The season to enjoy peace and serenity



The season of camping is upon us once again, a time to escape our nine to five worlds and replace it with a world full of nature, peace, serenity and true beauty. real camping isn’t about showing off the new gadgets or parking a motor home at a campsite with many others, true camping is going to a place of true beauty within nature, so you can totally relax and forget about all the crap within this screwed up society for a short time during each trip. Some may not think of camping without running water, or a nice comfy bed to lie in as fun, but too be one with nature and enjoy all the true beauty around us, will give you free therapy and a natural way to destress, so you can have total peace and serenity away from all the crap within a screwed up Society.

Depending on the amount of equipment you have, camping can be a bit of work to set camp, but once camp is set, now you are on camp time, which is the time to relax within nature. Go for a nature walk and see some very different scenes than you may see within your usual path, maybe even see some different kinds of animals than just a dog or a cat? see a lot of different types of plant life, than the usual trees, shrubs or flowers, that get planted in your yard or the neighbors yard. With a camp fire burning in the fire pit and you sitting there staring into the fire, it can hypnotize you into a trance of total relaxation, with zero worries of whats around you, the campfire is always the center piece of the campsite, just like the fruit basket with the nuts being the center piece of the family thanksgiving  table.

Camping has come a long way with all the different gear you can achieve, yes it can be expensive as well, starting with the tent and instead of taking a while to set up the old school tents and figuring out which poles go with which, now you have easy up tents, that take just minutes and even with LED lights within the poles, to light up the inside of the tents. Then instead of sleeping on the ground, you can have a cot that isn’t that big, fit into your tent to rise you off the ground, plus you can also get an auto inflate air mattress, that when you unscrew the valve, it fills with air automatically, just don’t forget to screw it back tightly or the air will escape when you lie down. You really don’t need all these new modern gadgets, but they will make the true camping experience more enjoyable, so you than can be one with nature and totally relax within the peace and serenity, that camping should be all about.

We all need some kind to escape so we can refocus and move forward  along our paths through this journey of life to be better and stronger as well, we work hard at our jobs, then we work even harder at making our living quarters look presentable, not to just ourselves, but too all those around us as well. Then we go to the gym to work hard at making ourselves look as presentable as we can? Our downtime is in front of a picture tube bringing us either the drama of the day, or a night time drama TV show, that is an Actor acting a fictitious part, that we think is helping us escape our realities? Where does all the work end? If anything we work so hard everyday, that we then become out of focus, without truly enjoying all the true beauty that is around us. When we go true camping and become one with nature and see all the true beauty around, as Jesus Christ taught us, when he came and walked his journey with us, this is what truly relaxes us, so we can be at true peace, while we stay in touch with our true feelings. Yes we want to be comfortable no matter where we are and with all the technology around us, we have forgotten just what real comfortable truly is, sometimes we have to go back to the basics, so we can recharge, refocus and get back to being of truly who we are.

Sometimes we work too hard at trying to keep an appearance of trying to be someone we truly are not, when we should just simply be who we truly are and going camping within the beauty  of nature, helps us do just that, by refocusing and totally relaxing, without all the drama and the crap of our everyday lives. When we are truly of who we are, it is so much easier to be in touch with our true feelings, so we then can share our love within us, just as Jesus taught us, with each other. the paths we walk within this journey of life, really does not have to be as hard as we make it out to be, so instead of getting caught up within all the drama and the crap, go camping within nature, to refocus and totally relax with all the true beauty all around you.


” Camping can be as modern as you make it, but it will always be about nature and relaxation to refocus moving forward”

” Nature’s beauty full of peace and serenity, to see the true beauty throughout this journey of life”

” Why should you work hard at keeping up an appearance, when you can relax and be truly of who you are”

” To have total faith in Jesus Christ, is too have total faith in yourself moving forward”




There is a Destiny within the Journey




This quote by the late Stuart Scott is an awesome quote, as you can change a few words, to have it go in whatever direction you want it to go in. Like you can take out the word Cancer and have something like this:


” You walk a path through this journey of life, By how you live and in the manner in which you live, so you can create your own destiny for which to live”


While walking through this journey, there will be many bumps that will bruise us, many obstacles that we need to get either over or around, sometimes we bring on these obstacles or bumps by our own in actions and sometimes they come from other sources? But either way this journey of life can be either as smooth as we want, or so bumpy, that we never truly give ourselves a chance to heal and move forward correctly.

