power it holds within us, let us also feel deeply our Faith of ourselves, so we then can have true Faith of all that is around us, when we feel this Faith and Holy Spirit within us, let us the always look deeply into what we see, so we all can walk our paths of this journey, without bringing pain and hurt to each other and we all can live in Peace and Happiness always, along our paths of this journey through life.



” The day of the Pentecost brings the Holy Spirit to us all and with the Holy Spirit then brings the Church to us, so we can practice and be truthful to ourselves and all those around us”

” When we look deeply into what we see, we will always feel this Holy Spirit within us and we will always have true Faith of ourselves and all those around us”



The true awakening that Christmas brings.

Autumn Leaves

” Christmas is a time for us to give ourselves to each other, just as Jesus taught us when he came to us and walked his journey”


Within this Society of Political Correction, it saddens me that some will try to make me stop saying what I have always said within my life and that is, ” Merry Christmas” or ” Christmas Tree”?  In today’s World we say ” Happy Holidays” or “Holiday Tree”, come on really!!! The ones that started this are totally not acknowledging who they truly are and have moved forward, after they have built this wall around themselves, hiding deep within themselves.

We all walk a path through this journey of life, the journey may be the same, but the path is different and varies, depending on who you truly are. Now how can we walk these paths correctly, if we don’t know truly who we are? We all go through some kind of Life Event from something simple, to something that changes us right to our core. We may not understand the reason to why these things happen, but if we stay true to who we are, have complete faith in Jesus Christ and have really learned of his teachings, then just maybe we can see the light from the path of righteousness? This light can not be taught, this light can not be seen, this light is only felt deep in our hearts and deep within the core of our being. This feeling can not be felt if we don’t have complete faith in ourselves, or have complete faith in Jesus Christ as well.

Through this Christmas season and because some have lost sight of who they truly are, the rest of us are suppose to change our ways, in order to make them happy? I think we all need to simply respect each other more, show more true empathy of each other and quite simply just truly feel the love of God within our hearts and share this love with each other, as we do this through the Christmas season, than why can’t we do this the rest of the year every year? This journey through life at times seems very hard to us, it really isn’t that hard when we walk our paths correctly, we are the ones that make it seem hard, when we don’t acknowledge the love of God, when we bury deep within our core our true feelings and emotions, when we become someone/something we truly are not, when we take everything for granted without looking deeply into what we see and when when we build a wall around us instead of walking this journey in true peace and happiness, so we all can be respectful of each other.

Some of us because they don’t truly understand the why’s of these events, then move forward without acknowledging their true selves and lose sight of a big part of who they are. This could explain why some would try to change everything that is around them? But because of that wall they put up around themselves, they don’t see clearly of what their actions will bring.

Christmas is a special time of year and when we all acknowledge the true meaning of Christmas, now we all can feel the love of God within us and truly feel the light from the path of righteousness. With this special feeling within us, we now can walk our paths through this journey of life, with no built up walls, showing respect of not just ourselves but of each other and truly keeping our true feelings and emotions within our hearts, without burying them deep within  our core.

So as our paths along this journey enter into another Christmas season, let us all gather around the Christmas Tree and have a very Merry Christmas and a very prosperous New Year.


” Let’s be respectful of one another and let’s truly find the true meaning of Christmas, for ourselves as we share with each other”

” Christmas is the celebration of the son of God, who is the creator of Mankind, may we all feel the true meaning of this special time of year”

” Lets never lose sight of the true meaning of Christmas, as this is the foundation of who we truly are and the key to all of our existences”

Any words can be twisted, but the right words will stand the test of time.

” They were exceedingly astonished and said among themselves, ” then who can be saved”? Jesus looked at them and said, ” For Human Beings it is impossible, but not for God, all things are possible for God”.

*** Mk 10:26:27

“These words within the Scriptures, which are the Words of our Savior Jesus Christ. He spoke the words of his Father and Lord God our father, unlike other words these words have stood the test of time and have never been twisted for any needs. The book of the Scripture’s like the good book of the Bible, is now and always will be, the best books of our times”.


The journey of Jesus Christ was so long ago for us within this Society, it is understandable if we lost the faith in something we have never seen but only read about,   as within this Society it is only real if it happened to me, or we see something with our own eyes. A big reason why we have lost faith in Jesus Christ is quite simple, we have lost the faith and confidence in ourselves, for which we lost hope for our future, with our clouded judgements we can’t see clearly of the paths we walk along this journey of life.

