A little Empathy of each other goes a long way………



” Let your speech always be with grace, seasoned with salt, that you may know how you ought to answer each one”

*** Colossians 4:6 ***



Okay time for my little buddy to make another appearance once again. For those who don’t know, this is little eight year old Martin Richards, he was taken from this Earth by two deranged Individuals, that decided to bring tragedy to the Boston marathon, as they placed two bombs, with one at the finish line, right beside this innocent young boy. This sign he holds are his words and shows just how special this young man was, with what could of been a great life cut short.

Within this society we all walk our journey’s, there is way too much ugliness, drama and hatred of each other. A lot of it simply comes from the way we not only treat each other, but the way we speak to each other, just drive down the road and you will hear a whole different vocabulary than what you care to listen to. Some will be nice to your face when you are around, then when you turn your back, forget the niceness and out comes the slander.  people of today want nothing more than to see others fail, make mistakes, or even fall and become hurt………… as they totally forget that they themselves have gone through the same, just that they don’t want to admit to their flaws at all.

Look no further than our so called leaders within the walls of Washington DC. They not only back stab each other, but they back stab the ones who put them into office as well. Now that we actually have a President that is working for the people that put him there, those on the left will do and say anything, to denounce everything he does, the people that the President tries to put around himself, so he can do an even better job than what he is doing now, have been scrutinized, ridiculed and have had lies put in their mouths, by those on the left, who will stop at nothing, to bring down a seated President. Those on the left won’t even call our President a President, simply because they are so far in denial. that they have lost all sense of what true reality is. We can’t even get a Supreme Court Justice confirmed, without those on the left, doing anything they can, to stall and delay, the conformation, only to better suit themselves, instead of the good of this great country of America. In Washington DC it is all about playing the game of power, instead of actually doing the job, for which they were voted in to do. It is time for each of us Americans, at the mid term elections, to really send a message to those on the left and anyone else, that is so far in denial, of what true reality is, as they are now on the outside looking in.

We of this society need to do a better job at showing true empathy and love of each other, before it becomes lost forever? Or even worse, more of us Humans become victims of a senseless tragedy, as did Martin Richards, on such an ugly day. It is just sad that we rally together when we truly need to heal and become better along this journey, but yet 95% of the time, we don’t even acknowledge each other, let alone show any kind of love or empathy, which happens to be feelings, deep within each of us. It all starts at the top, with our so called Leaders, these are the ones that need to not only work together, but coincide in their environment, so as to not only make this country better and stronger, but make the lives of all Americans better and stronger as well. Plus all those that are looked at as role models within the sporting world, they need to simply shut up and play the sport, that they get big dollars to play, instead of opening their mouths and spewing their hateful opinions, of an elected official, for whom they don’t care for and even further, when you use the sport you play and receive big dollars playing, for a platform to protest, I challenge you to take some of your big dollars to the community you live and put your money where your mouth, so you can make a difference, instead of being nothing but a pain in the Ass, with your uncalled for protests, taking away from the sport you play.


” No more hurting people……………peace”

*** Martin Richards***

” The easiest thing we do but we make it the hardest, is quite simply the way we chat with one another”

” Instead of looking at one another with hateful eyes, let’s try looking and seeing the good within all those around us”

” Good will always win over evil, just that we as a society are too consumed with all the evil around us, that we can’t see clearly through the clouds of our judgments”






Words of Wisdom through all the real pain and hurt



My little Buddy needs to make another appearance with his words of wisdom, so we can get away from all the ugliness, hatred, real pain and hurt. The time is now to show the empathy that is within us all, share it with each other, so we all can walk our paths of this journey in the peace and happiness we all so deserve. Martin Richards had a heart of Gold, an innocent young eight year old boy, that was tragically taken from this Society, by two sick Individuals who were in need of some major psychological help. During the Boston Marathon bombings……… #bostonstrong  one of the bombs were placed right at the feet of where he was standing, he had no chance to avoid what was about to happen.