I don’t know how many of you are familiar with the TV show NCIS? This show has been on the air for sixteen seasons now, the writer’s of the show are some of the best writer’s of any show and the topics they write, as well as the episodes that air, are pretty much as real as you can get, within the reality of life. Then there are the Actors of the show, these Individuals are like a car salesman, they have to believe in and become one with the Character they play, to completely sell the show to all of us as the viewer, not too mention making a connection to all of us as we watch each and every week.

Pauley Perrette………… AKA  Abby Sciuto, throughout her journey of all sixteen seasons on the show, has made millions of connections and has become a role model to many who have watched this show of NCIS. She has inspired so many and with her Goodbye episode this past Tuesday night,  there were many teary eyed people throughout the viewing Audience of the show. Abby’s journey throughout the show was of, kindness, empathy and compassion, as she worked her magic of forensics while she helped the team solve a lot of crimes. No matter how ugly each case was, Abby always saw the good and it showed in her actions, her sweet kindness made all the ugliness, look as beautiful of as a Rose. As Abby was on the show, Pauley Perrette is the same in real life, it was like Abby was actually playing herself on the show, which is how this show became so unique and how the show became so popular throughout the World. Yes we will all miss Abby, but as she moves forward on her journey away from NCIS, we too shall move forward throughout our journey along our paths. We all will still watch the show, as these writer’s keep bringing us back, with their creativity and suspense they keep us in. It is just like this journey, the Character’s and the events may change, but the journey keeps moving forward for all.

True that NCIS is a TV show and we all watch it in our realities, but when you have a writer’s room full of very creative writer’s and willing to explore topics of reality within the show, now you have the makings of one of the best shows ever, in the history of this invention called a television and the Character’s within the show, do their part within the show, to sell the show to each of us week after week. True it sucks when you watch a show and make a connection with one or two of the Character’s then they leave the show for whatever reason, but as they move forward with their journey’s, we to must move forward with our journey’s, as we all walk our paths within our reality, throughout this big journey called life.


” A good quote can stand the test of time and inspire us in many ways”

” The destiny within the journey varies between you and I, you just need faith in yourself and hope within the journey”

” The NCIS writer’s are very creative Individuals and know how to create the perfect words to keep us all in suspense from week to week”

” You make connections with certain Actor’s and when they leave the show you miss them deeply but you both move forward within reality”









important topics that should be taken seriously


We all walk a path through this journey of life, there will be many things that will come across our paths that will knock us down if we are not ready. We all will suffer many setbacks, with the many issues that come before us on our paths, these issues will control us if we don’t take the time to understand them, as well as bring us much pain and hurt, when we become hurt with the pain from the issues, we then suppress deeply our true feelings, so we than can try to move forward on our paths, like  there is nothing wrong? A lot of the times if we just communicate with someone whom we trust, about the hurt from the pain, really communicate deeply of the issues that hurt us deeply, just maybe we then can understand better of the issues, so we than can heal our pains and move forward better and stronger.

One of the biggest topics throughout Mankind that was Taboo to communicate about, was the topic of Sex Abuse. This kind of abuse not just was hard to talk about by anybody, but is especially hard for the Victim to communicate at all to anybody. As a Society on a whole, nobody wanted to hear of or communicate to this abuse, simply because as a Victim, you were shamed into burying your true feelings deep inside, only because you feared that those around you, would laugh and ridicule you behind your back. Through the shame of this kind of abuse, it would leave the Victim with the feeling of low self esteem and low self worth, thinking that just maybe, there is something wrong with me to have this happen? Then with the deep feelings from the hurt and pain, the Victim would then bury it so deep, that their true feeling would be lost within as well. Without realizing  it, the little child within would then become lost and not grow healthy within, leaving us on the outside, troubled and not growing healthy like that child within us.

Since that knucklehead in Hollywood and with all the ones coming out of who he abused, there is a hashtag that was started on twitter of #meto, now there are so many using that hashtag to come out from their abuse and trying to heal themselves from their hurt and pain, that through social media people are using it for a positive and trying to help themselves feel their true feelings, that they have buried for so long. Through all the crap that is on social media today, just maybe now it can be used for a positive, so those that have been abused, can come out, communicate truly and truly feel their real feelings deep within. We all have our issues, we all struggle with these issues, but when we don’t truly understand them, or when we don’t truly communicate them, so we than can heal the pain and hurt, then we will always be a Society that is broken, we will always be a Society with no true love or empathy and even worse, all the ugliness and the hatred will never leave us in this Society.

