The struggle is Real………..

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Throughout this journey of life and the paths we choose to walk, we all struggle at different times. The path is not always smooth and paved, as there are always bumps and hurdles to over come, sometimes we fall but forget that it is not on how we fall, but it is always on how we pick ourselves up from the fall and move forward stronger.

These struggles range from all kinds of difficulties in our lives, they could be something we did ourselves, they could be brought on by another who also has struggled? Or these struggles could just be out of our control, but we have made them about ourselves and have let them control who we truly are. No matter of how or the kind of struggle that you may be going through, they can not control you, it is only you trying to hide deep within yourself and not accepting of the struggle, so you can truly fix what you need, so you can move forward stronger.

A struggle is a way for God to test us and keep us grounded to who we truly are, sometimes when we struggle and it seems like God is not around? He is there and wants us to be better and stronger, so he steps back to see how we handle the situation, but his love for us never fails, he always has faith in us and will always forgive us, it is just that we ourselves struggle big time with the forgiving of ourselves part. We struggle so much with the forgiving part, that we then bury a huge part of ourselves so deep inside, that we then portray this fake self, so we can try to protect ourselves from further harm. God also puts great people around us when we are struggling, but because we are shamed into this fake self, we never truly acknowledge these people and we never open ourselves up enough, to let these people truly help us moving forward. Everybody struggles and everybody hurts in their lives along their paths, there is nobody immune to the struggles of this journey, not even a Leader of a Country for which you live. Now some may hide these struggles better then another, but it does not mean there is anybody struggle free? Just walk down a City street and see the many people walking these streets also, just by looking at them, you don’t know what’s going on inside their heads? That is why we all need to show more empathy of each other, share the love within our hearts with each other, cause you never know of who you may be helping to have a better day moving forward. Even though we may be struggling inside ourselves, doesn’t mean we have to Isolate ourselves from all that is around us simply because, that person you may think your helping, just may be yourself moving forward, along your path of this journey through life.

The paths of this journey through life are not always full of beauty with roses, nor are they smooth as silk or like a freshly paved roadway, these paths have obstacles that will trip you up and catch you off guard, you always have to be aware of what is around you, especially, when you surround yourself with ugliness whether your aware or not? Now some of this ugliness comes at a time of your life when your most vulnerable, or maybe at a young age? This is not your fault as the timing of the ugliness, is where the fault should lie. Now as we internalize our struggles no matter of when they came? It is the shame of the struggle that has us hide deep within ourselves and become someone we truly are not, we think we are alone and no one else struggles as we do? Which then through our fake selves, we never truly forgive ourselves and never show any forgiveness for all that is around us. Shame may only be five words, but it is the most powerful five words we will ever know, as through shame, it will strip us of all our self control when we let it and we will suppress our true selves deep within, leaving us with no true emotions or feelings, to truly feel as we walk our paths. through this journey of life, not too mention it will take away all of our self confidence, so we can’t even have the confidence to know and fix what is wrong, so we can move forward better and stronger.


” Sometimes we fall along our paths, we need to never forget that it is not on how you fall, but it is all about how you pick yourself up from the fall”

” The struggles are real, the struggles comes to us all, we must never lose sight of who we truly are”

” Even through the struggles God is always there for us, we must never lose faith and NEVER lose the feeling of his love within our hearts”

” The struggles have many faces and affect us all differently, this makes it more important to never lose control and never let the struggles take away that control”



The Journey of Addiction


” Addiction is the Evil that will bring us down from within, we have to better understand it so we can turn a negative into a positive”


The power of Addiction is strong, it will control every fiber of your body, it will have you become someone of which you truly are not, it will have you do things that you normally would never do, Addiction is killing this Society one Individual at a time.

Addiction is many things and is not just limited to drugs and alcohol, being a Workaholic is a form of an Addiction, anything that gets you away from truly being who you are is a form of an Addiction, especially when you develop a taste for something, then crave that taste further, then as you are now within the claws of the Addiction, it becomes very hard to release the grip of the claws, you can escape the grip, but it will take a lot of hard work, to which most Addicts have already given up and are too lazy for any kind of fight or work.

