I Hear you…….. Loud and Clear

A long time ago, God would commumicate to we the people through the Prophets, today, we have direct access through Jesus Christ his son, but throughout the times since Jesus walked this journey here with us, there has been a big disconnect, from the words of God. Even with all the advances we have made through the different societies with technologies, we know have this disconnect, or should I say, we have what is known as, selective hearing and hearing only what we want to hear. God does and will speak to us, but if you do not pay attention to him, when you walk away from the house of the Lord, then you will never truly hear what he is saying, let alone have any true communication skills that is needed, throughout this journey through life. One of the biggest reasons why today, we have lost sight of where we are going on our paths is, we think we do not need Jesus Christ, we think we are smarter and our way is the only way? Well, when you have as many ways as there are people in this world, now you see why it is so congested out there, why there is so much ugliness and hatred out there, simply because we do not acknowledge Jesus Christ as we should, we do not have the true faith in him, which then leads to not having true faith in thyself as well, which then leads into, not having any hope to guide us along our paths through this journey of life.

There was once a time when you could not communicate with the masses like we do today, until the invention of the radio. The radio was a device for some to get their message out there, to even those who were not close by, but at the beginning there was a lot of static when you turned the dial, then when you hit a station of clearity, you could hear loud and clear of what they where saying from a far. The radio was the start of true communication from one to another from a far, since those days, communication has made great strides along the way, and with the many different devices today, like the cell phone, you think communication should of become even easier for us today, so how come through the communication of today, we have become so disconnected from one another? We of today think we are smarter than each other and we have all the answers to solve the issues as well, but why then do we see all this ugliness and hatred that surrounds us now? The only way we can get out of this mess and get back to the true journey through life, is to, get back in touch with Jesus Christ, so he can guide us back to his father, as he guides us toward the path of righteousness. God will speak to us through Jesus Christ, so if we do not listen to Jesus, then we will never hear God speak to us, as now we look towards another leader like Satan, who is right there, to scoop us up into the world of darkness, with all the ugliness and hatred waiting for us to spread among one another.

I remember the days before the cell phones and all these social media platforms, at first they were designed to help us communicate to one another from a far, but as we the people have gotten our hands on them, they are now a big issue that have formed this black cloud over all our heads, that is responsible for all the ugliness and the hatred we see today. Through all the platforms out there, we have lost touch with Jesus Christ, which has us losing touch with ourselves in so many ways, and with the loss of Jesus in our lives, we know have lost the true communication that God brings us everyday. Now that we have lost sight of the true communication of this journey, we now look towards this fake communicatiion, that does nothing but bring us down a path of destruction, from all the drama and the creation of fake identities, that further us into the world of darkness. There is nothing wrong with the idea of all the different platforms, the problem is, we have distorted the idea and turned the platforms, into a direction that, has brought us all deep into the world of darkness, that has brought us all much ugliness and hatred, instead of the beauty that the idea had in mind for us all from the beginning. Social media has gone from an idea of greatness, to an action of dumbness, as we all have become drawn into the darkness, from the power, control and greed, of all the platforms, which has led us also down a path further away from Jesus and the true communication of God.

God may not have an account on any social media platform, but that does not mean he does not truly communicate with each of us, through his son Jesus Christ. The problem is each of us as we get so wrapped around the platforms, that they drive us further away from Jesus Christ and ourselves, which now even worse, we have become way to distent from God and truly hearing anything he may communicate to each of us, throughout this journey of life. Jesus will always be there, no matter how distent you become from him, it is when you don’t acknowledge him, where all the issues come from, it is when the issues overwhelm you, that Satan is right there to grab you within the darkness and the world of chaos, ugliness and hatred, which furthers you from the beauty and the hope of being in, the peace and joy of Jesus Christ. In the world of Jesus, there is no social media, this is totally on we the people, trusting totally on Jesus, will help us with trusting ourselves and those around us. With social media, yes you can communicate with others on the other side of the world, but really how well do you know them? How really do you trust in someone you have never met? We all know who Jesus Christ is, just that we do not aknowledge him anymore as we should, which leads right into the fact that, without Jesus, we now have lost the true communication in his father, which accounts for all the chaos around us everyday.

True communicatioin does not revolve around any platform, although it may help to stay in touch with loved ones from a far, but true communication starts within our hearts and souls, it starts with having faith in Jesus Christ, which leads to having faith in ourselves, then through Jesus, we now have an open line of communication with God, to hear all he wants to say to us, as we walk with the hope of peace and joy all around us, as we walk our paths through this journey of life. True communication is within us always, it will never come from any platform on social media, no matter how great you think the platform is, because of these platforms we have lost our way, the time is now to refocus on what is right, what is within us, so we can renew our priorities, before it is too late and there still is a path to walk through this journey of life.

” True communication is the key to walking in peace and joy, the communication of the platforms is full of ugliness and hatred that brings great pain to us all”

” God will communicate to us through Jesus, but if we do not have the faith in Jesus, we will never hear what God is saying”

The true Passion

” As he rode along, the people were spreading their cloaks on the road, the whole multitude of his Disciples began to praise God aloud with joy for all the mighty deeds they had seen”

LK 19:36, 37b

we all walk this journey through life with great expectations, we strive to achieve our dreams, we want it all, then one day we come to a screaching halt, and suddenly we find ourselves blaming everything and everyone, when the soul reason of the why? Is we ourselves have totally let Jesus Christ walk out of our lives as we stop walking within the doors of the house of God, Just as Jesus told Peter he would deny him three times, Peter did just that. Judas betraying Jesus and then taking his own life from his guilt. we as well within this society, have gone by the way of that society, as no one wants to admit their faults for the fear of others thinking they are weak? So as we enter into this Holy week, may we do so, as we truly feel the Passion of Jesus Christ within us all, with his blood flowing through our veins, warming our hearts with his love, as our souls heal from all the hurt, so we now can truly move forward, in the peace of the Lord, while we share his love with one another.

We to just like Jesus will go through our own Passions, yes we will go through some struggles on this journey, but these struggles will only last as long as we want them to last. These struggles will not only strip us from the love of the Lord, but will strip us from the love of ourselves as well, and when that happens, we then become someone for who we are not and not even we ourselves will know ourselves anymore. Within this Holy week, now is the time for us all not just forgive ourselves, but ask Jesus to forgive us from our struggles, forgive us for becoming someone for who we are not, as we then walk through this journey, in the peace and the love of Jesus Christ, and then share that love with each other, without leaving anyone out. Jesus also was tempted by Satan, just like you and I, the difference is, we went by the way of the dark side, and Jesus who always stayed true to his father,and who never lost faith, will show us what the light of salvation is all about.

