The Past is the Past… Stop dwelling in the Past


It is okay to look back from time to time, so you can fix what needs to be fixed, then we can move forward better and stronger along our paths of this journey through life. But when you dwell within the time gone by, then you are doing nothing but moving backwards instead of moving forward.

All this talk of reopening the JFK files…………. Come on people that was fifty four years ago, time to let go and move forward. Yes that was a huge tragedy within  this country of America, as our President was gunned down in cold blood, assassinated by someone/someones, there have been many conspiracy theories over the years from this tragedy, but with so much time that has gone by since, you think it really matters?   The ordinary Citizen has moved past that time, but those within all the Medias, are still dwelling in the past, so they can continue the conspiracy theories and even worse, keep their agendas going, so they can further the taking of all our hard earned money, and they can keep filling their pockets with our money.

The JFK times was a whole different time back then compared to now, can we still look back to fix what is needed to move forwarded better……….. Sure we can,  but not dwell within that time and continue all the conspiracy theories. not bring back a time that for some still holds much pain, with fifty four years that have past, the ones that were closest to JFK, have learned to heal from this time, some have passed themselves from that time, so just because those within the media are infatuated with this tragic event, really isn’t a good enough reason, for the rest of us to have to sit through all this unnecessary  drama once again.


” Lets keep moving forward to be better and stronger, lets not dwell in the past, to show weakness as we go backwards along our path of this journey”


True we have a huge epidemic within this Society and it is the epidemic of Opioids. Addiction can encompass many things and drugs of any kind will fall deeply into the word of Addiction. We all have an addiction of something which we crave, something we can not be without. Now for someone that has never done drugs, I can totally see how others can be addicted to drugs, but are you really addicted to the drug? Or are you addicted to the high that the drug gives you? These are two questions that a drug addict can not answer truthfully, as they are in the clouds of the drug, for which has them in the clutches of the drug. When your an addict the clouds within your brain become so dense, that the clarity of real life does not exist. Some go to treatment so they can be released from the clutches of the addiction, but what do they do in the treatment? They take more drugs to get off other drugs? You think that is a good way to to handle trying to heal yourself from one addiction, going to another addiction? Caffeine is a drug and is within the coffee we drink daily, now if you want to quit caffeine, you think maybe quitting coffee cold turkey is the way? Very true as the other drink may be a soda or an energy drink, that also has caffeine in it. Okay in your brain you are quitting coffee and now your addiction to caffeine is gone, Wrong…….. as you just replaced one drink for another that still has the drug caffeine in it. An Addict will never think this way, simply because their brain is in the clouds of the addiction for which they have, the only way to rid yourself of the clouds is, to quit cold turkey to get back the clarity of true reality.

To release yourself from the clutches of any addiction, you first have to admit to yourself of the addiction, then reach out and accept the help you need, so you can start the journey of releasing yourself from the clutches of the addiction. The journey may be long, the journey may come with much pain and hurt, but when you admit to the addiction and accept the process that is in place to help, you can conquer the addiction, but when you replace one addiction with another, then you will never be released from the clutches of addiction and you will never, have the clouds of the addiction within your brain, be clear for the clarity of reality.


” Addiction will control who you truly are if you let it, time to be released from the clutches of addiction”

” Cold turkey is the only way to escape the clutches of addiction, not replacing one addiction for another”

” The past is there to learn from, not to keep digging it up and dwelling within it”


The luck of the Irish….

Saint Patrick’s day, a day we all become an Irish Chap for the celebration,

A good ole fashion Irish River dance to start off the festivities,

Belly up to the bar with a pint of Guinness as the green beer flow’s,

Good ole Shepard’s pie or some corned beef and cabbage take your pick,

But Irish tradition has ham not corned beef as this is the American Irish way,

The corned beef comes from the New England Boiled dinner in transition,

On this day may we all show respect for the Irish as we would want the same,

Saint Patty’s day to some is about the drinking til drunk,

To most it is celebrating a Heritage of another Country,

Each Country has their day of celebration, today is for Ireland “Erin go Bragh”,

The little Leprechaun is running around trying to find his pot of gold,

I haven’t seen a rainbow lately so maybe he will just drink the green beer,

I may not be Irish but I do like a nice River dance to sit and enjoy,

Whether Irish or not we all like a good healthy celebration,

So let us all celebrate this Saint Patty’s day in a healthy way,

as we all share a mutual respect for one another on this day,

Wish each other good health and spirits with some good clean fun,

As the Lord knows we all need this today within this broken Society,

So we all can unite as one in happiness and joy always everyday,

throughout all our paths of this journey through life.