The evil side of the Addiction is the most brutal and the darkest side, every day is a struggle, every day you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel simply because, the grip within the claws has you so wrapped up, that all the light is blocked and you can’t see anything but keeping the Addiction going. Envision yourself as being mauled by a Grizzly Bear and the Bear has you in his clutches so tight, all the wind is being squeezed out of you, at first thought you think this is the end I have no chance, but if you only give yourself a chance, fight with every last fight you have, you can escape the clutches of the Bear and get away, Addiction is the same and with every last fight, you can also escape the clutches of the Addiction, now this doesn’t mean you are done with the Bear or the Addiction, you still have to keep fighting every day, so the claws will never catch you within its grip again.

We all walk a path through this journey of life, we are all acceptable to any and all kinds of Addictions, the difference to some not getting into an Addiction is, being a product of your environment growing up, letting the life events control who you are and become, When you become a product of your environment as you grow up, now your not letting your inner child grow as it should and become healthy and happy as you should be on the outside. We all have this inner child within us, from the day we are born, till the day we die, just like we on the outside have to grow up into a Society of many, this inner child grows within us and when we don’t let this child grow properly, this is when we become accessible to all kinds of other issues especially Addiction.

This inner child is our lifeline, it is how we grow to be happy and at peace, this inner child is deep within our souls and when it grows normally, it will fill your whole body and your heart with a warmth, this warmth is the love of God within us and without it, we then become cold to all that is around us, we feel nothing and have no emotion of anything that comes before us along our path, which we then get picked up by the claws of Addiction, we become easy prey for all kinds of evil that wants to brainwash us into their evil ways, like those that become a Terrorist, these Individuals are so cold and have been so brainwashed, that to them their inner child does not exist and the thought of any love or empathy coming from them………… Let’s just say it does not exist. We are all Humans that walk a path through this journey of life, we are all a product of our environment as we grow into Society, our true growth depends on just how we let this inner child grow within us? If we ignore this child, then we will not grow properly like our inner child and become susceptible to anything that comes before us, whether it is good or it is evil. There is no textbook to this journey, but God leaves it up to us to find a way and if we trust in him, have faith in him, then there is always the hope that we will follow in his footsteps, just as his son Jesus did when he came and walked his journey with us, Jesus also was tempted by the dark side, but he stayed true to who he was, kept the faith in his Father and he then never lost hope as he always felt the warmth of his love, then shared it with all that was around him.

It is much easier to feel the warmth of God’s love within us and share it with each other, than it is to get consumed by the dark side and the clutches of Addiction, but when we acknowledge this inner child within us, nurture and take care of it, we all can walk our paths through this journey of life, peacefully and within happiness throughout our existence.


” There are many forms of evil that will try to control who we are, it is the warmth of God’s love within us that keeps us from the clutches of the evil”

” We all have an inner child within us, it is important to never neglect this child for its proper growth”

” When our inner child grows properly, we to grow properly to be of who we truly are”

” Faith, love, and hope are what we truly are, without them we become lost on our paths no matter what path we take”


Look to the light for Guidance along your path



” Blessed are they who are persecuted for the sake of Righteousness, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven”

*** MT 5:10 ***

” When we walk through the shadows of the tree’s and the clouds of the fog, let us never forget of the true light at the end of the path, which is the true Righteousness through this journey of life”

*** BowlingChef ***


We all walk a path through this journey of life, there is no path that will put us above each other, this only comes from we the People of a Society, that get so consumed with what is around us, we forget we are not the only ones walking a path. We all strive for perfection, but we never realize that the perfection never comes, as there is nothing on the path perfect and everything has a flaw, if only you look deeply into what you see around you? It’s okay to strive for perfection, to help us be better and stronger moving forward, but never lose hope of all that is around you when that perfection never comes. We all want to believe that we are better than each other, but the reality of it is, we are all equal to each other, no matter who you are, just that we become so consumed with perfection, that not only do we lose sight of what is around us, we lose sight of who we truly are.