Palm Sunday, marks the beginning of Holy week, the beginning of those who embark, to come clean, step away from the sins of the world, step out of the darkness, step into the light, the light of salvation, as Jesus takes to the cross, so the rest of us can be saved not just from one another, but be saved from ourselves, as we all walk our paths, through this journey of life. We ourselves are our own worst enemy, with the hardest thing in the world to do is, the total criticism of ones self. Because we struggle with the self critique, we then have no issue with pointing the finger of blame, wherever we please. We the people are what is wrong in this broken society, and when we never acknowledge our faith in ourselves as well as Jesus Christ, then the darkness of Satan will become darker, and this journey of peace and love, within the light of salvation, losing it’s brightness with the fires of Hell getting hotter all around us and burning us all, leaving many scars and hurting us with real pain very deep within.

There are way too many addictions to list, but what is more important is, each addiction is a sin an without asking Jesus Christ for his forgivness of our sins? we then continue in the denial of that sin, like there is nothing wrong. Denial is the strongest force known to Mankind, when we are within it’s grip, we then become easily controlled, by some who want all the power and greed, of everything around. Jesus came here and walked this journey with us, he showed us, just how when we walk correctly and share our love with each other, the only thing we will infect others with, is more of our love, as we walk together in harmony, walk together in the peace and love of Jesus Christ, while we come together in unity, instead of losing sight of everything, while being lost within the darkness, with no light anywhere in sight. An addiction will control everything of us, it will force us to be someone who we are not, then lead us into the darkness, away from any light, as we become deeper and deeper into the dark side of reality, and not just lying to those around us, but lying to ourselves and even worse, lying to Jesus Christ, without even coming to ask for his forgivness. No matter how big the lie, no matter how big the struggle, Jesus Christ will always forgive you, the biggest issue for us all is, the fact that none of us, truly know how to forgive oneself, simply because, we have walked away from the house of God for so long, that we have no clue, of how to just walk our paths correctly anymore, instead we would rather point the finger of blame at one another, because that is the easy way out, which we have become so accustomed to. Then while within the strong hands off denial and the strong hands of the addiction, we then lose the fight that is always within us. Some may escape from the addiction and the denial, but even more get so stuck, that they never escape, nor do they even see a way out of the force that has controlled them for so long.

Jesus Christ is always there when we need, we just have to acknowledge him to truly see him within us, so as we enter into another Holy week, I pray we all see and feel the love of Jesus within us all, so we can share this love with one another, let the love of Jesus warm your hearts and souls, as the cold of Satan leaves us like the winter months, except never to return, so we all can come together in the peace and love that this journey is supposed to be. May the ones who seek all the power, control and greed, truly see the light of Jesus and the salvation, as the darkness of Satan disappears, then as we all wait in Purgatory for three days, to see Jesus rise from the dead for us all, may we all leave behind the arrogance, leave behind the hatred of one another, to rally around Jesus Christ, come together in unity and totally let ourselves rise above what we once were, to be truly of who we are, so now we can walk our paths with confidence, to walk this journey through life in the peace and love of Jesus Christ, while we have the complete faith in Jesus as well as ourselves, so there will always be hope for each of us moving forward thoughout and beyond this journey through life.

” Jesus Christ sacrificed himself for the good of all who walk this journey through life, that is what the forty day journey is all about, just that some never sacrifice anything for the forty day journey and expect everything to come to them, without them even acknowledging who Jesus is”

” Jesus Christ did so much for us all, he taught us just how to walk this journey correctly, but we instead repay him with our arrogance and our hatred of one another even further”

The Journey never ends, no matter of the surface

” There are journeys, then there are journeys that take you on quite a ride, but to truly experience the journey, you first have to go out and explore all that is around you”

One if by water, two if by land, but back in the day there were not any of the land surfaces that were paved for what was to come.

The rocks, the trees, all the loose debris, even the mountains, there were so many obstacles to overcome along the journey.

The long road with many twists and turns, may seem at first as being too much, but through time we see different.

There is this journey within the journey, but through time we see it in a very different light.

That long and quiet paved road with much beauty right there before your eyes.

The power lines that are stretched out along the road, and as you follow this solid yellow line til the end.

But unless you have a good sense of direction and awareness for the surroundings, now you are lost along the journey.

When you are lost then a whole different beast will raise its ugly soul, to steer you off course of the journey you want.

The trees no matter what season, will be as alive and vibrant as can be, or just in place to fill a spot around you.

Then there is this landscape and the mountains, that bring this majestic grandeur to everything that is around you.

There is never a ride down a quiet paved road, that will ever disappoint, or be any kind of waste at any point.

There is never a journey through the back roads that will ever disappoint or be for not.

There are so many unpaved roads all around us, but not one will ever be for not.

Each road will have it’s own uniquness, each road brings it’s own beauty, and never for not.

True you will have to drive more careful on the unpaved road, as the journey is never for not.

On the water there is no set road, with signs or a set path to follow, it’s a whole different kind of traveling this journey.

There are so many different vessels to travel on the water, so just pick the right one that best suits you and your needs.

The journey on the water can only be at certain times, as the weather and the frozen water will determine that.

The tides and the waves, that bring strong current, with the wind making for waves to slap the shores of the rocky beach.

When the waves are large and the current strong, then your vessel will become slapped around, like the rocky shoreline.

With a kayak you move through the water with the stroke of a paddle, as the paddle glides through the water.

As the paddle glides through the water from side to side, now you move forward through the water.

Now when you are paddling with the wind in your face, makes for a difficult time paddling throiugh the water.

Paddling through the water on this kind of journey, will definitly add another level to all the beauty through life.

While yes, it is more work then traveling the other journeys, but work very much it as you enjoy all the beauty,

There are so many journeys within this journey of life, the only way to see them, is to get out and explore through them.

Get out to see all the true beauty all around you, so you can put the ugliness in the rear view mirror where it belongs.

There is so much to say of the great outdoors, but nothing better than the power of healing it has for each of us.

Some may say that being outdoors within nature will have you talking to yourself and no one other?

What that truly is, the soul telling you the person to stop, and see all the beauty around you, for total relaxation of the mind, body and soul.

Mother nature will do that, but if you do not stop, you will never truly now the true power of mother nature.

Too many of us today are constantly on the go, we think this is what life is, so unless you stop, you will never truly know anything at all.

We think mother nature is all evil and with many devastating storms, well you are not getting out within her beauty to truly see.

True you do not want to cross mother nature as her fury can be devasting, but those times do not out weigh all her beauty.