” We all have felt some real pain and hurt at sometime, but we have never let ourselves truly heal fully from the pain and hurt”


Since this #meto has been on twitter then with the way and the speed it has gone viral, clearly shows there are more than we ever imagined, that feel this real pain and hurt deep within. We have all been a Victim of something along our paths, whether from sex abuse, a Bully, or maybe been robbed and your personal belongings taken from where we live? Whatever the case may be, we have all suffered being a Victim of something, but instead of understanding our situation and fixing whatever we need to be better and stronger, we have gone totally in the other direction and deeply suppressed our true feelings and emotions to the point of, we not only lost our true empathy, we have lost what it feels like to truly feel the love of God, deep within our hearts and souls, so now we can’t share with each other.

Because of all this pain and hurt, there is also no trust of one another anywhere. It used to so that you knew your neighbor next door, now not only do we not know who our neighbors are, but we do not know of who anybody is anywhere, from where ever we may go. We have gone from walking our paths peacefully, to walking with chaos and crap all around us.

With all these Celebrities being outed for all their deranged actions, shows that the rest of us have no clue, of just how many Victims that has been created? Plus the ones who created the Victims has no clue of, just how much damage their actions have done. Denial may just look like a word, but it is a strong word, that has us rationalize away our actions, so we can make light of any heavy situations. Shame also may be just a word, but it is a very strong word, that will control every fiber of our being, if we really let it. Through the Denial we simply do not take responsibility for our actions and then rationalize them away and deflect them from ourselves, through the shame we then bury very deeply our true feelings and emotions, as to try to keep the real pain and hurt from affecting us anymore, we do this all within our subconscious, so we then can try to move forward in the reality of our Society, to show on the outside that we are as normal as normal can be, so others around us will think we are normal. We all walk a path through this journey of life, nobody is perfect along this journey, but when we respect and trust one another, then this journey will always bring us the peace and happiness we all so deserve.


”  Denial is a way to rationalize away any actions so we don’t have to take responsibility for the action”

” Shame is very powerful and forces us to deeply suppress our true feelings and emotions, to try to deflect the pain and hurt”

” Victims need the time and space to truly heal from the wounds, so they can move forward better and stronger”

” Before you take action to the action, first you have to think through the action in order to not bring the pain, hurt and shame, to those around you”






A Slice of Americana………….


We here in America live in a Country that is not only the best Country, but we are able to roam free throughout this great country and truly see all the beauty it holds. Pictures like this one can be taken in anywhere U. S. A. The rural setting, the green grass, the vintage trailer and the tractor or maybe the truck suits you better? This is what hard work within this country will bring you, not too mention being able to drive where ever we want to within the truck, seeing the beauty of this country.

Unfortunately we in this country take so much for granted, that we don’t really look deeply into what we see anymore. I get the fact that we all go through struggling times…………. Times that bring us much pain and hurt, which then changes who we truly are, then we let the pain and hurt dictate how we walk our paths of this journey, instead of taking the time to fix and heal ourselves from the pain and hurt, so we than can dictate how we ourselves walk our paths through this journey of life. There is no text book to read and study of this journey, but if we stay true to ourselves, have total faith in Jesus Christ, we then can see the signs and messages he sends us, so we then can follow in his foot steps, to let him guide us to the path of righteousness and as he showed us, when he to came here and walked his journey with us.

The biggest thing we take for granted within this country is each other, through all the ugliness and the hatred, we lack the trust and show no empathy or love for each other anymore and when these three are non existent in our lives, we then move forward within this troubled Society. This troubled Society goes a lot further then just here in this country, it also is spread around this planet Earth and all the other countries within it, then you have other leaders of these countries, that are what we call Dictators and what a Dictator is, a person that will tell you where to go, what to do and you have no choice but to do just that? Now some may escape and try to get asylum here in this country, I get the fact that this country was based on Immigration, but immigration done the correct way and not sneaking into this country, just to hide and escape, from the country of their origin. Then you have the ones from a more sympathy side, like a Refugee, well I feel bad for these Refugee’s, but this day and age, you just don’t know who these people are and just maybe, some of the Terrorists are hiding within them, just for easy access in here, so they than can implant themselves among us, just to carry out their agenda of, inflicting more fear, pain and hurt on all of us.