Sex Abuse is nothing new to us, not just within this Society, but all Societies of the past. So why then have we not been able to heal from the pain and hurt it brings? Communication is the biggest part in understanding totally of this problem and without it, then no one will ever truly understand it. Those who suffer this dreadful issue of sex abuse, don’t truly feel their real feelings, so they then bury deep within of who they truly are, then try to move forward with this fake self, so everybody around won’t think they suffer deep within. The Victim will also have zero trust of anything around them, which then will bring many more issues to their paths they walk. Through this hashtag of #meto, we can all clearly see that, there are many more than we realize, who suffer quietly within, Just walk down the street and truly feel the love and empathy within you, so you than can look deeply into all around you and see truly of who is around you, this problem of sex abuse has been around more then we want to admit to or talk about, so the amount of Victims are far greater than what we may think. The only way for us to walk our paths of this journey through life is, to communicate totally of the issues that may come across our paths, so not only we can understand for ourselves, but we can understand better for all those around us, as we truly show our true love and empathy and truly help each other heal from the true pain and hurt, then we all can walk our paths of this journey in true peace and happiness always.


” Sex abuse has been a huge problem throughout Mankind, just that nobody truly communicated of it and healed totally from it”

” This journey through life has many issues that will test us, it is time to start acing the test so we can be at true peace and happiness”

” Communication is the one true key throughout this journey, so we can understand better as we walk our paths”

” #meto is the one biggest and best thing that has happened in recent years, letting some truly heal from their pain and hurt”

” When social media is used correctly, it can help us all move forward and not backwards”


Out with the old…….in with the new


Ronald Reagan was one of the greatest Presidents of my lifetime so far, with JFK a close second, just too bad he couldn’t finish his time at 1600 Pennsylvania avenue, Ronald Reagan said during his time, ” if Fascism comes before us along our paths of this journey, it would be in the form of Liberalism”. Well I got a news flash for you!!! It is here and those Liberals have taken it too an all new height.

Then you have Hollywood, these people do nothing but act a part of a Fictitious character, then when they have an awards show for their actions and do nothing but bash all that is around them. Now don’t get me wrong, there are still a few good Actor’s out there, but not like the days of the past, for the most part, these Actor’s will do nothing but, try to lecture us all in the fine art of, making their fake reality, a big part of all our realities.

Another Hollywood award show in the books, now as much as I could give two ( you know whats), it is reported everywhere throughout the Liberal media, only because it fits right into their agendas, so it then gets stuffed further down our throats. I could care less what Hollywood thinks as these Individuals, with their acting of their fictitious characters, only will bring to us their views, instead of actually using their brain and truly spreading around fact, so we then can respect them moving forward. When you take to an award show for which you have been nominated, or even better, you have actually won an award for your craft, then maybe you should accept that award with grace, acknowledge those who helped you get to that point, but never should you use this time space to bash anyone and never should you even try to, force your views or fake realities down the throats of, not just those around you, but of those who graciously voted to give you that award.

Now not just those in Hollywood are shoving their views down our throats, we also have some that are completely clueless, that will do anything to disrupt our daily lives, just to try to get us all to see their warped and twisted views. Those of us that are in the silent majority that simply move forward within our paths of this journey, try so hard to focus on what is important, but where all this hatred and ugliness is everywhere, it then becomes that much harder, for even us to move forward in peace and happiness. Our paths through this journey of life really is not that hard to do it correctly, it is we the people that make it hard, with our actions or non actions.

With each Society that comes to this journey to walk their paths, you will have many changes that will come as well, true some change are good and very true, that there will be many changes that are a very bad fit, or that will bring much pain and hurt to our paths. This is where we the people have to be smarter and weed out the bad changes,so we than can make a more informed decision of change to our lives as we walk our paths of this journey through life. Change is good when done correctly, but when we change and it does nothing but disrupt our lives, then we need to look no further than at ourselves, so we then can correct our mistakes, instead of pushing the blame on another around us, which then leads us into a time like we are in now, by taking our fake realities and views, then shoving it down the throats of all that is around us.

We all walk a path through this journey of life, not all the paths can double as a correct path for each of us, which then has us all looking to groom our own paths for the way that best fits ourselves, it is not up to a few to blaze a trail for the rest of us, as we all have to put in the work, blaze a trail that best fits ourselves, so we than can work together in unity and walk our paths of this journey in peace and happiness, while we make the correct changes, to move forward better and stronger.