” There are so many journeys within this journey, but if we do put the ugliness in the rear view mirror, we will never see the true beauty of any of the journeys”

” whether the road is paved, or the road is dirt, or even if it is not even a road, but on a body of water, it is still a journey to go explore and see all the beauty you can, before this journey through life comes to an end for us all”

” Just as we ourselves are unique to one another, these journeys within the journey, are also unique to each other, bringing the power of healing to us all”

We all have Sinned in this Society

” His son said to him, Father, I have sinned against Heaven and against you, I no longer deserve to be called your son, but his father ordered his servents, let us celebrate with a feast, because this son of Mine was dead and has come to life again”.

LK: 15;21-22a. 23b-24a

Sinners come home, come home back to where you belong, to be truly at peace, and be at rest within the glory of God, whether you are still here on Earth, or have already reached Heaven. We all at one time or another, have said we couldn’t wait to leave the nest, we couldn’t wait til we get older, and now that we are older, we wish we never said that and want to be young again. Here is the thing that we all over look, we think our parents forced us to go to church every sunday, well there was no force, just you being a rebellion starting to do things that you were told not to do. This is the start of each one of us, walking away from the house of the Lord, and as we never go through those doors, also do we not open the door to asking God for forgivness of our sins, so as we walk away from the church and as we now think that we need not ask for the forgivness of our sins, comes the days of great sorrows, the days that now we become divided from one another, the days that the darkness smothers us within the hands of denial, keeping us from reaching the light of salvation, where we could be within the peace and faith of Jesus Christ, giving us all great hope moving forward.

It’s time we all come back home to the house of the Lord, so we all can be free from our sins, be free from our troubles, so the dark clouds of Satan can be lifted above us, as Jesus forgives us all from our sins, as we find the peace and happiness we have walked long and hard to find. I get the fact that we all can’t wait to be living in our own space, but when that space has us test the waters of temptation, this is where we are now steering in a direction of failure, instead of a direction that brings us closer to the faith in Jesus, to have great hope in the turns on the paths through this journey of life. Sin is what seperates us from God, but sin when we ask for God’s forgivness, can bring us even closer to God, giving us eternal life. When you never come back to the open doors of the house of God, when you never ask for the forgivness of Jesus Christ, this is when you miss out on the big inheritance of, being at peace in Heaven, instead of lying in purgatory and floating aimlessly, with no true direction moving forward.

Sometimes along a journey there are snags that will trip you up, there are events that will steer you in a different direction than you like, sometimes these snags come from your own hands with your actions, and sometimes they come from the hands of another, which now you become stripped from your true feelings and emotions, that puts you in the hands of denial, that will turn youn into someone for who you truly are not. Then as you wander through this journey, instead of walking, you lose faith in yourself, as well as Jesus Christ, which gives you no hope, and has you walk away from the house of the Lord and all the chances of truly asking for the forgivness of all your sins, as now you can’t heal properly, to have the ability to fix yourself moving forward, God will always forgive, no matter how bad the sin, just when we lose the faith, is when we lose touch of the lord, where we will not even attempt to walk through the doors of the house of the God.

When the clouds are at their darkest and smothering us into submission, there is zero light anywhere to be seen, but the light of salvation will always shine through, just that we need to give it a chance, by walking through the doors of the house of the Lord and truly believing in Jesus Christ, so his love will flow through your heart and within your veins, as the warmth will warm your soul, taking away the cold of Satan, so we all can be at peace moving forward. We are now about half way through the 40 day journey of Lent, where even Jesus has pulled away from his father, and thinks that he does not deserve him anymore? But his father does tell him to come to him for forgivness, and all will be good for you moving forward. Even Jesus struggles with the temptation from Satan, as he is tempted into being a King with his own land to control and his own people to work the land, Jesus does not realize that it is all part of his father’s plan, to help him grow stronger and lead properly others onto the path of righteousness. Now even Jesus will show his anger as he walks into what was once a house of his father, and it is full of tax collectors, taking money from the people for their own personal gain, as Jesus kicks over the tables saying this is not the place for this. Jesus struggled just as we struggled, while showing us, that with the faith in yourself and in the Lord God, there is nothing you can not over come, there is nothing that will keep you from walking your path with confidence along this journey of life, you just have to have faith in him, just as he had faith in his father, giving him great hope moving forward.

I would love to go to Jerusalem and walk the path of Jesus one day, just to truly see and feel his presence within, and go walk it as he did, with only the clothes on his back, while having complete faith in his father. We of today get so caught up with all the propaganda, get so caught up into all the ugliness, that we forget to just walk our paths for ourselves with faith. Now I get that some will try to strip us of everything like, our feelings and emotions, being truly of who we are, they will try to take everything from us, as they themselves seek all the power, control and greed of all around them? so if you never walk back into the doors of the house of God, ask for his forgivness, then those that seek everything and those that strip you of everything, will then succeed in what they are trying to do, while you bury yourself deep within, to try to escape all the pain and hurt they bring to you. We of this society will do anything to seek all the power over one another, to the point that we ourselves even stop walking our own paths through this journey of life.

Some will go through stages in their lives that they lose sight of who they truly are, they try to become someone they are not, then force themselves on those around them? it is when you have to force yourself, that now you yourself lose sight of reality, you yourself lose the warmth of the blood of Jesus within your heart, as now you let Satan not just tempt you into a place you do not want, but you let Satan turn your heart into a popcicle, that freezes your whole body, with no feelings or emotions of any kind. True there is still some good out there today, but the majority have let the darkness of Satan, take control of all their true feelings and emotions, just so they think it is the thing to do? I think maybe we all have eaten that forbidden fruit as Eve did? Which has brought us all over to the dark side, away from any kind of light, especially the light of salvation.

All this corruption, the ugliness and the hatred comes directly out of the play book of Satan and we all have bought into that just to try to keep the pain and the hurt from affecting us further? When all we need to do is, not just have faith in ourselves, but have faith in Jesus Christ as well, stop with the all about me attitudes and get back to the true empathy that is within us all, escape out of the hands of denial, so now we can walk our paths freely and away from any control that may steer us in the wrong direction. Now some may make fun that you believe in Jesus Christ, only because they themselves are stuck within the darkness of Satan, so now they try to pull you into the darkness and away from the light of Jesus. It’s a big vicious circle that has been happening, since Eve bit into that forbidden fruit, but if each of us unite together and fix that broken link in the circle, is when we all can get back to the path of righteousness, that will bring us to the light of salvation, with in the peace and love of Jesus Christ, so now we can walk our paths of this journey, as Jesus did when he came here with us all.