” Let the Guinness flow as we all  enjoy respectfully while we learn to come together in harmony for one celebration”

” The green beer may be just for show but the celebration is real, so let’s enjoy together today and everyday”

” Coming together in harmony while showing our love and empathy of each other will warm our hearts better then all the Irish whiskey in the World”

” You don’t have to drink heavily to have a good time, as the best of times are done sober and we can remember everything of that good time”


To the Moon and beyond!!!


Star Wars and Star Trek were definitely in my lifetime, the front runners in the World of Sci fi movies. Some of these Actors and Actresses nobody ever heard of at the beginning of all the series that were made, through the years some became the main stay actors of the movie, while others have changed and moved on, Princess Leia became one of those Iconic Actors on the hit film Star Wars.  Carrie Fischer alias Princess Leia from the hit Star Wars, she went from a no name, to being a big name within the the household of America, whether she wanted it or not? She is now an Iconic Actress within the World of Hollywood.

Hollywood, what exactly does the World of Hollywood hold? We have all heard of the starving Artist? Someone who struggles through life, til they receive their big break and then actually start making money for their craft, this happens in the World of Hollywood also, not all Actor’s and Actresses make the big time and most only end up getting these small bit parts, that really gets them no where at all, we never hear of the the part of Hollywood where most struggle and end up working side jobs just to make ends meet, that’s because Hollywood is all about the make believe, the glitz and the glamour,  they want us all to think that they are first class and the rest of us are the lonely Peasants to them. There are many Starving Artist’s around this World, which Carrie Fischer was one of, she got that big break in Star Wars, where so many others never get that break and struggle everyday to make ends meet throughout their journey of life.

Another part of Hollywood we never hear about, or Hollywood covers up to hide the ugly so only Glitz and Glamour shine is, all Actor’s even the ones who make it, struggle with depression, drugs, alcohol, or being bi-polar, or a whole slew of other issues. Hollywood doesn’t want us to see this side, simply because they are the World of make believe and not reality, Hollywood wants to look perfect but the reality is, nobody is perfect and we all make mistakes, it is the mistakes that makes us stronger and better moving forward, so under this philosophy we the everyday folk, are much stronger than those in the World of Hollywood. There are very few in the World of Hollywood that live into their eighties or nineties, but there are many more of us regular folk that live well into our nineties and beyond, those within the World of Hollywood are only kidding themselves and short changing themselves, to a well walked path, through this journey of life.

Star Wars and Star Trek were two of the biggest movies made within my lifetime, these two movies have given big breaks to a lot of struggling Artists of their time, to which a handful became even bigger names in the household of America. When we do hit it big, whether in the World of Hollywood or in your own little World, we all tend to take for granted what is truly around us, we make ourselves sick with the stress of keeping up with what we have become, instead of just relaxing and going with the flow of life, just like the water flows down the stream, when the water breaks through the dam, it then floods everything around it and creates way more chaos then anything can handle, just as the stress in our lives does when we become bigger then we imagined and then try to keep up with ourselves, or all those around us. Everything can be handled much better in moderation so we than, when something goes wrong, can fix what we need to fix and move forward better and stronger. even in Hollywood if they kept the make believe to the big screen and the reality to real life, then Hollywood wouldn’t have to hide the ugly, so all we see is the Glitz and Glamour then in the long run, even those within the World of Hollywood can achieve true success, those starving Artist types that we all have been at one time or another, can be less of as we all learn to make ends meet. We all want to be in the Glitz and Glamour we see throughout Hollywood today, but we first have to except that, what we see isn’t truly the Glitz and Glamour, as it takes a lot of struggling to get to that point and the road is far from easy, some of us may not be cut out for that way of life, which makes it much more easier and a lot less stress if we just find where we fit in comfortably, then work hard in that area, so then we can walk our paths with strength and in happiness, along this journey through life as peacefully as we can.


” Actor’s, Actresses, Artist’s and Writer’s, they all start out on a very difficult road and trying for their big break, which for some never comes”

” A Starving Artist is a person trying to break into a way of life, that truly only a few have broken into with true success”

” Carrie Fischer…..AKA….. Princess Leia, may she RIP, as her journey went from being a no name, to a big name within the household of America”

” There is more to Hollywood than the glitz and the glamour of the make believe, there is the ugly of reality and the stress, drugs, alcohol, depression or all the other sicknesses that take lives earlier instead of later”


The Marijuana Question



Question four here in the state of Massachusetts is of the legalization of Marijuana, are you kidding me!!! Like those so called Leaders we voted into office, really don’t have anything else, to waste their time on? Or even better…… Waste the Tax payer .money on this nonsense. This path here you see in this picture, that is heading into the fog, is exactly where we all will be heading and most likely not even remember, how we reached wherever it is we are going?