With these Dictator’s like the one in North Korea, he seriously is one that is a few cards short of a full deck, who in their right mind would create weapons, that would take out all innocence around the world? Only ones that have zero love and empathy deep within their souls, only ones that have only one interest or agenda and that is, Greed. Dictator’s like this knucklehead in North Korea are one thing and one thing only, a Bully. We all know what a Bully is? A Bully is someone that inflicts fear in their Victims, so they themselves can seem on the outside as a powerful person. We all have been a victim of a Bully at one point or another within our lives, so I know we all know just how to deal with these Bullies and that is, to stand up to them, look them square in the eye and put the fear they put in  you, right back into them, so they then cower away like the true Coward they are.

After listening to President Trump give his speech within the walls of the United Nations building, I can say right now that, I am very proud to call myself an American. We finally have a President that gets it, we finally have a President that stands tall against all the ugliness of the World and I am very proud, to call him my President, plus I will stand tall with him and have his back at every turn. The last eight years in this country have been failed leadership and a president that says ” I am sorry”, just to make America seem weak, we now have a real leader, that has the best interest of all Americans in his hands, while showing others, that we are not weak and will stand up to any Bully, or any other, that wishes to bring harm to fellow Americans.

With all the Terror attacks that are happening in Britain, you think they need to change their policies on immigration? Simply because that is how the Terrorists are getting in, so with that said, I say to our President Trump and those within our Government, ” BUILD THAT WALL!!!” We here in America need to build the wall on our southern border, maybe shut the borders for a short time? Fix what we need to fix, so we all can move forward better and stronger. Our immigration process needs to change, or we just might be in the same predicament as Britain?  Now there is a strong chance that these sick Terrorists are already in here and within their cells plotting their moves? Plus all the left wing Democrats will never want to change the immigration process, cause these Individuals whether they are legal or illegal, are the votes that the Democrats want, so they can get all the power within this country. What I say to the Democrats is, ” it is time to man up, stand tall for the good of America and if you can’t handle the job, then simply don’t run for any office within our Government”. God bless the United States of America and God bless President Trump, so we all can move forward better and stronger, to totally see all the real beauty within the borders, of the greatest country, as we all walk our paths through this journey of life.


”  Freedom is not really free, freedom comes with a price, the men and woman who have served this great country, have paid that price for all of us”

” When we know of who we truly are, we can do anything we want and we can also show the love we feel deeply inside with all that is around us”

” A Dictator is someone that will control all that we are, instead of we ourselves controlling who we truly are”

” Building a wall may help to control the Illegal ones from gaining access to all that we have and robbing us of our own self worth”


9/11 remembrance


Sixteen years have passed since that terrible day of tragedy, a day that will forever haunt those closest to the attack, those men and woman within the twin towers, the first to run to the terror to help those in need, the families of those who perished or that are still feeling the effects of that tragic day, we all know someone either within the tragedy, or someone else close to that someone, this will always be known as the tragedy that changed America moving forward.

9/11……………. I bet we all will always remember where we were and what we were doing on this tragic day. For me it was a morning I was waking up to go to work, as I rose and walked into the kitchen to make a cup of the morning Joe, I stopped in the living room to turn on my favorite news channel and as the TV turned on, I saw clips of a plane crashing into what I later learned as the first tower, I remember thinking ” Oh what a tragic accident”, then a few minutes later in real time, I saw the second plane fly into the second tower, my first thought was ” what just happened”? It seemed so surreal and almost like I was dreaming, but after learning further that, we just have been attacked, now I wanted to know who was responsible for this act of terror and I want him or them to pay deeply for what they just did.

We all walk a path through this journey of life and within a Society full of ugliness and hatred, you just never know when this journey will come to a tragic end? There are way too many sick demented Individuals, that will do what ever they can to bring much pain to the rest of us. These sick demented Individuals are Human beings like you and I, only they have lost truly of who they are, maybe they had a tragic event happen to them and this is how they think they need to be, to try to relieve themselves of their pain? But no matter how deep your pain is, bringing pain to another, is no way to cure yourself of your own pain, these Individuals are in need of a major fix, only they are to afraid to address the pain, so they then bury it so deep within, that they truly lose who they truly are, as the rest of us basically kick them to the curve and refuse to reach out a helping hand to help them. We become so engulfed within this Society of ugliness and hatred, we then keep to ourselves to the point that, we are afraid of reaching out that helping hand and turn the other cheek to others in their time of need.