” Empathy is a feeling deep within us all, that will have us think of one another instead of just thinking of ourselves, just so we can strike each other down for our own personal gain”

” Jesus also had lost faith in his father thinking he was not worthy of his forgivness? he also was tempted by Satan, but he stayed true to himself and his faith became even stronger”

” The darkness of Satan can seem very dark and unescapable, but with the true faith in yourself and Jesus, the light of salvation will always be right there in front of you”

The Fires of Hell

” There is this spiritual fire that burns within us all and when used the wrong way, the flames will burn us all into destruction”

We the people within this broken society, are so arrogant to everything around us, that we turn a blind eye toward true reality. We all have this notion that we ourselves are correct and everybody/everything else is wrong, then we turn the cheek and never fix ourselves as broken as we are. In order to have a broken society, you need broken components inside that society, and what are the main components within a society? You guessed it, we the people that walk a path through this journey of life. Sometimes we live by the saying of, ” if it is not broken, then don’t fix it”? Well in order to keep things in good working order, you then need some preventitive maintenence, without this maintenence, things will break down and when you do not address them, now you have everything around you crumbling right before your eyes.

Within this society with the Dictators, the weak and failed leadership, those who seek nothing but all the power, control and the greed, makes for a society that is smack in the middle of total destruction. It is not to late to guard against this, but if we the people do not act soon, then what we have known throughout this journey will cease to exist and we the people can only blame ourselves and no one more. When you look back in the history of Mankind, yes there can be some ficticious stuff out there, which makes it even more important to really research everything before you pass judgment, but throughout the history and the creation of man, and when God created woman from the ribs of man, God did so as his vision was to keep all his creation going for an unlimited amount of time, but since the time of Adam and Eve and when eve ate the forbidden fruit (the apple), this is when all the good now had an enemy in evil, and have been fighting for the power, control and the greed since.

Those people within the middle east are peace loving people, but certain ones around them have been fighting for thousands and thousands of years, Then back in the days before Jesus walked this journey with us, you had the kings, who thought everything belonged to them and we the people were the pawns to use, to keep all that he wanted. Those kings now are called Dictators , like Putin in Russia, like Hussain who died in Iraq, like the Communist Regime in China, and with all that is happening within this society, we are seeing all the destruction right before our eyes, so the poor can be poorer, and the rich get richer, this has been going on throughout the history of Mankind, just that now you have a very corrupt media, that is exploiting everything, so they can become the rich, that will have all the control over everything. Here in America we have the Democratic party, for who I have been saying for years now, that they are so far in denial, they have lost sight of reality. Okay I know there may be some good ones within that party, but they are too afraid to speak out against the party, for they may become the black sheep of the party. Right now we are all the sheep of those who seek all the power, control and greed, we are the pawns on the chess board of life, so the rich elite can get richer and control us further along this journey of life.

Russia has tried to gain control of Ukraine many times in the past and Ukraine has always defeated the efforts of Russia, even through the days of the old USSR, what makes Putin’s Russia any different? Okay what is the USSR you ask? The United Soviet Socialist Republic, for those to arrogant to open their eyes to reality. President Reagan stood up to the leader of the USSR, who at the time was Mikhail Gorbachev and told him to tear down that wall, well…. soon after the USSR became just Russia, but now the Dictator Putin wants to bring that back, control all of Ukraines resources, then become the leader of the world? I have no doubt Ukraine will do it once again, but if we the people of the world would not be so weak ( especially the leaders) and grow a spine, then maybe all this ugliness would end sooner than later, with less innocent people dieing. Now very true that the game changer in all this is that little red button that Putin has in his hand and countries like Iran are trying to achieve, but if we the people unite together, bringing real strength in numbers, the people of Russia, the people of China, the people of America, the people of the Middle East etc, then all the fake and weak leadership will cease to exist, as now the good triumps over Evil, so all the ugliness and corruption goes away, leaving the peace and serenity of Jesus Christ all around us.

Jesus Christ came here to teach us, to share his love for us, so we can learn and share our love with each other, but being so far removed from those days, no wonder why the evil of Satan is trying to force us all over to the dark side, away from any and all the good. In order to try to escape the Fires of Hell, you first need to walk through the fires, but when you show fear, then you will never walk through the fires and forever you will be enshrined within the gates that hold all the sheep together. Right now the powers to be want everything and will do anything they can to get it, they are exploiting this war on Ukraine from Russia, very much like Vietnam and with the help of the media, they are spinning it very political as well. Everything is being spun political these days, like the Womans swimming accepting a biological man into their sport and winning? I am sorry, but this just is not right. Now if a man wants to become a woman, that is fine, but do it without shoving it down the throats of the rest of us. I have zero issues with anyone not knowing of who they truly are, but when you shove it in my face, that is where I draw the line in the sand and this is where we all should draw the line in the sand as well, as we stand together in unity, walking our paths through this journey of life.

We all walk this journey through life, we all have our own issues that will stop us in our tracks as well. These issues can and will control who we are, they will force us into the hands of denial, and these hands are strong, as it takes very hard work to escape from. but when you put in the work, the reward is very much worth it, as now you can be free away from the hands of denial, to truly be, who you truly are. There is so much pain and hurt from the hands of denial we bury all our true feelings and emotions so deep within, it is like they do not exist anymore, which now we portray this fake self toward others, to make it look like we are normal? Then with all the weak and failed leadership around us, the ones who seek these troubled times, so they can exploit their sick and twisted ways upon us all, shows that through all the evidence, we are within a very broken society, with a very dark cloud hovering over all our heads, keeping us within this darkness, so we can not see any light of Salvation anywhere in fr9nt of us.

” When you put in the hard work, the reward is very much worth it, as now you can be free from the strong hands of denial, to be truly of who you are”

” the darkness of evil will come from time to time, but when you exploit it and not fight it, then you will never see the light of salvation at the end of the darkness”

Cultivation of life, in with the good, out with the bad

” He said to the Gardener, for three years now I have come in search of fruit on this Fig tree but instead have found none, so cut it down”

LK : 13: 7a

Even the Fig tree will out grow all the fruits that make itself appealing to all, which makes it important now, for us all to except all the change, so we can now, plant more seeds for better cultivation, as we all move forward throughout this journey, better and stronger with each step.