Marijuana was and always will be known as the ” gateway drug”. It is illegal now and you can see a “High” percentage of People still get it and smoke it on a daily basis, just imagine it becoming legal, now you have a whole list of other issues that will come from this really stupid idea that someone actually came up with, now maybe I get one reason for this question and that is, to tax and bring in more revenue to this state, but at what real cost do you want to bring in money, to help ease the burden of all the tax payers?

Alcohol is a legal drug and we all see the issues it brings throughout this Society, not all of us can be a social drinker and have no issues with this drug, as to most it becomes a crutch that is easy to get, when our troubles become so over whelming, that we turn to this drug to help ease our sorrows for a short time. When we drink to excess we then can not think clearly and do stupid things, like getting in our vehicles and driving, as we have no clue of what we are doing, let alone the fact that we are putting other lives and the life of ourselves, in a situation that will change our lifestyle forever, or even worse either kill ourselves or those around us. Now some will say ” but I can’t live without it”? Now we have a whole different issue and that is, Addiction.

Addiction can affect anybody no matter what your status is and addiction can come to us in many ways as well, but what addiction can’t be is…….. Cured. Once you have and addiction, no matter of what kind, it then becomes a lifetime battle which has you with feelings of no control and low self esteem.  With the proper help you can deal with the addiction and you can deal with it on your own, just that it takes a strong person, who has a strong will. but to get to this point you need the proper help to guide you. Alcohol is a crutch that we then depend on, to help us deal with pain and sorrow, which then we totally forget about our inner strength, that doesn’t need a crutch, it isn’t just a quick fix, all we need is, total Faith in ourselves, so we then can have the Hope to curve the grip of addiction, so it won’t grab a hold and never let us go.

There are many more Addictions that tempt us and try to take control of us, playing the slots at a Casino is another type of Addiction known as Gambler’s Addiction, which the adrenaline gives you a rush that you then crave and can’t get enough of. There are many ways that Addiction can come to us and control every fiber of our being and the best way to help stay in control, is to understand about Addiction, understand that when it grabs you, it will forever hold you even when you think you are free from the Addiction.

To say that legalizing Marijuana is a good idea for all moving forward, I think we need to re think this plan? I mean I am no Doctor, but I do have Common Sense and it tells me that, all drugs whether Alcohol, Marijuana or hard core drugs, will affect the body in a negative way and the ones who dispute this, are the ones that have let the grip of Addiction grab a hold of them and can’t see clearly through the clouds of the Addiction. Plus having two legal drugs like Alcohol and Marijuana, now you have a whole lot of other issues as well and everybody is now running, or driving either High or drunk? Which then happens to not only put ourselves at risk, but it puts others around us at risk as well. Common Sense is not so ” Common” within this Society and has us all walking our paths within the clouds of our judgments, as we take zero responsibility for our actions, we then become lazy and have no clue of what real work is and by work I mean, totally understanding everything around us, no matter if it’s a Person, Place or a thing. There are many ways through this journey of life that can derail us and throw us a curve ball, but none as strong as Addiction is, especially when it grabs you with all it’s strength and never wants to let you go. I think we all need to ” be a lot safer and make much better decisions”, as we walk our paths through this journey of life, so we all can live in Peace and be happy at all we do.


” Addiction is like a crutch that we lean on, to help us move forward even when a part of us is broken”

” Marijuana is the gate way drug that baits you, sucks you in, then reels you into a World that is surrounded by clouds”

” Questions on the ballot for us to vote on, sometimes needs more research with some common sense thinking to truly understand the question”

” Common Sense is within us all, we just have to acknowledge it to unleash it’s true power and make it very Common once again”

” How can you have Common Sense when you are either High or Drunk, with no responsibility or cares for yourself or even whats around you”

When are we going to grow up in this Society


There is a fire burning uncontrollably within this Society, that it is engulfing each and every one of us, as we walk our paths through this journey of life. That fire is in fact the way we treat each other, along our paths, without first thinking of our actions, before we take the action.

When we don’t think through the action, before we actually take action, now without looking deeply into all we do, we are creating a Victim and these Victim’s are every where we turn, no matter what walk of life we come from, or what side of the street you are on.  A Victim don’t ask to be a victim, they become a victim because someone took advantage of them and because the Victim has feelings of Guilt and why me? Among many other feelings as well as emotions, The Victim now try’s to hide within themselves, instead of communicating and working on fixing the wrong that just happened to them.

the Individual that created the Victim, does so by not thinking through their actions, before they actually take that action, maybe even they themselves have been a Victim and this is how they try to take back control, that was taken from them? This is one big vicious circle that will continue, unless we extinguish the fire that burns throughout this Society.