” Out with the old, in with the new, this is how we make the correct changes and move forward better and stronger”

” To accept an award with grace, has nothing to do with bashing anybody or furthering an agenda that has no merit”

” Each path we walk has it’s ups and downs that will bruise us and hurt us, but if we don’t smooth out the path, or fix what we need, then the path will never become smooth moving forward”

” Hollywood is full of Actor’s that act a part of a Fictitious Character, these character’s are within a fake reality, lets leave them there and move forward within the real reality”


To the Moon and beyond!!!


Star Wars and Star Trek were definitely in my lifetime, the front runners in the World of Sci fi movies. Some of these Actors and Actresses nobody ever heard of at the beginning of all the series that were made, through the years some became the main stay actors of the movie, while others have changed and moved on, Princess Leia became one of those Iconic Actors on the hit film Star Wars.  Carrie Fischer alias Princess Leia from the hit Star Wars, she went from a no name, to being a big name within the the household of America, whether she wanted it or not? She is now an Iconic Actress within the World of Hollywood.

Hollywood, what exactly does the World of Hollywood hold? We have all heard of the starving Artist? Someone who struggles through life, til they receive their big break and then actually start making money for their craft, this happens in the World of Hollywood also, not all Actor’s and Actresses make the big time and most only end up getting these small bit parts, that really gets them no where at all, we never hear of the the part of Hollywood where most struggle and end up working side jobs just to make ends meet, that’s because Hollywood is all about the make believe, the glitz and the glamour,  they want us all to think that they are first class and the rest of us are the lonely Peasants to them. There are many Starving Artist’s around this World, which Carrie Fischer was one of, she got that big break in Star Wars, where so many others never get that break and struggle everyday to make ends meet throughout their journey of life.

Another part of Hollywood we never hear about, or Hollywood covers up to hide the ugly so only Glitz and Glamour shine is, all Actor’s even the ones who make it, struggle with depression, drugs, alcohol, or being bi-polar, or a whole slew of other issues. Hollywood doesn’t want us to see this side, simply because they are the World of make believe and not reality, Hollywood wants to look perfect but the reality is, nobody is perfect and we all make mistakes, it is the mistakes that makes us stronger and better moving forward, so under this philosophy we the everyday folk, are much stronger than those in the World of Hollywood. There are very few in the World of Hollywood that live into their eighties or nineties, but there are many more of us regular folk that live well into our nineties and beyond, those within the World of Hollywood are only kidding themselves and short changing themselves, to a well walked path, through this journey of life.

Star Wars and Star Trek were two of the biggest movies made within my lifetime, these two movies have given big breaks to a lot of struggling Artists of their time, to which a handful became even bigger names in the household of America. When we do hit it big, whether in the World of Hollywood or in your own little World, we all tend to take for granted what is truly around us, we make ourselves sick with the stress of keeping up with what we have become, instead of just relaxing and going with the flow of life, just like the water flows down the stream, when the water breaks through the dam, it then floods everything around it and creates way more chaos then anything can handle, just as the stress in our lives does when we become bigger then we imagined and then try to keep up with ourselves, or all those around us. Everything can be handled much better in moderation so we than, when something goes wrong, can fix what we need to fix and move forward better and stronger. even in Hollywood if they kept the make believe to the big screen and the reality to real life, then Hollywood wouldn’t have to hide the ugly, so all we see is the Glitz and Glamour then in the long run, even those within the World of Hollywood can achieve true success, those starving Artist types that we all have been at one time or another, can be less of as we all learn to make ends meet. We all want to be in the Glitz and Glamour we see throughout Hollywood today, but we first have to except that, what we see isn’t truly the Glitz and Glamour, as it takes a lot of struggling to get to that point and the road is far from easy, some of us may not be cut out for that way of life, which makes it much more easier and a lot less stress if we just find where we fit in comfortably, then work hard in that area, so then we can walk our paths with strength and in happiness, along this journey through life as peacefully as we can.