I get that sometimes we become tired from working hard at what we do within our 9to5 jobs, but when we cultivate and sow the land of the Lord, this is something that will never tire us, this will never have us walk away from or worse, quit whatever it was that we were doing. Some may shove this agaenda of Global warming or Climate change down our throats. when all it is basically, the fact that they want to make the poor even poorer, while the rich get richer. Mother Nature will do as she does each and every year, as the four seasons will show us, but as the life cycle of life will make the changes it will bring with each changing season, all within this journey of life, as we all walk a path within this same journey. Those who believe that Global warming and Climate Change are the issues within this Society, are the ones that have lost the faith in Jesus Christ and truly have lost their way within the house of the Lord. Through the cycle of life there have been many changes that have come to us all, these changes have been so severe, like the great ” ICE-AGE”,A time where the Pre-Historic Animals have walked their paths here on this planet, we of today can only speculate as to what happened back in these days, but that would only be a speculatuon, without the gathering of true facts, then when another does bring us the facts, now we push them away, because we are so dumb to the fact that, ” I am smarter than you and you will never be as smart as me”. This is the scary world for which we live today, that will only bring us further into the world of, ugly, hatred and corruption, that will lead us all within the power, control, and greed, that will do nothing except, bring us further away from one another, which will now have us lack the right cultivation, that will help us all prosper and heal in the right way, that will have us find our way to the path of righteousness, to be stronger and better with each step throughout the journey of life.

To some the Fig tree they do not like, so they will just chop it down, because it is the easy way? But when you cultivate properly and with a tender heart, all while praying to the Saint Francais of Assisi, now you will help bring the tree back with vibrancy and once again you shall see the fruit of the tree, we know as the Fig. The Olive branch, the Fig tree, with the cultivation they will bring us their fruits, so we now move forward within the faith of Jesus Christ, as the hope of our futures stay right there in front of us, without steering us in the wrong direction. much like Satan may try to do, with his temptations into the Dark side. Now some may try to stay as lifeless as they can, they may try to just blend in with the fruitless trees, as now they can just be like the trees around them, instead of bringing forward the fruits that they could of been a bearer of, so just maybe they could of also, been part of great change, instead of settling for the status-Quo. The Fig is definitely a fruit that you will either like or not like? But even if you do not like, you should never not try it, simply because, you will be within the land of doubt and not knowing whether you like or not, this could be just as damaging, then if you just liked the fig and moved on, to the next fruit that comes forth before you.

There are many fruits that will either sour us, or bring us sweetness, there are many more fruits that will bring us a bitter taste, as well as others that will, bring us an unknown taste and unless we do try this fruit, then we will never know if we like or dislike? What we all must remember is, before we see any fruit upon the tree, we shall see the flowers bloom, as now the fruits will come and grace us, with some good food to eat, as we stay healthy along our paths. Some may say they are eating and are full as they walk their paths? But are they truly full and are they eating the right foods? A lot of foods are filled with much crap, just so they can have them sit on shelves for long periods of time, but these kinds of foods are not good for you, as you can see that your size is increasing as you now become out of shape. When you watch the fruits that you divulge, you then shall not only fill your tummy for the strength to move forward through this journey, you shall also fill your soul, for Jesus to fill with his love, as now it flows through your veins as well as your heart, keeping the warmth of Jesus front and center among us all, as the faith and hope drives us further, to keep the fruits of the Fig tree, vibrant, for us all to cultivate.

We have all heard the term ” fruits of your labor” correct? The fruit will never come first, as what is first, will always be the cultivation, the sowing, the seeding and the beautiful flower, it takes alot of work to get to the fruit, it just never happens, and it will always come from Jesus Christ, so he can help guide us to the path of righteousness, so we can be as, beautiful and strong moving forward, just like the flower that comes forth before the fruit, in order to spice us up as we walk through this journey of life. We are so afraid to show the flower of our fruit today, simply because we think if we are seen with a flower, we are weak and easily offended? We then hide the flower filling its spot with all the fake crap, instead of the the right stuff, so now we can display all the right fruits, as we prosper properly, and, we walk our paths through this journey of life, to keep to the faith in Jesus Christ, with great hope right there in front of us, as we keep to the proper cultivation within our souls, so the fruits become even brighter all around us, Just like with broken promises, comes broken hearts, so true are, when the flower becomes broken and up rooted from the cultivation, it then loses its beauty to beautify all that is around it, having it become dull, boring and much pain that will keep us from moving on, better and stronger.

Mother Nature is the one true Gardener of this Land, she knows just how to keep the fruits of the Fig tree vibrant and healthy, she knows how to keep us focused on the faith, which keeps the hope in front of us, so now we all can see the true beauty of the flower, that will bring us all the great fruit of it’s maturity , which then has us all step forward into our maturity, as now we step up into the cultivation of self, to grow and learn the right way, in order to, bring each other our bright flowers, that will bear the righteousness of the fruit, as we all move forward better and stronger, throughout this journey of life, so know we can all be within the peace and the happiness of Jesus Christ, while he warms our hearts with his love, bringing us all the peace and serenity we so need.

” The tree was hollowed out for a reason? The answer is within it and Mother Nature, anything from us is just speculation and no more”

” The true cultivation will help feed your spiritual soul, truly understanding the difference between the what comes first the fruit or the flower, will help to make for a good cultivation, and will help in the keeping away the bad , as Satan tries so hard to bring to us all”

” What comes first, the fruit, the flower or the Fig? The answer to this will help in the cultivation of us all moving forward thoughout this journey through life”

The Wild Fire burns out of control

” They say the fires of Hell, but the real fires are right here with us now, with all the corruption, the ugliness and the hatred we have of one another right now”

” We the people need to change our ways for real, before there is nothing left to change for, the time is now for real action, without that so called lip service that gets us nowhere”

My little buddy comes to us all once again, and he will keep coming back, until we all within this society come together in unity, and truly take these words of my little buddy and share them with all that is around each of us, so these words goes viral among us, instead of all this ugliness and hatred we see now. Martin Richards was taken from us, by two very sick and deranged Individuals, who sought out to bring great pain and hurt, to anyone and they didn’t care of who. There is far too much of this going on all around us today, and it is time we all stand together, we all unite as one against all this, so finally we all can walk through this journey, in the peace and love, that Jesus Christ showed us all, when he came and walked his path here with us.

It’s this so called Political Correction world we all live today, that is doing nothing but make us all weak, You do not know what words to use anymore, for fear of offending someone? But yet we have a media that creates all the words, just to push their agendas down our throats and we do nothing against this, instead we further pay for their words, as we keep paying to either read or listen to what they have to say? In essence, we are their sheep and will do anything they say, just to try to move around as freely as we think freely is? The media is 100% responsible for all that is going on today, and with the three words I have been saying now for a couple years of, Power, Control and Greed, these are the words that the media lives by, as they keep shoving their agendas down our throats everyday. Even as this Covid virus was running rampard around the world, the media would say they were following the science just to keep us listening, but those that actually use common sense will see right through them and their science, as something that was created just to keep us in fear of the virus. The masks, the quarentines, were nothing but a tactic to divide us from one another, and if you follow the real science, you will know that the Human body needs each other, to keep the immune system strong, to fight off whatever kind of virus that may try to weaken us. Yes it is true we all will suffer some kind of sickness as we walk our paths through this journey, but with a weakened immune, now you have no defense against whatever comes to make you sick, of which now we all then succumb to what we all try to put off, and that is the journey coming to an end for us all.