Through this journey of life, we all start and finish the same as each other, so what happens in the middle of the journey? We the People happen and how we perceive everything around us, the Life Events that happen to each of us takes place and unfortunately how we react to these events when we don’t truly understand them. These Life Events will take control of who we truly are if we let them, but if we truly understand the why’s of these events, understand of how to truly fix what is wrong when we need to and actually fix these events and the pain they bring, then the shadow of the tree’s and the clouds of the fog, will never be as thick, so we then will never lose sight of the light at the end of the darkness, which is the true path of Righteousness, that will lead us to the peace, the happiness and the joy, that all our paths through this journey of life is suppose to hold for each one of us.

These paths we walk through this journey is exactly that, a journey through the unknown. The unknown is the part that we are suppose to understand better with each step we walk, when we understand better of the unknown, then we can evolve and become better and stronger at all we do throughout this journey of life. We have this thing called life that gets in our way and totally clouds the judgments of our thoughts and actions, when we become clouded and stop believing in ourselves, this is what makes it hard to have any faith in ourselves, let alone having faith in Jesus Christ, then with no faith our hope for anything moving forward becomes very difficult at best. Yes there is so much to think about as we walk our paths through this journey, but if we stay in control, take one step at a time, understand everything of what we do and of what happens to us, plus always use our Common Sense wisely, then this path for which we walk along this journey of life, will always keep us focused on that light at the end of each path, which leads us to the path of Righteousness, where we all can live in Peace and Happiness always.


” As we walk through the shadows of the tree’s and the clouds of the fog, let us always focus on the light of the path of Righteousness which will guide us all to prosperity”

” It is okay to strive for perfection, but never think it will come, as it only will make us better and stronger”

” We all start and finish this journey the same, it is what happens in between that divides us instead of bringing us together in equality”

” When traveling through any unknown, it is better to understand where you are going, so your actions can be natural and free”


May God Bless the work at St. Jude’s



” Live justly, love tenderly and walk humbly with your God”

*** Micah 6:8 ***



Jesus, set the child within me free so I can do more child like with every passing day, and open my eyes of my soul that I may see your children all around me.


Cancer can strike us all and it does not discriminate no matter who you are, but when it strikes an innocent child, now you are left with a big void within your heart, you are left with deep feelings of vulnerability, you then feel helpless and say ” why me”? Cancer is one of those diseases that strikes without warning and weakens you deeply, but one thing it does do in a positive way is, it brings Hope and Faith closer to you and when you have complete Faith in yourself and Jesus Christ, there will always be the Hope that you can fight this terrible disease and live throughout this journey of life, within the Peace and happiness, that we all should be living through everyday of our journey.

St. Jude’s is working hard every day, to bring back the Faith in those that are stricken with this terrible fight, so they can regain the Hope that better days will come. All these children at St. Jude’s are truly the strongest among us, as they face death and in the shadow of doubt, comes good that has these children to walk further on this journey of life that we originally thought otherwise? True some of these children are taken by this disease, but the work and the worker’s at St. Jude’s still work tirelessly to achieve a 100% success rate. The Worker’s at St. Jude’s Hospital are truly the children of God, as they further his work along their journey of life, which has then forming a bond with the children and their families so strong, that nothing will ever penetrate this bond and that will last a lifetime. When a child loses their battle to this terrible disease, not only the families feel deeply saddened, but the Staff at St. Jude’s, also feel deeply saddened, with a heart so heavy they then work harder to help all the children, so they can eventually beat this terrible disease.

This Cancer that comes to us, has us all asking why would God let it stricken us? It will have us let doubt enter our minds, but what it truly does when we acknowledge truly that God does exist is, strength us to be better moving forward and help us all, keep the Faith close to our hearts, so we will always have the Hope, to keep fighting so we all can move forward better and stronger. Life along this journey has no certainties, but when we all pull together in unity, we can all walk our paths through this journey of life, not just better and stronger, but within Peace and happiness always.