Through all this ugliness and hate, we here in this great country of America, are blessed with this thing called freedom, we can roam and do as we want within this country unlike some of other countries, which makes them sort of jealous at us and want to do whatever they can, to interfere with the freedom we have, but what we all seem to take for granted is, this freedom comes with a price and that price is, the many that have fought and perished, so we can be as free as we want within this country. We in this country are also responsible for taking for granted this freedom and the thinking that we deserve this, which has us becoming lazy, without continuing the fight to keep the freedom, for those to come in the future.

Maybe this tragic day of 9/11 could of been avoided? Simply by all of us within this World Society coming together in unity, to stand up to all the ugliness and hatred and ending it, before it gets to the level it is at now. We the people of this Society can end all this hate and ugliness if we just come together, instead of hiding within our own little world. If we all fight together to end all the hate and ugliness, just maybe we all throughout the World, can walk our paths of this journey through life, in peace, happiness and love, just like God envisioned when he created this paradise for us all to enjoy.


” 9/11 was such a tragic day for so many, it has changed all that we are and all of who we are”

” Let us never forget 9/11 so we can heal and move forward better and stronger”

” We are all Humans walking a path through this journey of life, it is sad that some will take their pain and project it onto to others with no cares of who they hurt”

” This society of ugliness and hatred can end and it starts with each of us as people within this society of many”


Peace…… Not hate is what we need



Time for my little friend to make an appearance once again and he will keep doing so, til we all smarten up, end all the violence, the hatred of each other and the ugliness goes away.

This is Martin Richards, a young, vibrant and full of life little boy of eight years old, before he was innocently taken from us at the Boston Marathon. He was with his family enjoying a beautiful day, with no idea of what was about to happen, Two sick Individuals decided to make these home made bombs and plant them in two locations along the finish line route of the marathon, well one of these were placed right at the feet of young Martin Richards.

This is the kind of ugliness that is uncalled for for any reason, this is the kind of ugliness that you just don’t know when it will strike? Why? Why target innocent people? Why not stand toe to toe with who you want to become ugly towards? Simply because these sick Individuals are Cowards and can’t stand up to anything, not even and innocent young eight year old boy, with a great message of, ” No more hurting people………… Peace”.

May we never forget times like this and the 9/11 terror attack in New York city as well, as by remembering this can not only help us heal, but it will also help us become stronger and better moving forward. We don’t have to dwell in the past, but use the past to become better moving forward, which is why with all these statues being taken down of people in our past is so wrong, not only that but, a lot of these people that were made into a statue, did more good then harm, just that people of today only see bad, so all is bad then. What’s next the taking down of mount Rushmore? Come on now people!!! Let’s use our brain for once and stop all this hatred before this hatred destroys all that we are and who we really are.   I believe 100% in what President Trump said, ” We are not rebuilding a nation, we are killing Terrorists”. These are the sick Individuals that will think nothing to ending our existence, these sick Individuals are the ones bringing this hatred to this Society, so it is time for, ” an eye for an eye”, end them before they end us.

God didn’t create us so we can hate on each other as we are, God created us to love one another, with the same love he has filled our hearts and souls with. ” It is a lot easier to love than to hate”, ” hate is a learned process from one to another”.

We all walk a path along this journey of life, yes these paths may need some work, as they will bruise us when we fall, but it is not on how we fall, it is more about how we get back up and move forward better. There are also cross roads that will come along our path, sometimes we may make a bad choice as to which way to go, but it is on us to correct that choice and move forward not backward, what we shouldn’t do is blame another for the bad choice we have made, own up to the choice, so we could learn from it and be better for it. Peace comes from love, and through hate nothing good will ever come from it, so let’s walk our paths with love along this journey, so we all can be at peace moving forward together.


