Starting out on a new path, in my Journey of Life. I am 48 years old, been in the Food service industry for 35 years now. Working as a Chef, I have become quite creative, working with all different kinds of foods, now I am taking that same creativity, tweaking it and turning it into a creativity of words. Writing is a good way to express feelings and points of view, just like taking a few ingrediants, then creating a gourmet dish for all to enjoy, I am taking words, forming them together, then creating a good read for all to enjoy. This is all new to me at this moment, but as I learn my way around the Blogging world, I hope you enjoy my creativity of words, so please follow me and enjoy my words, as I continue to create for you, each and every Blog. 

       I think it is time to make adjustments to this about page, I started this journey of writing almost 10 years ago…..I can’t believe it has been that long. This has been a journey that has evolved on so many levels, you can see from the very beginning of my journey, to the latest post, that my writing has not just evolved, but it has become even better as I move forward along this new path of my journey. My creativity of words has grown greatly, as I would like to point out that, every word, on every post is mine, every picture is that of my journey within mother nature, as what I do is chose a picture, create a title, then let my fingers dance upon the keyboard. It is amazing how when my fingers are dancing, my creativity grows and sometimes I get so caught up in the flow, I have a hard time ending a post. I truly hope you all enjoy my creativity of words and please share with all those around you, as my words travel the globe, bringing peace and joy to you all. Thank you for reading and may all your paths of this journey, be filled with much peace and joy always. 




” May the horizon be endless, may the road be long, as we all walk our paths of this journey in peace, joy and love always”

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