” Cancer does not discriminate and will affect us all no matter of who you are”

” An innocent child scorn is proof to us all that we are all vulnerable to whatever comes across our paths of this journey”

” St. Jude’s Hospital does the work of our Savior Lord Jesus Christ and all those working within the Hospital are the Angels sent by God to heal us of this terrible disease”

” Doubt will only enter our minds when there is no Faith that gives us Hope to move forward better”



Favorite Quotes……




This quote by the late Stuart Scott, who was an analyst on ESPN for a lot of years, is one of the best quotes of my lifetime. Let’s take the word Cancer out of this quote and replace it with the word Life, now you have the same quote with a whole new meaning, which makes this quote so great, because you can replace one word to make it work for whatever you want to this quote to be about.

Now with the word Life in place for the word Cancer, helps us think about all the struggles we go through on a daily basis, no one is immune to these struggles, we all go through them, just that some go through struggles more deeply then others. Some struggles start from a young age and last a lifetime, simply because we never take the time to fully understand them, which then leads us to not acknowledging them and burying them to try to avoid them. These struggles then control us and we then become someone we truly are not, we hide our true selves deep within, so deep that we then lose touch with our true feelings and emotions, with no true feelings and emotions to guide us, we then lose our true empathy for ourselves and all those around us, which totally explains the whole disconnect we have within our Society today.

This loss of disconnect starts with not communicating truly with each other, we become so embarrassed and shamed from our struggles, that we don’t communicate with each other as we should, we always want to come across to each other showing strength, that we think showing a weakness will make others laugh at us, if someone laughs when you are trying to communicate truly of your struggles, then that someone needs not be around you. When you are struggling from something and you don’t know how to deal with it, you need to reach out and ask for help, so you can move forward better and stronger. When reaching out for help is not a sign of weakness, it only shows that you are stronger than you give yourself credit for, self criticism is the worst kind of criticism, simply because we come down harder on ourselves, then others would come down on us, especially if that someone wants to help us become stronger and better, we all walk a path through this journey of life, we forget that reaching out is a sign of true strength and not a sign of weakness.

Communication is the key for us walking our paths of this journey with strength, so we than can become better at everything and anything we set out to do, without communicating properly we then try to move forward within the clouds of our judgments and when we do that, we become so lost that our struggles then become much bigger than they really should be. Now the way we use technology and social media today, this is all wrong for true communication, we need to reach out face to face with real communicating skills, which is something we all are guilty of getting away from within this Society. Real face to face communication scares us to death today, simply because we are afraid of failure and what others will think of us? If someone thinks less of you for reaching out, then that someone really needs not be around you. Being positive helps us reach out and ask for help in our time of struggle, with negativity we never reach out and our struggles then become bigger and take control of all of us, as we walk our paths of this journey through life.


” Great quotes are defined by how you can change a word so it can help you in a very different way”

“We all struggle within our lives at one point or another, we need to communicate better to move forward stronger in our lives”

“Proper communication is key for all of us, without it we then become disconnected from everything and everyone around us”

” Communication is a sign of strength and never will it show weakness”

” Self criticism is our worst enemy because we are too hard on ourselves and it then makes us pull back from those around us”

” The struggles will control us if we let them, so we need to understand better of the struggles to move forward better and in control”


To the Moon and beyond!!!


Star Wars and Star Trek were definitely in my lifetime, the front runners in the World of Sci fi movies. Some of these Actors and Actresses nobody ever heard of at the beginning of all the series that were made, through the years some became the main stay actors of the movie, while others have changed and moved on, Princess Leia became one of those Iconic Actors on the hit film Star Wars.  Carrie Fischer alias Princess Leia from the hit Star Wars, she went from a no name, to being a big name within the the household of America, whether she wanted it or not? She is now an Iconic Actress within the World of Hollywood.