” That warm feeling within your heart and soul, that is the love of God within us, to truly feel and share with one another”

” We need the past not to dwell and get stuck there, but to learn from our mistakes and misfortunes, so we can be better and stronger moving forward”


Pure Innocence



In Lieu of the tragic events within all the news lately around the World, this picture needs to be shown yet again. ” No more hurting People…………PEACE”, quoted from a young boy who was tragically taken from us at the bombing of the Boston marathon, his name is Martin Richard and he was watching the marathon with his family and cheering on all the runners as they crossed the finish line, no matter of who they were. We live within a sad reality today, where some will create this fear for us to live in, with the rest of lying low and hoping that we are not the next Victims. We all walk a path through this journey of life, we all have our struggles, but with these struggles, it is not about burying the pain and hurt deep within ourselves, it is totally about figuring out why we have been hurt , why we feel the great pain, so we than can fix what we need to fix, instead of burying and propelling our pain on all those around us, so we then can move forward better and stronger, throughout this journey of life.

The President of the United States Donald J. Trump is on his first trip as President visiting other leaders of other Countries, after each visit him and the other Leader give a short speech outlining their talks, so far every thing our President says is correct and right on the money, especially when he refers to the Terrorists as, Islamic Extremist “LOSERS”. These Individuals are taking the Words of the Koran and the Holy Bible, distorting them and trying to make their actions out to be correct in their own little warped and demented World. Let’s look at these Terrorists in a different way, we all grow up within a Society of many, as we grow we attend different schools to learn how to be better as we grow, well as we attend these schools, there are some Individuals that will inflict fear on us, just to try to make themselves seem more powerful, these Individuals are known as Bully’s. They have the same traits as our Terrorists today, the best and the only way to truly end the fear these Individuals bring to us is, stand up to them, look them square in the eye and project the fear right back at them and they will cower away, like the true Coward they truly are. Yes I know it is hard to stand up toward a Bully and even harder to stand up to an Individual like a Terrorist of today, as they want nothing more, but to end our existence? but we need to be smarter and stronger then them, so we then can regain all the power that they work hard at trying to steal from us.

Terrorists and a school Bully are really no different, except the fact that a Bully is focused on what is around them and a Terrorist is focused Worldwide and a bigger picture. although in order to fight back on either of them, the theory is the same, stand up, look them in the eye and drive the fear right back at them, so they then will cower away and disappear. Both these kind of Individuals are truly full of much pain and hurt deep within themselves, the difference between us and them are, we work hard at fixing what we need to fix, to move forward better and stronger, while a Terrorist and a Bully simply suppress all their pain and hurt very deep within themselves as if it never existed, then through the fear factor on us, their pain and hurt comes out in a negative way. Until we fully understand this, truly fix what we need to fix, the fear factor of a Bully and a Terrorist will never disappear and continue to haunt us, as we walk our paths through this journey of life.

Unfortunately within this Society People would rather turn everything ” Political”, then to truly see what the problem is, fix the problem, then move forward better and stronger. When God created this planet and then created us as Humans to walk this planet, there were no ” Political” thoughts, there was only true love for what he was doing. We the People are the ones that have turned everything Political, instead of truly fixing what we need to fix, so we then can walk this journey of life in peace and happiness, throughout all our existences. Let’s all get back to our true Empathy, while we share  our love that is within us all with each other, so this fear factor of the Bullies and the Terrorist will disappear and never be a factor moving forward.


” A Terrorist and a school Bully are one in the same, as they both inflict fear on who or what is around them, to make themselves seem more powerful”

” We the People are what is truly wrong with this Society, as we would rather turn things Political, instead of truly fixing what we need to fix”

” An Extremist does not have to be Islamic, they can be from all walks of life who distort what is around them, to make light of their actions”

” When we suppress our pain and hurt without addressing it, we then become someone we truly are not”


The ugliness just gets uglier……..


Yet another shooting takes place on the grounds of another Elementary school. Seriously!!! do we need to keep including innocent children into our own troubles and really what does this accomplish, except to bring more victims further into this ugly Society. We all as people of this Society are all responsible for the ugliness around us and we the people can stop this ugliness if we truly wanted to.

