Hate is a strong word that leads to great Evil

” Hate usually stems from fear, insecurity, or mistrust. Never compare yourself towards others, only strive to be the very best version of yourself as you can, when you feel any kind of hate or anger, it is always best to step back from the situation, before you react to the situation in the heat

With Growth comes change

” Don’t be afraid” Matthew 28:10 ” Love the Lord your God with all your heart… and your neighbor as yourself” Luke 10:27 Come my Shepard, let’s lead the Sheep to peace, happiness, and a good feast, but never shall we lead them astray, or into the great Abyss of the deep dark unknown. We

Shutting down and not being of who you truly are……..

This journey through life will throw many curve balls and trip you up if you do not adapt and change correctly. The paths we walk may differ, but the journey is all the same, we view everything differently from one another and when we look at something, someone else will see different of the thing

the thick dark clouds hovering over a society

You see these dark thick clouds making the sky look dark and mean, these are the same clouds hovering over this society. These are the dark thick clouds that have we the people in the clouds with our judgments, the problem is that we have become so arrogant, so ugly toward one another, so engulfed

The beauty of the Earth and all there to explore

” Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the Earth” Matthew 5:5   Blake Shelton and his new song called God’s Country has it totally correct, with pictures like this proves just that. This picture is taken in Montana and I need to get to this state, so I can totally be one with

The quiet serenity of the journey

The crisp cool air and the smooth waters, you can hear the paddle cutting through the water with each stroke, you embark on the water for the daily journey into the unknown. Life’s journey is full of unknowns as we walk our paths, but if you never get out and explore, you shall never uncover

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