Hollywood, what exactly does the World of Hollywood hold? We have all heard of the starving Artist? Someone who struggles through life, til they receive their big break and then actually start making money for their craft, this happens in the World of Hollywood also, not all Actor’s and Actresses make the big time and most only end up getting these small bit parts, that really gets them no where at all, we never hear of the the part of Hollywood where most struggle and end up working side jobs just to make ends meet, that’s because Hollywood is all about the make believe, the glitz and the glamour,  they want us all to think that they are first class and the rest of us are the lonely Peasants to them. There are many Starving Artist’s around this World, which Carrie Fischer was one of, she got that big break in Star Wars, where so many others never get that break and struggle everyday to make ends meet throughout their journey of life.

Another part of Hollywood we never hear about, or Hollywood covers up to hide the ugly so only Glitz and Glamour shine is, all Actor’s even the ones who make it, struggle with depression, drugs, alcohol, or being bi-polar, or a whole slew of other issues. Hollywood doesn’t want us to see this side, simply because they are the World of make believe and not reality, Hollywood wants to look perfect but the reality is, nobody is perfect and we all make mistakes, it is the mistakes that makes us stronger and better moving forward, so under this philosophy we the everyday folk, are much stronger than those in the World of Hollywood. There are very few in the World of Hollywood that live into their eighties or nineties, but there are many more of us regular folk that live well into our nineties and beyond, those within the World of Hollywood are only kidding themselves and short changing themselves, to a well walked path, through this journey of life.

Star Wars and Star Trek were two of the biggest movies made within my lifetime, these two movies have given big breaks to a lot of struggling Artists of their time, to which a handful became even bigger names in the household of America. When we do hit it big, whether in the World of Hollywood or in your own little World, we all tend to take for granted what is truly around us, we make ourselves sick with the stress of keeping up with what we have become, instead of just relaxing and going with the flow of life, just like the water flows down the stream, when the water breaks through the dam, it then floods everything around it and creates way more chaos then anything can handle, just as the stress in our lives does when we become bigger then we imagined and then try to keep up with ourselves, or all those around us. Everything can be handled much better in moderation so we than, when something goes wrong, can fix what we need to fix and move forward better and stronger. even in Hollywood if they kept the make believe to the big screen and the reality to real life, then Hollywood wouldn’t have to hide the ugly, so all we see is the Glitz and Glamour then in the long run, even those within the World of Hollywood can achieve true success, those starving Artist types that we all have been at one time or another, can be less of as we all learn to make ends meet. We all want to be in the Glitz and Glamour we see throughout Hollywood today, but we first have to except that, what we see isn’t truly the Glitz and Glamour, as it takes a lot of struggling to get to that point and the road is far from easy, some of us may not be cut out for that way of life, which makes it much more easier and a lot less stress if we just find where we fit in comfortably, then work hard in that area, so then we can walk our paths with strength and in happiness, along this journey through life as peacefully as we can.


” Actor’s, Actresses, Artist’s and Writer’s, they all start out on a very difficult road and trying for their big break, which for some never comes”

” A Starving Artist is a person trying to break into a way of life, that truly only a few have broken into with true success”

” Carrie Fischer…..AKA….. Princess Leia, may she RIP, as her journey went from being a no name, to a big name within the household of America”

” There is more to Hollywood than the glitz and the glamour of the make believe, there is the ugly of reality and the stress, drugs, alcohol, depression or all the other sicknesses that take lives earlier instead of later”


It can all be taken away in a flash


” Our paths through this journey of life we take so for granted, as everything we work so hard for can be taken quicker than we realize”



What a huge tragedy for all those who live in or around Gatlinburg, Tennessee. They have been in the biggest drought in this area in about a decade and because of this drought, has sparked many brush fires over the last few months, but the weather and the windy conditions on Monday, took these brush fires to a whole new and scary level. This picture may not be of Gatlinburg, but it shows a town very similar here in Massachusetts, a small town nestled within the mountains, that has many residents that live their lives there, this town has many things of beauty within and around it, these residents work hard for what they have and work hard to be able to live within the beauty of these mountains, a town very similar to Gatlinburg, but as we just found out earlier in the week, everything you work so hard for, can be taken quicker than you can blink your eyes and you have no control over it.