We all have this fire inside of ourselves and at one point or another, this fire has burned out of control, when this fire is burning out of control we do things we regret and can’t take back, whether they come from something or someone that has hurt us is irrelevant, as we are the ones that let the fire burn, without even trying to fix or put the flames out, instead we let the flames turn us into something we truly are not, we suppress our true feelings and emotions so deep, that they then become non existent and we then feel nothing for anything or anyone around us.

We all walk a path through this journey of life, there will be many ups and downs, many twists and turns, many bumps that will knock us down and bruise us, not too mention of many others that will come and try to harm and control us. We are our own worst enemy and sometimes through all the ugliness, we only have ourselves to blame, simply because we let the crap affect us, without trying to change or fix what is needed, so we can walk peacefully along our paths of this journey.

With yet another shooting taken place on the grounds of an Elementary school, some will call for gun control as they blame an object for the shooting, instead of the Deranged Individual that pulled the trigger of the gun/guns…… If the trigger wasn’t pulled, the gun would still be loaded, just saying is all, We all need to truly look at what the problem is and that is a sick Individual in need of some help, to fix him/her of their problems, what is the first thing our so called leaders in our Governments do when they want to balance a budget? That’s right……… they cut Mental Health, which then leaves these sick Individuals out on the street with you and I, not too mention it also keeps the rest of us from being educated in seeing the warning signs of these Individuals, before they go out and bring the ugliness to us all.

We all at one point or another have been Bullied in our lives, does this give us all the right to shoot up everyone around us? Exactly the answer is no, as then we would be adding to the problem without trying to fix what truly needs to be fixed. Now we are all not the same when dealing with an issue like Bullying, some internalize and some get so angry, they then become a danger……. not just to themselves, but to all that are around them, we all have our own make up and we react differently to one issue, but this in no way, gives us free will to go out and harm others when we see fit. I blame our leaders for failing to properly lead us, I blame each one of us for letting these leaders get away with this for so long, I also blame myself and all those of this Society, as we are all guilty of not being educated enough to see the warning signs of these deranged Individuals, the last thing I blame will be the gun, cause if a loaded gun sat on a table in front of a group of people and no one touches that gun, then the gun is still a loaded gun on a table, in front of a group of people. We need to reinvest and put back the finances into the Mental Health Profession once again, give these deranged Individuals a place to get the proper help, instead of on the streets and stewing within what troubles them, we all need time to vent from time to time, some more so than others, but when we keep ignoring the problem with hopes it will just go away, is the wrong approach and we need to drastically change the approach, so we all can walk our paths of this journey in peace and happiness.


” Our issues won’t just go away without the proper help and communication of our issues”

” Guns don’t shoot people, deranged people shoot people”

” We all have a fire that burns within ourselves, when we let the fire burn out of control is when the ugliness comes to each of us”
” A Bully is a Coward that when we look directly into their eyes, they cower away like the true Coward they are”



Greatness Personified………



” Greatness is within us all, but unfortunately only a few achieve true greatness”


Last nights Superbowl was an Epic event on so many levels, not too mention being one of the best Super bowls of my lifetime so far. Okay it is true I am a New England Patriot fan,  it is also true that I like many other true fans have gone through many seasons, with our beloved Pats only winning one game a year, so it is safe to say that, I am not the only one enjoying the ride for the last 17 seasons. With all the Hater’s hating on this team only shows what greatness brings and the New York Yankees back in their hay day, have also been through what the Patriots are going through now, which is where the nickname the ” Evil Empire” came from. What I say to all the Hater’s out there is, ” if you truly want to be a Champion, than step up to the plate and beat a true Champion”, with Matt Ryan and the Atlanta Falcons almost did just that.

Tom Brady and Bill Belichek just solidified their greatness last night with this great come back win, some may say that the Falcons choked, but to the real football fan, this game was won a team that never gave up, no matter of how big the odds were as this game moved forward. This game was won by a team that never lost faith in their selves and their teammates, which kept hope alive for each and every one of them, when there is faith, you will always have hope and with these two, the confidence runs high throughout the entire team. Plus with the slogan of ” do your job”, the task at hand never really got too big for them to handle.

