The Peace and Joy through Hope

” May the God of Hope fill you with all joy and peace”

Romans 15:13

” When God’s love fills a heart, it occupies every single part it with the fruit of his spirit, his perfect peace leaves no room for fear in the heart of the believer”

John 4:18

There is plenty of peace in this crazy world, but if you are stuck within the dark clouds of all the ugliness and the hatred that seems to be everywhere, then you will never experience any of the true peace, that will bring you great joy, so all the hope will always be there in front of you. The ugliness and the hatred may seem to be overwhelming right now, that is only because we are letting it be that way. When we acknowledge the love of Jesus Christ within our hearts, then he will unleash it through our veins and warm us greatly with his love. With this love ofn Jesus Christ, and when we have complete faith in him, then the hope will always be there in front of us, so now we can see all the peace, that will bring us great joy, as we walk our paths through this journey of life.

Now I get the fact that, it is hard to have faith in anything we have never seen, and when Jesus came to us and walked his path here with us, yes it may have been a time before any of us where even here, but with his words in the Bible, and when we acknowledge him within us, no matter of who you are? Then we all will truly feel the warmth of his love, flowing through our veins warming us greatly, as now we not only can have faith in him, but we can have the faith in ourselves moving forward. Jesus Christ is within us all no matter who you are, he will never discriminate any one of us, as he loves us all equally, as he showed us all, when he was crucified for each and everyone of us, that walk a path through this journey.

God’s country is all around us, he created all that we see around us, just that as each society comes, and with the fact that some may think that they can change what is around and make it better? But really do nothing but bring more and more ugliness like we see now, that brings the dark clouds over us all, as now we learn from the hatred of each other, instead of truly feeling the love of Jesus Christ within and sharing that love with each other. It’s the love of Jesus that is within us, there never was any hatred within us, as we learned that from one another, only because we have lost the faith and belief in Jesus, so now we replaced it with this ugly hatred and now attack one another with it.

With this thing called ” Political Correction”, we now wear a mask around others, we become someone we truly are not, as we fear more of upsetting another, so we then will be nice in front of them. Then as the back is turned, proceed to attack them, only because this political correction has made us weak, instead of being better and stronger moving forward. Gone are the days when we had issues with one another, we settled it face to face, now we cower behind our devices, and attack one another when the backs are turned so they can’t respond to the attacks, its really sad in a way, no wonder why it is raining so much, cause the rain drops are the tears of Jesus Christ, for each and every one of us.

We of this society have built up so much, that now we have forced all the wildlife out of their homes, just so we can have our ” dream home”. What we never think of is, as we keep building now we are destroying all the beauty of God’s country, destroying all of his creation, just so we can seem to others as bigger and better? Then as we keep building, we now become lost in a material world full of uglyiness and hatred as we put on our masks and hiding in plain sight of one another. This is not what God had plans for when he created man, this is what we are creating as we keep attacking one another and become stuck within the clouds of all the ugliness and hatred.

Yes, we need to be better and stronger with each step of our paths, but when think we are better and stronger than each other, now this is where we totally learn this hatred that we see all around us now. Unless we clear the dark clouds from above us, we will never be better and stronger moving forward, as God had planned when he created us, it is never too late to truly change what and who we are, which is what Jesus showed us, when he walked his path with us, but if we never have the faith and belief in Jesus, then we will never have the faith and belief in ourselves, as the hope gets dimmer and dimmer in front of us, leaving us all with a frown of sadness, instead of the peace and joy of this journey through life.

The beauty of mother nature is pure and full of healing for us all. When we are stepping out within mother nature, we are really stepping out within God’s country to see all the beauty he created for us all. God had a plan and he executed that plan perfectly, just that we of this society have become so lost within the clouds, the ugliness and the hatred, that now we do not step out within the creation of what God made, as now, we only think of ourselves and how we can leave our mark within the beauty of God’s country. The problem is, we the people and everything we touch, we destroy, simply look at what social media was suppose to be and look at what it has become. Social media was designed to help us, it was designed for us to have the ease of communicating with those closest to us very easy, but with this power, control and greed, it now has become very ugly and bringing even more hatred to all our lives. The days of what a Bully was back when we all were in school, has drastically changed for the worse, as now with cyber Bullying, they can bring great fear and hatred even easier to us all, no matter of where you are.

We the people of this society are whats wrong with this society, and we the people can fix this if we really wanted to, but right now, we are all hiding behind our devices and in plain sight of one another, we also have stopped acknowledging that Jesus Christ is within us all, as now our hearts have become cold from the lack of his love within us. We have stopped sharing the love of Jesus with each other and have replaced it with this learned hatred from one another, as this society becomes even more broken with our actions toward one another. It is never too late to acknowledge Jesus within us, it is never too late to truly feel his love within us warming our hearts deeply, Jesus will always love us and will never stop having faith and belief in us, we just need to have complete faith and belief in him, so now we can have faith and belief in ourselves, which brings us great hope, full of the peace and joy of Jesus Christ, as we move forward along our paths, of this journey through life.

” With this thing called ” Political Correction”, we now wear a mask around others, we become someone we truly are not, as we fear more of upsetting another, so we then will be nice in front of them”.

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