We all walk a path through this journey of life, some may grow with a silver spoon in their mouths and some work their fannies off just to survive and live along their paths and grow up with nothing, but through their hard work they achieve many things along the way. No matter who you are everything you have can be taken quicker than you realize, as we saw from the events in Tennessee, this doesn’t mean we have to stop living and enjoying what is around us, but we do need to respect more of what we have and what is around us as we walk our paths of this journey of life. Life is more precious than we lead on to think it is, we take so much for granted, without realizing just how quickly it can change.

A good majority of the Citizens in and around Gatlinburg Tennessee, are now with nothing but the clothes on their backs now, there homes totally gone with nothing but the chimney left, everything incinerated to ash on the soil of their property, all their special pictures and memories gone, furniture and material things gone, everything but the clothes on their backs, as they were running for their lives to escape the huge flames of the fires. This can happen to any of us as we never know where the next natural disaster will strike? The states in the area known as ” Tornado alley”, know all too well that life is so precious as they to have gone through what Gatlinburg and surrounding areas just went through, except a different kind of tragedy. Tragedies happen it is part of this journey through life, we can try to control them but only God has control and we need to simply…… do not take for granted of what we have, show more respect of each other, show more respect of all that is around us and take our lives a little more precious, as we walk our paths through this journey of life.

True we chose a path to walk through this journey of life, but what we don’t really think about is, just how fast it all can end, instead we take everything for granted, we think we are entitled to everything around us, just because it is there? We think just because we buy a parcel of land and build a home, that we automatically own everything else around us? We take our trips on vacation to see all the beauty of where we are, but we never think of what could happen to take this beauty away, we take so much for granted that when a tragedy does happen, we then become so devastated that we forget truly of who we are, lose all respect for all that is around us, we lose sight of what this journey is all about and we forget just how precious this journey truly is. We all walk a path though this journey of life, we need to respect all that is around us more, never forget just how precious this journey is and always never forget that, it can all end quicker then we want to admit to, so we then can move forward in peace and happiness, so we can also be better and stronger also.


” Fire, Tornado, hurricane or any other weather event are all natural disasters, that are huge tragedies that can strip us of all we work so hard to achieve”

” This journey through life is a precious thing and can be taken from us at any time in our lives”

” We work very hard for what we have in our lives and at the same time can be taken easier than we achieved it”


The Marijuana Question



Question four here in the state of Massachusetts is of the legalization of Marijuana, are you kidding me!!! Like those so called Leaders we voted into office, really don’t have anything else, to waste their time on? Or even better…… Waste the Tax payer .money on this nonsense. This path here you see in this picture, that is heading into the fog, is exactly where we all will be heading and most likely not even remember, how we reached wherever it is we are going?

Marijuana was and always will be known as the ” gateway drug”. It is illegal now and you can see a “High” percentage of People still get it and smoke it on a daily basis, just imagine it becoming legal, now you have a whole list of other issues that will come from this really stupid idea that someone actually came up with, now maybe I get one reason for this question and that is, to tax and bring in more revenue to this state, but at what real cost do you want to bring in money, to help ease the burden of all the tax payers?

Alcohol is a legal drug and we all see the issues it brings throughout this Society, not all of us can be a social drinker and have no issues with this drug, as to most it becomes a crutch that is easy to get, when our troubles become so over whelming, that we turn to this drug to help ease our sorrows for a short time. When we drink to excess we then can not think clearly and do stupid things, like getting in our vehicles and driving, as we have no clue of what we are doing, let alone the fact that we are putting other lives and the life of ourselves, in a situation that will change our lifestyle forever, or even worse either kill ourselves or those around us. Now some will say ” but I can’t live without it”? Now we have a whole different issue and that is, Addiction.

