Fair Elections…. Misguided Elections

The younger Generation today would see these tools as scrap and share no desire of learning  what they are, or even of how they were used. All they care about is playing their online video games , with the thinking of, they know everything and need not listen, to learn more of everything around them. Work Ethics…. There is none as they are lazy with no responsibility. Sure there are some that are taught that they need to work in order to create their own success and for what they want in their lives, but what I see for the most part, they want everything given to them and don’t want to work for anything, this scares me as I am getting older and are knocking at the door of, what is known as the Golden years within this journey of life.

Most have this notion that, voting is a right given to us, the reality is that voting is a privilege that we take for granted and then squander that privilege with making bad uninformed decisions. We also let the propaganda Media make our decision for us, cause we are simply to lazy to learn of where to place our vote? The Media will always dig up the dirt on one Candidate, then make their candidate look and smell like a rose, just too influence us to vote the way they want us to vote, this is not how the voting process is and is why the wrong Candidate is always elected into an office they can not handle. Not just the Media is responsible for this corrupt voting process, the Candidate themselves are also responsible, simply cause they say what we want to hear, so they can be elected to an office they can not handle.

We all want to be famous and have our names in lights, but when it comes from knocking others down and hurting others along our paths, now you have a head hunters Society, that does nothing but turns us all against each other. We all may walk different paths, but the journey is the same, we are born into this World the same and are taken out of this World the same, as we go from taking our first breathe to our last.

The voting process is very flawed in it self, as a Candidate can take the popular vote and not win an election, with this Electoral College being the way the Candidate gets in office and the People have no say within the Electoral College. ” You think the system of voting needs to change” ? This way of voting keeps a lot of the People from voting, as they  think why vote cause my vote won’t matter anyways? This method of voting also gives us what we know as the lifetime Candidate,  that will only do what they have to, so they can continue in office for as long as they want, then continue to sponge of and get richer on the dime of the real People, that work hard for everything they have. The process is flawed and  the process is unfair to Candidates that are more capable of handling the job and keep the riff raff from stealing our votes, so they can get rich at our expense.We the People need to make better informed decisions with our vote, not let the Propaganda Media sway us in their direction, as we look more deeply into a Candidate, to truly make our vote count.


” Life along this journey is more than playing video games, real success takes hard work with blood, sweat and tears”

” Voting is a privilege not to be taken for granted and making the right choice as informed as we can”

” We all want to be famous, but not at the expense of all those around us”

” The Media will try to sway us to their side, we have to be smarter and make our own well informed decisions”


February…… the month of Love

” He said to them, ” Today this Scripture passage is fulfilled in your hearing”. And all spoke highly of him and were amazed at the gracious words that came from his mouth, they also asked, ” isn’t this the son of Joseph”.


Luke 4:21-22


Love is in the air and it is a lot more than what the day of February the 14th brings. The 14th of February to all of us throughout this Society is a day of love, that we share with our partners in life, or maybe some one we are just beginning to get to know? All the stores, media and restaurants will create big drama of this day, just to receive our business for the day, this day has become so commercialized that we have truly forgotten what this day truly means. For me I have lost someone very very close to me on this day about ten years ago, my Mamere (which is french for Grandmother) passed on this day, for which she will always be my Valentine forever, she will always be in my heart, where the love will shine bright forever.

The Love that is in the air and surrounding Valentine’s day, is simply small compared to the love that is deep within our own Hearts. We all need to share more of this love with each other, just as Jesus did, when he came and walked his journey with us. Jesus taught us many things along his journey, but his gracious ways and love for all of us, stands taller than any words he may have spoken. Sometimes we in this Society get caught up in and think our actions along with the spoken word, is where we are suppose to become noticed by all that is around us? On the contrary, it is what we don’t say and what we don’t do, that truly gets noticed especially when it involves sharing our true love from within our hearts, with all those who are around us. Love has no words, love does not speak, it is a feeling of warmth deep within our hearts and souls, when we truly feel this feeling, it is the most beautiful feeling we will ever feel.

