See the History in everything

” You can not undue the History, it will always be part of our past, but you can glance back to figure out the why’s, to move forward in the present and future, better and stronger with each step through this journey”

*** BowlingChef***

There are some within this Society that think they can undue the History, try to make us all forget what happened in our past, just so they can then, repeat it as if it is their own idea, with their own sick and twisted ways. There are so many around us today, who will shove their ways and agendas down our throats, just so they can at least seem like, that they are in control and are more powerful than the rest of us. Sound familiar? This is what is happening everyday we walk through this society today.

There is so much happening today, you can make yourself crazy just trying to keep up with it all. Then there is so much happening behind closed doors and never being disclosed to the masses, until the powers to be can execute their plan to a “T”. This so called ” new world order”. are who is responsible for all the ugliness and hatred happening today, these Individuals are so filthy rich, that they have become bored with their lives, so they now are, trying to change everything around us today, so they can look even more powerful then even God himself. All you need to do is follow the money, and you will see just how corrupt they are, as they try hard to corrupt us all, into their sick and twisted ways.

Don’t get me started about the Athiest? Now don’t get me wrong, it is totally okay to have your own beliefs and thoughts, but when you come out and shove those thoughts and beliefs down the throats of the rest of us, then tell us that you are right and the rest of us are wrong? This is not the way Jesus showed us to act toward each other, when he came to us and walked his path with us, and yes Jesus did come and walk a path on this journey here with us. People today think they are better than all those around them, but the reality is, we are all very much the same as one another, just that we are unique to one another. The problem is, we have taken this uniqueness to a level that, has become so ugly, that we do not even recognize ourselves anymore.

The Technology of today is so much greater than that of yesterday, and yes there was a yesterday, just that it is called ” HISTORY”. This technology was and is supposed to make life easier for us all, but in alot of ways, it has complicated greatly everything that is around us. I remember a time before cell phones, when you had to meet the person you wanted to communicate with, if you wanted their service or vice versa. This type of communication helped us all interact better with one another, it helped us respect one another, and the big one was, it helped us trust one another, as we all moved forward better and stronger along the paths we chose, along this journey of life. Technology still can be a good thing for us all, just that we need to respect the technology and learn of just how to use it correctly, with positive thinking and not think of how we can be negative, or use it to harm one another. Like now with this Artificial Intelligence technology, instead of looking at it as a way to eliminate jobs so the corporate world can save on employment, just so they can increase the bottom line and the bonuses of the upper managment, let’s look at it as a way to work with fellow employee’s as we all can benefit from this technology. Then there is this way that the writing world can use it when they are in writer’s block with no words written down, let’s look at it this way, it is another way to plagerize from the words of another and calling the words your own, if only a journalist will be true to form and totally create their own words to write, instead of twisting around others words, to make it seem as if they wrote it, then just maybe they can call themselves a journalist again. All these words throughout my site here, are 100% all mine, coming from my head, to my fingers, then my fingers dancing upon the keyboard, these words will always be mine and will never change to whatever technology that may come, now my thought process may change with whatever I am writing about, but the words will come from inside me and never from any other source.

All this technology today is suppose to make all our lives easier, but in alot of ways, it has complicated our lives even more. Especially when one does not understand the technology and another then will explain in a way that suits them, even though it is not 100% of what the technology is truly about. We need to let the experts teach us properly of the technology, before we indulge, but the problem today is, we all think we are the experts, even though we know nothing of what we think we know. Now I get the fact that nobody wants to admit their weakness, or admit that they know nothing of the technology, only because this will make them seem weaker? There is an old quote, ” knowledge is power”, the problem is, now too many have twisted this to the point that, they will assume they know everything, just so they can have all the power over everything and everyone.

There is so much to learn throughout the history of mankind, but we all need to learn it from the history, and not from someone who will destroy the history, so they can give us their fake version of the history. This picture of from an old slate quarry in the state of Vermont, this was a time that was booming in that time in history, now it just looks like a pile of rocks with some water between them. We will always be looking for that next boom, this is who we are, just like the dot com era of the 80’s, it came and it went just like the quarries, but now there is so much going on as far as the next boom, it is hard to keep up with it, or even truly understand it, just like the AI boom, that is hitting us right now. So if we do not truly learn of it’s true potential, and if we are not taught by a true Professional, then this AI just may come and go like all the other booms, or just maybe it will fall into the wrong hands and be the downfall of mankind as we know it? Just like the old saying, ” be careful what you wish for”, because that wish if you do not truly understand it, just might be what ends us all and the paths we walk, through this journey of life.

” Throughout the history of God’s country, there were so many societies that walked their paths of this journey, that we are not the first and surely we will not be the last”

” We have so much to learn from history, just that so many have become way too lazy to even learn anything at all, so we make things up as we walk through this journey of life”

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