I get the fact that we all do not want this journey to end, I get the fact that we all fear the end of the journey, simply because we fear the unknown, I also get the fact that there will be some who come and try to push us into their ways whether right or wrong? But, I do not get why we stop using our common sense that is within us all? The media does not want us using our common sense because now all the power, control and greed they seek from us all, will now be stripped from them as they lose their grip on us all. The media is the biggest issue for us all, they have become way too big for even their own sick agendas, this is why we the people need to come together against all media, too weaken them, instead of them weakening us. Nobody truly knows where to go anymore to get the real true story of what they seek, it is the media that will water down the stories and only tell you what they want you to know, so they can keep you all within the fence like a good little sheep? So unless we break through the fence, we will never be free to explore all that is around us, we will never be free from all the corruption, the ugliness and the hatred, that the media keeps feeding us within the fence.

Let’s not forget the corruption within the walls of Washington DC, as these Individuals are at fault right now for what is happening within this world. True there are some within these walls that are on our side, but the party of power right now, are silencing them from coming out to speak against them? Those within the corrupt walls are in bed together with those in the media, so they can keep feeding us their watered down stories within the sheep fence that holds us within. The time is now for each one of us to rise up against all this crap, rise up against all the stupidity before us, break free from the sheep fence that holds us in, before there is nothing left to break free for? Now I get that some have no true leadership skills, or do not know how to lead, as a true leader does not look for any fanfare, and will rise up to the front, as the rest of us will take notice and follow them, instead of being a sheep, to further all this craziness, ugliness and hatred, that is in front of us right now.

The media will bring us stories like the wildfires in California, then have us fear all flames of fire, but they won’t bring us real stories of wildfires within their ranks, that do nothing but bring us deeper into the sheep’s pen, the media will create words to further their agendas and shove them down our throats, but when we create words from the feeling of love within us, they then take offense to this and will try to silence us from creating any words at all? The Hypocrisy from them is everywhere and we need to see through it, we need to not only see through it, but we also need to rise up againsty it, showing them that they can not control us anymore, then the power and the greed will follow, as now, we the people will be free from the sheep’s fence that they keep us all within. Now I get the fact that some do not have the means for this and they depend on this leadership for their free stuff, but at some point, you need to dig deep within and ask yourself a very serious question? At what point can I take the training wheels off, and walk my path my way, through this journey of life?

All the ugliness, the hatred and the corruption, have the finger prints of the media and the so called leadership within the walls of Washington DC, all over it, the time is now, for we the people to clean up all these finger prints, so we can walk our paths freely, walk through this journey in peace, love and happiness, away from all this ugliness and hatred, that is brought to us by all the media and those within the walls of Washington DC. Yes this may seem like a tall task? But if we all stand up together, come together in unity, then there is nothing that is tall enough that we can not do, so we all can be totally free away from all that wants nothing, but to bring us further pain and hurt, to keep us within the fence of the sheep’s pen, so they can keep all the Power, Control and the greed all to themselves, as this keeps the rest of us scrounging for even a blade of grass to eat and leaves us still with an empty stomache, that stays dependant on the so called leadership, and keeps us in line to listen to the so called created words of the media, that does nothing, but to keep us in the sheep’s pen and keeps us wearing the sheep’s clothes, as uncomfortable as they are.

” Martin Richards was just eight years old when he was taken from us, but in a lot of ways he was much more mature and smarter then those who still walk through this journey of life”

” May we all rise up against all this Power, Control and greed struggle of today, before there is nothing left to rise up for”

With this struggle of power, control and greed of the media and the so called leaders, lets not forget also, big corporate and big pharma, as we the people have become little pawns on the chess board of life”

The Adventures are endless

” Go on an adventure they said, the hardest part is finding an adventure that fits what you want, as there are so many adventures throughout this journey of life”

Not every adventure can be tracked on a GPS, nor will they be tracked on any map, a lot of the adventures haven’t even been touched by the hands of man. It’s on you to escape from the handcuffs of society and get out there to explore all that this journey has to offer. Some may think that taking an adventure to an exotic place, where there are others to keep you from truly relaxing, to me that is not where I want to go, I want more of the type of adventures where, Human contact becomes far and few between, a place where I can go and actually feel and hear, this planet of Earth, whispering in my ears. The biggest problem of this society of today, very few now how to truly escape and relax, and not just relax physically, but relax your mind, body and soul, so you can truly heal from all that life will throw at you, throughout this journey of life.

Even just a nature walk within mother nature, in a place you do not usually go, a walk where it is just you within the trails of the woods, to hear the birds singing their tunes, to hear the creaking of the limbs, as they sway in the wind, to see things you do not usually see, like that purple mushroom you just passed by without noticing? That is the other issue we have within this society, the fact that we get so caught up in all the ugliness and chaos, that we notice nothing of any beauty that may be around us. Because this society has so much crap within it, we have shut off our true feelings, to keep ourselves from any harm, we figure if we do not feel, then we shall be okay moving forward? What we do not realize is the fact that, now we are opening ourselves up for so much more crap. When you bury your feelings, and when you quite simply ignore what is around you, you then are just compounding what you surpress, of which eventually now you are setting yourself up like a ticking time bomb, to explode in ways that you are never ready for. When we hide our true selves within, now we portray this fake self toward others, because we all here, are way to afraid of really opening up, to be able to fly as the birds fly as freely as they do, when we gaze into the nice blue sky above us all.

Not all roads are paved, with signs telling us where to go, and how far we have traveled. Sometimes these roads will be dirt and with obstacles to get around without harm. As you get off the beaten path and hop aboard the road less traveled, you will find so much more beauty, instead of the same old ugliness, as you are just within a different day. Sometimes we will follow, instead of leading or being a trail blazer? simply because we do not want any harm coming to us, as we protect ourselves from all pain and hurt, then what we do not realize is, now we no longer are in control and will let any and all control of truly who we are, so we do not feel any pain or hurt, as now we become so bitter, that we see zero beauty, anywhere throughout this journey, or even throughout the paths we have chosen to walk here along this journey. We are all responsible for the way we walk our paths of this journey, just that when life throws us a curve ball from time to time, and yes we will see many of them, we never take the time to truly see the stitchings of the ball, to see the rotation of the ball as it gets closer to us, which then leaves us all swinging and missing at every curve ball that will come to us. We never take the time to understand anything that is in front of us, simply because we fear more from the pain and hurt it will bring, so we then avoid whatever it is that we need to understand, as now we are just wandering through this journey, instead of walking with confidence, so we can see the stitches of the ball and hit the ball out of the park, for a homerun, that will help us move forward, being better and stronger with each step.