These words within the Scriptures were written by the chosen ones, these chosen ones followed Jesus not just physically, but with all their mind, body and soul. Everything that Jesus taught them and said to them is within these Scriptures and are a big part of who we are throughout all Mankind. The problem within this Society and how we view these Scriptures is, we are so far removed from the time Jesus came and walked his journey that, a lot of us stopped believing in him and even more important is, we stopped believing in ourselves. We get so caught up in all the propaganda within the internet and  what we watch on our television sets, that we have lost totally of who we are, as we try to follow and be like what we see around us.  True we all go through issues within our lives, but when these issues control who we truly are, then it is time to fix our issues, so we can walk our paths of this journey through life peacefully, while sharing our love from within, with each other and to whom we come across along these paths, just as Jesus did when he walked his path of his journey of life.


” Love is in the air and it is not from Cupid with his magic arrow, it is deep within all our hearts and souls”

” The Scriptures are the words of Jesus written by his followers, so we all can learn the true teachings of Jesus Christ our Savior”

” Love is a feeling deep within all of us, all we have to do is acknowledge the feeling, to unleash the true power that it holds for each and every one of us”


Social Networks for all



The Tree’s and the plant life around us, also live and breathe as we do throughout Mankind. We within this Society stay connected through all the Social Networks and with all our different Techy devices, with all the different kinds of tree’s and plant life, just how do they stay connected with each other? Do they sway in the wind, without saying a a word to each other? If they do connect with each other, just what kind of language do they connect with?

I bet know one has really put any stock into what or how, do the tree’s and plant life connect with each other? Tree’s do cry and those who have spent a lot of time in the Wilderness, will a test to that. So if they breathe and cry, then just how do they communicate with each other? Tree’s do have roots and these roots are buried within the Earth, these roots are how the tree feeds and then grows throughout it’s life time, these roots can also be very deep within the Earth as well as shallow along the Earths floor.

These Tree’s do get old over time and die off much like us throughout Mankind, this is when we chop them down, to build our houses or build a fire to keep us warm. After they are down now there are tree stumps to trip over, unless we dig them up and make way for new Tree’s in the future. Digging up these stumps we then find that, the roots go in every direction, some deeper than others and at least one very deep, securing the tree in it’s place. At closer look we also find that some roots have either wrapped around or became one with the Tree next to it, removing the roots of a tree that has connected with it’s neighbor, is a bit more work, but when done methodically can be done without harming the good tree.

Now with all these roots beneath the Earth, what if it is the way these Tree’s and plants truly communicate with each other? Kind of like all our phone lines traveling from post to post, along the surface of the Earth. What does a tree sound like, or does it use sign language and communicate silently. There are many languages throughout our Society, but no one really has thought about the language of the Tree’s and the plants, as we walk our paths through this journey of life.

Without the tree’s we throughout Mankind, wouldn’t even exist here as these Tree’s give us the air and the oxygen for which we breathe, maybe we should learn the language of the Tree, so we can properly thank them all, as we walk our journey’s.


“Birch, Oak, Maple just a few varieties of Tree’s,

coming in more than just Three’s”.


Tree’s are like the strong silent type, that can take most Storms that Mother Nature throws at it, but when they snap they can come crashing down with one big rigorous Bang and create a lot of damage to what is around it. Do these Tree’s scream as they come crashing down? Hmm!!! maybe we should listen closely, but most will run the other way as too not get hit with the huge tree, the life span of a Tree is long, it’s hard too think they would live without speaking to anything within their language they speak.


” Tree’s are tall, short, fat and thin, they are just as diverse as we throughout Mankind”

” There are many languages throughout our Society, Tree’s are one we never even think about learning”

” As a Tree ages and gets old, plant a new Tree so we all can breathe and communicate freely”



Song lyrics do inspire



The music we listen to does inspire us in many ways, sometimes we Hear a song and cry without paying attention to why? Maybe we will hear a song and feel a warm feeling inside? There are songs we hear that gets our adrenaline pumping and turns us into something we truly are not. Music and the lyrics we hear are a great motivator to us always, even if we take it all for granted as just a simple song, for which to listen.

There are songs out there that promote nothing but ugliness and we all buy into these kind of songs, simply because others around us listen to this so called music. Writing a book and writing lyrics to a song are very much the same, as they both are a creativity of words that both inspire and draw in their audience,

Just like when reading a good book and you can’t put it down cause it has drawn you into the character/characters of the book, music lyrics will do the same thing, which is the goal of the Writer that writes whatever you are reading or listening to. When you get drawn into the music or the book, you then become whatever character that is associated with what you are reading or listening to.

