I am calling you all out!!!!!!


” There shall be no night there,…… And they shall reign forever and ever”

Revelation 22:5

Hope for today:

” We can not cling to the success or failures of the past, each new day brings a new opportunity to live for Christ, to share his gospel and to build his kingdom, let’s be about our Father’s business”

Billy Graham



Now if we all took the Robin Williams approach to walking our paths through this journey of life, then just maybe this society would be a lot better for all? This was a man…… Who was hurting real pain deep inside himself, but yet had decided to through his humor, make the rest of us forget about the pain within us all. Robin Williams was blessed with the talent to truly entertain us all, whether it was comedy, or a movie like ” Dead Poet’s Society”, which for me was the best of all his movies. Robin Williams was truly sent from God for the benefit of us all, as he entertained us ( while he himself hurt deeply inside), so the rest of us can find relief from our pain, even if it was for a short time.

It is so sad that, we of this Society will go to any length to bring so much pain toward each other, that we as an Individual have lost totally the true feelings of, love and empathy that is within us all. When one fails at attempting something they are not used to, others will make fun of those failures instead of praising him to keep trying, which leads to many that will always quit, or never even try to make an attempt at something new. Then there are those that are very talented to play a sport, as they then turn professional and receive huge money to simply play a game.

Life within the National Football League is so screwed up today, simply because………. One has started a new thing of, taking a knee in protest, while disrespecting not just a song, not just a flag, but those who have died defending that flag, so the rest of us can live peacefully and as free as we want to be, doing whatever we want to do. Now with that said………. Through the whole off season of the NFL, there was not one Knee taker doing anything about whatever they were protesting to begin with, but now as the first pre-season  game has been played, they start back at taking a knee? The Quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys said it best, ” Football is not the time or the place for anything, other than playing the game of Football”, I agree totally and now have much more respect for Zak Prescott.

Most of us all stop what we normally do on Sunday’s, to watch the game of football the game, not the game of football being a politically ridden agenda, of whatever the flavor of the week may be for their protests. Let’s look deeper and put it a little different, we all go to our jobs each day, we work for a corporate company correct? What would happen to us if we decide to stand on a soap box and bring protest to our jobs? Correct……… We would be fired for not doing our job as we should be doing, well an NFL team is owned by an owner and that Owner buys the team for one thing and that is to make good on his investment, so in essence the NFL team is a corporate company, that pays it’s employee’s to do a job and not stand on, or take a knee in protest. Football is a game of strategy with the best strategy winning the game, football is not a game of protest and nor do the fans watch the game just for the protest, we watch to see a great game of different strategies, being played by not just an employee of a team, but a well trained and talented athlete, that’s true focus is on winning the game and nothing more, which to me there is one more focused on winning a game, each and every game, he has proved it more than once and that Athlete is, the quarterback of the New England Patriots………. Tom Brady.

There may be some that call Tom Brady a ” cheater”? Really!!! Then I shall call you fat, dumb and stupid, simply because you are too lazy to put in the work each and every day as Tom Brady does, to be the best at whatever it is you do. Whether off season or in season, Tom works very hard every day, so he can be as good as he needs to be and his winning ways proves just that. My challenge to all those who feel the need to protest within the NFL is, try working as hard as Tom Brady, focus 100% on the game of football, so just maybe you can be a true Champion, as the G.O.A.T of the NFL…….. Tom Brady already is, forget about the outside crap ( only to be done on your time…not company time), So not just you and your team play a great game of football, but we the fans, can watch a very well played, with very different strategies to winning a well played game, by well trained and talented athlete’s, each and every week of the season.


” Any professional sport is not about any kind of outside protest, as it is about showcasing the God given talent you have been given”

” You are an employee of the owner of the team you play for, there is a code of conduct for each corporate company you work for”

” Any success or failure we may have will be in our past, we can learn from the past, but never shall we dwell in the past as it only brings more pain to us all”

” We all have a God given talent and it is up to each of us to find that talent”









Busy as a Beaver……



These little critters known to us as the Beaver, are very hard workers and are always in search of product to bring back to their homes. They are very smart in the way they build their home, as to us it is known as the Beaver dam, this Dam is very strong and once built is very hard to break down.

True these Beaver’s can be a pesky little Critter, as they don’t care where they build as long as they build and claim their territory. With these Beaver Dams comes a lot of dried up creek beds, with less water flowing along its path, as the water dry’s up on one side, now you have a lot of water on the other side and as it sits still, now floods over its banks, destroying the land that was once along the banks of the creek. Now that the creek is dried up on one side, the creek can’t continue to flow along its path, which starves all the plant life that was along its bank and as they starve, they become weak and fall to their death, making that area to us that was once vibrant, not so vibrant and beautiful.

These Beaver’s is a very busy Critters and not afraid to work hard at all, they can fall a tree with their razor sharp teeth, which is amazing knowing of their size, but these Beaver’s are kind of like we throughout this Society, as they don’t think of what will happen down the road, as they continue to build their Dams. The only difference between the Beaver and us is, we are driven by Greed and the greed that comes from our buildings, causes us to not think smartly, as we build anywhere, just to receive the money that comes from the sale of these buildings. We all have a brain, even the Beaver has a brain, but we then do not use our brains correctly as we forget to think about what will happen down the road, when we take action to build where we build.