We all walk a path through this journey of life, we all also go through the good as well as the bad, with what I learned of Tom Brady’s Mom last night, I couldn’t stop my eyes from watering and to think she was at her first game watching her son……. the tears filled up my eyes and my heart became warm with love. with all the chemo she has been through, she was strong enough to go watch her son in person, which made this story so much bigger than the game of football itself. Tom Brady is more than just a football Quarterback, he is a Human, walking a path through this journey of life, just like all of us as well. The biggest difference between Tom Brady and most of us is, he never gives up, he never loses faith in himself and with this faith, never loses hope that he can achieve Greatness, plus as a Human and with all his Mom has been through, Tom Brady stays focused on the prize and the true prize isn’t each Championship ring he receives, the true prize is each chance he gets to spend good quality time with his Mom at her time of need. This was the story within the game, this is the story that drives Tom Brady to Greatness, this is a story and a message to the rest of us that, we to can achieve the same Greatness if we want it bad enough, we just have to stay focused on the true prize and not the prize surrounded by drama or false reality. We all walk a path through this journey of life and when we do it correctly, when we stay focused on the true prize and when we never give up, never lose faith, which brings us all the hope we need to move forward better and stronger, so we all can share our love within, with each other, as we then walk this journey in peace and happiness.


” True greatness is within us all, we just have to focus and never give up, so the greatness will shine over us all”

” Last nights Super bowl game was beyond a great game when you look deeply into the game”

” With Faith there will always be Hope and when you have them both, the confidence will drive you to never give up no matter of the odds”



Words are the worst kind of Bullying



Here I am using this picture once again and I will keep using this picture,until we all throughout this Society can grow up and start treating each other, as we ourselves would like to be treated. We need to stop Bullying each other and I am not just talking of the physical kind, but more of the word kind of Bullying, words hurt more than the physical kind and they leave a scar on each of us that last a lifetime.

This picture of Martin Richard with this beautiful quote by this eight year old boy, shows that he was more mature than most of the Adults within this Society. Martin Richards was taken from us at the Boston Marathon bombings and one of the bombs was placed right at his feet within a back pack, put there by one of the Bomber’s, who were the Bullies on that day, they used the physical form of Bullying to inflict fear in those that were at the marathon on that terrible day and through their actions, created many Victims by their Bullying ways.

The other form of Bullying is, the use of words that hurt another, in order for one to feel more powerful than they truly are. This kind of Bullying is the worst kind, as the effects can and will last a lifetime. The words as opposed to the physical type which leave outer scars, will leave scars inside of the Victim and nobody truly knows, of just how much hurt these Victims really feel. The pain of a victim with interior scars goes so deep, they then lose all touch with their true feelings and emotions, they internalize everything to the point that, they then become numb to everything around them, just so they can try to escape the real pain they are feeling. The Victim with inner scars will never communicate of their pain, as the shame from the event has them hide everything from the outside World.

Most of the Bullying by words comes to us as a child, which then has that child within us hurt in many ways, we all have this inner child and this child has been hurt no matter who you are, which then shapes who we become as we grow and enter within this Society. Some may deal better with the pain of our inner child, while others don’t deal with it at all and with no true feelings or emotions, then we can’t truly feel or acknowledge that child that is hurting within us.

The latest Victim of Bullying by words is Barron  Trump, the son of our new President Donald Trump, First you had Rosie O’Donnell calling him out and saying he had issues and in a nice way saying he was a Retard? Seriously Rosie, you need to grow up, as you have become the Bully for Victimizing this ten year old boy, no matter for whom he is. You Rosie are the one in need of some help, as you are the one with the issues that needs to be addressed. Now there is a Writer for Saturday Night Live, for writing a skit saying that, Barron Trump will be the first home schooled student, to be a shooter in the next Mass shooting? Seriously!!! This Writer needs to be fired and black balled from writing in any Publication around the World, as this writer has now become a Bully as well, first of all your facts are wrong, Barron Trump goes to a private school and is not home schooled, so not only have you become a Bully, you also have no clue for the so called  facts that you are writing.  Now I am sure President Trump and his first Lady are addressing this, but who knows just how little Barron truly feels deep inside from these Bullying words of him? If these words are addressed properly, then maybe little Barron will grow up stronger and better, but if these words have left an inner scar, then only time will tell as he grows up then enters Society.