There is some music out there that does nothing but promote ugliness, violence and bad intentions. The Writers of these lyrics have no clue of what being creative is, as their main objective is to turn us into something we are not. The words they use are words that can’t be said on television and only promote hatred, which is where all the hatred in this Society comes from. There is no censorship for this kind of music, as the so called writer of these songs will then scream that their freedom of speech rights have been violated. Seriously!!! You would rather have someone promote ugliness and hatred, than promote the good that music lyrics and words are suppose to do? This is one of the biggest reasons and why we have such a big disconnect and live within a broken Society today.

We all throughout Mankind are creative Individuals and we show this creativity in many ways, but when this creativity disrupts us all by promoting ugliness and hatred, now we all have a major problem that needs attention and needs to be fixed, so we all can walk our paths within this journey of life, in peace and happiness, which will help Society become better and stronger as well.

There is a song called “Human” by Christine Perry, this is truly a song that will inspire and bring out the warm and good feeling within us all. This is what music lyrics will do and what true inspiration is when we want to be inspired, what we want is to let our true feelings out, like the warm feelings of love that is within us all, not the fake feelings of hatred, that is only learned from what is around us. When we listen to music and read a book we like, it is the creativity of the words that draw us in and either captures the good within us, or promotes all the ugliness and hatred that we see around us today. When we read and listen to the right creativity of words, then all our paths through this journey of life, will be peaceful so we all can be better and stronger moving forward.


” words are written in a creative way, they will always inspire us in more ways than we think”

” being creative is part of who we truly are, but to create ugliness and hatred is something we truly are not”

” words can and will hurt us, but the right words will inspire and help us all become great throughout this journey of life”

” that warm feeling within us is the love we all have, hatred is not within, only learned from what is around us”


The Globes…The Grammy’s…TheOscar’s…oh my!!!


Looks like this Duck is staring and Quacking up at all of us throughout Mankind, simply because we pay more attention to Drama and Fantasy, than we do towards actually walking our paths through this journey in reality and just being who we truly are.

There are a lot of great movies out there as well as TV shows, you also need people to act a part in order to make them great and just like in life, you do need to reward a job well done, when the person went above and beyond expectations, so others can relax and sit back to enjoy the show, but when the Media pays more attention to the red carpet and the entrances these Actors make, or what they are wearing, just to create much unneeded Drama. The Media does this so the rest of us will live within Fantasy, thinking ” why can’t that be me” and as we do this, then the Media can simply control us, cause we don’t know truly of who we are.

Most of these gowns and tuxedos really belong to the person who created them, as the Actor’s and Actresses are paid to model them along the red carpet through fantasy world. Then you have the Media criticizing all the apparel, just to simply create more unwanted Drama of the event. Then you have certain ones within Hollywood, that will pull out all the stops, to make the grandest entrance that they possibly can, all this just to be within Fantasy World for one night, instead of truly recognizing someone for a job well done.

There are a lot more everyday Folk that work much harder than those within Hollywood, but yet these Folk never receive any award, let alone become noticed in the way of an Actor/Actress. These Folk never ask for anything, but yet still get caught up in the Drama of the red carpet, so they can escape their realities for one night. It is totally okay to escape reality from time to time, so we can destress and unwind, it is when we can’t figure out the difference between the two, that we may portray to others, a side that isn’t truly who we really are.

I get the fact that it is good to escape our realities for a short time, take time to unwind and clear our minds of the everyday mumbo jumbo……..so we don’t become sick from stress, or having stress control who we truly are. Although for me I would go deep in the Wilderness with my pack and my tent, making a camp fire while enjoying the sounds of Nature all around me, as I feel all the stress leave my body, leaving me totally relaxed with no desire to get up and walk around.

We all have our escapes and places for which we go to in order to unwind and relieve ourselves of the daily stress, some like the outdoors, while others take to a movie theater to get lost within the fantasy coming out of the big screen, there is no wrong way if the daily stress simply melts away, like Winter’s ice on a hot day. We all walk our own paths along this journey through life, these paths are our reality, the fantasy comes from inside our heads and what we make of any situation.


” Life is like a jar of Maraschino cherries, when the jar becomes broken, OH!!! What a mess it becomes”

” Life is like the great outdoors when we stay focused and relaxed, we hear all the birds around us singing their happy tunes”

” Life is like the light on our front porch, we leave it on to light our way back home and we can shut or turn it on when needed to”

” Life is reality, as Fantasy is made up to whatever we want to make it”



The Journey into the unknown….