Addiction can affect anybody no matter what your status is and addiction can come to us in many ways as well, but what addiction can’t be is…….. Cured. Once you have and addiction, no matter of what kind, it then becomes a lifetime battle which has you with feelings of no control and low self esteem.  With the proper help you can deal with the addiction and you can deal with it on your own, just that it takes a strong person, who has a strong will. but to get to this point you need the proper help to guide you. Alcohol is a crutch that we then depend on, to help us deal with pain and sorrow, which then we totally forget about our inner strength, that doesn’t need a crutch, it isn’t just a quick fix, all we need is, total Faith in ourselves, so we then can have the Hope to curve the grip of addiction, so it won’t grab a hold and never let us go.

There are many more Addictions that tempt us and try to take control of us, playing the slots at a Casino is another type of Addiction known as Gambler’s Addiction, which the adrenaline gives you a rush that you then crave and can’t get enough of. There are many ways that Addiction can come to us and control every fiber of our being and the best way to help stay in control, is to understand about Addiction, understand that when it grabs you, it will forever hold you even when you think you are free from the Addiction.

To say that legalizing Marijuana is a good idea for all moving forward, I think we need to re think this plan? I mean I am no Doctor, but I do have Common Sense and it tells me that, all drugs whether Alcohol, Marijuana or hard core drugs, will affect the body in a negative way and the ones who dispute this, are the ones that have let the grip of Addiction grab a hold of them and can’t see clearly through the clouds of the Addiction. Plus having two legal drugs like Alcohol and Marijuana, now you have a whole lot of other issues as well and everybody is now running, or driving either High or drunk? Which then happens to not only put ourselves at risk, but it puts others around us at risk as well. Common Sense is not so ” Common” within this Society and has us all walking our paths within the clouds of our judgments, as we take zero responsibility for our actions, we then become lazy and have no clue of what real work is and by work I mean, totally understanding everything around us, no matter if it’s a Person, Place or a thing. There are many ways through this journey of life that can derail us and throw us a curve ball, but none as strong as Addiction is, especially when it grabs you with all it’s strength and never wants to let you go. I think we all need to ” be a lot safer and make much better decisions”, as we walk our paths through this journey of life, so we all can live in Peace and be happy at all we do.


” Addiction is like a crutch that we lean on, to help us move forward even when a part of us is broken”

” Marijuana is the gate way drug that baits you, sucks you in, then reels you into a World that is surrounded by clouds”

” Questions on the ballot for us to vote on, sometimes needs more research with some common sense thinking to truly understand the question”

” Common Sense is within us all, we just have to acknowledge it to unleash it’s true power and make it very Common once again”

” How can you have Common Sense when you are either High or Drunk, with no responsibility or cares for yourself or even whats around you”

Faith and Hope is within us all



” When he reached the place, Jesus looked up and said, ” Zacchaeus, come down quickly, for today I must stay at your house” and he came down quickly, then received him with joy”

LK 19:5-6


True Faith and Hope are within us all and when we acknowledge both of them, we will not only have Faith in ourselves, we will also have Faith in Jesus Christ, then through the Faith we will never loose Hope moving forward with confidence always.

True Faith and Hope is more than just being Faithful in your job, or maybe putting your Faith in another, so you then can Hope to move forward better. True Faith and Hope is doing the right thing in all you do with complete Faith in yourself and Jesus Christ, so you then can have the Hope to not only walk your path of this journey correctly, but have the Hope that brings you the confidence, to move forward to be better and stronger throughout this journey, so you can be at peace and live happily every step of the way.

True Faith and Hope is always within us no matter what, just that we have to acknowledge them, so we then can except Jesus Christ and he can guide us to the path of righteousness. Throughout this Society we all live, it is much easier to except Jesus Christ, have complete Faith in ourselves and Jesus, with the Hope he will always guide us in the right direction toward the path of righteousness, as we all walk our paths through this journey of life. The hard part of this journey is getting caught in all the crap and ugliness that is around us, while we try to walk our paths, is when we get caught up in the ugliness and is when the ugliness then controls every fiber of our being and we lose who we truly are. When we lose who we truly are, then it is very Hard to have the Faith in anything, which then there is no Hope for us moving forward. Our Faith is the most important part of us, as it will help us walk this journey with Hope, not too mention excepting that Jesus is inside us always, as we feel his love within our hearts, so we then can share this love with each other.