With this case of the Student from Stanford University, he says if he wasn’t drinking that he would not of done what he did? I got a News Flash!!! for you, drinking lowers your inhibitions and then makes you do the things that are deep within you, that sober you would be too scared to do. Could be that he was abused as a child and through the drinking, he felt he could take back the control that was taken from him? We don’t truly know, only he himself knows, as it is deep within him and he probably suppressed it so deep within himself, that the drinking……. with his sub conscious, brought it out in a very wrong way and unless he himself wants to address this, then it will stay buried deep within his sole. To look at him in Court, he was emotionless with no remorse that I saw , the way he looked tells me he is hurting inside from something, but only he has the answer to truly fixing himself and the wrong that he just made.

Enough of the one that committed this awful act, it is the Victim that nobody really pays attention to and it is the Victim that suffers from and act such as this, for a long time too come. The one that created the Victim might of only got six months in jail? But what about the Victim that will suffer in many ways years to come? Unless the Victim gets the proper help, they may never get over their trauma, it may only take a simple smell, or a certain word spoken to them, that triggers their memory and right back into the world of being a Victim they go. It is sad that we pay more attention to the Perpetrator, than we do the Victim and the Victim ends up hiding within themselves, in order to try to move forward along their path of their journey through life. If you look at some of the Victims, they are the ones that become Perpetrator’s and a high percentage at that. The way you extinguish the fire that burns throughout this Society is, pay more attention to the Victims that have been created, help them get the proper help they need, so they can properly fix what is wrong, then not only themselves will be better moving forward, but we all throughout Society will be better as well. Then we all can walk our paths through this journey of life, in peace and happiness everyday.


” The fire that burns throughout our Society is a towering inferno right now, cause their are Victims being created everywhere, everyday”

” True the Perpetrator has hidden issues that need attention, but only they know what the issues are in order to truly fix them”

” A Victim is created not by their choice, but by a choice of another that needs to think through their actions before taking action”

” We all hurt deep inside and only we as individuals know of the hurt, to act out on another is not the proper way to address our hurt”


Addiction… The Crutch that gives us false hope.

Addiction is like the temptation, that Jesus himself resisted from Satan, we the people within this Society can win over this temptation of Addiction, as we stay strong and believe in ourselves, as well as God, just like Jesus did.

This Addiction comes to us in many ways and it does not discriminate who it try’s to control, it can be in the form of alcohol, drugs, pornography, or even nicotine, there are many more but these are the ones that stricken  us at a much higher rate,   when you are deep into an addiction, nothing else matters, but what you crave and think you need most, you form this opinion and denial in your mind that, there is nothing wrong and you are doing nothing wrong, why can’t people just leave me alone, addiction is a craving that you need something, more than anything else that may exist.

Addiction is a way of something else controlling who we really are, then you have to deal with Corporate companies feeding of those who are addicted, just so they can become even richer, as you become aware of others poking fun of, or saying negative things about you, you then fall deeper into that addiction, Whether its alcohol, drugs, sex, or cigarettes that feeds your addiction, they are everywhere, which makes these addictions very hard to break.

Addiction will control who you are and force you into things you normally would never step into, we may know better today of these addictions, but we still have a long way to go, in order for all of us to control it, instead of it controlling us.

Part of us controlling the Addiction is, we have to want to change and if we reject real change, then addiction will never go away. Change for the better is the hardest thing for anybody to except, especially if you are in the clutches of an addiction, it will also give us a false feeling of happiness, as whatever addiction you are in, is the crutch in our lives that keeps us from attaining real happiness.

Addiction may give us certain feeling, but these feelings it gives us are, feelings of guilt, shame and anger when we can’t fulfill our addiction, these feelings we  accept cause it gives us a false feeling of happiness, so we go deep into denial and rationalize away the true feelings of life and what makes us truly happy. Addiction keeps us from truly being who we are, it also is used by others because they are addicted to greed, so they feed of this to control and make more money, of those who suffer the clutches of this disease of addiction.

These Addictions control every fiber of our being and force us in becoming someone we are truly not, when these addictions come to us, it is really Satan coming to us with hopes, we all fall into temptation and weaken ourselves, so he himself can become stronger, if we all resist this temptation by understanding better of how it works, we all within this Society will be better for it, these addictions will be less powerful over us and we as Humans, will become stronger as God wanted us all, as we walk our paths of our journey of life.

” Addiction can only affect us if we let it affect us”

” We ourselves control the power of addiction, by better understanding how addiction works”

” Addiction is the temptation from Satan to weaken us, so he can become more powerful over all of us and never be jealous of God for guiding us to the path of righteousness”