” Actor’s, Actresses, Artist’s and Writer’s, they all start out on a very difficult road and trying for their big break, which for some never comes”

” A Starving Artist is a person trying to break into a way of life, that truly only a few have broken into with true success”

” Carrie Fischer…..AKA….. Princess Leia, may she RIP, as her journey went from being a no name, to a big name within the household of America”

” There is more to Hollywood than the glitz and the glamour of the make believe, there is the ugly of reality and the stress, drugs, alcohol, depression or all the other sicknesses that take lives earlier instead of later”


Memorial day weekend

Autumn Leaves

” The dawn of a new beginning, may we all look back and remember on this Memorial day of all the greatness, so we can move forward stronger and better”


Within this Society of today, some will only look at this weekend as a big party for drinking and BBQ’s. The real meaning and what this Memorial day weekend is truly about, for us to look back at what was, so we than can move forward stronger and better. May we never forget those of our Military past, that put themselves in harm’s way, so we today can enjoy our BBQ’s, while being free to do and go wherever we want to go. It is very easy for us today to forget about a time that is long removed from our paths of this journey through life, but what we should never forget is the fact of some brave men and woman, put themselves in harms way and have perished, so this Country can be great and the people within this Country, can be free to live in peace and happiness, throughout their journey of life.

True we all want to party and have a good time, but for us within this Society these parties and good times have come with a cost from Generations of our past, all we have to do is show some respect towards these Generations, that we appreciate and thank them so we today can be free to do what we want and travel freely to wherever we want to go. Even today with all the turmoil around the World, we have brave young men and woman, fighting in dangerous places around the globe, then when they come home we ignore them like the Plague, we show them no respect with a simple ” Thank you”, all we think of is ourselves and how can I party and drink til I can’t stand up no more. I get the fact we all have issues and these life events that come to us along our paths, will try to control who we truly are, but unless we totally understand of these issues and events, they will control us and turn us into something we are not.

Sometimes in life as we walk our paths along this journey, we have to think back at a better time and place, see where we went wrong, so we can totally fix what is happening now, so we then can move forward stronger and better than we ever been, we also have to pay tribute to the ones that have made it possible for us to succeed along our journey, pay tribute to the ones that have paid the ultimate sacrifice, so we can move forward better and stronger, I wouldn’t want to even think of what could of been without these brave men and woman of our past and present, that make this Country great so we all within this Society can be free and walk our paths of this journey through life, in peace and happiness while enjoying all that is around us. May we never forget those brave men and woman of our past and present, that put themselves in harms way and some who pay the ultimate sacrifice for us, that is what this Memorial day weekend is about, all the BBQ’s and parties take a back seat to the true meaning of this weekend. When you see a person in uniform of one of our Armed service men and woman, just a simple ” thank you for your service” as you go about your path, will go along way in not only showing respect for them, but showing respect of the brave men and woman of our past, not too mention will help us feel good inside and help us better understand our issues, so we can truly be who we are and fix what we need to fix, so we then can move forward better and stronger, along our paths of this journey through life.


” Memorial day weekend is more than a BBQ and a party, it’s about remembering the brave, so we can be free”

” Within this Society we all want to move forward better and stronger, but first we have to remember where we went wrong, so the journey forward will truly be better for us all”


To Truly be who you are……


Robin Williams was truly a special Person, he made us all laugh and smile through the years. From his stand up comedy, to his movie Acting whether serious or funny roles, We were all blessed to experience a great man, who we all admired and liked.

While Robin Williams was making us all smile through the years, he was hurting greatly deep inside himself, the Depression he was suffering from, was basically eating him from the inside out. Depression is a Mental Illness, that we need to take care of, as there are more than we care to acknowledge, that suffer this Dreadful Disease.

This Depression can attack anyone and it does not discriminate, it doesn’t care if you are filthy rich, or if you live on the streets and Homeless. A lot of our Homeless People are Homeless because of either, Society has forced them to the streets, or they suffer a Mental Illness that keeps them from walking their paths of this journey through life properly. Our Government just to make their budgets, will cut certain things to save a buck, one of those things is, Mental Illness, leaving many People to fend for themselves, with no where to turn when they need a Helping hand, so they then take to the streets and walk a very troubling journey throughout their lives.