The power of Greed is so strong, it will have us do things we normally would never do, greed will also give us false temporary feeling of power, as we think? We can do whatever we want, when we want to do it. With Greed we don’t think about who or what we hurt, which forces us to go against who we are, which makes this Society cold and unforgiving. When we use our brains properly, we then think better and care deeply of what will happen to all that is around, where we want to build. So yes we are all guilty to the way Society has become, simply with the way of our thinking and letting Greed affect us in the way that it does. Greed is a very powerful thing and will consume every fiber of our being when we let it, it is also a very strong force which will make it very hard to stay out of its way, when we get on board with Greed, we then become someone we truly are not and care not for who we hurt, as we will do anything to get even Greedier and all the self proclaimed power that we think we have. When we get consumed by Greed and build wherever we want to build, we then become like the Beaver and work hard at building every where we want to build, we then don’t use our brains properly and refuse to think down the road, at whatever or who we hurt just to become more Greedier, Then we ” think” we have all this self proclaimed power over everything even our fellow Man, it is very easy to get caught up within this Greedy Society, but when we think properly using our brains properly, then we all throughout Society, can walk our paths of this journey through life, in peace and happiness with each other, as everything we look at, will be beautiful every time we look.


” The Beaver is a very hard worker, that really doesn’t think properly with its brain, to all it hurts as it builds its Dam blocking the creek from flowing along it’s path”

” Greed and all the self proclaimed power it brings, will have us always become someone we truly are not”

” The Beaver builds its dams quietly with its teeth, we build very loudly further hurting all that is around us”


Spring time….. Time of Re-Birth


Spring is in the air with the smell of newness all around our paths through this journey,

The water flows freely along it’s path with no frozen ice blocking the flow,

New Bud’s come to the plants that leads to beautiful flowers with a fresh fragrance,

The grass begins to turn green again as we walk on its soft carpet in luxury,

The Temperature begins to warm up as we go out to enjoy the freshness around us,

Everything becomes reborn with change everywhere we travel along this journey,

Change is good when done in the correct way it helps everything flow freely,

When change is not acknowledged is when Chaos breaks out with hate,

All paths throughout this journey have change with every step we take,

Change has to be accepted and acknowledged to see it’s true beauty,

Everything throughout this journey will go through change,

So Spring can truly be re-born within everything along these paths,

The newness of Spring is a way for us to accept Change,

When we accept this change we then see all the true beauty of Spring,

With Spring comes some days of a wet rain to feed the new growth around us,

Instead of seeing this rain and becoming depressed and sad,

Change these feelings to a positive by looking deeply into the newness of Spring,

We tend to see the shallowness without looking deeply into what we see,

Which leads to all not truly seeing the beauty that Spring truly brings to us,

Everything throughout this journey has a purpose and an existence,

When we look deeply into what we see and accept change,

We will truly see all the Change that Spring brings to us everyday,

Not just through the Season of Spring but everyday all year,

Spring is a special time of year and when we truly look deeply into it,

We all can look deeply into what we see while we walk our paths,

through this journey of life Peacefully with true Happiness always.


” Spring has sprung for us all to be reborn, look deeply into what we see and and enjoy the fragrance of the good life within Peace and Happiness”

: Change is good for all when done correctly, when we don’t accept it is when Change brings the ugliness that comes to all along our paths of this journey”

” Rain feeds the changes of Spring, so the true beauty can shine and brighten all the paths of this journey through life”



everything flows like the water along it’s path.




We all throughout this Society learn many things along our journey of life, as we learn these things we then develop our own beliefs from what we have learned, even though what we have learned comes from somewhere else, we still try to take what we have learned twist it in a way that, is best suited for ourselves and in a way that is easy for us to move forward in our own lives. Everything we do along our paths of this journey has been learned from someone or something that has crossed our paths, it is what we do with our learning’s and how we enter into a Society of many, that creates all this ugliness we see around us today.

With all the Media we have today whether through the Television, Newspaper, Social Media Etc….. Clearly is the reason why we have a Society full of Drama today. With all this Drama and the way it is brought to us, makes it very easy to get caught up in it, especially because it is everywhere around us no matter which way you turn. With all the different ways the Media comes to us, it takes money to bring it to us, so the Media will bring us anything and everything, just so they can get big ratings, which in turn brings them big money. When the Media brings a story to us, they then embellish that story, which does nothing but create more Drama, to this already big Drama Society.

One of the biggest things all Media does is, when a terrible tragedy happens, instead of letting the Families of the victims grieve properly, they get in their faces with cameras and questions? This practice is wrong and needs to be done away with, cause when we can’t grieve properly, we then can’t heal properly, making our pain and hurt so big that we then do anything, just to relieve ourselves from all the pain and hurt.

This sick and twisted group of ISIS and all the Fear they are bringing to all of us within this Society, you think this is the way they are? This is not the way they are, this is not the way any of us are, ISIS have learned to be this way from someone/something, their sick and twisted views have come from someone/something  within their journey through their lives. When God created Mankind, his vision was not for us to be this way, all this Drama and ugliness is on each one of us and we the people within this Society, are our own worst enemy.