We all have our issues, we all have been Bullied in one way or another and the way our Society has evolved, clearly shows that we all as the people of this Society, need to grow up, truly let that child within us heal in the proper way, let our true feelings and emotions come out as naturally as they are suppose to, so we then can truly feel this child within and help him heal, in all we do. When that child within us hurts, we to hurt and unless we truly understand why we hurt, we will never heal properly moving forward, which will then have us all living a fake reality, with no sign of knowing what true reality is. Bullying of any kind should never be tolerated anywhere and by anyone, no matter who you are? There is nothing good that will ever come from Bullying and it does effect us all in a negative way, when that child within us is happy, it then grows healthy within us, which then has us on the outside growing happy and healthy as well, when we are all happy and healthy and acknowledge that child within, this is when the peace comes to us, as we walk our paths of this journey through life.


” Barron Trump is a young ten year old boy, for anybody to speak in a negative way toward him is doing nothing but Bully this young boy”

” Bullying is a way for us to deflect our own issues, while we create a victim to do the same”

” we have all been a victim of a Bully, some of us a bit more severely than we lead on to each other”

” Bullying of any kind needs to stop, with the use of words being the worse type than the physical type”

” The scars from anything shows us just how hurt we have been, but the inner scars never leave us and hurt us very deeply”


Look towards the Holy Spirit


Something to think about

” You need to work on your attitude toward money, things and people”


We all walk a path through this journey of life, within a Society of today that, no matter where you look, there is way to much ugliness around every corner we turn. Within this Society we all as Individuals have become way too lazy, for working at making true change to end this ugliness, instead we look to people that we put into an office to lead us and take care of us, to end the ugliness? Then when these people that we put into power, don’t do what we want them to do, we then complain and bicker to all those around us, instead of taking control of ourselves by, excepting the Holy Spirit that is already within our souls, so it can lead us to true change and make us all better and stronger moving forward.

We as Individuals need not look toward anyone to fix all the troubles within this Society, we only need to look deeply within ourselves, except the Holy Spirit that is within our souls, so it can guide us, as we the people can make a positive impact on all the ugliness we see today. The problem of this Society goes no further than each one of us as an Individual, we have to trust ourselves better, have complete confidence in our abilities in all we do, so we then can not only except the Holy Spirit, but truly feel the warmth of God’s love within our hearts, so we than can share that love with all that is around us. When we don’t except the Holy Spirit, or feel the love of God within us, makes it that much harder to have any kind of Empathy of not just ourselves, but for all those around us.

Empathy comes from the love of God within us, we all have this empathy within us and through all the ugliness around us, makes it hard to show any empathy, not just of one another, but when are struggling and letting our own issues control who we truly are, we then bury this empathy so deep within ourselves, that it then becomes non existent, which we then have no cares of anything around us, because we want to try to protect ourselves from further harm. When we except the Holy Spirit within us, feel the love of God within our hearts, our true Empathy will flow from us like a stream flows down a mountain, then as the good flows from all of us, this ugliness we see today will no longer control who we truly are and we don’t have to rely on anybody to guide us through it, as we only have to look deeply within our own selves, as we walk our paths through this journey of life.

Love is in the air and we don’t have to look anywhere else, but deep within ourselves. When we look deeply within ourselves and truly except the Holy Spirit, this is when all this ugliness we see today will disappear, not when we put our blind faith toward someone else that don’t understand and does nothing, but become a warm body within an office, that is suppose to help us and get us through our struggles? It is never too late to except the Holy Spirit, as it is never too late to truly except true change, the power is in our own hands and deep within us, all we have to do is, look deeply in our souls to unlock the power of the Holy Spirit, so we than can feel God’s love within our hearts, then through the love, we can then feel the Empathy and share it with all those around us, as we all move forward on our paths of this journey, in peace, happiness and always spread our love, to end this ugliness that controls us today.


” Our Society has become too lazy for working hard and for the benefit of each other”

: With all the ugliness in our Society today, we need not look toward anyone but ourselves to help fix the troubles then move forward better and stronger”

” Love is not only in the air, as it is also deep within our souls and our hearts, so we can share with those around us”