Pauley  Perrette……AKA Abby sciuto the big star of the #1 show NCIS, is a big Advocate for the Homeless and also reaching out to help them by being their voice. Back a few months ago, she was viciously attacked by a Homeless man at knife point, he said he would kill here, so Miss Perrette went along with him and lied there on the ground in complete Fear of her life. This Man was later found and is now in jail, but Pauley was hurting deeply inside from this attack and only now she is speaking out from it. She is in a much better space now, with the help she reached out for. Unfortunately in this Society not all of us have someone to reach out to at our time of need,  so they then walk their journey’s while they hurt deeply inside, “this Depression does not discriminate”, but we throughout this Society do and is why there are many who hurt deeply inside. Pauly is truly a special Person like Robin Williams, whether in the Television show acting, or in life walking her journey. I just read an article of her finally speaking out after her attack and talking of her attacker. Pauley said that she cried real tears and totally forgives her attacker, now if this isn’t true Empathy, than someone clue me in as to what is.

Now if we all were in touch of our true Empathy like Pauley is, then just maybe this Society would be a much better Society for us all to walk our paths of our journey through life. Sometimes in life we come across great People and two of those great People are, Robin Williams and Pauley Perrette.



” True Empathy is within us all we just have to feel it, then acknowledge it, so we can then share it with all those around”

” Homelessness is a much bigger problem than we truly acknowledge it is, we all have to work together in first acknowledging it, then taking action to fix the problem forever”


As American as Apple Pie



The American Dream……… The true American Dream does not come as easy as we think it does, it takes very hard work on all our parts and it will never be handed to you on a silver platter. It is a lot more than the nice house with a white picket fence out front, the two cars within the garage, the families we help support and raise, the true American Dream comes with respect and dignity that is earned with hard work, which is something this Society has forgotten.

Within these pictures you have one with flowers, the other to some simply looks like a dirt road, with no vibrancy. The true American Dream starts as the dirt road and with hard work on all our parts, we all can see the beauty of the flowers, the Dream will never start with the flowers and if it does, then you will never know what it is to achieve the Respect and Dignity that follows the hard work.

The true American Dream has become lost within this lazy, I want it now Society. We all have become so lazy that we want everything given to us and have lost what the words ” hard work” really means. There is so much crap around us now a days, that it is harder to look deeply into what we see. Then you have to deal with the big Ego’s of some, that want nothing more but control everything around them and will do anything to get that power. It is never more clear than this Presidential race of 2016. The Establishments of both Parties want to control everything and have all of us as their Puppets. It does not happen this way and when it does, there is no more respect and dignity within this Society, which is why the true American Dream has become lost within the clouds of all our judgments.

The American Dream used to be as American as Apple pie and going to a Ball game, but with all the “Illegal” Immigrants coming here in droves, stealing all our jobs, how are we suppose to find a good job, so we can work hard in achieving the true American Dream? With all the Companies leaving and going to other Countries then selling their product back here, makes it even harder to find a good job, but yet they want us to buy their product? If we are not working than we can’t buy anything, let alone achieve the true American Dream. I understand the fact that America was built on and by Immigrants, but it was Immigrants that did it the right way, with a dream and that dream became the American Dream, when this continent became known as the United States of America. These Immigrants also worked very hard for their Dream to become a reality and without this hard work, America might not even of become America.

The time is now for each of us to look deeply into what we see, get back to the hard work that built this Country, get rid of the clouds surrounding our judgments and stop looking for the free ride that never comes. We also have to stop stepping on another mans shine and trying to become more powerful than the other. America was great then and it can be great again when we do it correctly, as we all walk our paths of this journey through life correctly, plus we all can enjoy what the American Dream truly stands for, while we all live in peace and happiness, being better and stronger moving forward.


” The American Dream takes hard work and dedication to achieve the goals of respect and dignity”

” Without the respect and dignity there is no dream, which then breeds other crap that is not truly who we are”

” Apple pie and Baseball are only the perks of living the American Dream, with the true American Dream these two don’t exist”


Racism really doesn’t exist within us



Racism is really just a word that some have exploited, just so they can try to move ahead of another, without working hard and moving forward, as Jesus taught us when he came and walked his journey with us.

There is no such thing as Racism as this word only shows how dumb we have become, within this Society. We are all Human beings walking a path along this journey through life, just that we are unique to each other. This Uniqueness includes, our minds which brings our own thoughts, some may be of a different color, but this in no way proves that we are a different kind of “Human” from one another, just because we are a different color doesn’t take away the fact that, we are still a Human Being. There are some that are of a different Origin and ethnicity, but they to are still a Human Being with their own uniqueness, that they bring to the rest of us along this journey of life. We all have Feelings and Emotions of which true Empathy thrives, just maybe the fact that some have buried their true Empathy deep within themselves, that they have taken to use this word of Racism, just so they can have an excuse to try to move forward ahead of those around them?  We throughout this Society have become so lost within the clouds of our judgments, that we have learned from all the wrong areas, in order to move forward correctly.