There are so many adventures we can explore throughout this journey, but if we never step out of our comfort zones, then we will never truly experience all the true beauty around us, leaving us with nothing but bitterness and we all know that, bitter does not taste as good, as the sweetness from all the fruits and what is right there in front of us. The adventures come to us in many different ways, whether it it the road less traveled, the trail that has never been touched by any Human, or even paddling through the water’s that are all around us? These adventures are endless and if you never get out to explore, then the adventures will stay endless forever. The soothing sound of the paddle going through the water, as your kayak glides through the water, like a warm knife through butter, then you look up and see an Eagle soaring through the sky with ease, then from time to time, a fish jumps up out of the water on your side, there is so much beauty around you, and to think if you never step out for this adventure, then so much of the beauty you will never see.

They say beauty is in the eyes of the be-holder? well with a bitter taste in your mouth, then you shall never see any beauty within your eyes. It is time to step out of the Sheep clothing, not too become a leader if you don’t want to? but to just simply be you, be the one that you truly are, so you can wipe all the bitters of this society away, as the sweetness that is around, will then surround you with all the beauty. It is the bitterness that will bring you even more pain and hurt than you can handle, and the bitterness will have you not looking deeply into what you see, not too mention, the bitterness will never have you focused enough on that curveball, so you can see the stitches and the rotation, to be able to hit that homerun, to gain any confidence moving forward. It is better to hit even a long single, than it is to swing and miss, as when you swing and miss after the third time, now you have struck out and your adventure eventually goes away and you may never get a second chance from that out, but you will get another chance to hit another curveball, as this journey is full of them. This is why we need to glance back from time to time, so we can see further of what is in front of us, to be able to focus on what is in front of us, and become confident in all we do moving forward within this journey of life.

The adventures are all around us, the adventures will bring us great beauty, the adventures will also let us be truly of who we are, as we walk our paths we chose, throughout this journey through life, Let’s look at the adventures as something that will help us moving forward, to become better and stronger with each step. some may look at the adventures as too much work? If you see them as work, then you are not truly seeing any adventure as it should be looked at. The adventures are put there for us all, so we can truly relax, so we can become one with nature, to heal properly our minds, body and souls, so the bitterness of the society, will not effect us in any way shape or form. With bitterness comes sour and with sour, we will never taste the sweetness that this journey brings, so with each curveball that will come to us, may we escape the bitterness, so we than can focus on the stitches and the rotation of the ball, as we swing and hit the ball, as far as we can hit it, without feeling inferior or powerless over a little ball, that we should be able to hit the cover off of it as far as we can, and become better and stronger, throughout every step of our paths, within this journey of life.

” Step out of your comfort zones and jump into an adventure, that will help you heal and focus on any curveball that may come to you throughout this journey”

” We need some bitters to help us focus more on what we need, to be able to truly heal, with each step of the journey through life”

The Olive branch reaches out to all

” Blessed are you who are now hungry, for you will be satisfied”

LK 6:21

What really doeas this quote mean?. Does this mean you need food to satisfy the hunger within your stomache? This quote from Luke has nothing to do with your hunger for food, this is of a whole different kind of hunger, that goes deep within your soul and will satisfy you within the eyes of the Lord Jesus Christ. Being satisfied with a full stomache of food and being satisfied within the eyes of Jesus, are two very different kinds of satisfaction, and this quote from Luke, is just what this broken society of today needs, that is nothing but ugly, corrupt, full of hatred and even worse, has lost the true feeling of the faith in Jesus Christ.

We all walk this journey through life together, we may take different paths from one another, but the journey is still the same. While we walk our paths, we will be tempted by many things, these temptations will vary greatly from either very small temptations, that will affect us very little, or these temptations will affect us greatly, as we then will lose sight of who we truly are and worse, lose sight of Jesus Christ, who is within us all. Jesus came here and walked this journey for each of us, no matter who you were, he came with only the clothes on his back and taught us many things, while showing how deep his love was for each and everyone that is walking this journey through life. Jesus died on the cross and rose to the right hand of his father for each one of us, he flows through each of us within the blood that flows through our veins and warms our hearts with his love. Unfortunatly within this society, there are way too many that their hearts have become cold, as they have lost sight of Jesus and his faith for us all, not too mention they have lost faith in themselves as well. This hungar that Luke talks of, is that empty feeling within your soul, for the absence of Jesus Christ within you, and within this journey we all walk together in harmony and unity of one another.

We all want to be happy, rich and popular within this society, but really how happy are you, when you have all the money, how happy are you just because you are the popular one, how happy are you, when your soul cry’s because it lacks the true feeling of Jesus Christ? We have this misinformation that, being popular and rich, we will be very happy, but the reality is, the richer and popular you are, then now you are the lonliest with tears within your eyes, just like the old saying goes, ” it is lonely at the top”. Especially when you lose sight of Jesus Christ within your souls, now this journey becomes tough, with zero happiness anywhere around you. You think these lucky ones who win the lottery for millions are suddenly very happy? Now they are being stalked and followed by some who want everything they have, money does not buy happiness, as it does nothing but make you even more unhappy, and with this broken society of today, now you have way too many that do not feel the true feeling of being happy, as they walk their paths through this journey of life.

Some may say they pray to Jesus all the time but nothing ever happens? That is because they have lost sight of Jesus within their souls and have this hungar for something they do not understand. When your soul is empty and your faith in Jesus and yourself is not there, then no matter what you do, the hungar feeling will never disappear, as now you try to feed your stomache to get rid of the hungar. Without the faith in Jesus and ourselves, there will be no hope for us moving forward. Now I get why we all want to be rich, I get why we all want to be popular, but really what does this prove? other than it proves nothing, to which now we have put ourselves within this bubble and let no one anywhere around us at all. While within our own little bubbles, we are now so lonely that, we will do anything to become happy and with that everything, we now lose sight of who we truly are, totally erasing Jesus from ever being within us and keeping our souls craving and being hungry for something that is not there.

The Olive branch will reach out to us all, as did Jesus reach out to us all, while he walked his path of this journey. Jesus took twelve among us to follow him and be taught many things, to bring to us all even after he was gone from this journey, these twelve were random and who had their doubts, but with their faith in their new leader, they learned that with faith, they then had hope moving forward. The hope that kept them strong, to move forward with the message of Jesus, for the rest of us throughout this journey. There is no wrong way to walk our paths, just that within this society, we tend to think the journey revolves around us, when the journey really revolves around each of us in unity, to walk side by side, in peace and harmony with each other. Right now we all have become snagged by the olive branch, with it ripping our garments, but when we have faith then we will learn that the olive branch, is pointing us all in the same direction, toward the path of righteousness, that will further our faith and love of, Jesus Christ as well as ourselves, which will give us great and divine happiness, moving forward throughout this journey of life.