Going hiking to some is just a daily trek up a mountain and then return to the comforts of their home. Hiking for those Outdoor types that like to go from mountain to mountain, is a journey through the unknown and exploring everything around them, as they take in the true beauty of Mother Nature.

Most hikes when you start the daily journey, is a beautiful sunny day at the bottom of the mountain, except if your hiking in the winter then your blazing a trail through the snow as you go. In either case you still have to keep an eye to the sky, as during your trek to the summit the weather can change quicker than you can snap your fingers, which is why you always have to be prepared for anything, as you trek to the summit of the mountain.

Hiking any mountain you always have to be prepared no matter what elevation you are hiking to. When you don’t wear the proper shoes, then blisters can be a major disappointment along your trek and reason for not making the summit of the mountain, not just blisters but what if you should twist an ankle and either sprain or break an ankle? Now you will definitely not be making any summit of any mountain, which makes for having a good first aid kit in your pack you carry on your back. Now having a first aid kit and the proper supplies in it is one thing, the knowing of how to make use of those supplies is a totally different thing, which then brings the knowing of first aid and doing the right thing, so you can get back to your car and getting good medical treatment, so your ankle heals properly. Inside the kit you may have bandages and tape, but knowing how to gather some twigs along the path and making a splint and wrapping it so it stays still, then finding a good walking stick to act as a crutch, will only keep some of the discomfort to a minimum, so you can get back down safely.

The backpack is a vital tool to all Hiker’s, no matter what size mountain, or how long a trek you plan on taking. First it needs to fit comfortable on your back, with a waist belt that takes the load of your shoulders and distributes that weight on your hips, so you can feel comfortable along your journey. The pack itself should have no more than 100 to 130 pounds inside it, depending on the journey you are taking? With that said, it is important to know the right things to pack within the pack for your journey. The most important item on the list of things in the pack is the first aid kit, next would be survival tools for just in case you wander off the path and become lost, like a good bright flashlight to signal as the sun turns to the dark of the night sky, most definitely some waterproof matches if you don’t know how to make a fire without them? This will help you keep the chill away and keep your body temperature at a point above hyperthermic  stage, a good survival knife in your pack will help you in many ways, along with some string so you can tie the knife to a good branch and make a good fishing tool in case you need to catch a fish, so you can cook a meal on the fire you made back at your camp for the night, you need protein to stay sharp and find your way out of where you are. Hiking along any path and trekking into Mother Natures wilderness can seem like a lot of work, but the work is small if you truly want to enjoy and have a good journey no matter where you walk in the great outdoors.

Being prepared along any journey you may walk in your lifetime, is key to having a safe journey and having successful trek along any path throughout this journey of life. The knowledge of knowing how to be prepared and how to react to any situation, will only help you to be ready for whatever that may cross your path, along this journey through life, or whatever journey you may be on, as you trek up the mountain in front of you, or the mountain of life we all are on. We all may take a different path, but the journey is all the same, as we try to walk through as safe and with as much happiness and joy as we can.

” Being safe and being happy are what we all want throughout any journey we are on throughout this journey of life”

” Preparedness is the key to walking this journey of life, or just trekking up a mountain that is in front of us”

” The beauty of Mother Nature is all around us, we just have to be safe and stop to truly see the beauty that is around us”


The Take down within reality…



Along the paths of this journey through life, there are things that do need to be taken down, but when we try to take down each other, now this not only hurts the one that is being taken down, but in the end we all hurt, as the take down then affects us all.

This foot bridge within this picture gets taken down when one wants to cross the stream without getting wet, every Christmas we put up the decorations, then after we take them down to make room for the next holiday decorations, there are many things we put up, that over time we need to take down, to clean or repair from time to time, put up…take down…put up…. take down, seems pretty repetitive, but this is simple for us all as we walk our paths of this journey through life.

What is hurting not only ourselves but all those around us, is the taking down of each other, just so we ourselves can look more important than all that is around us. When one searches out another to try to disrupt their path of their journey, simply means one thing, that the one trying to do the take down, has more hidden issues, than they care to admit to themselves.

All the Drama within the NFL these days with Tom Brady and now Peyton Manning, simply proves more than ever that, when we see others around us having success, we will stop at nothing, to take them down and ruin all their credibility., simply because we are jealous of them. The fact is that we have become so lazy within our own little Worlds, that we don’t want to put in the hard work, be determined to achieve greatness, instead we will take down whoever that is around, just so we can seem at first glance, that we are just as important as the next, so we then become lazy for whatever that may cross our paths.