There have been a lot of great and smart Individuals throughout the history of Mankind, these Individuals have brought many things that have made our lives easier from one Society to another, we have learned a lot of great things from these Individuals, but through this Society of Political Correction and my way is the best way? Now we are all learning things for all the wrong reasons and this has been going on for a few Generations, to which now through groups like ISIS, we have twisted our views of everything and anything that comes across our paths through this journey of life. Plus you add in the fact that we all suffer from some kind of life event or tragedy, now you have a Society that is hurting deeply right to the core of their being, unless we start grieving properly, fixing our issues from the events that come to us properly, then this Society will always be a broken Society, with each of us trying to bring down each other.

God did not create us to be this way, he filled our hearts with love, so we can than share this love with each other. You think the Media interviewing someone after a tragedy, really cares for that person? Exactly not, all they care about are the ratings, so they can make the big money and live their plush lifestyles, not too mention bringing even more Drama, to our Drama ridden Society of today. Then as the Media plasters all over the television the tragedy in Paris France and makes these twisted Individuals out to be folk hero’s? Now you have other Deranged Individuals out there trying to out do the other, just so they to can (with their twisted views), become what they think of as being famous. We all walk a path through this journey of life, we learn many things suffer through events and tragedies along the way, but we all need to grieve and fix all our issues properly, so we than can walk these paths in peace, making all our journey’s better and happier throughout our Society of today and future Societies to come.


” The Media may create all the Drama, but we the people are what buys into all this Drama”

” we all learn many things along our paths of our journey, we all grieve in our own way, it is how we heal away the pain properly”

” The hurt and pain is what helps us become stronger and better moving forward, we need to deal better with this hurt and pain, so we all can walk in peace throughout this journey of life”



The true world that is Hollywood……

Just like all Mankind and everything around us, Hollywood has changed and in a way that promotes a fake reality. Hollywood creates these shows and movies, hires all these Actors and Actresses and gives them a script to become someone in which they truly are not. Hollywood in a lot of ways is just like the news media and do nothing but create much drama, to an already drama driven Society.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some good shows and movies out there, with the show NCIS being the best show of them all and as close to reality as you can get in a show, but the majority of Hollywood is nothing but a fake reality and does nothing but, forces us to  try to be like what the actor’s portray in the movies. Real Life and Life in Hollywood are very different from each other, but Hollywood wants to suck us in, so we spend our hard earned money and Hollywood lives the good life of leisure.

Ultimately it is us the fan that buys into Hollywood and if we don’t buy in, then Hollywood can’t live their plush and lavish lifestyles. Not to mention they can’t sell their warped portrayal of what they think life should be, just like a Journalist gets a scoop on a story, then writes that story in their own words to try to create the most drama, Hollywood does the same thing in how they write their movie scripts, then the Actor acts and reads from that script, while becoming someone they totally are not.

Every year you have the Oscar’s, these are awards for the the best movie, Actor’s, Actresses ect…. throughout the year. This award show is put on by Hollywood as the grandest of grand with a huge amount of money spent on this yearly event, they also sell it to us as, you have to watch it so they can show off what they think is the best trophy ever? Then you have Actor’s and Actresses instead of just accepting and saying thank you, they use it as a platform to get political of whatever they feel to be political about, Politics has no place in Hollywood and vice versa, it seems like everything Hollywood does, they have to spin it in a political way? If Hollywood wants to get political, then put your money where your mouth is and spend some of that big money, to help Society grow and end homelessness throughout this Country, instead of lining your own personal pockets and living the plush, luxurious lifestyle, while others throughout this Country live on the streets with nothing to show of their existence here on Earth.

Hollywood is in the business to make movies, they employ a large diversified work force, this work force then has to do what the employer wants or they won’t be employed any further, just as you and I in our jobs do as well, but what Hollywood tends to forget is, if they don’t have this workforce or the consumer who views their product, then there is no drama to create, let alone not having huge amounts of money to live their plush and luxurious lifestyles. Now you also have some Actor’s who have made huge amounts of money through Hollywood, then they think that they are on a pedestal above everyone else, because of their great wealth? They use Hollywood as their “soapbox” to force their views on the rest of us, they think we have to listen to them cause they are more wealthier than us, I have news for them, money don’t make you better than the rest of us, but if you put your money where your mouth is, just maybe the rest of us will look at you differently?

Hollywood with all its drama and fake reality, is not what this Society needs right now, this Society we live today is a “broken society” and to fix it we all have to be on the same playing field, the money that is being spent foolishly and selfishly throughout this Society is nothing but wasted money, if Hollywood and other Corporate companies and even our Government, would spend the money more wisely in areas that is needed most, just maybe this Society would be a better place for all that walk their paths along their journey of life.

” Hollywood is about making movies, it is not about being political or standing on top of the soapbox to force their views on others”

” Hollywood makes a huge amount of money, if they spent that money wisely and not foolishly, just maybe we could live within a better Society”