Okay I get that we all want to be happy along our paths, but when that happiness comes with a price tag of, losing who we truly are, this is where we need to take stock in where we are, who we are, so we than can switch gears, switch direction, get back in touch with our true feelings and emotions, so we can truly feel Jesus Christ within us as he warms our hearts with his love, as now we can share that love with each other and move forward in the true peace and happiness, that God had envisioned for us all, when he created us and all that is around us. We the people are what’s wrong within this broken society, we the people can fix what is wrong today, we just need to get back to the true faith in ourselves and Jesus Christ, so we all can heal properly moving forward, when we heal properly from all the issues and temptations that has set us stray, now the blood of Jersus flows through our veins, warming our hearts with his love, so we all can be at peace, so we all can be truly happy moving forward along our paths, as we all walk in unity throughout this journey of life.

” To be truly satisfied and not have eternal hungar, first you need to heal properly, so you can be at peace with true happiness moving forward along your path of this journey”

” When your stomache is empty you crave food to fill your tummy, when your soul is empty, you crave Jesus to fill it with love, to help you heal properly as your heart becomes warm with his love”

” We all will struggle with lonliness and temptations that strip us from true happiness, to get through this we need to heal properly away from the temptations, so we can move forward in true peace and happiness”


” No more shall every man teach his neighbor, and every man his brother, saying, ‘know the Lord’, for they all shall know me, from the least of them to the greatest of them, says the Lord. For I will forgive their iniquity, and their sin I will rermember no more”

Jeremiah 31:34

This Society today has completly gone to Hell in a hand basket, and you know who is responsible for this? If you guessed we the people? Then you win the prize, as you guessed correctly. But, the scary part is, even with the correct guess, it still is a sad and broken society, for who we all need to walk our paths of this journey, each and everyday. I mean come on!!! When we all think that we are all more important than one another, when we all think that we ourselves can do everything better than one another, when we all think only of ourselves, without giving a thought of those around us, no wonder why this society has become to be so divided, with zero true leaders anywhere to be seen.

A true Leader will never announce to anybody that they are here to Lead, they will never make promises they can not keep, or will they ever, force anyone to do anything that they do not want to do. A true Leader will lead by example and will gain respect, as they earn the respect of others. Some today will say they are the leader, while they cram their ways down your throat, well…. A true leader will never cram anything, anywhere, as they do their jobs quietly, and never look for any fanfare, from anything or anyone. It is pretty sad that, within this society, there will be so many that think they are here to take full power and control over everyone, while then they think they are entitled to all the greed, because in their own minds they think they deserve it? I have a news flash for you all, When you have things crammed down your throats, you then will become very bitter and not do anything as you should, you will do the complete opposite of what you are told to do, and with a society of many doing this, now you have a very ugly and chaotic society, that has become so divided from one another, that now nothing gets done anymore, and we ourselves as we walk our journey through life, simply stop walking the journey and just wander aimlessly, with no true direction to walk.

There is no one who walks their path of this society that is perfect, some may think they are perfect and everyone else is beneath them, we all make mistakes and when you never learn from the mistakes, this is when and where this society has taken the turn for the worse. When you do not admit to, or except your mistakes, then you will never fix what is wrong, as now all you are doing is compounding each mistake, one on top of the other, which now you are hiding in plain sight of the others, trying to make yourself look cleaner than those around you. This society needs to heal correctly so it than can move forward correctly, and until the big Healing begins, then this society will never come together, as we all will forever be divided from each other, with no unity right there in front of each of us.

Common Sense and Empathy are the words of the day, we all have it within us, but yet no one uses it anymore. We let those within the media tell us what they think we should be doiung, instead of we ourselves doing what we know is right, and as the media takes full control of each of us, they then think they have complete power over us as well, then as they take the power and control over us, they then want all the greed, which now they lose the empathy for those around them, you see how that works? If you can not see how it works, then maybe you need to look a bit deeper at what is around you. It is not just the media trying to seek all the power, control and the greed, as it are the so called leaders as well, these are the ones that have zero clue of how to lead, and they do nothing but cram their ideologies and ways down all our throats. Most of us have the true leadership qualities within us, but don’t know how to use them properly, some are just happy with doing whatever to keep moving forward along their paths, that is fine, but if they are being mislead, then maybe the ones in the leadership roles need to change, so we all can move forward and be happy, without being so bitter at every turn.

Not everyone is cut out to be a true leader, and those that are will shine in a quiet way while gaining respect of others around them, but when you push yourself on others just so you can say you are the leader, now you are entering into a society of disrespect, with no integrity of one another, which will do nothing but divide, without coming together in unity, as now the warmth of Jesus goes away and the fires of Hell become even hotter and burning us as we walk our paths, of this journey through life.

Life sometimes can seem so complicated, but that is only because we let it get that way, we let some take the lead even if they lead us into temptation? We all are being so mislead that, now we think it is the normal and we can not see the right way out of it. We have lost the way toward the path of righteousness as Jesus taught us, Heck!!! Some of us have even lost all faith in Jesus Christ, which now they have lost all hope of moving forward correctly. It is a sad world we live today, and simply because we have let some take the lead, as they mislead us all into the fires of Hell, as the warmth of the love of Jesus, gets extinguished from the tall flames of the fire. Which now Satan has come to us all with the temptations, and we all have given in to the temptations, just to try to keep all the pain and hurt away from us, instead of truly being of who we are, stepping up to become a true leader, and healing properly moving forward. We are all guilty within this society of letting these so called leaders lead us in the wrong direction, we have worn the clothing of the sheep for these leaders for way to long, it is time we all become who we truly are, putting these so called leaders on notice, to strip them of all the power, control and greed, and yes the true leader will stand up, as they do it without all the fanfare, so we all can get back to walking our paths, through this journey of life, to be truly happy and at peace with one another, get back to having unity of one another and not be so divided as the fake leaders want us to be, and not just get back to being truly of who we are, but get back the true faith in ourselves as well as with Jesus Christ, which will give us great hope moving forward, then the common sense and the empathy will leak out of each of us so much, that it will be even more contagious then any virus, that we will encounter throughout this journey we walk.

” A true leader will lead with no fanfare, as a fake leader will want all the power, control and greed”

” There are leadership qualities within us all, they will come out naturally, they should never be forced upon anybody or anything”

” When a leader forces his/her leadership on you, thats when they have stopped being a true leader”