We have not only become jealous of the Sports Celebrity, we have become jealous of all who is around us and even more so, within this Society of today, as we walk our paths of this journey through life.


” Life is hard enough to learn all of its lessons, we don’t have to make it harder, as we disrespect and take down one another”

” Part of the lesson we learn within our lives, is to treat each other with respect, without any taking down of anything that is around us”

” we all throughout Mankind need to be better at respecting each and only take down the picture frame to clean it”

” The take down isn’t some Wrestling event that everybody is all about me and acting like they are better than the rest”


Life cycles throughout the journey of life



As we walk our paths throughout this journey of life, what we take most for granted is, everything that happens within life, no matter what Era we are in, keeps revolving throughout the cycle of life. The Cycle of life is just a big circle that keeps repeating itself over time, sometimes within the circle there may be times that the links of the chain that hold the cycle together may weaken over time, but we as Individuals have to for see the weakness and change the links, to make the cycle of life better and stronger.

Everything around us travels the same cycle of life and as everything evolves through time, we have to maintain the cycle, much like we do preventative maintenance to our vehicles, so they won’t break down and leave us stranded in the middle of nowhere. Everything around will break down over time if we don’t maintain it and keep it solid, we just have to understand better of the process and stop being lazy with the work we need to do, so we can move forward better and stronger than the last era, that has walked their path through this journey of life.

There has been television shows throughout my lifetime that has pushed all the issues to the point of controversy and there have been shows that are simply the best of my lifetime so far. The show All in the Family has been the biggest show I know that has pushed the issues greatly and that show would never of made it throughout this Society of Political Correction today, Archie and Edith were great actors together and made that show great as we saw it, then the topics for each episode………. lets just say, the writer’s definitely pushed all the right buttons and the issues that most would never push.  The best show of my life time is NCIS hands down, this show is as close to reality as you can get and the writer’s are simply the best of any writer’s for a show today. The Writer;s take what ever is going on within this World and turn it into a show, from whats happening within the World, to a death of one of the cast members and the writers spin it like it is actually real life and not a show. Gibbs, Dinozzo, McGee, Abby and Ducky are the core cast and totally make the show a gem to watch. With the talent of the cast and the creativity of the Writers, makes this show the best and a must watch for those who have never seen it.

There may have been shows of a different era when TV first came to us that may have been good, but that was a time before I was here to cast an opinion, but just like the cycle of life evolves, Television shows also evolve from era to era, these shows change depending on the times and what is happening within the World, so if they change than why can’t we as Individuals change, so we all can walk our paths within this journey of life, in peace while being totally happy and smiling at all that is around us?  Before Television there was radio and Families would gather around the radio every day and listen to the shows and the news that was happening, these were times that we all looked out for one another, now we could care less of one another and if something happened to someone close, we simply would step over them like they weren’t even there. Families were actually a Family, gathering around the table together for dinner time and actually talked about their day. Communication was a big part of our daily lives and now……. let’s just say there is a big disconnect within our Society today. Now if we want to fix the weak link of the chain of our life cycle today, then lets start by communicating better with each other, so we all can move forward better and stronger, along our paths of this journey through life.


” The cycle of life is a big circle that has links to the chain, we have to maintain the chain to be better and stronger moving forward”

” Communicating properly is the biggest thing for a Society to thrive and be at its best moving forward”

” Archie Bunker or NCIS…….. Two of the best shows of their prospective era’s”

The true magic of Christmas


” The bright radiant colors of the flowers, bring out the beauty of all that is around them, like the true magic of Christmas fills our hearts with warmth”


Every Christmas we see all the old Classic Christmas movies and within these movies they bring our attention to the Magic of Christmas, the Christmas miracles and all the lights around us. The true magic of Christmas doesn’t just happen at Christmas time, the real magic happens everyday as we walk our paths along this journey through life. The magic happens inside each one of us and we just have to feel the warmth within our hearts, acknowledge the true power of the magic, as we let the warmth of God’s love fill our hearts and souls, then share this love with each other.

The magic of Christmas doesn’t just happen at Christmas, it happens everyday as we walk our paths of this journey through life and all we have to do is acknowledge the love within us, let it fill our hearts with warmth and share with all that is around us.