” it is much easier to share our love, then to spread the Hatred that we learn from what is around us”

Hatred is learned from what is around us, that warm feeling within your heart? It is  more than just our blood passing through our body, it is the love of Jesus within us, so we can feel it and share it, with all that is around us as we walk our paths of this journey through life. May the love of Jesus Christ be with us always, as we walk our paths of this journey, so we all can be stronger to push away the ugliness and the Hatred, completely feel the love of Jesus, so we then can have the Faith in him and we ourselves moving forward and then our Hope will follow, as we will always be received by Jesus and have great joy in all we do, as we walk our paths through this journey of life.


” Faith and Hope will always go together, you can never have one without the other”

” Love is always within us all, just we have to acknowledge it to truly feel it”

” The Hate we see all around us comes from somewhere, as it is learned from somewhere and was never within us at any point”

” May the love of Jesus Christ be with you always and may we always feel his love to share it with all that is around us”


The Field of Dreams



” The Field of dreams was a movie of the sport of Baseball, but the real field of dreams is part of who we are in this journey through life”



Dreaming isn’t bad as we are thinking within ourselves and trying to put ourselves in a better place than our current place, although some may dream because their current situation stinks, but they either fail at, or don’t know how to make the dream a reality? Some may dream about winning the Lottery and not working anymore……… Well the odds of this kind of dream being a reality are to great, so maybe we should lower our expectations to a dream that we can actually work at achieving. When we dream of a better place and we work hard to get to that place, now your talking of us becoming better and stronger moving forward, with a self Esteem so strong that nothing can stop us from any kind of work, that brings us to any place for which we dream.

Dreaming is a way for us to escape reality for a while and get into that happy place that makes us smile. Some may dream and then become depressed because they can’t make it a reality, only because they don’t do anything to achieve that dream, or maybe because they set too high of a goal to accomplish whatever they were dreaming about? A dream is only Fiction in our heads, unless we work hard to make it a fact on the outside within our lives. We may not want to admit to others we dream, but we all do and it’s more common than we may know, when we dream we are afraid to say anything to anybody, simply because we don’t want others to label us a ” dreamer” and portray us as someone with no real touch of reality.

Some within this Society will dream of their past and try to make their present better than it is, as they then use the ” if this happened” scenario, to try to change their current situation? You can never get back what happened in the past, only learn from it, so you can move forward strong and better. When we dream of things, we usually do it of things for which are way out of our reach, then our self Esteem takes a huge hit when we can’t achieve our dream? When we do dream of that better place and we want to get to that place, the best way to do it is, set small goals and when we achieve one goal, then let ourselves celebrate a small victory, then set another small goal to achieve, this will not only make our self esteem stronger, but will also help us move forward better and stronger, as we walk our paths of this journey through life, while we find peace, harmony and happiness.

It is totally okay to dream to escape our realities, but when we think our dreams should be our realities, without putting in the work to make them that, then we get caught up in expectations that will never happen and when our expectations become shattered, we then lose faith in ourselves, our self esteem becomes low or non existent, which we then never work at anything to make us better and stronger moving forward. Then as we walk our paths with no faith and a very low self esteem, we then wander instead of walk, we become negative of all that is around us and never truly become all that we could possibly be, nor do we truly become who we truly are. To dream is part of who we are and when we dream correctly, then we can walk our paths of this journey through life better with true strength moving forward, as we all find that peace and harmony within the happiness we try to reach.


” To dream is okay and is part of who we are, but we first have to dream correctly so we can have it become effective in our lives”

” We dream to find that better place, but to reach that place comes with some real work as we walk our paths of this journey through life”

” When we dream to escape our realities, should be a sign we need to work harder in order to make our realities better”

” The past is the past, we can never get that back, but if we learn from the past we can move forward better and stronger”

” To dream correctly we have to learn to set reachable goals in order to make the dream a reality”