Today we deal with certain Celebrities coming forward and using their ” star status”. just to try lead the rest of us in a direction we normally would never travel. In a sense they are simply using their ” star status” to make themselves look better than the rest of us throughout this Society. Truly there is not one Human better than the other, some may be more successful only because they worked hard at achieving that success, while a small percent of the others become jealous and lazy, so they learn to use words like “racism” just to try to move ahead of the successful ones.

We all walk a path through this journey of life, a path for one that has brought them great success, may simply not be the correct path for another? It is up to each of us as an Individual to find the right path that brings us the same success as the other. This is why we are unique to each other and why we can think for ourselves, so we can determine whether or not a path is right for us and can bring us to the path of righteousness, like Jesus showed us along his journey.

We in this Society have become so consumed with this Drama, that we have allowed this word of Racism to bring great hatred to us, we have also allowed it to turn us against each other, instead of doing what is not only within us or what is natural to us and that is, feeling our true Empathy from within and sharing it with each other. When we all show our love of ourselves with each other, this Society will be a great Society once again. We all walk a path through this journey of life, maybe we should work and look harder at finding the path that is right for ourselves, instead of being jealous at the ones that have found their path, then doing what ever we have to, in order to hate on everything around us. We walk this journey once maybe it is a good idea to do it correctly, so when the day comes of our last breathe, we can take it and forever be at peace, with a journey completed, in happiness and love, not just of ourselves, but of all those around us.


” Racism is just a word that we as Humans have turned it into something that turns us all against each other”

” A true Leader doesn’t need an excuse to move forward better and stronger, they use hard work to determine their fate along their journey of life”

” In a Society full of love and empathy, there is no room for words like Racism and we are all happy moving forward along this journey”


The Tale of the Floundering Flip Flops


Flip Flops……. Tongs? What ever you want to call them,  the  are a form of open toed shoe we  wear on a hot humid day. Flip Flop is also something we do when we are for something one day, then go against it the next day. Flip Flop on a subject is something we all do, even without realizing we are doing it, although we throughout this Society do it more than we will admit to. Most of the time as we walk our paths of this journey through life, we will flip flop many things, just because we don’t want to be looked as different, than those around us.

Within this Society instead of doing what we feel and know is right, we tend to follow those around us, for fear of being made fun of or looked at as different, because we don’t do as they do. As someone we know close to us is doing something totally different than we are doing, we will then Flip Flop and do as them, regardless of whether we know it is right or wrong. We fear so much of what others think of us we forget truly of who we are, we get lost within the clouds of our judgement and then we become someone we truly are not.

The biggest Culprit of being a Flip Flopper is our Elected Officials, these Individuals will tell us one thing in order to get elected, then when they are in office, they do the opposite of what they said. We as Citizens not only have to be smarter than them, we have to make better judgements and research better of who we are voting for. True these Individuals that are running for an office come from a law background and know every loop hole for which to get through, but we the Citizens have to close these holes, before they can squeeze through them and Rob us of not just our pride and dignity, but take us for all our hard earned money as well.

” When you can walk your path of this journey through life without messing another’s shoe shine, then you can be at true peace with a job well done”

We in this Society have become complacent and lazy, and when we can take short cuts to advance ourselves we will do just that. We have forgotten what the words ” Hard Work” truly means and because of that, we won’t blink an eye to stepping on each other in order to further ourselves. This is a sad reality, but it is the reality we are living right now and it starts with the top, then works it way down. When those in power follow these ways and the ones below see them do it, now you have a Society that is afraid to step out of the box and be who they truly are.

Let the words Flip Flops stay with the form of shoe wear, let’s not as a Society be known as a Society of Flip Floppers, when we all be who we truly are, then we all can walk our paths of this journey through life in peace, while we all become better and stronger moving forward. This journey isn’t about stepping on each other’s shine, as this journey in the eyes of God our Creator, is about all of us sharing our love with each other, helping one another at times of need and when we do this, nothing but good will come to each of us, as we walk our paths through this journey of life.


” Flip Flops are a form of shoe wear, it is not about saying one thing and doing another”

” Being a Flip Flopper is not truly who we are this gets learned from somewhere,  what is within all of us is love and is truly who we are”

” It takes more effort to Flip Flop, than it does to simply show our love from within with ieach other”