Some of us may become bitter because we don’t understand the true power of the magic of Christmas, or maybe because we get so consumed with making money at our jobs to survive, we then forget about all else around us, then there are these life events that come across our paths, which changes us in ways that, even we ourselves don’t recognize who we have become? There is so much that can derail us along our paths, that we forget who we really are and don’t acknowledge the love of God that is within us all.

You can see that within this Society we all live and all that is going on around us, it is very easy to get caught up in all the Drama, which shows that we can also simply forget of the true Christmas magic and lose touch of the love that is within us all. ” The hate we see around us today is learned from somewhere and we are not born this way, but the love is within us all”.

The love that is within us all is where the true Christmas magic happens, the real magic can happen at anytime within the year and not just at Christmas time, we just have to acknowledge it to unleash it’s true power. Unlike going to a magic show where it’s a trick, with the hand being quicker than the eye, the magic of Christmas is no trick and we all can unleash its true power and all we have to do is feel the love within our hearts, then share with all that is around us.

During the day of Valentine’s they say ” love is in the air”. What they are truly talking about is, the love within our hearts is being shared with all that is around us. It doesn’t take a special day for this, it only takes we as Individuals being in touch with who we truly are and not hiding within ourselves, which buries the love within us deeper within our core. The deeper we bury our love the colder our hearts become and a cold heart has no feelings to warm it, as the magic at any time will cease to exist. The love that is within us, is the magic of Christmas, or of anytime of the year, to unleash the true magic is to feel this love everyday, as we walk our paths along this journey of life.


” Christmas is a special time of year which we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, his journey taught us how to unleash the magic of Christmas all year long”

” Love is in the air when we unleash the love within us, to all those around us”

” when a Magician does his magic it is only a trick, true magic is felt within the hearts of all of us as we walk our paths along this journey of life”



Victim of circumstance


” Victim of anything will take away a big piece of who we are”


We all throughout Mankind have been Victimized at some point in our lives and from anything/anyone as we walk our paths along this journey through life. With all the talks of the group ISIS and their sick and twisted ways in which they operate, never once have I heard any talks of the Victims they are creating each and every day but when we become a Victim , we shut our selves down simply because we hurt deeply inside and when we try to move forward, we suppress all the pain and do not communicate anything of the pain, cause we are afraid to admit to anybody of what has happened cause we think all will look at us as weak?

There are many Victims created everyday around us as we speak, could be something simple and trivial, or it could be something very major, to which changes the lives of the Victim drastically, as they try to move forward on their paths of their journey through life. There is a strong chance that the ones creating the Victims, have also been a Victim at some point in their lives? With that said…… Shows just how much this Society is hurting deeply, to which makes this a broken Society in need of a major fix, in a big way. The only true way for a Victim to be better and stronger from their Victimization is, to talk and communicate about it, reach out for a helping hand instead of hiding deep within themselves, sometimes there are things that we need to communicate with someone we trust, so we don’t carry around any unwanted luggage, that drags us down as we walk our paths along this journey through life.

When we watch the news and see tragedies every day, true we may look and feel sad at what happened, but we don’t show enough empathy for the Victims of that tragedy, because we think that it didn’t affect me, so I won’t think about who may be the innocent Victim and the Victim may never communicate of what happened, simply because they don’t want to be looked at as weak. What we all take for granted is, not only do we hurt from being a Victim, but that little Child within us all, hurts even worse than that of the Victim themselves. That Child within us all is affected in ways we never see, cause we don’t acknowledge that Child, we don’t take care of that Child, like we do ourselves and when we don’t take care of that Child, then we never grow to our full potential, which then the end result is we throughout Society as we walk our paths of our journey through life, simply wander in the clouds of our judgements, with no true direction to where we are going.

A Victim is created in a couple different ways, either they are targeted  or they are created by circumstance, from something or someone out of their control. No matter which way the Victim is created, it brings much pain and hurt to the Victim and that Child deep within their core, plus the Victim then becomes someone they truly are not, simply because they are hiding within themselves and have created this fake self that they portray to others, in order to try to escape the real pain and hurt. The only way to truly escape the pain and hurt, is to communicate about it and reach out for help, it takes a stronger person to know how to reach out when they need and when we reach out correctly, then we all can walk our paths along this journey of life peacefully and with a smile instead of a daily frown.


” To reach out for help correctly only helps us all become stronger and better moving forward”

” True Communication is key to all of us moving forward, it helps us all stay true to who we are, as we walk this journey through life”

” A Victim is created by another Victim who is hiding their pain and hurt deep within the core of their being”