Moses climbed the mountain not just for himself and talk to our father the Lord God. He climbed the mountain for each one of us throughout all the generations and Societies of the past, present and future. Moses brought back to us what we know today as the ” Ten Commandments”. These Commandments are the Laws from God himself, for each of us to follow, so we all can reach the path of righteousness as Jesus showed us, when we follow these Commandments with our body, heart and soul, we will always be rewarded with the highest of rewards, the true path of righteousness right into the eternity of Heaven or the promised land.

Within this Society and so far removed from the journey of Jesus Christ, I am willing to bet that the percentage will be high, of the people that do not truly know of the ” ten commandments”? This is sad and at the same time, understandable of why the divorce rate is so high, why we have so many stealing from their fellow man excetra…  Maybe it’s time for Jesus to do as his Father did, have his one and only son, to walk their journey with us here on Earth, except maybe in a more modern way that best fits within this Society of today.

This Society is troubled and broken and is in need of some major fixings, just like when things happen to us and we need to fix ourselves, our Society needs our help and needs to be fixed, so we all can walk our paths in peace, while we share the love of God ( that is within our hearts) with each other, so we all can be stronger and better moving forward along this journey of life.

” The words we speak may be twisted around by others and given different meanings than we actually meant? But the words from the Bible and the Scriptures have lasted through the test of time without any twisting”

” The words of the Scriptures are real and true words, the words we speak at times are exaggerated and get twisted, so we ourselves don’t look weak, or try to put ourselves above another”

” Words are a bunch of letters put together to make sense, the right words can leave an impression and stand the test of time”

Is the glass half empty or is it really half full…………….

robin           Robin Williams was a brilliant, caring and loving man. A man that to most, was looked at as being funny with all the comedies he has acted in.  As Robin Williams made us all laugh for as long as he did, he was hiding a huge part of himself deep within his sole and that part was eating him from the inside out. Depression…… A word we don’t truly understand fully, as this word affects us in many different ways. Most people think that when you are depressed, your supposed to be all alone, your crying a lot,  always sad and almost never smile at anything. The true fact of depression is, you can function and externally carry on like nothing is wrong when you are around others, but when you are in the safe zone of your house Depression will then hit you very hard, you will have many thoughts roam within your head, but none more than the thought of, I don’t want to walk this path of this journey of life anymore.

Depression is the real true silent Killer, it will eat you alive from the inside out, depression will strip us from having true feelings and rob us from our true emotions. A lot of times Depression is triggered by a tragic event that may happen to us, we get lost within the clouds of our thoughts and as we are lost, we then move forward without showing to others around us, that we are troubled and don’t want to show weakness, as we think others will think of us as  lesser. When Deep Depression hits we will do and try anything, to not let it show to others around us, even though our feelings and emotions are not truly protecting us like they would when we are truly healthy. Through deep Depression we don’t truly acknowledge what is happening to us, we bury deep within our souls our true feelings and emotions, so we can function and move forward, as normal as we think normal is.

Shame is a big word right next to the word Depression. when we are full of shame we then become someone we truly are not, when we are shamed we lose our true feelings and emotions, we lose a huge piece of who we are and we hide within ourselves, to try to protect ourselves from further pain and shame. Depression and shame are like faith and hope, You need to have faith so you can have any hope, as you are shamed first which brings out the Depression. But!!! when you are shamed and depressed, you have no idea how to have faith, which leaves no hope in your future.

When we are depressed we don’t want anything to do with anybody, we want to be alone with no one around, basically we want to curl up in a ball and roll away from everybody around us. Then when we do go out and about within Society, we will with a fake self, as our true self is hidden deep within our core, to further protect ourselves from further harm, shame, pain and hurt. Depression will have us question ourselves and why do I feel this way? We won’t even see the glass as half empty or full, as it is only a glass in which to drink whatever is in the glass.

Robin Williams was a very funny Man and could also play the serious role just as good as the comedy role, he wanted to make us all laugh because, he was hurting very deeply inside with Depression and he hid it well from all of us, for which he made laugh everyday, this was his way of not acknowledging this sickness of Depression, hiding his pain so he can try to move forward as normal as he thought normal was. There are a lot of other People out there like Robin Williams, we don’t hear from them much, cause they are not only hiding from us, they are also hiding from themselves as well. In order to be able to help ourselves and those around us, we need to be able to better understand Depression and the many ways it can affect us, so we all can walk our paths along this journey of life, as healthy and happy as we possibly can.

” Depression is a sneaky little Illness that will take you over before you least expect it”

” Robin Williams the funny man……but deep within his core he was more troubled than he was funny”

” Shame…Depression…Faith…Hope, these are all words….but these words are more powerful than we really give them credit for, cause we don’t truly understand them”